Jaipur Pink Panthers Vs Telugu Titans 22 October 2022

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It was the Jaipur Pink Panthers who continued their dominance to take home five points. And we now shift our focus towards the last match of this Super Saturday. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Make sure to change the channel to the upcoming LIVE coverage of the Haryana Steelers vs Gujarat Giants!
FULL TIME! Jaipur Pink Panthers 51 - 27 Telugu Titans

And that was it! A thumping result for the Jaipur Pink Panthers, who have scripted their five straight wins of the season and how they were absolutely dominant in this whole game. Arjun Deshwal was fantastic as ever, recording a Super 10, while commendable efforts came in from Rahul Chaudhari, who looked solid for his 8 points, and Sahul Kumar, who was resilient with his defensive duty tonight, where he registered a high 5 to wrap up a completely destructive showdown from the Jaipur-based franchise. It seems like nothing's working as Telugu Titans' wish. Another loss today and they were not in this game from the first minute. Adarsh T's performance certainly looked like a silver lining and they need to find ways to bounce quickly before it's too late.
39' Adarsh bags two points off the penultimate raid and inflicts an ALL OUT on the Pink Panthers.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 51 - 27 Telugu Titans
38' Adarsh scalps a point here and sends Reza Mirbagheri to the bench.
38' Fifty-up for the Pink Panthers, Nitin Panwar jumps and completes a running hand touch on Mohit.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 50 - 22 Telugu Titans
37' DO OR DIE! Mohsen Maghsoudlou gets tackled down by Ankush.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 49 - 21 Telugu Titans
37' DO OR DIE! Rahul Chaudhari gets sent on the bench, a good tackle from Vijay Kumar.
34' DO OR DIE! Arjun Deshwal perishes, Vijay Kumar puts in a solid dash.
33' An error forced by Abhishek KS and Adarsh gets a revival point.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 47 - 18 Telugu Titans
31' SUPER TACKLE! Siddharth Desai falls prey to a double thigh hold by Sahul Kumar.
30' DO OR DIE! Ajith Kumar perishes and it's a solid block from Vishal Bharadwaj.
29' Adarsh comes back with a quick touch point on Rahul Chaudhari.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 43 - 16 Telugu Titans
29' An empty raid by Rahul Chaudhari.
28' Siddharth Desai jumps and gets a point here. Abhishek KS needs to go to the bench, now.
28' ALL OUT! Parvesh Bhainswal gets tackled and it's yet another all out points for the Pink Panthers.
28' Ankush puts in a clutch ankle-hold on Vijay Kumar.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 38 - 12 Telugu Titans
25' Arjun Deshwal gets an easy point here, a toe touch on Adarsh.
23' Monu Goyat falls prey to a fine chain tackle by Sunil Kumar and Abhishek. 
HALF TIME! Jaipur Pink Panthers 29 - 10 Telugu Titans

What a half we've got to see. The Jaipur Pink Panthers are just crusading away with this match. It looks like they woke up this morning to all blitzkrieg over their opponents. Telugu Titans' struggle continues. They haven't found their footing in the match, and it looks like it is already too late to salvage something out of it. Do the men in yellow have it in them to script a monumental comeback against a fiery attack-line led by Arjun Deshwal and Rahul Chaudhari? We will find out soon, as the second half gets underway soon.
19' Adarsh gets back with a bonus point here. 
18' Rahul Chaudhari is really finding his rhythm, sends back Surjeet Singh back to the bench.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 28 - 9 Telugu Titans
18' Vinay Virender gets trapped to a strong block of the Panthers defence.
17' Arjun Deshwal with a deceptive toe touch on Mohit and gets a point.
15' Siddharth Desai is subbed on and brings in a bonus point for the Telugu Titans.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 23 - 8 Telugu Titans
15' The Showman Rahul Chaudhari picks up two points and registers yet another ALL OUT here. 
13' At this point, the Pink Panthers are rubberstamping their destructive gameplay and Telugu Titans seems to have no answer.
8' DO OR DIE! Rahul Chaudhari is cleaning houses here. The Pink Panthers have inflicted the first ALL OUT of this match.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 12 - 5 Telugu Titans
8' DO OR DIE! Sahul Kumar uses his strength and puts in a double thigh hold on Monu Goyat.
6' SUPER TACKLE! Arjun Deshwal gets tackled down, Mohit Pahal and Monu Goyat put in a solid tag team effort.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 7 - 5 Telugu Titans
5' Monu Goyat gets a bonus plus a touch point here.
5' Rahul Chaudhari capitalizes and grabs a point.
4' DO OR DIE! Monu Goyat gets in a bonus point. It's the first point of the evening for Telugu Titans.
4' DO OR DIE! V Ajith Kumar returns with a couple of touch points here.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 6 - 0 Telugu Titans
2' Arjun Deshwal gets in a quick running hand touch. And Telugu Titans coach, Manjeet Chillar is certainly not happy with his team's defence.
1' Monu Goyat puts in an empty raid.
1' Rahul Chaudhari facing his former team, draws the first point for the Pink Panthers. And it's a bonus plus a touch point.
TOSS UPDATE: Jaipur PInk Panthers will have the first raid.
Here are the squads

Jaipur Pink Panthers: V. Ajith Kumar, Arjun Deshwal, Ankush, Shaul Kumar, Abhishek KS, Sunil Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari

Telugu Titans: Ravinder Pahal, PO Surjeet Singh, Parvesh Bhainswal, Monu Goyat, Adarsh T, Vinay, Mohit Pahal
Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
All right, it’s about go time. Can the Telugu Titans spoil the upbeat Jaipur Pink Panthers? We will find out now. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill and enjoy the coverage.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. What a start to this Super Saturday’s Triple Panga. We can expect the second match to go exactly like that. A high-octane contest between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Telugu Titans is coming right up. The Pink Panthers have been in terrific form this campaign and have occupied the second spot on the points table, while the Titans are struggling to find their ground and will hope to change their fortunes in their last match of the Bengaluru leg.

When this game begins, Arjun Deshwal will be the man in the spotlight once more, and the Titans will rely on their captain, Surjeet Singh, to stop a fierce attack from the inaugural edition champions.
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Sat, 22/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu Titans
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