Puneri Paltan vs Bengal Warriors Live Score - Pro Kabaddi 2022 Live Score & Commentary

Puneri Paltan
Bengal Warriors
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
Lineups & Stats
FULL TIME: Puneri Paltan 36 - 43 Bengal Warriors
40' Rohit gets a touch on Vishal and the lead grows to 9. Mohit gets a touch on Ran and scores a bonus.

Puneri Paltan 36 - 43 Bengal Warriors
40' ALL OUT!! Nitin scores a bonus but gets tackled by Bengal's defense!!

Puneri Paltan 34 - 42 Bengal Warriors
40' SUPER RAID!! Sukesh pulls off a super raid and reduces Pune to 1 man.

Puneri Paltan 33 - 39 Bengal Warriors
40' Bengal pull off a successful tackle on Aslam

Puneri Paltan 33 - 36 Bengal Warriors
39' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Mohit gets an easy touch on 1 defender.

Puneri Paltan 33 - 35 Bengal Warriors
39' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Rohit pulls off a miraculous SUPER RAID!!! He beats four defenders on his way to the midline!! A review from Pune helps them save Mohit. Only 3 points. 

Puneri Paltan 32 - 35 Bengal Warriors
36' Pune pull off a successful tackle on Maninder and bring the lead down to 1. Mohit completes his SUPER 10 with a touch on Nabibakhsh. 

Puneri Paltan 32 - 32 Bengal Warriors
35' ALL OUT!! A defender steps out of bounds and Maninder gets a touch on the other defender. 4 points to Bengal. In the next raid, Abozar's dive helps Bengal pull off a successful tackle.

Puneri Paltan 30 - 32 Bengal Warriors
34' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Nabibakhsh gets a touch on 1 defender and reduces Pune to 2 men. Pune score a bonus.

Puneri Paltan 30 - 27 Bengal Warriors
33' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Rahul gets tackled down inside 5 seconds!! Abozar shines with a magnificent dive.

Puneri Paltan 29 - 26 Bengal Warriors
32' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Rohit fails against a defense of 3, SUPER TACKLE!!

Puneri Paltan 29 - 25 Bengal Warriors
31' Do-or-die raid for Pune, a splendid dive from Amit helps Bengal hunt down Aslam

Puneri Paltan 27 - 25 Bengal Warriors
29' A brilliant dive from right corner helps Bengal hunt down Nitin. Pune pull off a SUPER TACKLE on Maninder. 

Puneri Paltan 27 - 24 Bengal Warriors
28' Maninder pulls off a SUPER RAID!!! The Bengal captain completes a SUPER 10 with a bonus point and failing an ankle hold from Vishal and Mohit.

Puneri Paltan 25 - 23 Bengal Warriors
27' Maninder beats Jadhav's tackle, saves the all out and scores a bonus as well.

Puneri Paltan 25 - 20 Bengal Warriors
26' Maninder scores a bonus, Aslam beats Nabibakhsh in a 1 v 2 situation

Puneri Paltan 25 - 18 Bengal Warriors
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL: Pune challenge the decision and Ran is out because of jersey pull. 

Puneri Paltan 24 - 17 Bengal Warriors
25' SUPER TACKLE!!! Ran's mighty block helps Bengal tackle down Aslam!!

Puneri Paltan 23 - 19 Bengal Warriors
23' SUPER TACKLE!! Banne and Nabibakhsh hunt down the raider in a 1 vs. 2 situation.

Puneri Paltan 23 - 17 Bengal Warriors
23' Mohit takes out Rohit in his raid. Maninder saves the all out with a bonus and a touch on Sombir

Puneri Paltan 23 - 15 Bengal Warriors
22' Pune gets a touch on Abozar, but in the next raid, Rohit saves the all out with a bonus and a kick on Vishal

Puneri Paltan 22 - 13 Bengal Warriors
21' Rohit gets off the mark with a bonus

Puneri Paltan 21 - 11 Bengal Warriors
21' Mohit gets a hand touch on Amit

Puneri Paltan 21 - 10 Bengal Warriors
HALF TIME: Puneri Paltan 20 - 10 Bengal Warriors
20' Sukesh scores a bonus for Bengal

Puneri Paltan 20 - 10 Bengal Warriors
19' A defender stepped out of bounds during Mohit's raid - SELF OUT!

Puneri Paltan 20 - 9 Bengal Warriors
19' Aslam tries an ankle hold on Sukesh, but the raider escapes

Puneri Paltan 19 - 9 Bengal Warriors
18' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Mohit fails an advanced tackle from Ran

Puneri Paltan 19 - 8 Bengal Warriors
18' Mohit's ankle hold ensures Pune hunt down Nabibakhsh

Puneri Paltan 18 - 8 Bengal Warriors
17' Sukesh escapes an ankle hold from Sombir

Puneri Paltan 17 - 8 Bengal Warriors
16' Vishal's ankle hold helps Pune floor Maninder

Puneri Paltan 17 - 7 Bengal Warriors
15' Mohit fails a dash from the cover defender and returns to his half safely

Puneri Paltan 16 - 7 Bengal Warriors
15' Maninder gets a touch on Aslam

Puneri Paltan 15 - 7 Bengal Warriors
14' Mohit executes a fine running hand touch on Abozar

Puneri Paltan 15 - 6 Bengal Warriors
14' Vishal's block helps Pune tackle Nabibakhsh

Puneri Paltan 14 - 6 Bengal Warriors
13' Nitin stops in the lobby without any struggle - SELF OUT!

Puneri Paltan 13 - 6 Bengal Warriors
12' Nitin opens his account with a kick on Abozar

Puneri Paltan 13 - 5 Bengal Warriors
11' Nabibakhsh fails a block from Sombir and returns to his half

Puneri Paltan 12 - 5 Bengal Warriors
10' Abozar's double ankle hold helps Bengal pull off a successful tackle on Aslam

Puneri Paltan 12 - 4 Bengal Warriors
9' Sukesh gets off the mark with a touch point

Puneri Paltan 12 - 3 Bengal Warriors
9' Do-or-die raid for Pune, Aslam jumps over Ran's shoulders and escapes!

Puneri Paltan 12 - 2 Bengal Warriors
8' Mohit shines in the defense with an ankle hold on Maninder

Puneri Paltan 11 - 2 Bengal Warriors
7' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Maninder fails a dash from Nadarajan

Puneri Paltan 10 - 2 Bengal Warriors
6' Aslam scores a bonus

Puneri Paltan 10 - 1 Bengal Warriors
4' ALL OUT!! Do-or-die raid for Pune, Mohit wipes out the entire defense by beating all 3 defenders remaining in Bengal's half.

Puneri Paltan 9 - 1 Bengal Warriors
4' Sombir's ankle hold helps Pune tackle down Sukesh

Puneri Paltan 4 - 1 Bengal Warriors
2' Nabibakhsh scores a bonus but gets dashed out by Sanket!

Puneri Paltan 3 - 1 Bengal Warriors
1' Aslam Inamdar gets off the mark with a touch point

Puneri Paltan 2 - 0 Bengal Warriors
1' Vishal Bhardwaj and co. hunt down Maninder Singh in the first raid of the match!

Puneri Paltan 1 - 0 Bengal Warriors

Puneri Paltan: 
Mohit Goyat, Nitin Tomar, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Sombir, Vishal Bhardwaj, Aslam Inamdar

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh, Sukesh Hegde, Amit, Abozar Mohajermighani, Tapas pal, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Ran Singh
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Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Fri, 18/Feb/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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