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And with that, our 91-day coverage of one of the best editions of the Pro Kabaddi League comes to an end. Filled with twists and turns and some of the best matches in the history of the league, we've seen it all in PKL 10.

We've loved bringing to you all the live action as it unfolded, and until next time, on behalf of the Sportskeeda team, this is Shreyas bidding you adieu. Good Night! See you next season.
Now the two teams come up on stage to collect their respective trophies, and first, it's the Haryana Steelers, who despite their dejection, put in some tremendous performances throughout the season to make it to the Finals, their first in PKL history. While the defeat will sting, they can hold their heads up high and proudly collect the runners-up trophy.

The Puneri Paltan built arguably the greatest kabaddi team in the history of the league, and delivered on the enormous promise that this team showed by going all the way to win the title. It's now their time to rejoice and celebrate as they lift the PKL 10 trophy.
Lastly, the Most Valuable Player of the Season (MVP), and it goes to the winning captain, Aslam Inamdar. A member of India's Asian Games 2023 Gold Medal-winning team, the raiding all-rounder brought his winning habit into PKL 10, delivering the goods whenever his team needed it the most.

A man for the crunch moments, Aslam scored 142 raid points and 26 tackle points, inspiring and leading this extremely talented group of youngsters to a maiden PKL title. 
We now move on to the New Young Player (NYP) of the Season, and his coach (Rambir Singh Khokhar) called it before the season even started: It's none other than Dabang Delhi's right corner Yogesh Dahiya. The team management placed enormous faith in the shoulders of this youngster, and he didn't let them down, putting in consistent performances in nearly every game, and not once did anyone think that he was in his debut season.

He finished the 3rd-highest-scoring defender, with 74 tackle points in 23 matches, and is well deserving of this accolade.
Up next, it's the Best Defender award, and no guess who: In a record-breaking season, where he scored a whopping 99 tackle points in 24 matches, and was largely responsible for his side's complete domination throughout the season, it's Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh from the PKL 10 Champions Puneri Paltan who takes home this award, and he does so by some margin.
Well, we're not done with tonight's proceedings as we now head to the presentation ceremony for the end of the season:

The first award for the night is the Best Raider award, and it goes to the captain of Dabang Delhi KC, Ashu Malik. Stepping in as both the team's captain and their lead raider in the wake of Naveen Kumar's injury, Ashu Malik did an outstanding job, scoring 276 raid points in 23 matches, helping his team finish 3rd on the points table. 
And there you have it, folks! Puneri Paltan crowned as the new champions, flipping the script and dominating the final showdown.

The match began with both teams bringing their A-game, but it was a slower start, with an emphasis on strategic do-or-die raids and heavily relying on a defensive play. However, just before halftime, Pankaj Mohite of Puneri Paltan unleashed a spectacular super raid, breaking through the Haryana Steelers' defence and snatching the lead. Despite Vishal Tate's efforts for the Steelers, Pune came out roaring in the second half, executing their game plan to perfection.

They inflicted a crucial all-out in the initial minutes of the second half, seizing the momentum and never looking back. Pankaj Mohite & Mohit Goyat exhibited their raiding prowess, capitalizing on Haryana's weakened defence, while Puneri Paltan's defence held firm, thwarting any comeback attempts.

In the end, it was a dominant performance from Puneri Paltan as they clinched the championship title, a well-deserved victory after a season of hard-fought battles. Tonight's standout performers include Pankaj Mohite with nine raid points, Mohit Goyat with five raid points, and a stellar defensive effort led by Gaurav Khatri with four tackle points and Mohammadreza Shadlou with two.

Haryana Steelers fought valiantly, with Shivam Patare standing out with six raid points and Mohit with three tackle points, but luck just wasn't on their side. Congratulations to Puneri Paltan on their remarkable achievement! 
40' Seconds away from the final whistle, Siddharth Desai pulls off a stunner and gets the better of Aslam Inamdar and Mohammadreza Shadlou! But apparently, it's too late for the Steelers to expect a turnaround from here!

In the final raid, Siddharth goes but Sanket Sawant does not allow him more than a point, both play out wrestling and finally he goes back!

The excitement is palpable as the clock ticks down. And there it is, the moment we've all been waiting for! Puneri Paltan emerges victorious, clinching the championship in a heart-stopping finale! What a match, what a moment!

Puneri Paltan 28 - 25 Haryana Steelers
39' The Puneri Paltan have a clear advantage here & they're keeping it safe as Aslam Inamdar puts up a bonus raid!

Shadlou you beauty, nails the final coffin! With a brilliant ankle hold, he pins down Ashish. Pune is getting a clear lead & audience are cheering louder!

Pankaj Mohite in his do-or-die raid, puts up a dazzling skill to edge past Mohit and reaches his court safely!

Puneri Paltan 28 - 21 Haryana Steelers
37' Do-or-die raid for the Paltans, and it's Pankaj Mohite is ushered out by the Steelers' defence! Mohit dashes him away keeping the hopes alive for the Steelers'

No sooner, and it's Gaurav Khatri who stands up and tackles Shivam Patare! Pressure is on Haryana! 

Puneri Paltan 26 - 20 Haryana Steelers
35' Aslam Inamdar what a sneaky move here! He gets a brilliant toe touch on Rahul Sethpal. That's some smart kabaddi!

Both teams are slowing down the pace of the game! It's a do-or-die moment for Haryana, and now Vinay is pinned down by Aslam, and all defenders come to the party! The Paltans are killing it

Aslam puts up an empty raid, and Shivam Patare gets the bonus for the Steelers'.

Puneri Paltan 25 - 18 Haryana Steelers
32' The Puneri Paltan come out flying post the timeout, and it's Gaurav Khatri who rams into Shivam Patare with a mighty back hold that completely catches him off-guard. Ohh no, wait! In his zeal to get that one right, he steps into the lobby right before he got that touch and that's a costly error in a crunch game like this.

Never mind says Pankaj Mohite as he puts in a diving hand touch, getting the touch on Jaideep Dahiya to revive his right corner.

Puneri Paltan 23 - 17 Haryana Steelers
A 6-point lead for the Paltan with a little under 10 minutes to play. The Steelers need to speed up the game if they want to get back into this, but by doing so, they may well play into the Paltan's hands. Can coach Manpreet and his men strike the right balance? A cracking final ten minutes of PKL 10 coming right up..
30' Ohh Vinay gets the big fish Shadloui, who hasn't been at his best tonight. Attempts the ankle hold, but before he can pull the trigger, Vinay nicks a toe touch and speeds away to the mid-line.

Shivam Patare continues his good passage of play, picking up a quick bonus point.

Pankaj Mohite goes in for the final raid before the timeout, and it's a do-or-die raid. Once again, he plays the waiting game, claims a touch on Mohit Nandal, and after seeing the defender's reaction, goes back in, and once again draws the error from the Haryana co-captain to emerge with a point.

Puneri Paltan 22 - 16 Haryana Steelers
27' Stellar raid that from Pankaj Mohite. The game has been picking up plenty of pace in the 2nd half, and the raiders join the party now. After Mohit Goyat's error gifts a point to Shivam Patare, Pankaj goes into the do-or-die raid, and with the seconds dying down, he baits Mohit Nandal into making an error.

Once again, Mohit Goyat makes the error going in for an ankle hold on Shivam Patare, but his captain Aslam Inamdar revives him with an outstanding raid. He fakes the toe touch and instead goes in for the diving hand touch on the left cover.

Puneri Paltan 21 - 14 Haryana Steelers
23' Both teams are fresh off from the half-time break, making some smart moves! In a crucial do-or-die raid, Mohit Goyat gets the better of Naveen with a brilliant touch!

Ashish gets a quick bonus and rescues Haryana Steelers'

Now it's Mohit Goyat who goes all guns blazing and sweeps out both Ashish and Mohit Nandal, inflicting their first all-out on Haryana! ALL-OUT!

Puneri Paltan 18 - 11 Haryana Steelers

The game kicked off with intense action as both teams unleashed their do-or-die raids, focusing heavily on defence. Pune and Haryana banking on their defensive prowess. But just in a crucial moment before halftime, Puneri Paltan's Pankaj Mohite executed a jaw-dropping super raid, escaping the Steelers' chain defence with 4 crucial points, shifting the momentum in their favour after much deliberation from the umpires. However, Vishal Tate's heroics ensured the Steelers remained resilient, averting an all-out. It's been an electrifying 20 minutes of non-stop action!
20' Aslam Inamdar claims a toe-touch on Mohit Nandal in the right corner but it has not been given. They don't even have a review left anymore. 

Ashish saves the day as he quickly gets a touch on an advance-standing Abinesh Nadarajan. The Steelers are up to three men again! 

Puneri Paltan 13 - 10 Haryana Steelers
20' Vishal Tate is allowed the bonus following which, he escapes from Gaurav Khatri's ankle hold and returns. However, the Puneri Paltan bench seems to have seen something there. They communicate that to the team and Aslam takes the review. Did Vishal Tate's foot slide into the lobby once before the touches happened? Puneri Paltan review! The review is unsuccessful and Vishal's points stand! Some saving grace for the Steelers. Can they prevent the all out? 

Puneri Paltan 13 - 9 Haryana Steelers
19' Do-or-die raid for the Paltan and Pankaj Mohite strikes B.I.G! And by that, I mean it's a SUPER RAID! Bursts through the chain that comes for a tackle and the others who come for assistance cannot stop him as well! Rahul Sethpal, Jaideep and Mohit from the left corner are definitely out! Has Vinay also gotten a touch on Pankaj? Seems like it. SUPER RAID! Four points awarded to Paltan but Haryana Steelers review! They believe that there were fewer touches there. There are indeed four touch points there and it's clear as day! Steelers are down to one man as the review is unsuccessful! 

Puneri Paltan 13 - 7 Haryana Steelers
16' Do-or-die raid for the Steelers and Vinay strikes! He corners Abinesh Nadarajan in the left corner and his speed causes the defender to go past the end-line. Self-out! 

Akash Shinde is substituted in and makes an impact! Ashish from the right-in position tries a surprise ankle hold but Akash turns towards the mid-line and escapes! 

Shivam Patare is tackled! An ankle hold from Gaurav Khatri is followed by the other defenders sending him packing out of bounds! 

Puneri Paltan 9 - 7 Haryana Steelers 
14' Shivam Patare gets the big fish as he sends back Mohammadreza Shadloui! An ambitious Shadloui runs around in an attempt to stop Patare in his tracks but the young raider smartly manoeuvres himself and escapes. 

Mohit Goyat escapes from Mohit's attempted ankle hold from the left corner and returns. 

Puneri Paltan 7 - 6 Haryana Steelers
12' Do-or-die raid for the Paltan and Pankaj Mohite perishes! He ends up going too deep in the right side of the defense and an ankle hold from Rahul Sethpal brings him down!

Do-or-die raid for the Haryana Steelers on the other side and Vinay is trapped! Gaurav Khatri from the right corner runs around with a chain through which Vinay cannot burst.

Aslam goes down but not before taking a bonus! As soon as he tries for the bonus point, the Steelers' defenders surround him and bring him down. 

Puneri Paltan 5 - 4 Haryana Steelers

Both teams showed off some slick moves on the mat, keeping it tactical. It's a slow-scoring affair, with Pune starting strong, but Haryana's matching their hustle. It's a defensive showdown as both teams lock it down!
8' Mohit from the left corner is absolutely breathing fire for the Steelers! An ankle hold on Pankaj Mohite results in him being brought down!

Vinay is trapped once again as this time, it is a solid block from Gaurav Khatri which stops him in his tracks. With Shadloui's struggles against Vinay well-documented, Pune are doing well to have other defenders tackle him.

Puneri Paltan 4 - 3 Haryana Steelers
6' Shivam Patare strikes! Aslam Inamdar goes for an ankle hold from the right-in position but it does not catch Shivam off-guard, who tumbles and returns to the mid-line. There's an attempted touch on Gaurav Khatri on the way back too which is not given. Just the one point. 

Puneri Paltan 3 - 2 Haryana Steelers
6' Do-or-die raid for the Paltan and Mohit Goyat comes in for it facing a defense of four. He runs out of time and is tackled as an ankle hold from Mohit is followed by support from the right corner chain of Rahul Sethpal and Jaideep. 

Puneri Paltan 3 - 1 Haryana Steelers 
4' Do-or-die raid for the Steelers and Vinay perishes! Abinesh Nadarajan lunges at his ankles and brings him down with a double thigh hold. Some early setbacks for the Steelers. 

Puneri Paltan 3 - 0 Haryana Steelers 
2' Shivam Patare goes down as a dash from Sanket Sawant sends him out of bounds. There is some discussion regarding the point, which was initially given to the Steelers but the umpires ultimately give it to the Paltan.

Do-or-die raid for the Puneri Paltan and Mohit Goyat gets Mohit Nandal with a terrific running hand touch. That's some stunner escaping move from Mohit! 

Puneri Paltan 2 - 0 Haryana Steelers 
Toss Update: 

Puneri Paltan won the toss and chose court. Haryana Steelers to raid first! 
We're moments away from live action! Both teams are making their way to the middle. First up it's the Haryana Steelers followed by the Puneri Paltan! 
Right, both teams' starting 7s are along expected lines. However, there's one change in the substitutes bench of the Steelers which could be interesting. Vishal Tate, who was not in the fourteen in the Eliminator, finds his way to the substitutes list today. If he's fit, he could certainly make a big impact in this game as a substitute. 

Puneri Paltan: 
Starters: Aslam Inamdar (c), Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Mohit Goyat, Pankaj Mohite, Gaurav Khatri, Mohammadreza Shadloui. 
Substitutes: Vahid RezaEimehr, Dadaso Pujari, Aditya Shinde, Tushar Dattaray, Badal Singh, Akash Shinde, Ahmed Enamdar. 

Haryana Steelers: 
Starters: Vinay, Mohit Nandal (c), Jaideep Dahiya (c), Ashish, Shivam Patare, Rahul Sethpal, Mohit. 
Substitutes: Naveen Kundu, Sunny Sehrawat, Siddharth Desai, Harsh, Ghanshyam Magar, Vishal Tate, Monu Hooda. 
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LINE DRAWN! GAME ON! KHELLLL KABADDI! The Final of Pro Kabaddi Season 10 has dawned upon us and a new champion will be crowned after nearly three months of absolutely scintillating and thrilling action. So will the Puneri Paltan continue their dominant run and do what they couldn't last year or will the Haryana Steelers' dream run full of passion continue? The intense 40-minute duration in the middle will decide that. Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Final between the Puneri Paltan and the Haryana Steelers at the GMC Balayogi Stadium, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. 

The Puneri Paltan's aggressive bran dog kabaddi has been the talk of the town this season, with the addition of Shadloui making it an even more formidable side. In an injury-marred campaign last year, the Puneri Paltan failed to cross the finish line, losing the PKL 9 final to the Jaipur Pink Panthers in the absence of Aslam Inamdar and Mohit Goyat. However, this year, both the star raider will be in action, with Aslam leading the team in the all-important match. 

The Steelers' skipper Jaideep Dahiya acknowledged that the entire Puneri Paltan team is dangerous, including their bench making them work twice as hard when it comes to preparation and planning. The Paltan defense is no less, and with the likes of Abinesh Nadarajan coming of age, there is nearly no chink in the Puneri Paltan armour. They might just edge past the Steelers to start off as favourites for this match. 

The Haryana Steelers, on the other hand, have simply been sensational this year. Words fall short to describe how the Steelers have played this season. They didn't start the season on a high but once they picked up momentum, it was nearly impossible to stop them. The difference has been their defense. The addition of Rahul Sethpal in the right corner and Mohit in the left corner from U Mumba has given them one of the mightiest defences in the league. That is what they will be banking on today as they look to win their first title in their first final. 

The Steelers' raiding has surprised nearly everyone. They do not have the biggest names in the league but they have all performed well above expectations. The star has undoubtedly been Vinay, who is in some terrific form. He is coming into this match on the back of two consecutive Super 10s and also has a terrific record against Puneri Paltan, which makes him the raider that could haunt the Paltan the most today. Can he get the better of Shadloui and Abinesh again? 

Promises to be an absolute edge-of-the-seat thriller and the landmark tenth edition of PKL is likely to finish on a high. Sit back, relax and enjoy as the trio of Shreyas Gopal, Baraneetharan K and me (Maanas Upadhyay) take you through all the highs and lows, all the thrills and chills, all the raids and super tackles that unfold over the course of this contest today! 
GMC Balayogi Sports Complex, Gachibowli, Hyderabad
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Fri, 01/Mar/2024 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers
Pro Kabaddi 2023
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