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Right then, that is all that we have for you from this game! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second match of the night as the Telugu Titans take on the Bengal Warriors, with both sides searching for their first win! Until then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off! 
FULL TIME! Patna Pirates 30-35 Jaipur Pink Panthers

An instrumental performance rom the Pink Panthers while the Pirates' game was found to be wanting. Did not play a fearless brand of kabaddi and were perhaps a little too circumspect. Their troubles against Arjun Deshwal's 17-point rampage was perhaps the story of the night. Sachin and Rohit Gulia made significant contributions but their defense did not live upto the expectations. In the end, it was smooth sailing for the Pink Panthers after surviving a scare towards the end of the contest. Their first win of the tournament and they will certainly be pleased with their display tonight!
40' Bhavani Rajput runs down the clock and proceeds to cross the baulk line after the match clock reads 00:00 minutes. And the Pink Panthers have won their first match in PKL 9!
40' Ankush stands right in front of Sachin as he runs in for the raid and gifts him a point to push him back into his half. 
40' Bhavani Rajput is substituted in and he strikes! It is a do-or-die raid for them and he gets in a running hand touch on the right-in defender. Well, that should take the life out of the contest.

Patna Pirates 29-35 Jaipur Pink Panthers
40' Sachin leaps over the right corner's attempted diving thigh hold and escapes to the mid-line. Jaipur down to one man again! 
39' Sachin picks up a point as he gets in a running hand touch on the right corner. This is going right down the wire! 
38' Do-or-die raid for the Pink Panthers and V Ajith Kumar cannot get a point! Sachin starts off with a surprise double thigh hold and the rest of the defense piles onto him.

Patna Pirates 27-34 Jaipur Pink Panthers
37' Sachin strikes as Sunil attempted an advance diving ankle hold ahead of the baulk line. Sachin shifted his momentum towards the mid-line and escaped quickly. 
34' Anand Tomar runs straight into the double thigh of right corner Ankush. A splendid showing of defense and the lead is back up to 9 points!

Patna Pirates 25-34 Jaipur Pink Panthers
34' Arjun Deshwal is tackled as Neeraj Kumar from the right corner puts in a terrific block.
33' SUPER RAID! Rohit Gulia attempts a bonus and as soon as he does that, the right corner defender tries an ankle hold. Gets in a touch on the left corner's head too.The bonus is awarded as well and that is a terrific raid! 
33' Yuvaraj once again lunges at Deshwal's feet but the latter was just enticing the left-corner defender, who fell into his trap. 

The Pink Panthers have reviewed for a bonus as well. 
His foot is just cutting the block line by perhaps less than a centimetre but there is a breach there. Review unsuccessful! Only a touch point awarded there.

Patna Pirates 21-33 Jaipur Pink Panthers
32' An unnecessary advance tackle by Abhishek and Rohit Gulia comfortable turns and crosses the mid-line easily. 
31' Yuvaraj attempts a back-hold on Arjun Deshwal but it is to no avail as he makes his way to the mid-line comfortably. 
31' Rohit Gulia picks up a comfortable bonus point as the defense hangs back and allows him to do so. 
30' V Ajith Kumar is tackled as Sajin C executes a terrific ankle hold!

Patna Pirates 19-31 Jaipur Pink Panthers
30' Sachin is pinned down as he is tackled as soon as he attempts a bonus point. Sunil Kumar put in a formidable block there and the rest of the defense were t=quick to arrive for support. 
30' V Ajith Kumar returns the favour by getting in a running hand touch on the left-in defender, Anand Tomar.

Patna Pirates 18-30 Jaipur Pink Panthers
29' A burst of speed from Sachin and gets in a running hand touch on the right cover.
29' Arjun Deshwal goes in and snaps up a bonus point to extend the Pink Panthers' lead. 
28' V Ajith Kumar picks up a bonus point in front of the left-in player. 
27' ALL OUT! Vishwas S slips and falls, immediately allowing the defense to surround him and pin him down.

Patna Pirates 17-27 Jaipur Pink Panthers
26' SUPER RAID! Arjun Deshwal turning up the heat here! Escapes from the clutches of the left corner defender and the right corner chain of Sajin C and Sunil cannot stop him from crossing the mid-line. 
26' A point gifted to the Pirates as right corner Nitin Chandel ends up stepping out of bounds. 
25' Do-or-die raid for the Pink Panthers and V Ajith Kumar strikes! Gets in a running hand touch on the left corner while the attempted dash is to no avail as well. 
23' Do-or-die raid for the Pirates and Sachin comes in for it. Sunil in the right corner pounces at his thighs and gets a good grip too while Ankush lunges at his hips.

Patna Pirates 15-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers
22' Arjun Deshwal is tackled! As soon as he tries to venture deep in the centre area, the right corner chain puts in a block. 
HALF TIME! Patna Pirates 14-18 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Right, a topsy-turvy half where the Pirates were quick to get off the mark and assumed lead first up. However, the Pink Panthers made quite the recovery, solely on the basis of some terrific raiding by Arjun Deshwal, and have a slender 4-point lead going into the second half. Deshwal stealing the show for the Pink Panthers, notching up his Super 10 already. However, he is lacking support from the other raiders and we might just see Bhavani Rajput getting substituted in for the second half. As for Patna, Sachin is not raiding as often and it is Rohit Gulia taking more responsibility, perhaps workload management steps taken by the Pirates. However, their defense is what they need to address as they are being found to be clueless against Deshwal's onslaught. Be back in just a free minutes for the second half, promises to be an exciting one! Who will win this contest? Let's find out!
40' Do-or-die raid for the Pirates and Rohit strikes! An unnecessary ankle hold attempted by Sahul Kumar and Abhishek KS involuntarily rushes for support as well. Another couple of points to the Pirates, some much-needed ones for them. 
18' Arjun Deshwal ventures very deep and gets a hand touch on Yuvaraj. The right side of the defense should have responded there. 
17' Vishwas S runs parallel to the baulk line and the covers surround him and block his way back to the mid-line.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 17-12 Patna Pirates
16' The Pirates repay the favour as a diving thigh hold from Yuvaraj is supported by the right side of the defense. 
16' Do-or-die raid for the pirates and Sachin shoulders responsibility. However, he fails as a solid ankle hold from the left corner Ankush. pins him down. The defenders pounce upon him immediately after. 
15' Another couple of points to Arjun Deshwal as he gets in a running hand touch on Sunil and turns his momentum towards the mid-line. Sajin is late on the dash and a weak attempt cannot stop him from crossing the mid-line.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 15-11 Patna Pirates
14' Arjun Deshwal picks up a bonus point right under the nose of the left corner defender. 
14' ALL OUT! Rohit Gulia is granted the bonus and attempts a jump over the left corner chain only to be pinned down.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 12-11 Patna Pirates
13' Arjun Deshwal gets in a running hand touch on the right corner defender, Naveen Sharma, and the Pirates are down to one man once again. 
11' Sachin is given a comfortable bonus point following which Sahul Kumar ends up attempts an advance tackle. Sachin gets in the hand touch comfortably. 
10' Arjun Deshwal gets in a touch point on Sajin C in the left corner, reducing the Pirates down to one man. 
10' Sachin is granted a bonus point as the defense hangs back. 
10' Arjun Deshwal shoves aside the dashing defender and the left-in defender, Vishwas S, cannot stop him. A couple of points to the Pink Panthers. 
9' Arjun Deshwal picks up speed and gets in a running hand touch on Sunil. 

However, the Pirates believe that there was no touch there before Deshwal went into the lobby. Patna review! 
The touch is as clear as day and there is absolutely no ambiguity about the touch there. Well, well, well, there was just a moment where Deshwal was close to having exited even the lobby. However, he had fingertips in the lobby followed by his left foot before hurling himself towards the mid-line. Quite a decent review in the end but it goes against them. Review unsuccessful! 

Jaipur Pink Panthers 5-7 Patna Pirates
9' Vishwas S sneaks in a bonus point in front of the covers.
9' Arjun Deshwal attempts a kick while the left corner, Yuvaraj, goes for the back-hold. Deshwal lunges towards the mid-line and crosses it with his outstretched hands. 
8' Vishwas S turns around suddenly and finds Sahul Kumar following him. Gets in a hand touch and makes his way back to his half. 
7' Do-or-die raid for the pink Panthers now and the 'Showman' perishes! A surprise double thigh hold from Sachin from the left-in pins him down. 
6' Do-or-die raid for the Patna Pirates and Rohit Gulia has been sent in for it. A powerful ankle hold from the left corner, Sahul Kumar, completely immobilises him. First points of the season for Sahul Kumar. 
4' Do-or-die raid for the Pink Panthers now and a swift toe-touch on Sajin C sends the latter packing!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 2-4 Patna Pirates
4' Do-or-die raid for the Pirates and the Pink Panthers defense is found to be lacking. They hang back and allow Rohit Gulia a comfortable bonus point. 
3' Ajith Kumar opens the Pink Panthers' account. Neeraj runs around for a dash but Ajith was already making his way back to the mid-line. Uses the lobby and tumbles to reach the mid-line. 
1' Rahul Chaudhari perishes as he runs straight into the right corner chain led by Sachin. A lack of pace on the mat for Rahul now.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 0-3 Patna Pirates
1' Rohit Gulia starts proceedings in grand style too! Picks up a bonus point in front of the right corner. The left cover, Abhishek KS comes in for the dash but Rohit uses the lobby to escape. 
Fun Fact: Jaipur were the only team to beat Patna twice in PKL 8, beating them by a margin of more than seven points on both occasions! 
Toss Update:

Jaipur Pink Panthers have won the toss and have chosen court. 
Pirates to raid first! 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: 
Arjun Deshwal, Sunil Kumar (c), Abhishek KS, Rahul Chaudhari, V Ajith Kumar, Sahul Kumar, Ankush. 

Substitutes: Deepak Singh, Nitin Chandel, Nitin Panwar, Marimuthu Kamaraj, Woosan Ko, Devank, Bhavani Rajput. 

Patna Pirates: Sachin, Neeraj Kumar (c), Sajin C, Rohit Gulia, Vishwas S, Sunil, Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj.

Substitutes: Naveen Sharma, Abdul Insamam, Daniel Odhiambo, Ranjit Naik, Anand Tomar, Shivam Chaudhary, Akshay Jaywant. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022. Day 3 will be a 'Triple Panga' Sunday which will kick-off with the game between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and the Patna Pirates at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru. 

The Jaipur Pink Panthers lose their opening encounter against the U.P. Yoddhas by a narrow margin of just two points. Although they had the lead at half-time, they squandered it away and once the Yoddhas assumed lead, the Pink Panthers could never get back into the game. Bhavani Rajput, who came in as a substitute for the Pink Panthers, could get a position in the starting seven after a decent performance in the first game. 

Veteran raider Rahul Chaudhari just managed one point in that contest and we might just see the 'Showman' on the bench for this contest. In the defensive scheme of things, the Pink Panthers performed pretty decently and seem to have gotten most of their bases covered. Sahul Kumar, the right corner, failed to score a single point and his form might be the only cause of concern for the side from the Pink city of India. 

The Patna Pirates, on the other hand, were held to a tie by the Puneri Paltan in a game that ebbed and flowed continuously. It was quite an all-round showing by the Pirates, with all the players contributing well. However, they will be looking to make fewer mistakes in the defense while Sachin could certainly use a little more help from V Ajith Kumar and Rohit Gulia. It was quite an impressive debut for Yuvaraj in the left corner and he will attempt to continue playing in the same manner in this game as well. 

Right then, we are all set for a cracking encounter to start our Sunday kabaddi binge! Sit back, relax and enjoy as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through all that unfolds over what promise to be an action-packed forty minutes. 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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