Puneri Paltan Vs Jaipur Pink Panthers 25 October 2022

Puneri Paltan
Jaipur Pink Panthers
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
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FULL TIME! Puneri Paltan 32-24 Jaipur Pink Panthers

Puneri Paltan have pulled out an impeccable performance over Jaipur Pink Panthers here. An astonishing result for the Paltan to wrap up this first phase of the tournament. Aslam Inamdar would complete yet another Super 10 this evening, and Mohit Goyat was praised for his work as a support raider against top competition. The Pink Panthers' defence was not on their top game this evening. The raiders tried, but they had conceded a lot to make a comeback. In the end, the Puneri Paltan will take five points off this match and head towards their home leg of fixtures.
39' It's the last raid of the match and Bhavani Rajput gets a point on Sombir.
39' Aslam Inamdar hurries and grab a touch point on Sunil Kumar.
39' Nitin makes it quick, puts in a raid that fetches him a bonus plus touch point. 
39' DO OR DIE! Rahul Chaudhari thought he had a bonus, but Fazel reviews and gets the bonus point revoked.

Puneri Paltan 31-21 Jaipur Pink Panthers
38' DO OR DIE! Aslamn Inamdar jumps and flies, gets a point and sends Ankush to the bench.
36' DO OR DIE! Mohit Goyat falls prey, Reza Mirbagheri tackles him down.

Puneri Paltan 28-21 Jaipur Pink Panthers
35' Nabibakhsh is a master of deception, drains the minutes on the clock and returns with an empty raid. 
35' Final 5 minutes to go, can Jaipur Pink Panthers script a comeback from a 8-point deficit? 
34' SUPER TACKLE! Rahul Chaudhari is trapped by a furious block from Mohammad Nabibakhsh teamwork.
33' DO OR DIE! Akash Shinde perishes and it was lethal double thigh hold from Ankush to get that point.

Puneri Paltan 25-20 Jaipur Pink Panthers
31' SUPER TACKLE! Arjun Deshwal senes an opportunity to claim points, but Gaurav Khatri traps him with a solid ankle hold.
30' A dash comes in from the Pink Panthers defence on Aslam Inamdar, but it doesn't matter because he had already touched the mid-line and sends Lucky Sharma back to the bench.

Puneri Paltan 23-19 Jaipur Pink Panthers
29' Sombir attempts an ankle hold and slips, Rahul Chaudhari walks away with a point.
28' DO OR DIE! Arjun Deshwal does exactly what Aslam did a few seconds ago, jumps and escapes with two points.

Puneri Paltan 22-17 Jaipur Pink Panthers
28' DO OR DIE! Aslam Inamdar bags two points and registers a SUPER 10! Brilliant sense of game plan by the raider. 
27' A couple of empty raids by both these teams. 
25' DO OR DIE! Arjun Deshwal gets a crucial point here of Sanket Sawant's error. 
25' DO OR DIE! The time was running out, but the loss of concentration from Lucky Sharma gifts Mohit Goyat a point.

Puneri Paltan 20-14 Jaipur Pink Panthers
23' Arjun Deshwal gets a touch on Rakesh Ram in cover and returns with a point.
23' Mohit Goyat plays with the time and gets a bonus, smart play by the Paltan raider.
22' Aslam Inamdar was it necessary? Gives away a point to Rahul Chaudhari after a failed ankle hold attempt.

Puneri Paltan 18-13 Jaipur Pink Panthers
21' Mohammed Nabibakhsh puts in an empty raid.
21' Arjun Deshwal draws a quick bonus point here. 
HALF TIME! Puneri Paltan 17-11 Jaipur Pink Panthers

What an intense battle we witnessed in this first half. Two tactically strong teams going up against each other began as a battle that looked all even steven, but during the final few minutes, Puneri Paltan shifted gears and how. The men in orange absolutely changed the pace of this game with faster, adrenaline-rushing raids and smart defensive work that has given them a 6-point advantage here. A challenging second half is coming right away! Stay tuned.
19' In the last raid of this first half, Aslam Inamdar hops in and goes for a point. A quick in and out move here by the team that's leading gets a point to end the first twenty.
19' ALL OUT! Rahul Chaudhari gets trapped to a solid defence teamwork led by Sombir and the Paltan get 3 decisive points.

Puneri Paltan 16-11 Jaipur Pink Panthers
19' Mohit Goyat is on a roll now, picks up a couple of points here and reduces Pink Panthers to just a man on the mat.
18' Mohit Goyat is slippery here tonight, looks the Pink Panthers' defence can't hold a grab of him. 
17' Mohit Goyat sees Sahul Kumar coming and jumps high to complete a furious raid effort.

Puneri Paltan 10-10 Jaipur Pink Panthers
16' V Ajith Kumar with a picture perfect toe touch on Sombir Shekhar.
16' Aslam Inamdar rushes and gets a quick running hand touch on Sunil. The raider claims he has got that touch, but the defence thinks otherwise.

Pink Panthers review! And the decision remains, it's a touch point for Aslam Inamdar.
15' Arjun Deshwal returns with a bonus point.

Puneri Paltan 8-9 Jaipur Pink Panthers
14' The Showman has struck the big fish, Fazel Atrachali who now needs to go to the bench. It's all going even-steven at this point.
14' What have the Pink Panthers done here? Sahul Kumar slips an ankle-hold attempt on Aslam Inamdar and he also gets Abhishek on his way back. It's two point raid. 
13' V Ajith Kumar fails to get a touch on Fazel and Rakesh Ram, who had come a bit advance for the tackle, just manages to veer out of the way. Ajith is claiming a touch point but the umpires decide otherwise. Ajith had stepped into the lobby and has been given out.

Pink Panthers review! After a long look, the third umpire decides there was a touch on Rakesh Ram.

Puneri Paltan 6-7 Jaipur Pink Panthers
11' Do-or-die raid for the Pink Panthers and Arjun Deshwal perishes once again! It is the Sultan who does the damage this time around. Runs around and puts in a terrific back hold and Deshwal had no idea what hit him.

Puneri Paltan 6-6 Jaipur Pink Panthers
11' Aslam Inamdar snares a bonus point right under the nose of the right corner defender. 
10' Nabibakhsh is brought down by the Panthers defense as Sunil Kumar strikes with a brilliant double ankle hold. 

Puneri Paltan 4-6 Jaipur Pink Panthers
9' Abhishek attempts an advance tackle on Aslam Inamdar but it is far too advance. The young lad uses his height to cross the mid-line with ease.

Puneri Paltan 4-5 Jaipur Pink Panthers
8' Do-or-die raid for the Pink Panthers now and Arjun Deshwal fails in his endeavour to get any points. Steps into the lobby without a touch as the right corner, Sombir, smartly got out of the way in quick time.

Puneri Paltan 3-5 Jaipur Pink Panthers
7' Do-or-die raid for the Paltan and Mohit Goyat has been entrusted by the skipper. However, he perishes as a fantastic diving double ankle hold from the left corner, Ankush, is followed by instant support from the cover defenders.

Puneri Paltan 2-5 Jaipur Pink Panthers
4' A terrific running hand touch from Arjun Deshwal sends back cover defender of the Paltan, Rakesh Ram, and the Pink Panthers extend their lead.

Puneri Paltan 2-4 Jaipur Pink Panthers
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Hello folks and welcome to Sportskeeda's live blog between Puneri Paltan and Jaipur Pink Panthers!

A stern test awaits the Paltan, with the Pink Panthers enjoying their spot on the top of the points table with 5 wins from 6 matches. The Paltan themselves have done well to register a hat-trick of wins that have added life to their once faltering campaign. 

However, on what is the penultimate day of PKL's Bengaluru leg, Pune's young raiding unit will be handed the massive challenge of deflating Jaipur's defensive unit - one that boasts of a massive 50.93% tackle success rate, the highest in the league as of this match. Interestingly, a loss of over 8 points will see Jaipur lose their top spot on the table, while the equation is clear for Pune - a win will see them jump to 3rd spot. 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Tue, 25/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
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