Patna Pirates Vs U.p. Yoddhas 28 October 2022

Patna Pirates
U.P. Yoddhas
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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Alright! That was a good match to cap off this Friday evening's Triple Panga. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. There's lots more PKL action coming to you on the weekend. Until this, adios!
FULL TIME! Patna Pirates 34 - 29 U.P. Yoddhas

The second half had a completely contrasting theme to that of the first twenty. The game opened up and both the teams upped the ante, making it a very exciting close encounter. Sachin registered a Super 10 and Rohit Gulia bagged a good number of points to seal the win for the Pirates. Surender Gill had a quiet day at the office, while Pardeep Narwal made good progress in the second half, when he put up a Super 10, which went in vain. In the end, it was coach Ravi Shetty's Patna Pirates who played the better game, and they took away those five points, and U.P. Yoddhas won't go back empty-handed tonight. Instead, they'll take a point from this game and hope to bounce back soon.
39' DO OR DIE! Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point on Manish in the penultimate raid of the match.
39' ALL OUT! Sachin with a MASSIVE RAID here and scalps 3 touch points to inflict another all out. This is the decisive moment of this game for sure!

Patna Pirates 34 - 28 U.P. Yoddhas
38' DO OR DIE! Mohammadreza Chiyaneh puts in a strong tackle on Rohit Tomar.

37' DO OR DIE! Rohit Tomar gets a tackle on Sachin.
36' A barrage of empty raids to take into this final few minutes of the match.
33' Nervy time! Could be a MASSIVE change in momentum here, what is happening at the Balewadi? A highly intense Kabaddi match-up.  
33' We are seeing a pattern of sorts, a successful raid follow by two empty raids.
32' A couple of empty raids here by the two teams.

Patna Pirates 27 - 25 U.P. Yoddhas
30' This is going like a cat and mouse race. Both teams are looking for that win here and they get those nerves rushing high.
25' Pardeep Narwal gets in a bonus point here.
24' ALL OUT! Durgesh gets tackled down by a defensive wall led by Neeraj, the Pirates have inflicted the first all out of the match.

Patna Pirates 19 - 12 U.P. Yoddhas
24' Sachin returns with a quick touch point on Gurdeep. 
23' DO OR DIE! Surender Gill perishes Shadloui comes to the party, and strikes big.

Patna Pirates 15 - 11 U.P. Yoddhas
21' Sachin claims two touch points here, the Yoddhas have challenged the decision. 

Review successful: It's just a just, decision reversed.
HALF TIME! Patna Pirates 13 - 11 U.P. Yoddhas

This has been a low scoring first twenty both teams didn't take much of a risk to begin with. At the half way mark the three-time champions, Patna Pirates hold onto a 2-point lead over the Yoddhas. Rohit Gulia has picked up the most raid points here and on the defensive end Monu has been highly effective for the Pirates. For the U.P. Yoddhas, their firepower ie, the attack duo of Surender Gill and Pardeep Narwal hasn't gotten off to a pacey start, but defensively Nitesh Kumar has been solid for them. An interesting second half coming up! 
19' And it's an empty raid by Sachin to complete this first half.
19' DO OR DIE! Monu is a defensive rock this evening, he puts in a strong tackle on Rohit Tomar.

Patna Pirates 13 - 11 U.P. Yoddhas
18' DO OR DIE! Sachin gets it right and returns with the scalp of Ashu Singh.
15' WOW! What a double thigh hold by Monu on Pardeep Narwal to send him onto the bench. 
14' DO OR DIE! Sumit returns the favor to the Pirates, hands in a point to Rohit Gulia.

Patna Pirates 10 - 8 U.P. Yoddhas
14' DO OR DIE! Sunil throws it away, and gifts a point to Surender Gill.
11' DO OR DIE! Rohit Tomar bags two points and the scores are even now. Neeraj Kumar and Manish are off the bench after that raid.
10' SUPER TACKLE! Sachin gets tackled down by brute force of the Yoddha Nitesh Kumar.

Patna Pirates 7 - 5 U.P. Yoddhas
9' What a move! Sunil puts in a powerful ankle hold on Pardeep Narwal and he's got nowhere to go, a solid tackle.
8' Sachin gets another point and it's Gurdeep who should head to the bench now.

Patna Pirates 6 - 3 U.P. Yoddhas
7' Monu traps the in-form Surender Gill in an incredible show of defensive skill.
6' Durgesh Kumar puts in a tackle, but Sachin makes it through to the mid line.

Patna Pirates 5 - 3 U.P. Yoddhas
4' Sunil steps outs and Pardeep Narwal fetches a bonus on his way back. A couple of points here for the Yoddhas.
4' Rohit Gulia does what he's known for, getting bonus points with his smart skill.
3' First point of the match and Rohit Gulia draws it for the Pirates. It's a bonus to begin with.

Patna Pirates 1 - 0 U.P. Yoddhas
2' A couple of empty raids to start this encounter. 
Here are the squads:

Patna Pirates: Sunil, Neeraj Kumar, Monu, Manish , Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Sachin Tanwar, Rohit Gulia

U.P. Yoddhas: Durgesh Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, Ashu Singh, Gurdeep, Pardeep Narwal, Surender Gill
TOSS: U.P. Yoddhas have won the toss, and they will defend first.
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Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. The Pune leg of PKL has gotten off to a fabulous start here this evening and we have got to see two amazing matches, while the third ratchet up the excitement levels even more. Two quality sides, Patna Pirates and U.P. Yoddhas, who have got some unreal firepower in their ranks, will square off in today’s Triple Panga fixture. After taking blows in their initial matches, the Pirates seem to have gotten into their never-say-die attitude and started to show their ability on the mat following a win and a tie. The Yoddhas, on the other hand, have had a mixed start to their campaign, but they have had a number of positives during the course of their initial matches and will hope to convert those into much-needed wins down the road.

The strong defensive core of Patna Pirates, consisting of Mohammedreza Chiyaneh, Sunil Kumar, and Neeraj Kumar, will have to deal with a fierce attack from the duo of Pardeep Narwal and Surender Gill of U.P. Yoddhas to salvage something out of this match.

This surely is going to be a high-octane game. Who is going to get an upper hand and start this phase of the tournament with that W? Let’s find out! Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill and enjoy the coverage.
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
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Fri, 28/Oct/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Patna Pirates vs U.P. Yoddhas
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