Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Puneri Paltan 07 January 2022

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FT: Jaipur Pink Panthers win 31-26 over the Puneri Paltan. 

Well then, the Pink Panthers finally found a way to halt their losing streak and pick up an important 5-point win that now sees them occupy 7th spot in the Pro Kabaddi 2021 points table. For the first time in many matches, Arjun Deshwal's Super 10 (11 points) was complemented by a fine defensive performance, with corner defenders Sandeep Dhull (4) and Sahul Kumar (4) keeping the Paltan raiders at bay.

As for the Anup Kumar-coached side, none of the starting 7 players found form, and despite some late scoring from Nitin Tomar, they eventually fell to an all-out in the last few minutes that proved to be the final nail in the coffin. 
40' Mohit Goyat plays it safe on the final raid of the match and spends some time at the mid-line. 
40' Arjun Deshwal in for a Do or Die raid and he's been pinned down by yet another ankle hold from Aslam Inamdar! Vishal joins in on the tackle and they keep their man down. 

Jaipur 31 - 26 Paltan
40' Nitin Tomar jumps out of an ankle hold from Sahul Kumar to sprint away with a point.

Jaipur 31 - 25 Paltan
39' Aslam Inamdar has been given a point! Vishal Lather's dash is in vain on this occasion. Jaipur review! They feel Inamdar was dashed out before he got across the mid-line. Review SUCCESSFUL! 

Jaipur 31 - 24 Paltan
38' All-Out on the Paltan! Baldev picks up a bonus, but there's no way he was getting away from Sahul Kumar's ankle hold!

Jaipur 30 - 24 Paltan
37' Arjun forces an error from Vishal Bhardwaj, the Paltan captain dives on his ankles but didn't have the power! Point to Deshwal!

Jaipur 27 - 23 Paltan
37' Mohit Goyat comes in for a Do or Die raid and he's brought down by a double thigh hold from Sahul Kumar! Coach Anup Kumar is certainly not happy. 

Jaipur 26 - 23 Paltan
36' An empty raid from Mohit followed by one from Deepak Hooda. 
Time-out in place. 

Jaipur have a slender two-point lead and momentum on their side, with Nitin Tomar on the bench. Paltan will need to exhibit patience now, for even a small error with only three men on the court could cost them some vital points.
25' Deepak Hooda gets a touch on Nitin Tomar on the Do or Die raid! Tomar is absolutely furious that the Paltan defenders didn't look for a dash!

Jaipur 25 - 23 Paltan
34' Another bonus point for Nitin Tomar on the right corner. 

Jaipur 24 - 23 Paltan
33' Sahul Kumar has his man! A strong ankle hold to prevent Aslam Inamdar from getting over the mid-line.

Jaipur 24 - 22 Paltan
33' Arjun Deshwal comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he's pinned down! Deshwal was lured in towards the left end, Aslam Inamdar pulls off an ankle hold!

Jaipur 23 - 22 Paltan
32' Nitin Tomar claims a diving touch on Vishal Lather! What a move on the Do or Die raid!

Jaipur 23 - 21 Paltan
31' Arjun Deshwal happy to play the clock down at the mid-line. 
31' Quick footwork on display from Nitin Tomar, but the Panthers have done well to keep away. No point there. 
Time-out in place!

Arjun Deshwal's notched up his 7th consecutive Super 10, and the Paltan are under pressure. Their raiders have misfired all match, and they'll need some magic from Nitin Tomar to get them back in this game. 
29' Super 10 for Arjun! He's claiming a touch point on Abinesh Nadarajan in the right corner on the Do or Die raid. He's been given it, much to Abinesh's disappointment.

Jaipur 23 - 20 Paltan
28' Do or Die raid for Paltan, and Pankaj Mohite's been brought down! Looked to jump over Sahul Kumar in the right corner, but the Panther brings him down!

Jaipur 22 - 20 Paltan
26' Arjun Deshwal gets away from a very clumsy ankle hold from Mohit Goyat on the Do or Die raid!

Jaipur 21 - 20 Paltan
25' Few empty raids now, and it's a Do or Die raid for the Paltan! He scores! Lures in an ankle hold from Sandeep Dhull and gets away with ease!

Jaipur 20 - 20 Paltan
23' Superb side kick from Deepak Hooda to get a touch on Aslam Inamdar! Athleticism at its best!

Jaipur 20 - 19 Paltan
23' Sandeep Dhull dives on the ankles of Mohit Goyat and that's enough to keep the Paltan raider down!

Jaipur 19 - 19 Paltan
21' Arjun Deshwal is down! A ferocious ankle hold from Vishal Bhardwaj, backed up by a dash from the right side! Wow!

Jaipur 18 - 19 Paltan
21' Poor advance ankle hold from Vishal, who gifts away an easy point to Mohit Goyat.

Jaipur 18 - 18 Paltan
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Half-Time: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 18 - 17 over Puneri Paltan

Jaipur will be disappointed to have let go of a massive lead, while Puneri Paltan could take heart from how both the raiding and defensive units have contributed in their first-half comeback. With important points up for grabs, Jaipur could well do with Deepak Hooda's return to form. 
20' Pankaj Mohite has been thrown down on the mat! Amit comes in with a chain block, and Mohite had nowhere to go!

Jaipur 18 - 17 Paltan
19' Deepak Hooda pinned down! Aslam Inamdar collects a tackle point with a firm ankle hold!

Jaipur 17 - 17 Paltan
17' All-Out on Jaipur! Mohit Goyat has wiped out the last two men! First gets away from Shaul Kumar's ankle hold and then gets a touch on Deepak Hooda on his way back!

Jaipur 17 - 16 Paltan
17' A bonus point on Deepak Hooda's first raid of the night!

Jaipur 17 - 12 Paltan
Right, it's time for Deepak Niwas Hooda!
16' Pankaj picks up two! The Paltan raider does well to push away a dash from Sandeep Dhull and Amit! What a raid! Puneri Paltan review! They want a third point too. Very close call on the toe touch, but REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL!

Jaipur 16 - 12 Paltan
16' Naveen is off the mat! Abinesh Nadarajan comes in with a quick frontal block, and he gets support from Sawant!

Jaipur 16 - 10 Paltan
15' Empty raids from both teams slows down the game a bit. 
14' Bonus plus a touch point for Inamdar as he turns away a dash from Vishal Lather.

Jaipur 16 - 9 Paltan
13' Arjun's been shoved off the mat! Vishal Bhardwaj initiates the ankle hold, before Sanket and Abinesh dash him off. A bonus point taken though!

Jaipur 16 - 7 Paltan
13' A bonus point for Arjun Deshwal yet again. Vishal Bhardwaj happy to give it away. 

Jaipur 15 - 6 Paltan
12' All-Out on Paltan! Karamvir picks up a bonus point but he runs into a frontal block from Vishal and the rest of the defenders!

Jaipur 14 - 6 Paltan
11' Arjun Deshwal comes back on the mat and reduces the Paltan to one man! Gets a touch point on Aslam Inamdar.

Jaipur 11 - 5 Paltan
9' Abinesh Nadarajan pulls off a solo dash and throws Naveen Bazzad off the court! Oh wait, the decision has been reversed! Baldev seems to have stepped out, and Nadarajan has been deemed out! Two points to Naveen. 

Jaipur 10 - 5 Paltan
8' Nitin Tomar scores his first point! The Pune star gets away from a thigh hold from Sahul Kumar to get over the mid-line easily!

Jaipur 8 - 5 Paltan
Ladies and gents, Nitin Tomar is on the mat and is raiding!
7' Super Tackle! Sanket Sawant goes in with the ankle hold, Baldev Singh takes care of the upper body to keep Arjun in their half!

Jaipur 8 - 4 Paltan
6' Sandeep Dhull scores a hat-trick! Mohit Goyat off to the benches after being pinned down by an ankle hold!

Jaipur 8 - 2 Paltan
6' A Do or Die raid for Arjun Deshwal and the does well to slip away from Vishal Bhardwaj's ankle hold! The Paltan skipper is fuming!

Jaipur 7 - 2 Paltan
5' Pankaj Mohite falls prey to a strong ankle hold from Sandeep Dhull, who gets enough support from the Jaipur defenders!

Jaipur 6 - 2 Paltan
5' Couple of empty raids from both sides. 
3' Sandeep Dhull strikes! A formidable double thigh hold from the Jaipur skipper to keep Inamdar down!

Jaipur 5 - 2 Paltan
3' Another bonus point for Arjun, he keeps the scoreboard ticking.

Jaipur 4 - 2 Paltan
2' Pankaj Mohite scores a point! Struggles through an ankle hold from Vishal Lather on that occasion.

Jaipur 3 - 2 Paltan
2' Arjun picks two! Gets away from Vishal's ankle hold and brushes off a dash from Abinesh Nadarajan to pick up a brace!

Jaipur 3 - 1 Paltan
1' Aslam Inamdar has a bonus point to his name as well, first point for Pune.

Jaipur 1 - 1 Paltan
1' Arjun Deshwal scores his first point with a bonus point on the left corner. 

Jaipur 1 - 0 Paltan
Puneri Paltan won the toss and opted for court. Jaipur to raid first!
Deepak Hooda is not starting today! Probably an injury, or could just be a strategy to bring him on later with the all-rounder having failed to find his bearings so far in the tournament. 
Today's Starting 7s -

Jaipur Pink Panthers:
Sandeep Dhull (C), Arjun Deshwal, Naveen Bazzad, Amit Nagar, Shaul Kumar, Vishal Lather, Amit Kharb.

Puneri Paltan:
Vishal Bhardwaj (C), Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Pankaj Mohite, Baldev Singh, Sanket, Abinesh Nadarajan.
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Hello folks, welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 39 of Pro Kabaddi 2021 between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Puneri Paltan! 

Both sides have failed to get going so far in this edition of the PKL, picking up only 2 wins from their 6 matches so far. Puneri Paltan find themselves languishing at the bottom of the points table while their opponents on the day, the Pink Panthers are 10th. In terms of form though, the Paltan will be slightly better placed, having clinched a 33-26 win over the Gujarat Giants in their last encounter. 

That means there's a lot of work that the Panthers will need to put in to halt their three-match losing streak, all of them coming in despite Arjun Deshwal's red-hot form on the raiding front. Panthers' skipper Deepak Hooda has looked far from his dynamic best, and that, in turn, has piled all the pressure on Deshwal. Defence-wise, the Panthers are last on the table with just 44 points from 6 matches, and against a hot-and-cold Paltan raiding unit, this might just the game for the former's defenders to jump back into form. 

With some crucial points up for grabs, we're in for a riveting contest! I'm Prasen Moudgal, and I will take you through all of the action today!
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Fri, 07/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri Paltan
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