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Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Puneri Paltan
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
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That's all from this encounter as this is me Prasen Moudgal signing off! 

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The Haryana Steelers, with this win, have made an excellent start to their Pro Kabaddi 2019 campaign while the Puneri Paltan certain have a host of issues to address, beginning with the shoddy performance from lead defenders Girish Ernak and Surjeet Singh. 
FT: Haryana Steelers win 34-24 over the Puneri Paltan.

Naveen Kumar was the star of the show for the Haryana Steelers
as he picked up 14 points from the encounter, with 12 raid points and 2 tackle points. Vikas Kale and Parveen were the other top performers from the defense unit as the duo picked up four points apiece. 

Pawan Kadian did well to collect a whole lot of points in the second half but he did not receive any support as his Super 10 went in vain. 
40' Pawan Kadian's empty raid ends the game.
40' Naveen escapes and turns away from Surjeet Singh's advance tackle to collect a point.
40' Super tackle for Haryana! That must be the final nail in the coffin! Manjeet has been brought down by a firm ankle hold from Parveen.
39' Kadian wipes out the right corner defender and now Haryana are down to two men on the mat. 
38' Kadian picks two points! Gets away from Cheralathan's ankle hold and powers through the back hold from Vikas Kale.
38' Top raid from Naveen Kumar as he plays out the clock and gets a running hand touch on the left corner chain. 
37' Kuldeep Singh looks to dive on the ankles of Pawan Kadian but the raider turns away to collect a point.
35' Pawan Kadian is flattened down on the mat by a solid double thigh hold from Kuldeep Singh.
Back live now for the last five minutes. 
Time-out called for. 

The Steelers still have a 10-point lead and should close out this game with just five minutes on the clock.
35' Selvamani K has been pinned down on the mat by a thigh hold from Jadhav Shahaji.
34' Kadian picks yet another point as he pushes away a dash from Parveen to pick a point.
34' Pawan Kadian charges in, collects a bonus point and charges back.
33' Super 10 for Naveen! Gets away from Surjeet Singh's dash to get to the landmark.
We are back live now.
Time-out called for.

Haryana Steelers enjoy a comfortable 11-point lead with a little over seven minutes to go on the clock.
32' Manjeet is brought down by a firm ankle hold from Kuldeep Singh on the Do or Die raid.
31' Power from Shubham Shinde! Vinay looks to get a touch on the right corner and run away, Shubham Shinde wraps his arms around the raider and traps him down.
29' Top effort from Manjeet to jump over the chain of Cheralathan and Naveen but is brought down with power by the duo on the Do or Die raid.
28' Selvamani comes in for the Do or Die raid but walks into the chain of Shubham Shinde and Manjeet as he is ushered off the court.
Substitution for Pune. 

Darshan Kadian comes in for Amit Kumar.
27' Pawan Kadian continues to accumulate points as on this occasion, he thwarts a dash attempted by Parveen.
26' Naveen Kumar collects yet another point as he gets a sliding toe touch on Amit Kumar.
26' Pawan Kadian gets a firm kick on Vikas Kale.
25' Solo tackle from Manjeet! Gets a proper grip on Vinay's ankles as he does not let the raider get away.
25' Amit Kumar is unlucky! Slips on his attempt to get away to the mid-line, Vikas Kale dashes him out.
23' Yet another issue from the Pune defensive unit as Naveen gets a touch on Surjeet Singh.
23' Good effort from Manjeet as he slides under the dash of Vikas Kale to collect a point.
22' Naveen Kumar gets a sliding toe touch on Girish Ernak to collect his first point of the second half.
21' Good start to the second half for the Paltan as Pawan Kadian gets away from Cheralathan's diving ankle hold. 
We are underway with the second half!
Can the Puneri Paltan make a comeback in this game?

The second half has the answers, stay tuned!
HT: Haryana Steelers lead 22 - 10 over the Puneri Paltan.

The absence of Nitin Tomar from the Puneri Paltan unit is certainly hurting the team as the raiders have picked up just four points from the raiding front. 

The Steelers, on the other hand, have put together an all-round effort with 9 points from the raiding front and 8 points from the defensive front. Young Naveen has been the star for the Steelers with 8 points, including two tackle points. 
20' Dharamaraj Cheralathan puts an end to the first half with a calm and composed empty raid.
19' Stunning effort from Parveen! The defender was in no position to affect a back hold, he instead converts it into a dash and throws Amit Kumar off the mat. 
18' The Puneri Paltan right chain does well to keep Naveen from getting across the midline.
A couple of empty raids to slow down the pace.
16' Kuldeep Singh does well to come around from the left corner and traps Pawan Kadian with a firm back hold.
16' Selvamani K is brought down on the mat by a strong thigh hold from Girish Ernak.
15' ALL-OUT on Pune! Surjeet Singh collects a bonus point but he has been thrown off the mat by a combination dash from Vikas Kale and Vinay.
15' Naveen induces a false tackle from the left corner as he reduces Pune to one man on the mat. 
14' Pune down to the two men on the mat as Amit Kumar is kept on the Steelers' half by an envelope of defenders. 
14' SUPER RAID from Selvamani! Runs through the chain from the right side and also gets away from Girish Ernak's hold to collect three points. 
13' Naveen bends down and gets hold of Manjeet's thighs as he brings the raider down with a double thigh hold.
12' Amit Kumar tags Vikas Kale on the Do or Die raid with a running hand touch. 
11' The Pune defense strikes! The chain of Manjeet and Shubham Shinde traps Selvamani K on the mat. 
10' Oh, no! Error from Jadhav Shahaji! Steps into the lobbies as he is asked to go out of the court, Surjeet wages a lone battle to trap Naveen on the mat but succumbs to the all-out eventually.
Puneri Paltan now down to two men on the mat.
9' Naveen gets a firm running hand touch on Girish Ernak.
9' Manjeet looks for a jump over the chain on the right side but is brought down by Dharmaraj Cheralathan's power. 
8' Super Tackle! Puneri Paltan collect two points Deepak Yadav dives on the ankles of the raider and Girish Ernak takes care of the danging hand. 
7' The Haryana defenders swoop in! Pawan Kadian gets the bonus point but is ushered out by the cover defense combination of Vikas Kale and Parveen.
7' Two more points for Naveen! The youngster gets away from the dash attempted by Deepak and Shubham Shinde.
A couple of empty raids and a time-out follow. 
5' Poor defending from Surjeet Singh as he looks for a block at the center, Naveen backtracks and gets across the line to collect a point on the Do or Die raid. 
4' Manjeet picks up two points! Gets a firm hand touch on Kuldeep and gets away from Vikas Kale's dash. 
4' Bonus point for Naveen Kumar. 
2' Pawan Kadian gets a toe touch on Cheralathan and then evades the dash from the cover defender to collect two points. 

Oh wait! Confusion all over the mat! Looks like Pawan has been ushered out of the mat and Haryana are awarded one point.
1' First blood for Pune! Amit Kumar swoops down and gets a firm hold on the ankles of Vinay to bring him down. 
Haryana Steelers to raid first. 
Right then! 

Nitin Tomar misses out for the Puneri Paltan while Prashanth Kumar Rai and Vikash Kandola will miss out for the Steelers. 
Starting 7s-

Puneri Paltan: 
Surjeet Singh (C), Amit Kumar, Pawan Kadian, Girish Ernak, Shubham Shinde, Deepak Yadav, Manjeet. 

Haryana Steelers: Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Naveen, Vikas Kale, Parveen, Selvamani K, Vinay, Kuldeep Singh. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Match 6 between the Haryana Steelers and Puneri Paltan!

Both teams will be playing their first game of the season and will be keen to get their campaign off to a great season. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Mon, 22/Jul/2019 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Haryana Steelers
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019