Pro Kabaddi 2022 Highlights, Match 76: Puneri Paltan demolish Dabang Delhi to win 42-24

Puneri Paltan
Dabang Delhi K.C.
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
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FT: Puneri Paltan win 42-24 over Dabang Delhi K.C.

Delhi's sorry show in Naveen's absence continues, while Puneri Paltan have picked up an important win to continue their recent resurgence. Manjeet Chhillar's poor form and the poor show from Delhi's defensive unit did enough to fit perfectly in Puneri Paltan's strategy, which was to go on the offensive early on and dent their opponents quickly at the start. Delhi manage to stay in 2nd place on the points table, but with the business end of Pro Kabaddi 2022 quickly approaching, they will need to find a way to halt their degression and pick up some important points.  
40' A consolation gift from Mohit Goyat to end the game as Vijay Malik picks up a point on the buzzer raid with an escape from the ankle hold.

Pune 42 - 24 Delhi
40' Mohit Goyat's enjoyed a fine time in the Do or Die raid, gets a touch on Malak. 

Pune 42 - 23 Delhi
38' Neeraj Narwal under pressure on the Do or Die raid, and he's flattened down on the mat! Narwal looked for a dubki under the Sombir-Mohit Goyat chain, but the duo did well to keep their man in check.

Pune 41 - 22 Delhi
37' Aslam Inamdar claims a running hand touch on Manjeet Chhillar, who denies conceding the point! And well, Manjeet reviews the decision given against him.

Looks like Inamdar did well enough to get the slightest of touches on the Delhi skipper, the review might go against the veteran. Well, review successful! Chhillar remains on court.

Pune 40 - 22 Delhi
35' Ashu Malik comes in fr the Do or Die raid, and he's thrown down by a combination frontal block from Sombir and Mohit Goyat. Well planned out move from Pune!

Pune 40 - 21 Delhi
34' Mohit Goyat picks up a point on the Do or Die raid as he skips away from Malak's ankle hold. Poor attempt! He's also picked up a bonus.

Pune 39 - 21 Delhi
33' A running hand touch for Neeraj Narwal, who reaches out to his left for a hefty hand touch on Sanket Sawant.

Pune 37 - 21 Delhi
32' Ashu Malik picks up a touch point on Karamvir, who was caught off guard by a kick from the raider.

Pune 37 - 20 Delhi
31' Aslam Inamdar runs into Sandeep Narwal, who pulls off an ankle hold to keep the raider down on the mat.

Pune 37 - 19 Delhi 
Time-out in place. 
30' A bonus point for Neeraj Narwal on the Do or Die raid, but he's been pinned down by the Puneri Paltan defenders. Decision reversed! No bonus. 

Pune 37 - 18 Delhi
30' Sandeep Narwal pulls Mohit Goyat down with a strong double ankle hold!

Pune 36 - 18 Delhi
29' Another bonus point for Aslam Inamdar, his 8th raid point of the night.

Pune 36 - 17 Delhi
28' Aslam Inamdar picks up a quick bonus point.

Pune 35 - 17 Delhi
27' All-Out on Delhi! Neeraj Narwal picks up a bonus point but he's thrown down on the mat by an ankle hold from Sombir.

Pune 34 - 17 Delhi
26' Mohit Goyat reaches out deep to the right corner and gets a hefty touch on Sandeep Narwal. Delhi down to one man!

Pune 31 - 16 Delhi
26' Aslam removes two Delhi defenders! Pushes away a thigh hold from Ashu and powers through a back hold from Krishan Dhull.

Pune 30 - 15 Delhi
25' Poor from Vijay, who is clearly under pressure and makes a bad move. Looked to go behind the defenders, but there was no way home for him.

Pune 28 - 15 Delhi
24' Vijay makes the most of a rare error from Sanket as he swats away a block from the defender to thread the gap for a point.

Pune 27 - 15 Delhi
23' Mohit Goyat continues to impress, this time gets away from Mohammad Malak's ankle hold. Poor attempt from the Iranian.

Pune 27 - 14 Delhi
22' Ashu Malik jumps away from Sombir's ankle hold to pick up an important point for Delhi. First point this evening for the youngster!

Pune 26 - 14 Delhi
21' Manjeet Chhillar continues to have a terrible game. Aslam Inamdar tags the Delhi captain for an easy point!

Pune 26 - 13 Delhi
Back live for the second half!
HT: Puneri Paltan lead 25-13 over Dabang Delhi.K.C

Delhi's problematic defensive unit has yet again failed to come to the party, with both their tackle points coming from Sandeep Narwal's Super Tackle. With a massive 12-point deficit a big mountain to scale, Delhi now face a herculean task to get their game in order and challenge for the win. 
20' Pune cover defenders on fire! Abinesh yet again the man who makes the impact, comes in with a fabulous dash to keep Neeraj off the mat.

Delhi 13 - 25 Pune
20' Nitin Tomar strikes yet again, this time gets a reverse sliding toe touch on Neeraj Narwal. That's a move and a half!

Delhi 12 - 24 Pune
19' Sensational effort from Neeraj Narwal! He gets through a chain block attempt from Sanket and Abinesh to make his way to the mid-line with a dubki!

Delhi 12 - 23 Pune
18' All-Out on Delhi! Sushant Sail comes in as the substitute, looks for a touch on the right corner but steps into the lobbies. Good job by Pune not to follow or tag their man!

Delhi 10 - 23 Pune
17' Aslam's pace catches Sandeep off guard as the veteran is forced to step out of court! Delhi down to one man.

Delhi 9 - 20 Pune
17' Abinesh Nadarajan pockets a point as he sprints in from the left cover to almost single-handedly dash Ashu Malik off the court.

Delhi 9 - 19 Pune
16' Super Tackle on Pune! Sandeep Narwal strikes from the right corner and combines with Ashu Malik to keep Aslam Inamdar down with a ferocious back hold.

Delhi 9 - 18 Pune
15' Delhi's Vijay fails on the Do or Die raid as he's undone by the pack of Pune defenders who trap their man close to the baulk line.

Delhi 7 - 18 Pune
15' Mohit Goyat yet again comes in for the Do or Die raid, and he gets a touch on Manjeet Chhillar! The veteran is slow to retreat, and Mohit reaches out to get a hefty touch.

Delhi 7 - 17 Pune
13' Nitin strikes with a tackle! The Pune captain comes in from the right and pushes away Neeraj Narwal off the mat! Phew!

Delhi 7 - 16 Pune
12' Nitin Tomar has two points! First gets away from the left corner's ankle hold and also gets a touch on Krishan Dhull on his way back.

Delhi 7 - 15 Pune
12' Error from Karamvir, who runs in from the left corner but Vijay sees him and turns away easily.

Delhi 7 - 13 Pune
11' Aslam Inamdar picks up a bonus and skips out of an ankle hold attempt by Krishan Dhull to pick up two points!

Delhi 6 - 13 Pune
11' Vijay Malik picks up a bonus point on his raid.

Delhi 6 - 11 Pune
10' All-Out on Delhi! Krishan gives away a point on the raid, Delhi now have a massive 6-point deficit against their name!

Delhi 6 - 11 Pune
10' Sandeep Narwal picks up a bonus but he's been powered off the mat! Sanket and Abinesh yet again combine well.

Delhi 4 - 8 Pune
9' Mohit Goyat comes in for a Do or Die raid, and he strikes! Goes in deep towards the right corner, Ashu Malik was forced into an ankle hold but he puts in a weak one. Too easy for Mohit!

Delhi 4 - 7 Pune
7' Neeraj Narwal is enveloped by the Pune defenders as the covers combine for a frontal block, what a move!

Delhi 4 - 6 Pune
7' Mohit Goyat lures in an advance ankle hold from right corner Vikas to pick up a point on the Do or Die raid!

Delhi 4 - 5 Pune
5' Vijay has been shoved off the court! Sombir cut out Vijay's pace with an ankle hold, Sanket Sawant and Abinesh then dash their man out. 

Delhi 4 - 4 Pune
4' Nitin Tomar gets Manjeet Chhillar with a sliding toe touch, slick move!

Delhi 3 - 3 Pune
4' Vijay Malik gets a touch point on Mohit Goyat, top raid!

Delhi 3 - 2 Pune
3' Aslam Inamdar carries a lot of momentum as he runs into the lobbies without a touch.

Delhi 2 - 2 Pune
2' Sandeep Narwal is brought down! A formidable double thigh hold from Sombir, almost a frontal block to keep the burly raider down.

Delhi 1 - 2 Pune
1' Aslam Inamdar picks up a quick toe touch on Vijay, he's sent a key man off the mat!

Delhi 1 - 1 Pune
1' Sandeep Narwal begins the game with a bonus on the right side of the mat. 

Delhi 1 - 0 Pune
We're live!
Starting 7s for today's match - 

Dabang Delhi K.C.: 
Manjeet Chhillar (C), Vijay Malik, Ashu Malik, Sandeep Narwal, Vikash D, Krishan, Neeraj Narwal.

Puneri Paltan: Nitin Tomar (C), Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Sombir, Karamvir, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant. 
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Hello folks, and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 76 of Pro Kabaddi 2022, between the Puneri Paltan and Dabang Delhi K.C! 

Dabang Delhi's campaign, one that looked unstoppable at one point, has hit quite a few roadblocks in recent times. From their last 5 games, Delhi have ended up on the losing side thrice, and in Naveen Kumar's absence from an injury, they've often been undone in crucial situations.  Sandeep Narwal's famous raiding calibre has come to the fore in a bid to camouflage Naveen's absence, but he's not done enough to win games for Delhi. Neither have Vijay Malik or young Ashu, which is where Delhi have been hit hard. 

The opposite can be said about the Paltan, who have added some life to their faltering campaign with 3 wins from their last 5 matches. Dependency on the young duo of Aslam Inamdar and Mohit Goyat has served them well, and with the defenders also showing glimpses of their potential, they've just done enough to pull through and pick up important wins. 

However, they still find themselves languishing in second-last position on the points table, with a win today having a lot in stake for Pune than Delhi, with the latter in with a chance of jumping to the top of the pack with a victory today.

Stick around to today's blog as I, Prasen Moudgal, take you through all the live action! 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Mon, 24/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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