Pro Kabaddi 2022 Live Score & Updates Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers

Patna Pirates
Haryana Steelers
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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Full Time: Haryana Steelers 27 - 30 Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates end their league stage with a win and clinch the top spot on the standings after 22 matches. With that loss, the Steelers finish on the seventh spot and Puneri Paltan qualify for the Pro Kabaddi 2022 playoffs.

Sachin Tanwar finishes with 8 points on the night while his counterpart Ashish from Haryana Steelers finishes with the same tally of points. Vikas Kandola was not at his best which is what cost the Steelers on the night, unfortunately a bad night to have a poor game.

Ashish goes for the raid and almost takes all the defenders out with a final stretch towards the midline but the defenders are able to drag him back and with that, the Haryana Steelers are out of playoffs contention!
Do-or-die raid against three Patna defenders for Vikas Kandola and he gets trapped by Shubham Shinde at the right corner as Kandola has nowhere to go! Is that game over for Haryana?
Guman Singh is back in, this time for the do-or-die raid against six men and is unable to escape here as Surender Nada catches him with the double ankle hold and the entire defence rushed in within no time! All square on the scoreboard with just over a minute to play!

Patna have three men on the mat with Haryana set to raid next....Super Tackle On!

Haryana Steelers 27 - 27 Patna Pirates
Two minutes and change left to play as Haryana trail by a solitary point here! All to play for as Vikas Kandola has been subbed in for the final stretch of play here! Can the experienced campaigner lead his side all the way to the playoffs or the Patna defence hold on to the lead here! Stay tuned!
Ashish is in for the raid and has scored two points here, getting the touch on Monu who failed with the ankle hold attempt and the raider managed to get another touch on Neeraj on his way to the midline. Gap down to one point, everything happening on the mat here!
The decision stands and Haryana have their Super Tackle, the deficit is now down to three points

Haryana Steelers 24 - 27 Patna Pirates
Patna have called for a review for the tackle claiming one defender stepped out of bounds during the raid....We await the umpire's decision here.....
Do-or-die situation against three men for Sachin Tanwar. He goes deep at the left corner and Jaideep traps him catching both his legs! SUPER TACKLE for Haryana! Could prove a crucial moment going ahead in the match!

Just under five minutes to play as there is another timeout taken here! Haryana are in a spot of bother now with most of their top defenders and raiders off the mat. Three men on the mat and Patna are breathing fire! Can they turn things around in these final clutch moments? 

Stay tuned for all the live action right here!
Monu Goyat gets a strong ankle hold on Rohit Gulia and reduces Haryana down to three men on the mat, things are getting tough for the Steelers now!

Haryana Steelers 22 - 27 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar scores two here as he is able to get the hand touch and escapes the rushing defenders and manages to scramble his way to the midline.
Guman Singh, in for the raid is dashed out bounds by the chain tackle executed by Mohit and Jaideep but Mohit is out of bounds too. One point for each side here!
Timeout taken here as we have just under ten minutes of play left tonight! Can Haryana manage to overturn the deficit and manage to clinch a playoffs berth! Stay tuned for all the live action right here at Sportskeeda!
Ashish tries to pressure Shadlou at the left corner but the defender is up to the task and catches the raider with a diving ankle hold as the support rushed in within no time there! What an intriguing game on the mat tonight!

Haryana Steelers 21 - 23 Patna Pirates
Rohit Gulia is off the bench and goes for his first raid, he stands at the right corner of the defence and induces an error from Sajin getting an easy touch point. 
Monu Goyat is back in and scores the bonus point at the left corner of the Haryana defence and the gap is back to two points.
Vikas Kandola's poor raiding continues as Shadlou is able to catch him with the double thigh hold attempt at the left corner of the Patna defence.
Surender Nada traps Sachin Tanwar with the ankle hold and the entire defence rushed in to hold him down and away from the midline. Just one point separating the sides now.

Haryana Steelers 20 - 21 Patna Pirates
Ashish gets a fantastic diving hand touch on Shubham Shinde who did not manage to retreat in time allowing the raider time to get the touch point.
Do-or-die raid for Monu Goyat as he gets the bonus and Vikas Kandola mistimes his tackle attempt at the left In position, two points for the Pirates as the gap widens again!
Bonus point for Haryana as Meetu manages to score at the left corner of the defence.
Patna Pirates' left corner Mohamedreza Shadlou accidentally steps out of bounds as Vikas Kandola attempted a hand touch. 
Do-or-die raid for Meetu as he attempts the bonus but is trapped by Shadlou with his trademark ankle hold as the covers rushed in to secure the tackle point.
Guman goes for the deep running hand touch but Vikas Kandola times his dash well and forces him out of bounds. Great timing on the tackle there!
Guman Singh continues his scoring spree as he escapes the feeble tackle attempt from Ashish and gets past the midline with ease. The gap now stands at three points on the scoreboard.
Vikas Kandola forces a mistake from Neeraj Kumar an gets his first point of the second half, good start for the Steelers' captain!
The final ten minutes of league action in Pro Kabaddi 2022 begins....
Half Time: Haryana Steelers 14 - 17 Patna Pirates 

An intense twenty minutes of action on the mat as both the sides have went with full force albeit with different aspirations. Patna Pirates want to stay in top shape and harmony for the semifinals ahead and are looking in fine touch, with their defence operating well. Sachin has started off with 6 points and looks all set for another Super 10. On the other hand, Haryana are looking a tad dicey despite having come back well from the early setback in the encounter. Ashish has put in a couple of good raids to force an all-out on the Pirates but the skipper Vikas Kandola needs to step up in the second half of the match if the Steelers have to pull ahead.

The only way for the Haryana Steelers to clinch a playoff spot is to win the match. If they tie or lose tonight, the Puneri Paltan will qualify for the Top 6
Meetu is in for the Steelers and executes a perfect running bonus skill at the right corner and closes the gap down to three on the board as we near the half-time whistle.
Guman Singh is able to escape the left corner defender's ankle hold attempt and holds off the dash as well to add two touch points to his tally. Great effort from the young raider here!

Haryana Steelers 13 - 17 Patna Pirates
Ashish goes out of bounds as he went too deep to attempt the running hand touch on the right corner of the Patna defence.
Sachin Tanwar goes in for the raid and is tackled after getting the bonus point and Haryana have their all-elusive all-out as they are attempting the comeback here!
VIkas Kandola escapes the clutches of Shubham Shinde as he tried to go for the ankle hold attempt but the raider is too quick and manages to escape the defender here.. Last man standing for the Pirates!
Do-or-die raid for Patna as Sachin Tanwar goes in and gets the bonus point there to keep the Pirates alive on the mat, he will probably be subbed off now by the coach.
Ashish continues to shine for the Steelers as he has scored two touch points here escaping the chain tackle from Sunil and Guman Singh. Two men on the mat now for the Pirates!
Ashish stayed for a long time in front of the left corner and forced an error from Sajin C who dove from the cover position but the raider was able to escape there!

Haryana Steelers 7 - 13 Patna Pirates
Bonus point for Patna as Guman Singh shuffles around the mat and gets the point at the right corner of the Haryana defence.
Ashish, off the bench gets a well-timed back kick on Shadlou who was thinking of going for the ankle hold but gets tagged! Comeback on the cards here?
Jaideep gets another tackle point as he rushed in with the chain tackle from the covers along with Mohit and stopped Prashant Kumar Rai in his tracks!
Ravi Kumar, goes in as the last man for the Steelers, gets the bonus point early on but is tackled by the Pirates' defence and we have the first All-out of the night! Pressure on the Steelers now!

Haryana Steelers 4 - 12 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar gets the easy touch on Surender Nada who tried to go for the two ankles of the raider but no success there.
Do-or-die raid for Meetu who has come in off the bench and he is blocked well by Neeraj Kumar who jumped from the cover position not allowing any space for the raider!
Guman Singh is back in for the raid and escapes from the ankle hold attempt from Jaideep and claims two touches but the umpires deliberate for a while and award just one point to the Pirates' young raider.

Haryana Steelers 3 - 6 Patna Pirates
Vinay gets the bonus at the left corner but is tackled with the ankle hold by Shadlou who single-handedly holds the raider back! Strong start from the Patna defence here!
Guman Singh is dashed out of bounds as he is unable to withstand the dash from Jaideep who rushed in from the left cover position. Do-or-die coming up for the Steelers now after a couple of empty raids!
Another touch point for Patna as Prashant Rai is able to get the hand touch and Steelers are down to the last four men on the mat.
First point on the board for Haryana Steelers as Vinay gets a bonus point at the left corner.
Vikas Kandola, in for the do-or-die raid, succumbs to the lobby as he attempted a deep running hand touch on Shadlou at the left corner but failed to connect there!

Haryana Steelers 0 - 4 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar tries a running hand touch first but misses. However, he gets the sliding toe touch on Surender Nada at the elft corner and gets his first touch point of the night.
Prashant Kumar Rai gets another bonus point for the Pirates as they lead 2-0 and both teams have their full strength on the mat.

Haryana Steelers 0 - 2 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar, in for the first raid gets a running bonus to start things off on the mat. Good, confident start for the league leaders Patna Pirates.
Here we go.....
We are just a few moments away from the start of the action in Pro Kabaddi 2022's final league match as the Steelers and Pirates gear up for the final Panga!
Patna Pirates have not rested their key players in the final league match of the season, as their coach has decided to keep his side on their toes ahead of the semifinals in next week. Haryana Steelers will have to be at their A-game to clinch a spot in the playoffs.
Starting Lineup:

Patna Pirates - Sachin Tanwar, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Prashanth Kumar Rai (c), Guman Singh, Sunil, Mohamedreza Shadlou

Haryana Steelers - Vikas Kandola (c), Mohit, Jaideep, Ashish, Vinay, Ravi Kumar, Surender Nada
Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 action as the final league encounter will see Patna Pirates face off against Haryana Steelers. The match will take place at the Sheraton Grand Whitefield Hotel and Convention Center in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Haryana Steelers will aim to secure their spot in the top 6 of the standings and ensure qualification with a win or at the least, a close (7 or lower difference) loss against the in-form Pirates tonight.
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sat, 19/Feb/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Patna Pirates vs Haryana Steelers
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