Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Patna Pirates vs Telugu Titans: PKL 9 Live Updates and Commentary, Pro Kabaddi Match 13

Patna Pirates
Telugu Titans
TELUGU TITANS won the match
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Telugu Titans get their first win of PKL 9 and they do so in style. Kudos to Monu Goyat for bagging 10 points in the contest - 9 from raids and bonuses and 1 from tackles. The game was balanced till the first ten minutes of the match with tackles rarely flying as majority of the points came from raids. 

However, Monu's wily hand touches gave Telugu a slight edge and coupled with Sidharth Desai's agile approach, they dealt Patna the first and only All Out of the game in the 18th minute of the game. Heading into the break with an eight-point advantage, Telugu maintained their lead with the likes of Mohammadreza Chiyaneh and Sachin unable to stage a comeback. 

The full-time scoreline read 30-21 in favour of Telugu Titans as Patna Pirates continue their hunt for the first win. 
40' PEEEEEEEP! Vinay winds down the clock as the referee blows her whistle.

Telugu Titans 30-21 Patna Pirates
40' Abdul gets a raidpoint as Parvesh is sent to the bench.

Telugu Titans 30-21 Patna Pirates
39' Surjeet with a frontal block on Sachin.

Telugu Titans 30-20 Patna Pirates
39' Monu Goyat gets dashed out. But, he uses all the 30 seconds. That's what matters more!

Telugu Titans 29-20 Patna Pirates
39' Sachin Tanwar tries for a bonus but the referee is not impressed.

Telugu Titans 29-19 Patna Pirates
38' Monu Goyat walks near the byline after walking through the baulkline.

Telugu Titans 29-19 Patna Pirates
37' Sidharth Desai winds down the clock. Patna Pirates play on the Do-or-Die raid.

Telugu Titans 29-19 Patna Pirates
36' Monu Goyat initiates the tackle. He is doing damage on both sides of the mat.

Telugu Titans 29-19 Patna Pirates
36' Shadloui arrives in the game and bags his second tackle point of the night.

Telugu Titans 28-19 Patna Pirates
34' Vishwas goes far too deep in the left corner and gets punished.

Telugu Titans 28-18 Patna Pirates
33' Rohit Gulia gets dashed. Patna take a review but they are unsuccessful.

Telugu Titans 27-18 Patna Pirates
32' The eight point lead is maintained as both teams exchange a point each.

Telugu Titans 26-18 Patna Pirates
30' OHH NO! Shadloui has pulled his hamstring muscles. Patna make a substitution. That is bad news for Patna Pirates. This is turning out to be a season of injuries as the big names go out early.

Telugu Titans 25-17 Patna Pirates
29' Patna wins a bonus. Chiyaneh with a tackle point in the follow through. Patna are narrowing down the lead.

Telugu Titans 25-17 Patna Pirates
29' Surjeet gets anxious and goes for an advanced tackle. Sachin escapes.

Telugu Titans 25-15 Patna Pirates
27' Vishwas gets tackled collectively as he runs into a chain.

Telugu Titans 25-14 Patna Pirates
27' Monu Goyat steps up in Do-or-Die raid one but gets trapped in the right corner position. Sachin with some good work.

Telugu Titans 24-14 Patna Pirates
25' Sachin gets the bonus but gets dashed courtesy of Parvesh Bhainswal

Telugu Titans 24-13 Patna Pirates
23' Sidharth Desai with a vicious kick.

Telugu Titans 23-13 Patna Pirates
23' Sachin goes a bit too close of Vishal and gets tackled by a double ankle hold.

Patna Pirates 13-22 Telugu Titans
22' Four back-to-back empty raids. It will be a series of Do-or-Die ones now.

Patna Pirates 21-13 Telugu Titans
21' Patna open the half with an empty raid.

Patna Pirates 21-13 Telugu Titans
The game was even-steven until Monu Goyat picked up touchpoints for fun and created a four-point gap in favor of Telugu Titans. Enforcing an All Out, the lead got extended to 8 points as Patna Pirates were unable to trim down the lead with only two minutes left. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh is yet to open his account as the Telugu raiders seem to have done their homework on him. 
20' HALF-TIME! Telugu Titans with a bonus. Patna Pirates reply with a touchpoint.

Patna Pirates 13-21 Telugu Titans
20' Rohit Gulia gets Monu Goyat on his raid.

Patna Pirates 12-20 Telugu Titans
19' Sidharth Desai sprints away and gets two points from his raid.

Patna Pirates 11-20 Telugu Titans
19' Parvesh Bhainswal gets out cheaply.

Patna Pirates 11-18 Telugu Titans
18' ALL OUT! Monu Goyat drags Mohammed Shadloui all the way while crossing the mid-line. Patna are all out. Telugu with a humongous eight point lead.

Patna Pirates 10-18 Telugu Titans
17' Patna bag a bonus.

Patna Pirates 10-14 Telugu Titans
17' Monu Goyat escapes from the clutch of an ankle hold. Turns, tumbles, and through.

Patna Pirates 9-14 Telugu Titans
16' Sachin enters the Do-or-Die raid. He almost finds his way through but support from the left side gets him tackles.

Patna Pirates 9-13 Telugu Titans
14' Both sides exchange raid points amongst themselves.

Patna Pirates 9-12 Telugu Titans
14' Telugu Titans overturn the deficit

Patna Pirates 8-10 Telugu Titans
13' Vishal Bharadwaj goes out of bounds.

Patna Pirates 9-8 Telugu Titans
12' Vinay goes for the bonus but two defenders tackle him with an ankle hold in his Do-or-Die raid.

Patna Pirates 8-8 Telugu Titans
11' Sachin goes too deep with only five seconds remaining in the Do-or-Die raid. He gets tackled collectively. 

Patna Pirates 7-8 Telugu Titans
9' The first tackle point of the evening as Patna Pirates equalize.

Patna Pirates 7-7 Telugu Titans
9' Telugu Titans wins a raidpoint.

Patna Pirates 6-7 Telugu Titans
8' Not a single tackle point from either side. Phew!
8' Sidharth Desai wins a bonus.

Patna Pirates 5-7 Telugu Titans
7' Rohit Gulia with a deft toe touch on Vinay.

Patna Pirates 5-6 Telugu Titans
6' Vinay opens his kitty. He gets a hand touch on Sachin Tanwar

Patna Pirates 4-6 Telugu Titans
6' Patna Pirates' Sachin Tanwar wins a touchpoint from a kick.

Patna Pirates 4-5 Telugu Titans
6' Sidharth Desai with a vicious kick on Shadloui.

Patna Pirates 3-5 Telugu Titans
5' Abdul Insamam bags a bonus point for Patna

Patna Pirates 3-4 Telugu Titans
5' Monu Goyat bags a wily running hand touch.

Patna Pirates 2-4 Telugu Titans
4' Sachin wins another touchpoint for Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates 2-3 Telugu Titans
4' Sidharth Desai escapes from Sachin's dashed attempt

Patna Pirates 1-3 Telugu Titans
3' Monu bags a bonus. Sachin crawls out of the clutch of Vinay's ankle hold as Patna open their account.

Patna Pirates1-2 Telugu Titans
2' Telugu Titans with another empty raid. The next one will be a Do-or-Die one.

Patna Pirates 0-1 Telugu Titans
2' Monu Goyat gets a touchpoint by twisting and drawing a defender with him. One leg over the line. Captain Neeraj is out.

Patna Pirates 0-1 Telugu Titans
1' Sidharth Desai returns empty-handed.

Patna Pirates 0-0 Telugu Titans
TOSS: Patna Pirates won the toss and they have decided to take side. 
Two teams looking for their first win in PKL 9. Who will get it first? Patna Pirates or Telugu Titans. 
Patna Pirates (Playing 7): Sachin Tanwar, Rohit Gulia, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, C Sajin, Abdul Insamam, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh

Telugu Titans (Playing 7): PO Surjeet Singh, Vishal Bharadwaj, Parvesh Bhainswal, Monu Goyat, Vijay Kumar, Siddharth Desai, Vinay
TEAM NEWS: Mohammadreza Chiyaneh returns for Patna Pirates after missing the first two matches. For Telugu Titans, Surjeet will lead the side in place of Ravinder Pahal. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live commentary of today's PKL match 13 between Patna Pirates and Telugu Titans. This is your host Abhishek and I will be your eyes and ears for the contest. The match will start at 08:30 PM IST. 

Telugu Titans enter the contest on the back of two back-to-back defeats and will be eager to taste their first win in PKL season 9. While they suffered a narrow five point defeat against Bengaluru Bulls in their curtain raiser, they were thrashed by 20 points against Bengal Warriors. Their defense have been a major letdown as they have combined to collect only 12 points from two matches. 

Patna Pirates began their PKL season 9 with a 34-34 draw against Puneri Paltan. However, they suffered their first loss of the season in the next match against Jaipur Pink Panthers with the final scoreline reading 35-30. Rohit Gulia and Sachin both completed their 'Super 10' in the previous match but ended on the losing side. 

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Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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