Pro Kabaddi 2021 Highlights, Match 24: Patna Pirates ride on Monu Goyat's brilliance to pick up 44-30 win

Patna Pirates
Bengal Warriors
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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That's it from me, Vinay Chhabria! Hope you enjoyed Sportskeeda's coverage of the 24th match of Pro Kabaddi 2021. Make sure you join us tomorrow again for a Triple Panga tomorrow on New Year's day. Tamil Thalaivas vs Dabang Delhi, Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans and U Mumba vs UP Yoddha are the 3 matches scheduled to happen tomorrow evening! Good night and a very happy new year to one and all!
Maninder Singh's Super 10 gave the Bengal Warriors an early lead but the Patna Pirates fought back in style. Monu Goyat led the comeback with his raid points. Sachin supported him well and it was Monu's stunning 7-point raid that helped the Patna Pirates take a huge lead in the match. Bengal Warriors did not have any chance of making a comeback after that raid!
FULL TIME: Bengal Warriors 30 - 44 Patna Pirates
40' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Selvamani gets tackled but Patna win by 14 points!!

Bengal Warriors 30 - 44 Patna Pirates
40' Sunil strikes with another back hold! This time it is Rohit who has been victimized.

Bengal Warriors 29 - 44 Patna Pirates
40' Rohit escapes easily from a thigh hold attempt by Neeraj. He touches Chiyaneh on the way!

Bengal Warriors 29 - 43 Patna Pirates
39' Sunil grabs the thigh of Sukesh right at the baulk line and successfully tackles him!

Bengal Warriors 27 - 43 Patna Pirates
39' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Bengal hunt down Selvamani, with Amit playing a key role in the tackle!

Bengal Warriors 27 - 42 Patna Pirates
39' Singh almost pulls off a raid like Monu, but he was dashed out of the court at the right time just before he crossed the midline.

Bengal Warriors 26 - 42 Patna Pirates
38' Chiyaneh attempts an advanced tackle but fails to put Singh away. He has to go out.

Bengal Warriors 26 - 41 Patna Pirates
37' Chiyaneh strikes again with an ankle hold. He floors the raider Rohit as he has no option but to surrender.

Bengal Warriors 25 - 41 Patna Pirates
36' Selvamani opens his account with a smart toe touch on Abozar!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 40 Patna Pirates
35' That is unbelievable!! What a raid from Monu! He is rewinding the clock here!! An incredible escape helps him touch all 5 defenders and score 7 points for Patna!! ALL OUT! Absolutely sensational from Monu.

Bengal Warriors 25 - 39 Patna Pirates
35' Patna are cruising here! Sukesh fails to escape from a strong back hold from Sunil!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 32 Patna Pirates
34' Singh gets tackled by the duo of Chiyaneh and Monu! Double ankle hold from the 2 defenders standing in the left corner.

Bengal Warriors 25 - 31 Patna Pirates
33' Monu scores a bonus for Patna!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 30 Patna Pirates
32' ALL OUT! Sachin wipes out the Bengal defense by beating both defenders! 4 points to Patna!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 29 Patna Pirates
31' Patna level the score by tackling down substitute Ravindra!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 25 Patna Pirates
30' Sachin gets a hand touch on Amit! Bengal down to 3 men now.

Bengal Warriors 25 - 24 Patna Pirates
29' Rishank loses his balance while attempting a kick and steps into the lobby without any struggle. SELF OUT!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 23 Patna Pirates
28' Abozar brings his 'A' game to the table. A diving double thigh hold helps him stop Monu there and there itself!

Bengal Warriors 25 - 22 Patna Pirates
27' Sunil tries an advanced tackle and the team supports him at the right time! Sukesh has to go back to the bench.

Bengal Warriors 24 - 22 Patna Pirates
26' Maninder steps in the lobby without any struggle. SELF OUT!

Bengal Warriors 24 - 21 Patna Pirates
26' Amit strikes again in the defense with a brilliant tackle on Sachin!

Bengal Warriors 24 - 20 Patna Pirates
24' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Monu scores a bonus and then fails a dash attempt from the covers!

Bengal Warriors 23 - 20 Patna Pirates
24' Do-or-die raid for Bengal and Neeraj tackles down Rishank with a magnificent block!

Bengal Warriors 23 - 18 Patna Pirates
22' Monu scores a bonus for Patna

Bengal Warriors 23 - 17 Patna Pirates
21' Singh beats Chiyaneh! The Iranian won the first battle, but the Bengal skipper has dominated him after that tackle.

Bengal Warriors 23 - 16 Patna Pirates
21' Bengal score their fifth tackle point of the night! Amit scores his third by tackling down Sachin with a thigh hold.

Bengal Warriors 22 - 16 Patna Pirates
HALF TIME: Bengal Warriors 21 - 16 Patna Pirates
20' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Sukesh goes into raid and Monu tackles him! What a way to end the first half! Bengal lead by 5 points.

Bengal Warriors 21 - 16 Patna Pirates
20' Monu executes a running hand touch and goes into the lobby. Rishank accepts the touch!

Bengal Warriors 21 - 15 Patna Pirates
19' Prashanth attempts a bonus, but Abozar dives on his ankles and tackles him down!

Bengal Warriors 21 - 14 Patna Pirates
18' Monu scores a bonus point for Patna

Bengal Warriors 20 - 14 Patna Pirates
18' Rishank opens his account with a hand touch on Sachin Tanwar.

Bengal Warriors 20 - 13 Patna Pirates
17' Patna's Sachin escapes a back hold from Bengal's Sachin. Tanwar has dominated the battle of SACHINs so far!

Bengal Warriors 19 - 13 Patna Pirates
17' Sukesh scores a bonus for Bengal

Bengal Warriors 19 - 12 Patna Pirates
16' FINALLY, the Patna defense tackles down Singh! He looked unstoppable so far, but he has been tackled down for the 2nd time tonight and Patna are back to 6 men.

Bengal Warriors 18 - 12 Patna Pirates
16' Prashanth scores a bonus for Patna

Bengal Warriors 18 - 11 Patna Pirates
15' SUPER 10! Chiyaneh tried an advanced ankle hold again. This time he fails to keep Singh down. The Bengal captain completes 10 raid points in just 15 minutes.

Bengal Warriors 18 - 10 Patna Pirates
14' Bengal's defense strikes again! They have dashed out Monu this time! The lead grows to 7.

Bengal Warriors 17 - 10 Patna Pirates
13' ALL OUT! Substitute Guman gets tackled by the Bengal defense! The defenders did not even allow him a bonus!

Bengal Warriors 16 - 10 Patna Pirates
12' 2 Points again for Bengal! A defender stepped out of bound and then Singh got a handtouch on Rai!

Bengal Warriors 13 - 10 Patna Pirates
12' Prashanth scores a bonus for Patna

Bengal Warriors 11 - 10 Patna Pirates
11' Maninder nears his Super 10 with a two-pointer raid!! What a moment in the match! Patna down to 3 now.

Bengal Warriors 11 - 9 Patna Pirates
11' First tackle point of the night for Bengal! They have dashed out Sachin.

Bengal Warriors 9 - 9 Patna Pirates
11' Another successful raid from Singh! The Bengal skipper is in some form tonight.

Bengal Warriors 8 - 9 Patna Pirates
10' Vittala attempts a diving ankle hold on Tanwar but fails! Patna win the battle of SACHINs!

Bengal Warriors 7 - 9 Patna Pirates
9' Maninder Singh continues his fine form with another raid point! He has scored 5 out of 7 points for Warriors so far.

Bengal Warriors 7 - 8 Patna Pirates
8' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Sukesh outsmarts Sunil and executes a fine kick on him!

Bengal Warriors 6 - 8 Patna Pirates
8' Do-or-die raid for Patna, Sachin escapes from a tackle attempt ahead of the baulk line.

Bengal Warriors 5 - 8 Patna Pirates
6' Sukesh scores a bonus for Bengal

Bengal Warriors 5 - 7 Patna Pirates
6' Prashanth escapes with a touch point but he looks in pain! Not a good sign for Patna.

Bengal Warriors 4 - 7 Patna Pirates
5' TACKLED AHEAD OF THE BAULK LINE!!! Display of sheer power from Chiyaneh!! An advanced tackle attempt from him on Maninder and he keeps him down with the thigh hold.

Bengal Warriors 4 - 6 Patna Pirates
5' Monu scores a bonus point for Patna

Bengal Warriors 4 - 5 Patna Pirates
5' Maninder scores his fourth raid point of the night with a touch on Neeraj.

Bengal Warriors 4 - 4 Patna Pirates
4' Sachin gets a bonus again.

Bengal Warriors 3 - 4 Patna Pirates
4' Sachin scores a touch point and levels the score!

Bengal Warriors 3 - 3 Patna Pirates
3' Maninder gives Bengal the lead with a bonus and a touch on Chiyaneh!

Bengal Warriors 3 - 2 Patna Pirates
3' Sachin scores a bonus for Patna

Bengal Warriors 1 - 2 Patna Pirates
2' Rishank gets tackled in his first raid! Sunil strikes for the Pirates!

Bengal Warriors 1 - 1 Patna Pirates
1' Maninder Singh gets off the mark with a touch point.

Bengal Warriors 1 - 0 Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates: 
Monu Goyat, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Sachin Tanwar, Sajin C

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh, Darshan J, Amit Nirwal, Sukesh Hegde, Rishank Devadiga, Abozar Mighani, Sachin Vittala
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Meanwhile, the Bengal Warriors have lost their last two matches. They suffered a close defeat against the Bengaluru Bulls, while in their last match, the Dabang Delhi KC crushed them. The Maninder Singh-led outfit will be keen to end their losing streak tonight against the Patna Pirates. 
Both teams have 11 points to their name in Pro Kabaddi 2021 as of now and are present in the Top 6, but the Bengal Warriors have played one match more than the Patna Pirates. Although the Pirates have lost Pardeep Narwal's services, they have performed well so far in the Pro Kabaddi League Season 8. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 24 of Pro Kabaddi League 2021 between Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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