Pro Kabaddi 2021 Highlights, Match 12: Jaipur Pink Panthers pick up first win of PKL 8 with 40-38 victory over Haryana Steelers

Jaipur Pink Panthers
Haryana Steelers
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FULL-TIME: Jaipur Pink Panthers win 40 - 38 over the Haryana Steelers. 

Arjun Deshwal the star of the show for Jaipur with 18 points to his name, while skipper Deepak Hooda too found some form, notching up his first Super 10 of this season after a poor outing last time. 

For Haryana, skipper Vikash Kandola registered 14 points but didn't have much company to complement him, with Rohit Gulia scoring just 7 points as the second-highest scorer for them. However, Jaideep's High 5 was a massive positive for the Steelers, with the youngster combining well with Kuldeep to score a bulk of the tackle points. 
40' Deepak Hooda crosses the baulk line and goes away on the final raid! Deepak Hooda reviews for a bonus! Review unsuccessful! No bonus point on that occasion.
40' Shaul Kumar's ankle hold is in vain as Rohit Gulia skips away with a point.

Jaipur 40 - 38 Haryana
40' Deepak Hooda is content to spend some time at the mid-line. 
40' Vikash Kandola hares in, goes for a touch point on Nitin Rawal and gets it!

Jaipur 40 - 37 Haryana
40' Error from Jaideep and he's thrown it away! Deepak was only seconds away from losing out time, but Jaideep comes in for a frontal block and it's a weak one.

Jaipur 40 - 37 Haryana
39' Super Raid for Rohit Gulia! Wow, this is something! Gulia struggles away from an ankle hold, pushes away a dash from Vishal and gets a touch on Cheralathan as well. 

Jaipur 39 - 36 Haryana
38' Bonus point for Haryana Steelers on the right corner. 

Jaipur 39 - 33 Haryana
37' Jaipur pin Meetu down on the mat! Steelers have reviewed for a bonus. Looks like it's touch and go, but the trailing foot and front foot went down at the same time. Review unsuccessful!

Jaipur 39 - 32 Haryana
37' Haryana have their man! Surender Nada initiates an ankle hold on Arjun Deshwal, Jaideep and Ravi Kumar run in to support.

Jaipur 38 - 32 Haryana
36' A bonus point for Meetu. 

Jaipur 38 - 31 Haryana
35' Deepak Hooda uses his pace to go deep on the right and get a touch point on substitute Rajesh Narwal!

Jaipur 38 - 30 Haryana
Live now!
Time-out in place! 

Haryana have done reasonably well to play an aggressive brand of kabaddi, but Jaipur continue to keep ticking away at the points. It will be imperative for Haryana to keep Deshwal down and inflict an all-out, with just 5 minutes to go.
35' Amit and Nitin Rawal do well to lure Vikash Kandola deep into the left corner, and the right combination does well to run in and trap Kandola.

Jaipur 37 - 30 Haryana
34' Arjun Deshwal comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he strikes with a touch on Rohit Gulia! He's had his number all day!

Jaipur 36 - 30 Haryana
33' Brilliant pace from Vikash Kandola as he gets a massive running hand touch on Vishal! 

Jaipur 35 - 30 Haryana
32' Vikash Kandola pushes away a block from Cheralathan to escape with a point.

Jaipur 35 - 29 Haryana
32' Surender Nada's frontal block is complemented by the other defenders as they keep Deepak Niwas Hooda. 

Jaipur 35 - 28 Haryana
31' Vishal dashes away Rohit Gulia off the mat! Shaul Kumar and Amit come in for support just in time!

Jaipur 35 - 27 Haryana
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Time-out in place! 

Haryana seem to have lost the plot in the second half, with just 5 points so far. The raiders have failed to get past the Jaipur defenders, and they'll certainly need to up their game. 
30' Poor tackle attempt from Jaideep, a weak frontal block and Hooda just shoves him away for a point.

Jaipur 34 - 27 Haryana
30' All-Out on Haryana! Terrific attempt from substitute Ashish to jump over the right chain but he's thrown down by the Jaipur defenders!

Jaipur 33 - 27 Haryana
29' Arjun Deshwal reduces Haryana to just one man! First gets away from an ankle hold and then pushes away a side block from the cover defender! Wow that's some strength! 

Jaipur 30 - 26 Haryana
27' Do or Die raid for Haryana and Vikash Kandola is off to the benches! An ankle hold from Shaul Kumar, he almost got no support but in the last second, the cover defenders run in for support. 

Jaipur 28 - 26 Haryana
27' Arjun goes deep into the left corner, gets a touch on Nada and then gets away from the ankle hold. Brilliant!

Jaipur 27 - 26 Haryana
24' Arjun Deshwal reaches out long as he gets a deep touch point on Kuldeep.

Jaipur 26 - 26 Haryana
24' Vikash Kandola is given a bonus point on the right corner.

Jaipur 25 - 26 Haryana
23' Deepak Niwas Hooda sends Rohit Gulia off to the benches with a side kick on the shoulder.

Jaipur 25 - 25 Haryana
23' Rohit Gulia gives the right corner a pat on the back! A hefty touch point.

Jaipur 24 - 25 Haryana
22' Arjun Deshwal is shoved off the mat as Nada pulls him back with an ankle hold and Kuldeep dashes him out. But Arjun picks up a bonus!

Jaipur 24 - 24 Haryana
22' Arjun Deshwal slides his right foot sideways and gets a big toe touch on Rohit Gulia.

Jaipur 23 - 23 Haryana
21' Rohit Gulia slips away from an ankle hold attempted by Nitin Rawal.

Jaipur 22 - 23 Haryana
21' Deepak Hooda starts off the second point with a bonus. 

Jaipur 22 - 22 Haryana
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HALF-TIME: Haryana Steelers lead 22 - 21 over Jaipur Pink Panthers. 

A half that's seen the momentum swing both ways, but the Pink Panthers will be the happier lot going into the final half. Haryana had a massive lead, but some top-class raiding from Arjun Deshwal has kept them in the game and in with a good chance of picking up the lead.
20' Deepak Hooda gets a touch point on Jaideep as Jaipur pick up a point on the final raid of the first half.

Jaipur 21 - 22 Haryana
20' Rohit Gulia now with a raid point as he gets away from a double thigh hold attempt.

Jaipur 20 - 22 Haryana
20' Arjun Deshwal rolls away from a back hold attempt by Surender Nada. 

Jaipur 20 - 21 Haryana
20' All-Out on Haryana! Kandola almost got through the gap between the corners and the covers but he's kept down by Cheralathan.

Jaipur 19 - 21 Haryana
20' Arjun Deshwal reduces Haryana to just Kandola with a touch point on the left corner

Jaipur 16 - 20 Haryana
19' Vikash Kandola revives a teammate with a touch point on Deepak Hooda! He's also picked up a bonus!

Jaipur 15 - 20 Haryana
18' Ravi Kumar attempts a double ankle hold but Deepak Hooda's power takes him past the mid-line!

Jaipur 15 - 18 Haryana
17' Bonus point for Vikash Kandola, and now he's substituted by Ravi Kumar. 

Jaipur 14 - 18 Haryana
16' Deepak Hooda picks up another point, powering through a dash attempt from Jaideep. Haryana down to two men!

Jaipur 14 - 17 Haryana
15' Deepak Hooda skips away with a point as he jumps out of an ankle hold attempt by Shrikant Tewtia.

Jaipur 13 - 17 Haryana
14' Super Tackle for Haryana! Arjun Deshwal is pulled back by an ankle hold from Jaideep, before Shrikant and Kandola push Deshwal off!

Jaipur 12 - 17 Haryana
14' Vikash Kandola picks up a bonus point.

Jaipur 12 - 15 Haryana
13' Arjun Deshwal lures an ankle hold from Nada and does very well to slither away with ease!

Jaipur 12 - 14 Haryana
13' Meetu is drawn in deep into the right corner, Shaul Kumar senses the opportunity and dives it for a double thigh hold!

Jaipur 11 - 14 Haryana
12' Nitin Rawal and Shaul Kumar combine to bring down Rohit Gulia with an ankle hold!

Jaipur 10 - 14 Haryana
12' Bonus point again for Arjun Deshwal, he's doing well to keep his side in the game.

Jaipur 9 - 14 Haryana
11' Jaipur defenders continue to have a horrific game, Vikash Kandola this time with an easy touch point.

Jaipur 8 - 14 Haryana
11' Arjun Deshwal pushes off a frontal block from Kuldeep to pick up an important point for Jaipur.

Jaipur 8 - 13 Haryana
10' Bonus point for Meetu on the left corner. 

Jaipur 7 - 13 Haryana
10' Arjun Deshwal reaches out to his right and gets a touch point on Rohit Gulia.

Jaipur 7 - 12 Haryana
8' Jaideep-Kuldeep strike again! Deepak Hooda is lifted away and thrown away off the mat!

Jaipur 6 - 12 Haryana
8' Wow! What's happened? Arjun Deshwal picks up a bonus point, Surender Nada runs behind Arjun and picks up a bonus point for himself!

Jaipur 6 - 11 Haryana
7' Meetu Mahender is off to the benches! Amit runs in from the right cover and puts up a strong frontal block!

Jaipur 5 - 10 Haryana
7' Back to back empty raids, first from Rohit Gulia and then Deepak Hooda. 
6' All-Out on Jaipur! Arjun Deshwal picks up a bonus but an ankle hold from Surender Nada and a dash from Kuldeep keeps him off the mat!

Jaipur 4 - 10 Haryana
5' Shaul Kumar comes in as a corner substitute, and he gifts an easy point to Kandola. Jaipur down to one man!

Jaipur 3 - 7 Haryana
5' Bonus point for Arjun Deshwal, first point after long for Jaipur.

Jaipur 3 - 6 Haryana
4' Vikash Kandola picks two! Turns away from a dash attempted by Dharmaraj Cheralathan and the cover defender.

Jaipur 2 - 6 Haryana
3' Nitin Rawal is pinned down on his first raid! The Jaideep-Kuldeep chain strikes again with a side block!

Jaipur 2 - 4 Haryana
3' Haryana defenders in action as Jaideep and Kuldeep combine to dash Hooda off the mat!

Jaipur 2 - 3 Haryana
2' Meetu picks up another point with a swift running hand touch on right cover defender Amit

Jaipur 2 - 2 Haryana
2' Arjun Deshwal opens his account with a bonus point on the left corner

Jaipur 2 - 1 Haryana
1' Deepak Niwas Hooda picks up his first touch point with a hefty move on Surender Nada.

Jaipur 1 - 1 Haryana
1' Meetu kick-starts proceedings with a bonus point for Haryana!

Jaipur 0 - 1 Haryana
Jaipur Pink Panthers win the toss and opt for court. Haryana to raid first!

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Starting 7s for Jaipur v Haryana game!

Jaipur Pink Panthers: 
Deepak Hooda (C), Arjun Deshwal, Nitin Rawal, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Amit Hooda, Amit, Vishal. 

Haryana Steelers: Vikash Kandola (C), Rohit Gulia, Meetu, Mohit, Surender Nada, Shrikant Tewthia, Jaideep. 
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 12 of Pro Kabaddi 2021, between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Haryana Steelers!

Both the teams will be eager to pick up their first win of the season, with the Panthers and Steelers ending up on the losing side of their respective clashes. Jaipur lost 27-34 to the Gujarat Giants, while the Steelers failed to get across the line in a tense clash against the Patna Pirates which they lost 39-42.

Deepak Hooda's poor show was one of the talking points in Jaipur's season opener, with the all-rounder scoring just 4 points. Against a relatively inexperienced defensive unit, Hooda will be keen to bounce back into form. For the Steelers, Rohit Gulia impressed with a Super 10, and his partnership with skipper Vikash Kandola will be the fulcrum around which the team could operate. 

Stick around to our live coverage as I, Prasen Moudgal, bring you all the live action, raid by raid! 
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