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FT: Patna Pirates 33-33 Tamil Thalaivas

Another phenomenal display from Narender Hoshiyar as he took matters into his own hands in the second half and wreaked havoc to the Pirates' defenders. Sunil in the right corner had no answers to Narender's movements and swiftness as he found himself on the bench time and again.

Patna had a five-point lead with five minutes left in the contest but Ajinkya Pawar's quick raid followed by Sahil Gulia's tackle on Rohit Gulia helped the Thalaivas to inflict an all-out and level the score. In the end, both teams took a cautious approach as they didn't take any risk

The first half was dominated by the Pirates but you can't rule this Tamil Thalaivas outfit under Ashan Kumar. The defense from both teams failed to deliver tonight at crunch moments as we saw 46 total raid point in this encounter
50 seconds to go. Narender and Sachin didn't take any risk in the dying moments as they are happy to return empty-handed. This match ends in a tie eventually
40' Not only in attack, Narender contributes in defense too as he tackles Sachin with a superb ankle hold to level the score for the Thalaivas. The Pirates take a review as they challenge the bonus point but it turns out to be unsuccessful

Patna Pirates 33-33 Tamil Thalaivas
Narender gets a quick raid point to reduce the deficit to just one point
38' It's a brilliant team tackle from the Pirates as they pin Ajinkya Pawar down. Two-point lead for the Pirates now
Another loose play from Sagar as he finds himself on the bench again
Three minutes to go. Rohit Gulia takes out Sahil now but Narender gets a raid point to level things again
37' ALL OUT! Things change in a flash as the Thalaivas inflict an all-out. The scores are level at the moment

Patna Pirates 30-30 Tamil Thalaivas
DO-OR-DIE-RAID! Rohit Gulia has been blocked by Sahil Gulia before the defender dashed him out of bounds
Ajinkya Pawar gets a raid point to reduce the Pirates to two now
TIME OUT! Narender failed to weave his magic in the super tackle. How crucial will the tackle be for the Pirates? They are still down to three and if they save themselves from an all-out in the next 2-3 minutes, they can come out on top in this encounter
34' SUPER TACKLE! Narender has been super-tackled. Big moment in the game
33' Narender is single-handedly bringing the Thalaivas back into the contest. He takes out Manish to reduce the Pirates to two

Patna Pirates 27-25 Tamil Thalaivas
Two empty raids from the Thalaivas. Here comes the do-or-die raid for the Pirates. Sachin comes in and he's been tackled by Sahil Gulia. He pounces onto his ankle and tackles him at ease
Sunil can't win his battle with Narender at the moment. Another loose ankle hold and another easy escape from the raider
Narender Hoshiyar is putting on a show in the second half. He gets a super 10 but will he help the Thalaivas to inflict an all-out?
Thalaivas' defenders just couldn't cope with Sachin's speed and Rohit Gulia's smartness in the middle
30' Narender is making things happen for the Thalaivas in the middle. It's a multi-point raid to reduce the deficit to three points

Patna Pirates 25-22 Tamil Thalaivas
The lead is just four points for the Pirates. Here comes Sachin for the do-or-die raid. He escapes from Ajinkya Pawar's loose ankle hold to make his way back to the mid-line
Narender is striking in the second half but the Thalaivas' defense are struggling at the moment
Mohit finds himself in the bench time and again now
27' Narender claims a toe touch on Neeraj but the umpire denies it. The Thalaivas take a review and it turns out to be a successful one
26' Himanshu has been tackled by Chiyaneh with a superb double ankle hold

Patna Pirates 23-17 Tamil Thalaivas
DO-OR-DIE RAID! Here comes Rohit Gulia and he gets a running hand touch on Mohit. 
23' Narender uses the lobby to escape the dash from Manish and Monu. It's a multi-point raid and both cover defenders are off the mat

Patna Pirates 21-17 Tamil Thalaivas
DO-OR-DIE RAID! Sachin attempts a bonus and gets it
A loose tackle, in fact a mistake from Sunil to gift a point to the Thalaivas
The second half gets underway.
HT: Patna Pirates 20-14 Tamil Thalaivas

Patna Pirates inflict an all-out on the cusp of half-time to take a six-point lead in the contest. The all-out was a long time coming but Pawar bailed them out of trouble with crucial raids but his misjudgment in the do-or-die raid helped the Pirates to clean the Thalaivas out.

Narender has been kept quiet but Sachin and Rohit Gulia rose to the occasion and picked up raid points at regular intervals. Tamil Thalaivas' defense was leaking errors and this has to change in the second half, else, the Pirates would take an unassailable lead in the final 20 minutes
20' ALL OUT! What a time to inflict an all-out. Sachin takes out Sahil Gulia before Manish dashes Himanshu Singh out of bounds in the surrender raid

Tamil Thalaivas 14-20 Patna Pirates
Ajinkya Pawar thought he got a bonus in the do-or-die raid but the umpire denies it. The Thalaivas are reduced to two

Tamil Thalaivas 13-16 Patna Pirates
Another loose dash from Abhishek as Sachin uses the lobby to make his way back to the mid-lne
Six on the mat for the Thalaivas but Sachin takes out two men to give the Pirates a lead
17' Rohit Gulia takes the do-or-die raid at the other end. He is running out of time here. Oh, Sahil Gulia runs around and pins him down

Tamil Thalaivas 13-12 Patna Pirates
Another running hand touch from Pawar and it's all level now
Ajinkya Pawar gets a bonus and takes out the big fish Chiyaneh with a running hand touch
13' Rohit Gulia takes out Sagar with a brilliant kick and the Thalaivas are reduced to two

Tamil Thalaivas 9-12 Patna Pirates
Himanshu Singh takes a do-or-die raid at the other end and he gets a running hand touch instantly
12' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE PIRATES. Here comes Sachin and he escapes from a loose ankle hold from Himanshu
The Thalaivas are reduced to four now. Most importantly, both Narender and Pawar is on the bench
11' Sachin comes in for the do-or-die raid and gets a raid point before Narender has been tackled by Chiyaneh with a brilliant block

Tamil Thalaivas 8-10 Patna Pirates
9' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE THALAIVAS! Ajinkya Pawar comes in but he's been dashed out of bounds by Chiyaneh in the last second

Tamil Thalaivas 8-8 Patna Pirates
Both first-choice raiders are on the bench for the Pirates. Will the Thalaivas strike now?
7' The defence from the Thalaivas responding now as Sagar tackles Rohit Gulia easily with an ankle hold before the support came at the right time
Chiyaneh thigh hold was too strong as Ajinkya Pawar instantly gives up. It's seven apiece inside the first seven minutes
5' Sahil Gulia with a brilliant back hold to tackle Sachin single-handedly. The Pirates are reduced to four now
5' A loose dash from Manish as Narender uses the lobby to make his way to the mid-line. But Rohit Gulia takes out Mohit again to level the score

Tamil Thalaivas 5-5 Patna Pirates
Both raiders are striking for fun in the opening minutes. The defence have no answers
2' Ajinkya Pawar takes out Chiyaneh with a running hand touch but Rohit Gulia revives him instantly in the next raid as he escapes from Mohit's dash
Sachin gets a bonus point to open the account for the raiders
The first half gets underway. Here comes Narender and he returns empty handed
Toss: Patna Pirates win the toss and the Thalaivas will raid first

Tamil Thalaivas (Starters): M. Abishek, Sagar, Himanshu IX, Narender , Sahil Singh, Mohit-II, Ajinkya Ashok Pawar

Substitutes: Arpit Saroha, Visvanath V, Himanshu Virender singh, Ashish-II, Sachin, Thanushan Laxmamohan, Sahil Surender

Patna Pirates (Starters): Sachin Tanwar, Sunil, Manish, Rohit Gulia, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Neeraj Kumar, Monu

Substitutes: Shivam Chaudhary, Anand Surendra Tomar, C Sajin, Ranjit Naik, Anuj Kumar, Thiyagarajan Y, Naveen Sharma
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