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That is all from the action in Bengaluru as another exciting day caps off in the Pro Kabaddi 2022 season. The matches continue in the weekend as UP Yoddha take on Haryana Steelers while Telugu Titans will face off against Bengaluru Bulls.

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Full Time:
Jaipur Pink Panthers 34 - 34 Tamil Thalaivas

A thrilling match to end the 'Triple Panga' on Saturday as Jaipur Pink Panthers and Tamil Thalaivas play out another draw between themselves.
Arjun Deshwal, Ajinkya Pawar and Manjeet were the stars on the night with all of them scoring Super 10s on the night as both the defences had an off-night considering their recent standards. The match went all the way down to the last raid as Nitin Rawal maintained his composure and secured three points for his side, who will be relieved as Tamil Thalaivas will rue their mistakes on the mat.

Nitin Rawal goes in for the final raid and rescues the match for the Pink Panthers here after Sahil puts in an advance tackle close to the baulk line allowing Rawal to escape with ease. That will be the sixth tie of the season for the Tamil Thalaivas here.
Thrilling stuff here as we have just six seconds on the clock with Jaipur set to raid and just one points separating the two sides. Any of the three results possible here......
Do-or-die time for the Thalaivas as Ajinkya Pawar is blocked successfully by Sandeep Dhull who rushed in from the left corner to subdue the in-form raider.
Timeout taken as we have under two minutes to play here.

Score: Jaipur Pink Panthers 32 - 34 Tamil Thalaivas
Brijendra Choudhary goes in for the Panthers and gets surrounded by the Thalaivas defence after venturing too deep there. This could prove a big turning point with both raiders out for the Pink Panthers now!
Arjun Deshwal has been finally caught after a long time! Sahil traps the raider with an advance thigh hold and Arjun is rooted to the spot here. Tamil take a slight lead! Thrilling action on display here!
Sandeep Dhull lands another diving tackle as he traps Manjeet who attempted a deep hand touch but gets caught. Scores tied yet again with six men on the mat for both sides. Bonus on!
Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas now as Ajinkya Pawar comes in here. He tiptoes at the right corner for a while and then launches into a running hand touch catching Nitin Rawal there.
Do-or-die raid for Arjun Deshwal. He is patient there and manages to get a quick toe touch on the cover Surjeet Singh there! Great raid from Jaipur's talisman there.

Just under five minutes to go and scores are tied at 31 each.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 31 - Tamil Thalaivas 31
Manjeet is back in for the Thalaivas and gets a running hand touch on Vishal Lather who is surprised there but the referees agree with Manjeet, who swears on the mat and gets the point there.
Do-or-die raid for Brijendra Choudhary and the lanky man from Rajasthan escapes the late dash attempt by Mohit and goes past the midline with ease.
Manjeet goes in for the raid and escapes the thigh hold from Sandeep Dhull and gets another touch points as Amit Kharb had come in to get the raider away from the midline. Two points there for the Thalaivas!
TV Umpire decides there is no bonus there for Arjun Deshwal and Jaipur have lost their review for the match.
Review taken by Jaipur Pink Panthers as Arjun Deshwal thinks he has scored the bonus there, which has been overturned by the referees after initially awarding it. TV Umpire is taking a look here....
Ajinkya Pawar is tackled for the first time tonight as Sahul Kumar times his back hold perfectly there.
Brijendra Choudhary went in for the raid and escapes with a bonus point at the centre of the Tamil Thalaivas' defensive line.
Arjun Deshwal goes in against the last man Ajinkya Pawar who tries to hold the Jaipur raider down but Arjun tiptoes over the tackle attempt and gets the all-out for the Panthers.
Ajinkya Pawar gets the bonus point and searches for a touch point frantically but has no luck and gets back to his side of the mat.
Arjun Deshwal goes in deep and gets the easy hand touch on Surjeet Singh who was at the right corner position.
Ajinkya Pawar keeps the Thalaivas alive as he escapes the ankle hold attempt put in by the Jaipur skipper Sandeep Dhull.
Arjun Deshwal goes in against two men and gets the easy touch there on Sagar Krishna at the left corner of the Tamil defence.
Ajinkya Pawar is given the easy bonus point here by the Panthers defence as there are just two men on the mat for Tamil Thalaivas
Arjun Deshwal comes in against three men and forces his way past the block attempt put in by Manjeet who is taken over the midline by the raider there.
Arjun Deshwal brings up his Super 10 on the night! He escaped the feeble ankle hold attempt from the left corner and Santhapanaselvam rushed in but it was too late as Deshwal managed to get over the midline in time.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 21 - Tamil Thalaivas 24
Ajinkya Pawar scores another multi point raid as he escapes the chain tackle from the cover defenders Amit Kharb and Vishal Lather who were too early in the tackle.
Arjun Deshwal goes up against four defenders and manages to roll past the oncoming dash by Sagar who rushed in from the right corner.
Second half begins and Ajinkya Pawar is back in action here!
He gets the bonus point at the right corner and escapes the back hold attempt from Sahul Kumar as well.
So, that was quite an interesting half of action between the two sides with raiders doing the lion's share of work on the mat. Tamil Thalaivas' Manjeet has scored 9 points whereas Arjun Deshwal has scored 7 points already in the match. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the second half as the teams push for a much-needed win to elevate themselves in the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings.
Brijendra Choudhary scores a reverse toe touch on Surjeet Singh, who rushed in too close to the raider as we close out the first half with that action.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 18 - 20 Tamil Thalaivas
Arjun Deshwal forces an error at the left corner of the Tamil Thalaivas defence as he tiptoes over the incoming tackle and rushes back to the midline.
Sandeep Dhull has finally managed to tackle Manjeet here with his famed diving ankle hold at the left corner position.
Arjun Deshwal comes in for the Thalaivas and gets the deep running hand touch on Sagar at the right corner of the defence.
Manjeet is back on the scoreboard here as he gets the running kick on a Thalaivas defender and gets back to the midline.
Arjun Deshwal scores the touch for the Panthers with a running hand touch on Thalaivas' skipper Surjeet Singh who failed to retreat in time.
Manjeet goes in for the first raid after the all-out and escapes the back hold attempt from Sandeep Dhull who rushed from the left corner but could not hold down the lanky raider.
Brijendra Choudhary came in as the last man for the Panthers, got the early bonus but is tackled down after the dash from Mohit from the covers. All-out for the Tamil Thalaivas!

Jaipur Pink Panthers 13 - 18 Tamil Thalaivas
Ajinkya Pawar comes in against two men and gets the easy raid point on Sandeep Dhull who failed to connect with the tackle there.
Brijendra Choudhary comes in for the raid and the Thalaivas have given him an easy bonus point there!
What a raid from Ajinkya Pawar against his former side!
He rushes in for the do-or-die raid and manages to escape the diving hold from Vishal Lather and Nitin Rawal who rushed in as well. Two points for the Thalaivas and Jaipur have only two men on the mat!
Brijendra Choudhary came in off the bench for the do-or-die raid and forced an error from Manjeet who loses his balance and stepped out of bounds.
Another do-or-die raid for Manjeet and he comes away successfully again as Amit Nagar slips up allowing the lanky raider an easy touch point here.
Ajinkya Pawar has delivered in defence here! Arjun Deshwal was in for the raid against three men and did not expect the diving hold from the raider and gets taken down as the defenders rushed in.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 11 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas
Arjun Deshwal is back in for the do-or-die raid for the Panthers and he forces a mistake from the Thalaivas defenders and goes away with two points here. Both the lead raiders in good form so far!
Do-or-die raid for Manjeet now and Dharamraj Cheralathan puts in a late tackle allowing the raider to easily escape to the midline.
However, Nitin Rawal entered the lobby before the touch and the Tamil Thalaivas defenders rushed in....the Thalaivas had taken the review but to no avail. Three points for Jaipur and one point for the Thalaivas here. What a turnaround of things here!
Nitin Rawal goes for the raid and he attempts to make his way through the defence but is tackled down by Surjeet Singh who rushed in with the dash.
SUPER RAID! Manjeet has done the trick here! Manjeet somehow escaped the ankle hold from Sandeep Dhull and even managed to hold off the dash that came in from the right corner duo. 
Now it is Jaipur's turn for the do-or-die raid and Nitin Rawal comes in. He has scored two points here escaping the chain tackle attempt from the two covers! Both team in fine form here!
Do-or-die raid for Thalaivas as Ajinkya Pawar goes in and manages to get the running hand touch on left corner Dharmaraj Cheralathan who was not able to evade the touch.
Arjun Deshwal is not third time lucky as Sagar Krishna catches hold of his ankle as he went for the bonus and the defence rushed in to support him. Jaipur down to four men now!
Manjeet back in for the Thalaivas and easily evades the tackle attempt from the Jaipur skipper Sandeep Dhull and secures the raid point.
Arjun Deshwal continues to score bonus points at will here adding another one at the left corner of the defence.
Manjeet goes in for the Thalaivas' first raid and manages to catch Amit Nagar with a running kick at the right In position.
After the review, it has been determined by the TV umpire that Arjun Deshwal will get the bonus plus touch point for his raid!
First raid of the match and we have action right away! Arjun Deshwal goes in for the bonus at the left corner and Surjeet goes for the dash. Referees give one point each but Jaipur have called for the review here...
There is a change in lineup for the Jaipur Pink Panthers as Sahul Kumar has been replaced by Dharmaraj Cheralathan
The players are out on the mat and warming up and we are all set for the action to begin here....
All set! We are just moments away from the start of the final match of the night. Earlier today, Puneri Paltan overcame Pawan Sehrawata's Bengaluru Bulls with a strong defensive showing and Mohit Goyat's exciting raiding. In the second match, U Mumba defeated Telugu Titans banking on great performances by Abhishek Singh and Fazel Atrachali. 

On to the Panthers and Thalaivas now...
Starting 7 for Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Tamil Thalaivas

Jaipur Pink Panthers - Arjun Deshwal, Amit Nagar, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Shaul Kumar, Amit Kharb, Vishal, Nitin Rawal

Tamil Thalaivas - Ajinkya Ashok Pawar, Manjeet, Surjeet Singh, Sagar, Sahil Gulia, Sagar Krishna, Mohit Jakhar
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So, as things stand, Jaipur Pink Panthers and Tamil Thalaivas both sides come into the match on the back of a loss. The two sides had recently clashed in a thrilling tie that went all the down to the final raid of the match. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers occupy the seventh position in the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings with five wins, five losses and one tie totalling 32 points from eleven matches. On the other hand, Tamil Thalaivas are just one point shy off their opponents, with 31 points, with three wins, three losses and a league-leading five ties. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers will be riding on the raiding duo of Arjun Deshwal and Deepak Niwas Hooda to man their sails against a strong Tamil Thalaivas defensive unit. However, the Jaipur defense has been performing very consistently in recent matches led by their skipper Sandeep Dhull who has formed a good partnership with right corner Shaul Kumar. Shaul Kumar has been a fresh breath of air in the Jaipur defense as he has replaced Amit Hooda, who has been sidelined due to injury.

Tamil Thalaivas have been riding on their defense as well with the success of their skipper Surjeet Singh in the covers and the right corner youngster Sagar. The raiding unit has been led by the lanky Manjeet Dahiya along with Bhavani Rajput, Ajinkya Pawar and Athul MS. They have lost the services of K Prapanjan owing to a injury. 
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022. 
Season 1 champions Jaipur Pink Panthers will lock horns with familair foes Tamil Thalaivas at the Sheraton Grand, Whitefield in the metro city of Bengaluru. We are all set to witness a thrilling encounter in the third 'Panga' of the night as the two sides aim to elevate themselves on the points tally!
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Sat, 22/Jan/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Tamil Thalaivas
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