Pro Kabaddi 2021 Highlights, Match 10: UP Yoddha win 36-35 over Patna Pirates

Patna Pirates
U.P. Yoddha
U.P. YODDHA won the match
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That's it then from this contest, and this is Prasen Moudgal signing off! Switch tabs to follow all the thrilling action between the Telugu Titans and Puneri Paltan right here! It's Rahul Chaudhari against his former team!

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FULL-TIME: UP Yoddha win 36 - 35 over the Patna Pirates. 

A thrilling end to the contest, with Surender Gill's game-sense prevailing to bring about UP Yoddha's win. It came all the way down to the final raid, where a bonus was enough for UP, and that's all Gill did. 

Story of the match though was Patna's defense standing out to keep Pardeep from running away with the match, the UP star involved in 3-4 Super Tackles that kept the Pirates in the game. 
40' Wow! What an end to the game! Surender Gill comes in for the final raid, and he does just enough to pick up a bonus before he's enveloped by the Patna Pirates' defenders! A point for each team, and UP win by the slenderest of margins!

Patna 35 - 36 UP
40' Sachin Tanwar claim a sweeping leg kick over Sumit, but he's not been given the point! A green card for Sumit, who's swearing on the mat!

Patna 34 - 35 UP
Time-out in place! A very crucial spot in the game, UP just have a one-point lead with a minute left in the game. This can swing either way!
39' Running hand touch from Sachin on the cover defender, and now UP have only a 1-point lead!

Patna 34 - 35 UP
39' Pardeep Narwal is not spared! Neeraj puts in an ankle hold and pulls Pardeep away from the mid-line.

Patna 33 - 35 UP
38' Prashanth Rai slips away from Nitesh's ankle hold to pick up a point. Prashanth reviews for a bonus! Unsuccessful! Just the one touch point there. 

Patna 32 - 35 UP
38' Comfortable hand touch on Sajin's thigh for Pardeep Narwal.

Patna 31 - 35 UP
38' A tense Prashanth Rai goes away with a bonus point.

Patna 31 - 34 UP
37' Sachin Tanwar errs! Surender Gill is given away an easy point as Sachin puts in a false ankle hold.

Patna 30 - 34 UP
37' A stunning back kick from Prashanth Rai to catch Nitesh off guard! What a raid!

Patna 30 - 33 UP
36' Sumit strikes on the other end! A diving ankle hold to pin Monu Goyat down.

Patna 29 - 33 UP
36' Stellar effort from the Patna left cover! Sajin C runs in with a brave frontal block and keeps Pardeep down!

Patna 29 - 32 UP 
35' Sachin Tanwar is lured in towards the right cover position and he's pinned down on the Do or Die raid! Ram Mehar Singh is fuming!

Patna 28 - 32 UP
34' Rohit Tomar picks up a bonus point. 

Patna 28 - 31 UP
33' Prashanth Rai turns away from a dash attempted by Shubham to pick up an easy point.

Patna 28 - 30 UP
32' Pardeep Narwal falls prey to Monu Goyat's ankle hold! Gets enough assistance from Neeraj and Sunil too!

Patna 27 - 30 UP
Back live. 
Time-out in place!

Some work to do for Patna, as they've fallen to an all-out and UP now have a little bit of momentum on their side. 
30' Pardeep Narwal sneaks in a bonus point. 

Patna 26 - 30 UP
30' ALL-OUT on Patna! The last man in is thrown down by the right chain combination, and UP take the lead!

Patna 26 - 29 UP
29' This time Pardeep gets the better of Chiyaneh as he slips away from a double thigh hold! Patna down to one man.

Patna 25 - 26 UP 
29' Bonus point for Prashanth Rai. 

Patna 25 - 25 UP
29' Error from Neeraj! Steps out of court on the Do or Die raid and gift wraps a Christmas present to Rohit Tomar!

Patna 24 - 25 UP
28' Guman Singh is brought down by Nitesh, who dives in for a double ankle hold on the Do or Die raid!

Patna 24 - 24 UP
26' Patna's love affair with Super Tackles! Pardeep fails yet again as he doesn't do well enough to get past a frontal block from Chiyaneh!

Patna 24 - 23 UP
26' Sumit strikes with a running block, and he gets support from Nitesh to throw Monu Goyat off the mat!

Patna 22 - 23 UP
25' Pardeep uses only a few seconds to get a touch on Sunil! Wow!

Patna 22 - 22 UP
25' Super Tackle on Sachin! A solo tackle from Nitesh Kumar to dash Sachin Tanwar off the court!

Patna 22 - 21 UP
24' UP ask for a review! Pardeep's asked for a bonus point. Review unsuccessful!
22' Super Tackle for UP! Guman Singh is kept away from the mid-line, and UP have now turned the tables!

Patna 22 - 19 UP
22' Rohit Tomar comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he's been dashed off the court by a powerful effort from Chiyaneh! Gets support from Sajin and Neeraj to complement him. High 5 for the Patna corner!

Patna 21 - 17 UP
21' Empty raids to begin the second half from both teams. 
Back live now for the second half. 
HALF-TIME: Patna Pirates lead 20 - 17 against UP Yoddha.

UP seemed to be running away with the lead 10 minutes into the first half, but Patna have pulled things back fabulously well with three Super Tackles. Sachin Tanwar has been at the heart of the tackle points, while on the raiding front, Monu Goyat has also looked fairly decent for his 4 points. 

Pardeep Narwal will want to re-stamp his authority after frittering away a great start, and there are quite a few fascinating storylines to look out for in the second half!
20' Rohit comes in for the Do or Die raid, and the substitute scores a point! Monu Goyat with an unnecessary advance ankle hold, not good enough to keep Rohit down!

Patna 20 - 17 UP
19' Monu Goyat stares down Nitesh Kumar after the UP skipper fails to keep him down with an ankle hold.

Patna 20 - 16 UP
19' Some power from Sunil! Chiyaneh initiates the tackle with an ankle hold, Sunil hares in from the right, turns Shrikant away from the mid-line to keep him away!

Patna 19 - 16 UP
18' Another Super Tackle on Pardeep! This is absolutely sensational! Pardeep this time runs into Chiyaneh's big arms, a massive double thigh hold powerful enough to slam Pardeep down on the mat. Phew!

Patna 18 - 16 UP
17' Sachin Tanwar is out on the Do or Die! Sumit snaps at Sachin's ankles, he gets enough support from the rest of his teammates.

Patna 16 - 16 UP
16' Another Super Tackle on UP! Patna on fire! Sajin on this occasion comes in front of Surender and cuts his pace down, Neeraj and Sachin then combine to keep their man down.

Patna 16 - 15 UP
15' Super Tackle! I'm almost out of words. Sachin Tanwar inflicts yet another ankle hold, Neeraj uses all his power to wrestle with Pardeep and throw him down on the mat! Sachin comes back in and sweeps him away from the mid-line. Brilliant!

Patna 14 - 15 UP
14' Sachin Tanwar picks up a bonus point.

Patna 12 - 15 UP
14' Pardeep claims a touch point on Shinde, and he's been given it! A little too easy for him, at the moment. 

Patna 11 - 15 UP
13' Monu Goyat is off to the benches! A frontal chain tackle to good effect from the Yoddha defenders, and Monu had nowhere to go.

Patna 11 - 14 UP
13' Surender Gill now takes a point, as he pushes away a frontal block from Sunil. 

Patna 11 - 13 UP
12' UP's lead down to one! A scorpion kick on Sumit from Monu, a well executed point!

Patna 11 - 12 UP
12' Super Tackle on Pardeep! Sachin Tanwar initiates an ankle hold, he gets enough support from Shubham and Monu Goyat to keep Pardeep from escaping!

Patna 10 - 12 UP
11' Bonus point for Sachin Tanwar. All important points, these!

Patna 8 - 12 UP
10' Pardeep has his man! Runs in from the left towards the left corner, and gets a big touch on Chiyaneh!

Patna 7 - 12 UP
10' Super Raid for Shrikant Jadhav! Poor from Patna! Neeraj looked for a dash close to the mid-line, he was joined by the right combination to gift 3 points.

Patna 6 - 11 UP
9' Monu has been pinned down! UP do well to lure Goyat deep, he goes for a right back kick, Ashu Singh dives forward and keeps him down with a double ankle hold.

Patna 6 - 8 UP
8' Pardeep has been brought down by Chiyaneh! Goes in early for the double thigh hold and keeps Pardeep down on the mat. Top work!

Patna 6 - 7 UP 
7' Easy pickings for Prashanth Rai! Hares to his right and gets a running hand touch on the cover defender.

Patna 5 - 7 UP
6' Bonus point for Patna Pirates, they're keeping the scoreboard ticking. 

Patna 4 - 7 UP
6' Error from Sajin! Almost pulls off a dash on Pardep, but he gets over the mid-line, so does Pardeep!

Patna 3 - 7 UP
5' Monu Goyat snatches a point! Does well to get a running touch on Ashu Singh. 

Patna 3 - 6 UP
4' Poor from Sachin! Puts in an advance tackle on Pardeep and it's too close to the mid-line.

Patna 2 - 6 UP
4' Sachin comes back on court and gets a touch on Sumit, who is slow to retreat on the left corner

Patna 2 - 5 UP
3' 2-point raid for Pardeep! Slips away from Monu Goyat's ankle hold and gets a touch on Sajin as well! Wow!

Patna 1 - 5 UP
3' Prashanth gets a point! A back kick that catches UP skipper Nitesh off guard!

Patna 1 - 3 UP
2' Another bonus point for Pardeep, 2 in 2 now!

Patna 0 - 3 UP
2' Sumit strikes on the left corner with a strong ankle hold to keep Sachin Tanwar down!

Patna 0 - 2 UP
1' Pardeep starts with a bonus point! Right under Sunil's nose on the right corner

Patna 0 - 1 UP
1' Monu Goyat begins with an empty raid. Time for Pardeep!
We're all set for Pardeep Narwal vs UP Yoddha! Line drawn! Game on! Kheeeeeeeelll Kabaadiiiii!

UP Yoddha win the toss and opt for court. 
Today's starting 7s!

Patna Pirates: 
Prashanth Kumar Rai (C), Monu Goyat, Sachin Tanwar, Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Sajin Chandrasekhar, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh.

UP Yoddha: Nitesh Kumar (C), Pardeep Narwal, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill, Ashu Singh, Sumit, Shubham Kumar. 
Eager to know how the two teams could stack up, and which team has its nose ahead? Have a look! 
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2021's most-awaited clash, where Pardeep Narwal will turn out for UP Yoddha against his former franchise, Patna Pirates!

In the rich history of the Pro Kabaddi League, there's been no grander association than that of Pardeep Narwal and the Patna Pirates. Since joining the Pirates in Season 3, Pardeep's influence was instrumental in the franchise winning a hat-trick of titles, sweeping away the top honours in seasons 3, 4 and 5. In that period, the youngster earned various monickers such as 'Dubki King', 'Record Breaker' among others, which placed him in a club of some of Pro Kabaddi's greatest stars.

And to that extent, it came as quite a shocker when the Patna Pirates let go of their star raider ahead of the Pro Kabaddi 2021 Auction. When asked about the intention behind letting go of Pardeep, Patna coach Ram Mehar Singh minced no words while expressing his disappointment at the ace raider's demand to make his debut appearance at the auction.

So when his name did come up for auction, it was no surprise that multiple teams wanted to rope in the star raider's services. Eventually, he added yet another feather to his cap by becoming the costliest player in PKL history, sold for a sum of INR 1.65 Crore to the UP Yoddha, one of the two teams with the biggest purse at the time. 

For part 2 of this storyline, Pardeep Narwal will step onto the mat for the first time against the Pirates today, and all eyes will be on him as he takes on the Prashanth Rai-led side. 

Will Ram Mehar Singh's understanding of Pardeep's skill sets work in UP's favour? Or will Pardeep's strategy to plot UP's downfall prove his worth? Only time will tell!

I'm Prasen Moudgal, and I'm thrilled to bring you all the action that comes along with each raid! Enjoy! 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Sat, 25/Dec/2021 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Patna Pirates vs U.P. Yoddha
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