Puneri Paltan Vs Gujarat Giants 29 November 2022

Puneri Paltan
Gujarat Giants
GUJARAT GIANTS won the match
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Another high-scoring game involving the Gujarat Giants but the result is different as they pinned the table-toppers down, all thanks to Parteek Dahiya's breathtaking raids. Ram Mehar Singh will be relieved as the Giants also end their agonising 7-match losing streak, while Puneri Paltan remains in the top spot despite a shocking defeat. On that note, it's time to end the coverage as this is Pragadeesh signing off
FT: Puneri Paltan 39-51 Gujarat Giants

Are we dreaming? Pinch yourself to believe it. How many times have we seen Ram Mehar Singh smiling in joy this season? It turned out to be a dream second half for the Giants as Parteek Dahiya bossed the show and kept running away with raid points in every raid. The stand-out Puneri Paltan's defense didn't have any answers to Parteek's raids throughout the match. He did the clean-up act in the 27th minute to help his team stamp the authority in the contest and he wasn't in the mood to show any mercy to the table toppers in the remaining minutes.

After the Giants' defense picked up crucial tackle points, Parteek once again stayed tough and helped his team to inflict the second all-out as the Giants took a massive 12-point lead.

Gujarat's defense had come under huge criticism in the recent matches but they pulled off 14 tackle points, while the man of the moment, Parteek Dahiya picked up 19 points eventually
40' Sonu takes a do-or-die raid but he turns to his right to escape from Nadrajan's dash
39' Sonu takes out Fazel and the lead is 12 points now
38' Another multi-point raid for Parteek. He has arguably played the best match of his PKL career. He attempts a dubki to escape from Sombir and Akash's chain

Puneri Paltan 35-48 Gujarat Giants
Gujarat Giants' PLAYERS see the clock anxiously as they are happy to slow things down! 
Puneri Paltan aren't in the mood to allow the Giants to run away from this contest. They picked up three quick points to reduce the Giants to four now
Can the Giants cause an upset?
Alright, less than five minutes to go
Is it real? Gujarat Giants are all over Puneri Paltan at the moment. They have picked up 19 points in the last 10 minutes. A lot has been spoken highly about Puneri Paltan's defense but they can't stop Parteek Dahiya as he picked up 17 raid points
35' ALL OUT! Another clean-up act and it's the same man, Parteek Dahiya. This the second all-out inflicted by the Giants and they take a massive 12-point lead. 

Puneri Paltan 32-44 Gujarat Giants
Puneri Paltan are reduced to two. 
33' Fazel is not winning his battle against Lee this time as the raider uses the lobby to make his way to the mid-line

Puneri Paltan 32-39 Gujarat Giants
33' All three Puneri Paltan raiders are on the bench. Arkam Shaikh dashes Akash Shinde out of bounds
Gujarat's defense haven taken a new avatar tonight. They picked up a 10th tackle point now
Parteek contribute in defense too as he runs across and ushered Aslam Inamdar out of bounds. Looks like Aslam has hurt hisis knee. He is limping off at the moment. Remember, Puneri Paltan have already lost Mohit Goyat through injury
Fazel runs across and dashes Lee out of bounds instantly after the time out
The second half has been all about Parteek so far as he picked up 13 raid points
Another high-scoring game involving the Giants, but will they cross the finish line? They have a five-point lead now and a win against the table-toppers would be a massive uplift to their campaign

Puneri Paltan 30-35 Gujarat Giants
We haven't seen just  a single do-or-die raid in the second half so far. Both defenses have shifted gears and are striking for fun 
28' Abinesh and Sanket risk themselves and come up with a powerful dash to send the dangerman Parteek out of bounds
27' ALL OUT! PARTEEK IS UNSTOPPABLE. GUJARAT GIANTS INFLICT A SECOND ALL-OUT. Parteek's breathtaking raids help the Giants to take a six-point lead

Puneri Paltan 25-31 Gujarat Giants
25' OH, STOP IT! Parteek reduces the Paltan to two as he picks up another multi-point raid
24' Parteek is wreaking havoc in the middle. He picks up a multi-point raid as he uses the lobby to escape from the dash
23' Parteek takes a do-or-die raid. Fazel makes an error as he rushes and wants to pull off an advanced tackle but failed miserably

Puneri Paltan 23-23 Gujarat Giants
Aslam Inamdar strike instantly in the second half as he takes out Rinku
HT: Puneri Paltan 22-21 Gujarat Giants

The Giants' defense haven't picked up a single tackle point until 13 minutes but they successfully pulled off four in the last seven minutes. Puneri Paltan started the match in a bright fashion, inflicting an early all-out but the Giants didn't give up as they struck back instantly to clean the table-toppers out.

It's just a one-point lead for the Paltan but we have already seen that the Giants have bottled many matches from winning positions in the final 20 minutes. Will they cause an upset? Let's find out shortly
20' Alright, we are going to see a do-or-die raid after a long time. Pankaj Mohite comes in and there is no bonus on offer for him. He stays himself on the left-side but Rinku tackles him with a diving ankle hold
It's neck and neck at the moment. We haven't seen a do-or-die raid in the last 10 minutes
18' Sonu surrenders himself easily. What a stunning chain that was from Pankaj and Sombir
17' Akash Shinde takes out Parteek with a sharp toe touch
15' ALL OUT! The Giants aren't ready to give up as they fought back in no time to clean the Paltan out. Aditya Shinde took a surrender raid and he's been tackled easily after the defence allowed him to pick up a bonus

Gujarat Giants 17-18 Puneri Paltan
Three on the mat for Paltan! And Parteek reduces them to one. He uses his brute force to get rid of Sombir and Sanket

Gujarat Giants 14-17 Puneri Paltan
13 minutes into the game and the Giants have picked up a first tackle point
Puneri Paltan's defense aren't allowing the Giants' raiders any free time in the middle as they tackle Chandran Ranjit
11' ALL OUT! Mahendra Rajput takes a surrender raid. He picks up a bonus but Fazel's diving ankle hold was too strong and there is no escaping from the raider

Gujarat Giants 8-15 Puneri Paltan
10' Fazel Atrachali has arrives to the party as he runs around and comes up with a strong lower block to tackle Chandran Ranjit
8' Third tackle point for Puneri Paltan. An excellent chain from Sombir and Pankaj Mohite to pin Sonu down
7' SUPER RAID! Ranjit picks up a bonus and escapes from Inamdar's ankle hold before using the lobby to escape from Sawant's dash

Gujarat Giants 6-7 Puneri Paltan
6' Sonu sends the dangerman Sanket to the bench with an excellent running hand touch
Both Gujarat raiders are on the bench now. Akash Shinde with a toe touch on Ranjit before Sanket dashes Parteek out of bounds
3' Parteek takes his first raid and gets a running hand touch on Abinesh Nadrajan. First point on the board for the Giants

Gujarat Giants 1-3 Puneri Paltan
2' Sandeep Kandola leaks an error as Asalam escapes from his ankle hold. Looks like he took a bonus too
Chandran Ranjit takes the first raid but he's been tackled easily. Sanket runs across and comes up with a strong upper block
The countdown is on! Here we go.
Toss: Puneri Paltan win the toss and the Giants will raid first

Puneri Paltan: Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Fazel Atrachali, Akash Shinde, Aslam Inamdar, Pankaj Mohite, Sombir

Substitutes: Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Alankar Patil, Gaurav Khatri, Govind Gurjar, Rakesh Ram, Badal Singh, Aditya Shinde

Gujarat Giants: Sandeep Kandola, Sonu, Chandran Ranjit, Parteek Dhaiya, Arkam Shaikh, Shankar Gadai, Sourav Gulia

Substitutes: Manuj, Pardeep Kumar, Kapil, Rinku Narwal, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Dong Geon Lee, Priyank Chandel
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Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Giants
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