Patna Pirates Vs Bengaluru Bulls 07 December 2022

Patna Pirates
Bengaluru Bulls
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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Alright then! That's for this match. Hope you enjoyed this coverage with me, Saikrishna M. D. Another exciting match is now underway; make sure to tune into it as well. Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Bengaluru Bulls 57 - 44 Patna Pirates

Phew! What a match we have just witnessed—a high-scoring thriller, to say the least. One for the stat pundits: with over 100 points scored, this encounter between the Bengaluru Bulls and Patna Pirates is now the highest-scoring game in the history of the PKL. The Bulls have managed to get a comprehensive win over their opposition and are seemingly ready for the playoffs. Bharat was once again the main protagonist for the Bengaluru Bulls, where he recorded 20 raid points today, and he received valuable support from Sachin Narwal, Neeraj Narwal, and captain Mahender Singh, which helped script this big win. For the Pirates, they didn't seem to have that killer instinct from the start of this match, but it was during the latter stages that they showed their resistance to come close. In the end, the Bulls take all five points as they prepare for their final league match before the PKL Season 9 playoffs.
37' Neeraj Narwal has pulled off massive SUPER RAID here as gets a couple of touch points and a bonus point. 
37' Ranjit Naik gets a hand touch on Sachin Narwal.
37' Daniel gets a point off an error from Aman who put in an advanced tackle. 
36' Sunil enforced a massive tackle on Bharat and he needed the support of his teammates to complete this defensive move.

Bulls 46 - 32 Pirates
35' Bharat gets back with a quick touch point off Anand Tomar. 
35' Anand Tomar brings instant impact with a massive SUPER RAID! Mahender Singh, Ponparthiban and Saurabh Nandal who initially attempted the ankle are off to the bench.

Bulls 46 - 31 Pirates
34' Bharat gets a touch on Monu and returns back.
34' DO OR DIE! Ranjit Naik goes air borne but, the defence of comes to life and pulls him back. It was Saurabh Nandal's bold tackle attempt that has awarded the Bulls a point.

Bulls 45 - 28 Pirates
33' DO OR DIE! Vikash Kandola jumps over Mohammedreza Chiyaneh and he survives. 
30' Neeraj Narwal tried to put a double thigh hold on Ranjit Naik, but raider managed to flee by and get a point.
29' Bharat has been tackled down by a strong defensive resistance led by Chiyaneh, who came in with a terrific hold on the lanky raider.
29' DO OR DIE! Sachin with a running hand touch of his own manages to scalp one on Ponparthiban.

Bulls 41 - 25 Pirates
28' DO OR DIE! Sachin Narwal plays it aggressive and gets a running hand touch on Neeraj Kumar.

Bulls 41 - 24 Pirates
26' Sachin with all the pace he's got tries a hand touch on Aman and returns with a point.
26' Sachin Narwal gets back with a quick touch point off Sunil.
26' Rohit Gulia tried to escape from the chain of Neeraj and Sachin with a dubki, but the defence of the Bulls made sure he wouldn't get through.
25' Bharat gets a touch on Mohammedreza Chiyaneh. This battle is heating up!
21' Sunil gets pushed off the court from an almighty dash off Ponparthiban and the Bulls have inflicted another ALL OUT here.

Bulls 35 - 19 Pirates
21' Bharat gets a touch on Monu, and once again he's doing the clean-up act. 
HALF TIME! Bulls 31 - 16 Pirates

The Bengaluru Bulls are on a rampage mode this evening and the three-time champs Patna Pirates have been the second best side. You definitely can't miss this action. A high octane second half is coming right up! 
19' DO OR DIE! Sachin Narwal brings his pace to the play and he lands in a perfect running hand touch on Chiyaneh and gets back.

Bulls 30 - 15 Pirates
18' DO OR DIE! Sachin gets caught by Mahender Singh's furious double thigh hold.

Bulls 29 - 15 Pirates
16' Bharat gets a bonus, and along with that he manages to grab a couple of touch points in form of Sunil and Sajin. It's a SUPER RAID of the highest order!

Bulls 28 - 15 Pirates
15' Rohit Gulia with a back kick, gets the scalp of Saurabh Nandal.
15' DO OR DIE! Sachin uses his pace and tries a running hand touch on Ponparthiban and survives.
13' Bharat looks for a bonus and he gets that right. 
11' Chiyaneh steps out of the court, and with just a man on court for the Pirates they do concede the surrender raid and the Bulls have inflicted another ALL OUT!

Bulls 24 - 11 Pirates
10' While Bharat had his eyes on Chiyaneh, C Sajin tried to come from behind but it wasn't successful to get the raging bull at bay.
8' Sachin Narwal rushes and enforces Sunil to make an error, and the raider capitalizes with a knee touch. 
7' Ponparthiban puts in a fierce dash to push Rohit Gulia off the court. 
6' Bharat with his long reach, attempts a running hand touch on C Sajin and gets back with a point.
4' Monu gets bulldozed, Sachin Narwal completes a perfect hold and the men in red have inflicted the first ALL OUT of the evening.

Bulls 10 - 4 Pirates
3' Bharat is cleaning house, gets a touch on Neeraj Kumar and reduces the Pirates to just a man on the court.
3' Sajin C tries to pin down Bharat with a double ankle hold, which goes in vain as the raider drags through to the mid line.
2' Rohit Gulia makes a quick play for the bonus and gets that right.
2' Neeraj Narwal stretches and gets in a touch on Mohammedreza Chiyaneh.

Bulls 3 - 1 Pirates
1' Aman brings the first point for the Bengaluru defence with a solid hold on Sachin.
1' Bharat gets trapped by a double thigh hold off Sajin C, and the raider gets a bonus point in the process.

Bulls 1 - 1 Pirates
TOSS: Bengaluru Bulls will have the first raid.
Here are the squads:

Patna Pirates

Starters: Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Monu, Sachin Tanwar, C Sajin, Rohit Gulia, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil

Bench: Sagar Kumar, Daniel Omondi Odhiambo, Shivam Chaudhary, Thiyagarajan Y, Ranjit Naik, Anand Surendra Tomar, Anuj Kumar

Bengaluru Bulls

Starters: Neeraj Narwal, Bharat, Aman, Sachin Narwal, Saurabh Nandal, Mahender Singh, Ponparthiban Subramanian

Bench: Mayur Kadam, Sudhakar Krishant, Harmanjit Singh, Vikash Kandola, More GB, Lal Mohar Yadav, Ran Singh
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. The Pittsburgh Pirates, who are mathematically out of the playoff race, will face the already-qualified Bengaluru Bulls on Wednesday’s double header. Both teams will be looking for that, as they were involved in a 31-31 tie match earlier in the season. A high-octane battle is surely on the cards for this evening when these two teams collide.

Mohammedreza Chiyaneh, Sachin, and Rohit Gulia will be in the spotlight when the Pirates take the field for their encounter against the Bulls’ Bharat, Saurabh Nandal, and Neeraj Narwal. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill, and enjoy the coverage.

An exciting game of Kabaddi gets underway soon. Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Wed, 07/Dec/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls
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