Puneri Paltan Vs Tamil Thalaivas 06 November 2022

Puneri Paltan
Tamil Thalaivas
TAMIL THALAIVAS won the match
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That will be all from your host Abhishek as I bid adieu. But do stay tuned to Sportskeeda as PKL 9 brings up another double header to entertain you. 
What a game of kabaddi that was! Tamil Thalaivas win in the end courtesy of a calculation error from Fazel. The Iranian thought it would be a Do or Die raid but there was only one empty raid prior to that not two. He tells Aslam to leave enough time for the Do or Die raid but that never happened. 

You have to feel bad for Aslam who picked up 15 points in total tonight. Mohit Goyat had seven to his name while not a single raider was able to complete his High Five. Tamil Thalaivas' Narender bagged 13 points to his name while Ajinkya Pawar replied with six. Like Pune, not a single defender was able to complete his High Five. 

The game was even steven right from the word go before Narender wiped out the entire Pune defense with a six point raid. Pune tried their best to trim down the lead, but they conceded a couple of bonus points and super raids in the end as the All Out came a little late for their liking. Time had the last laugh over them as Tamil Thalaivas extend their unbeaten run to five games. 
40' FULL TIME! Fazel's miscalculation costs his team the win! Puneri play a high line but Himanshu walks past the baulk-line. Fazel is complaining of Do or Die raid but the referees say it would have been a Do or die raid in the next one. Pune's unbeaten streak comes to an end.

Puneri Paltan 34-35 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Aslam comes back quickly from the raid. Why did he do that? Only nine seconds remain and Tamil Thalaivas will only wind down the clock.

Puneri Paltan 34-35 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Himanshu wears down the clock. Only 21 seconds left.

Puneri Paltan 34-35 Tamil Thalaivas
39' The Pune defense leaves a gaping hold on purpose. Ajinkya dives for the bonus but is gripped on the ankle before that.

Puneri Paltan 34-35 Tamil Thalaivas
Abhishek does step outside the mat but there is clear contact by Mohit Goyat on the chest of Abhishek before that. So, Pune will lose the review. 
Pune review for one defender out of bounds. Let's see what the final call is! 
39' A fantastic dash by Sahil Gulia. He came running and charging hard to usher out Mohit Goyat.

Puneri Paltan 33-35 Tamil Thalaivas. 
39' Narender is out. Mohit with an ankle hold and everyone around him pile their bodies.

Puneri Paltan 33-34 Tamil Thalaivas. 
38' Aslam with a quick bonus raid just as Narender retreats. Under three seconds! 

Puneri Paltan 32-34 Tamil Thalaivas
TIME OUT! The Puneri Paltan coach says that go for the bonus. A touch point is secondary. Bonus is primary. 
38' A vicious kick by Akash Shinde on the face of Sagar. Sweet chin music!

Puneri Paltan 31-34 Tamil Thalaivas
37' ALL OUT! Puneri play a high line but still concede the bonus. The defenders pounce on Himanshu and the much awaited all out finally happens.

Puneri Paltan 30-34 Tamil Thalaivas
36' Akash Shinde escapes from the dash attempt of Himanshu. Tamil Thalaivas are down to one man.

Puneri Paltan 27-33 Tamil Thalaivas
TIMEOUT! The game is not done yet. An All Out can be a huge morale booster and that is what Puneri are counting on. The seven point lead can be trimmed down to three one in that case. 
36' Aslam with a quick touch point on Sagar. Tamil Thalaivas are down to two men now.

Puneri Paltan 26-33 Tamil Thalaivas
35' Abhinesh Nadarajan dashes out Narender in the Do or Die raid.

Puneri Paltan 25-33 Tamil Thalaivas
34' SUPER TACKLE! Sagar crouches low and pulls Mohit Goyat down.

Puneri Paltan 24-33 Tamil Thalaivas
33' Mohit Goyat sprints for a quick raid and gets a running hand touch on Tamil Thalaivas' Mohit.

Puneri Paltan 24-31 Tamil Thalaiavas
32' SUPER TACKLE! Aslam Inamdar goes deep in the right corner as Himashu runs into the midriff of Aslam.

Puneri Paltan 23-31 Tamil Thalaivas
31' Ajinkya Pawar pounces on Mohit Goyat in the Do or Die raid and the latter leaps from his marker before crawling his way past the mid-line.

Puneri Paltan 23-28 Tamil Thalaivas. 
30' TIMEOUT! Puneri are behind by six points as threat looms on the end of their seven-match unbeaten streak. 
30' Fazel goes for a solo tackle but Ajinkya retreats in time. Bonus plus one.

Puneri Paltan 22-28 Tamil Thalaivas
29' Aslam gets a hand touch on Sahil. Tamil Thalaivas review the decision but the replays confirm that there was a touch on the thigh.

Puneri Paltan 22-26 Tamil Thalaivas
28' Aslam completes his Super 10 with a running hand touch.

Puneri Paltan 21-25 Tamil Thalaivas
27' Narender with a dubki to sway away from his defenders. He realizes he can't extend his hand but he turns his lower body and gets his body past the mid-line. That is his 13th raid point from 12 raids.

Puneri Paltan 20-25 Tamil Thalaivas
25' Fazel opens his account. A crunching back hold on Himanshu Singh. Can he build on this momentum?

Puneri Paltan 18-24 Tamil Thalaivas
23' ALL OUT! Narender wipes out the Pune defense in the Do-or-Die raid. How many points is the big question? Six points. Puneri Paltan are all out! He brushes past Fazel's challenge as the rest of the Puneri defense try to prevent his dangling hand past the mid-line. He gets a touch on everyone before crossing the mark.

Puneri Paltan 17-23 Tamil Thalaivas
22' Abhishek with a terrific dash on Mohit Goyat. The lead extends to three points.

Puneri Paltan 15-18 Tamil Thalaivas
21' Ajinkya Pawar pounces on Aslam with a thigh hold as the other defenders assist him.

Tamil Thalaivas 17-15 Puneri Paltan

Tamil Thalaivas have a slender one point lead in the game but in the larger scheme of things that is next to nothing. Narender is once again up to his mark with quick raids but majority of his raid points has come via bonuses. Sagar's crunching ankle hold has made life difficult for Mohit Goyat and Aslam Inamdar while the rest of the defenders are yet to prove their mark for Tamil Thalaivas. 

For Puneri Paltan, who is Aslam Inamdar who is leading the charts with eight points to his name - five touch points, two bonuses, and one tackle point. Mohit Goyat has four points to his name but the rest of the defenders and raiders are yet to pick up. Only one point separates the two sides as we get ready for an exciting next twenty minutes. 
20' Sagar pins Akash Shinde in the final raid of the match as the other defenders assist him to prevent the dangling hand past the mid-line.

Tamil Thalaivas 16-15 Puneri Paltan
17' Fazel steps outside the mat in the Do-or-Die raid. Well spotted by the line umpire. Aslam dives away from Ajinkya's dash and gets a point in the Do-or-Die raid.

Tamil Thalaivas 13-13 Puneri Paltan
14' Aslam gets a hand touch on Mohit. The scores are level now.

Tamil Thalaivas 12-12 Puneri Paltan
14' Ajinkya tries to avoid Fazel and heads in the wrong direction in his Do or Die raid. He is pinned down in the end.

Tamil Thalaivas 12-11 Puneri Paltan
13' Substitute Akash Shinde goes to raid the match but Sagar pulls him back with him ankle. That's an almost solo tackle.

Tamil Thalaivas 12-10 Puneri Paltan
10' Scoreline level again! Aslam picks up the bonus and on his way back, he takes out Mohit.

Tamil Thalaivas 9-9 Puneri Paltan
9' Ajinkya takes out Fazel! The Iranian tries to grab his upper body but that was near the mid-line and the former gets his hand past the line.

Tamil Thalaivas 9-7 Puneri Paltan
8' Ajinkya Pawar shoves Mohit Goyat outside the mat. Silence on the crowd! 

Tamil Thalaivas 8-7 Puneri Paltan
6' Himanshu Singh steps up in the Do-or-Die raid in the other half but a back hold from Sombir and assist from other defenders ensure the scorelines are level again.

Tamil Thalaivas 6-6 Puneri Paltan
5' Aslam steps up in the Do-or-Die raid. No bonus on offer. That was some tackle! Sagar goes for the ankle hold on Aslam but the former drags the latter back single handedly and receives support from the other end.

Tamil Thalaivas 6-5 Puneri Paltan
4' Narender is pinned down! He is grounded on the blindside as his attempt to turn and tumble backfires.

Tamil Thalaivas 5-5 Puneri Paltan
3' Narender goes forward and picks a bonus. Abhinesh Nadarajan tries to usher him out but Narender dives and stretches his hand past the mid-line. Aslam on the other side picks up a touchpoint in reply.

Tamil Thalaivas 4-3 Puneri Paltan
1' Narender Hoshiyar picks a bonus inside ten seconds. Aslam utilizes the full 30 seconds and gets a bonus. Narender gets a quick touch point and goes back next.

Tamil Thalaivas 2-1 Puneri Paltan
Puneri Paltan win the toss and they select side. Let's go. 
Puneri Paltan: Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Abhinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Sombir, Fazel Atrachali

Subs: Rakesh Ram, Aditya Shinde, Pankaj Mohite, Gaurav Khatri, Badal Singh, Akash Shinde, Govind Gurjar

Tamil Thalaivas: Narender Hoshiyar, M Abhishek, Mohit, Himanshu Singh, Ajinkya Pawar, Sagar, Sahil Gulia

Subs: Arpit Saroha, Aashish, Himanshu, Sachin, K Abhimanyu, Visvanath V
Who will win the encounter between Puneri Paltan and Tamil Thalaivas? Here is Sportskeeda's take on the same. 
Ajinkya Pawar bagged a six point raid against Tamil Thalaivas last time. Can he repeat the feat against Puneri Paltan tonight? Looks tough but let's find out. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda for today's match between Puneri Paltan and Tamil Thalaivas. This is your host Abhishek and I shall be your eyes and ears for the contest. 

Puneri Paltan are unbeaten in their last seven encounters, winning six and drawing once. The steamrolled over UP Yoddha with a 40-31 win. The unbeaten streak is largely due to the presence of two Iranian defenders Fazel Atrachali and Esmaeil Nabibakhsh. With either one of Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, or Akash Shinde picking up Super 10's in each of their last four matches, Puneri have proven themselves why they are a side to beat and occupy the pole position in the points table. 

Things are not looking so bright for Tamil Thalaivas on the other hand. Although they are on a four-match unbeaten streak, they sit on the eighth spot. Ajinkya Pawar and Narender Hoshiyar have filled the shoes of an injured Pawan Sehrawat in the raiding department, but the push has not yet come from the defenders. They have to do slightly better to beat the table toppers Pune tonight. 

Don't go anywhere as the match will start from 08:30 PM IST. Do stay tuned till then. 
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
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Sun, 06/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas
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