Pro Kabaddi 2022 Live Score Updates & Commentary: Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas

Puneri Paltan
Tamil Thalaivas
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
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Full Time: Tamil Thalaivas 31 - 43 Puneri Paltan

A strong all-around performance from the Puneri Paltan as they go into the Top 6 of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings now with 60 points from their 20 matches. With this loss, the Tamil Thalaivas are now officially out of the playoffs race. 

Mohit Goyat (10 points) and Aslam Inamdar (9 points) were the top performing players for the Puneri Paltan as they contributed both in attack as well as defence on the mat. Tamil Thalaivas' Himanshu was the lone warrior for them with 8 raid points on the night as the defence was not on their A-game tonight.

Anup Kumar's Puneri Paltan are in a good spot now considering their chances for the playoffs but nine teams are still in contention as the race heats up.
Himanshu is back in but gets trapped with a block at the left corner of the defence and that should seal it for the Paltan now!
Do-or-die raid for Aslam Inamdar and he goes deep into the defence and one of the Thalaivas' defenders also stepped out there, one point each!
Abinesh Nadarajan does well to dash out Bhavani Rajput with a timely dash as the raider was unable to get his hand past the midline in time.
Himanshu is back in for the raid and is unable to escape the block attempt from the Pune defenders but the refs have given one point each and Pune went for the review but the decision stands as it is...

Tamil Thalaivas 30 - 40 Puneri Paltan
Himanshu escapes the ankle hold attempt from Sombir at the right corner and adds another touch point to his tally.
Mohit Goyat is caught by the Tamil Thalaivas' defence as he attempted a bonus point at the cente of the defence.
Tackle from Sombir Gulia as he catches Bhavani Rajputa at the right corner with a diving ankle hold and the cover defenders rushed in within no time there!
Do-or-die now for Aslam Inamdar and he does brilliantly to get the bonus and gets the touch on Mohit for another time tonight!

Tamil Thalaivas 27 - 38 Puneri Paltan
Bhavani Rajput is the man of the moment here as he gets the bonus early on, then adds two more as he tags Nitin Tomar at the right corner and escapes the dash from Sanket Sawant as well.
The TV Umpires have deemed the review unsuccessful and the decision stands in favour of the Puneri Paltan.
Abinesh Nadarajan catches Himanshu at the right corner position with a perfect ankle hold and the defence did well to support their team-mate. Tamil Thalaivas have called for a review claiming the defenders were self-out during the tackle attempt...
Nitin Tomar is up for the raid and uses his footwork well to keep the defenders on their toes and is able to escape the tackle attempt from Sahil!
Himanshu prances around all across the mat and is able to induce a weak ankle hold attempt from Sombir Gulia and adds another touch point to his tally for the night.
Bhavani Rajput catches the left corner Vishal Bhardwaj as he escapes the feeble ankle hold attempt and runs back past the midline. Can Thalaivas push for a comeback here?
Aslam Inamdar is back for the raid after the short timeout and almost escapes the chain tackle with a Dubki but the defence rushed in quickly to hold him back!
Ajinkya Pawar is caught at the right In position as Aslam Inamdar catches the raider contributing at both ends of the mat. Pawar manages to get the bonus point there though!
Aslam Inamdar shuffles at the right corner and quickly grabs the bonus point and takes his time before going past the midline.
Ajinkya Pawar comes off the bench as the last man, takes the bonus but accidentally steps out of bounds and Puneri Paltan have their all-out! What a turnaround of events here!
Mohit Goyat comes in for the raid after his tackle heroics and gets the hand touch and reduces them to the last man on the mat.
Himanshu steps up for the do-or-die raid but gets caught at the left corner as Mohit Goyat goes for his ankle and the defence rushes in to support him.
Mohit Goyat, in for the do-or-die raid gets another deep running hand touch as he catches his namesake Mohit at the second man position and now we will have the do-or-die raid for the Thalaivas.
Himanshu does well to escape the clutches of Balaji Jadhav who dove in from the left corner position but there was a lot of space for the raider to get back to the midline.

Tamil Thalaivas 19 - 26 Puneri Paltan
Nitin Tomar comes in for the next raid and forces Sahil off the mat as he loses the balance and steps out of bounds, Pune have done brilliantly to avoid the all-out here!
SUPER TACKLE! Manjeet gets caught at the left corner as Mohit Goyat catches him with the ankle hold and Sombir Gulia comes in with the support as the duo held him down for the two points.
Mohit Goyat keeps the Puneri Paltan alive as he gets the hand touch on Bhavani Rajput at the right In (second man) position after getting the bonus point early in the raid.
Manjeet is in for the Thalaivas and gets away from the block attempt from Abinesh Nadarajan as Mohit Goyat managed to stay away from the raider.
Abinesh Nadarajan goes in for the raid and gets the early bonus and also manages to escape the tackle attempt from Sagar Rathee at the left corner.
After the review, it was seen that Aslam Inamdar had stepped out as well, so that means two points each for the sides and the last man on the mat for the Puneri Paltan!
Himanshu goes in against two defenders and accidentally steps out of bonds, that means it will be a Super Tackle for Puneri Paltan! A review has been taken here....
Aslam Inamdar goes in as the last man and gets the running hand touch here on Mohit with a swift move, no bonus point there as he had claimed earlier!
Himanshu goes up against two men and gets away from the late tackle from Balaji Jadhav at the right corner.
The second half is up and running and Aslam Inamdar starts things off with a bonus point at the right corner of the Thalaivas' defence.
Half Time: Tamil Thalaivas 14 - 15 Puneri Paltan 

A battle of two young sides as the momentum has swung between both teams throughout the first half of the match. Puneri Paltan started off strong but some good defence from the Thalaivas has allowed them to claw their way back and close the gap on the scoreboard. It will be interesting to see how the second half shapes up as the Paltan have a bigger goal on their minds - the playoffs!
Nitin Tomar goes in deep at the  right corner and gets caught by the chain tackle from the covers and the Thalaivas have reduced the deficit to just one at the stroke of the halftime.
Nitin Tomar goes in for the raid, after a long time and gets the bonus point for the Paltan and keeps them ahead on the scoreboard.

Tamil Thalaivas 13 - 15 Puneri Paltan
Bhavani Rajput is up for the do-or-die challenge and proves successful as he catches Sombir Gulia with a deep running hand touch.
Both teams playing at a slow place and another do-or-die raid for Pune as Sahil catches Mohit Goyat with a diving ankle hold and Mohit is not able to reach the midline as support rushed in! Do-or-die now for the Thalaivas coming up!
Two points for Bhavani Rajput in the Thalaivas' do-or-die as he gets the bonus point in the centre of the defence an catches Nadarajan on his way back!
Do-or-die time now for Mohit Goyat and he does well against four men going deep into the left cover and tags Sagar Rathee with a running hand touch and gets back safely!
Solid defence from Pune as they dash out Himanshu in a chain tackle and have taken a good lead here now at 13-9.

Tamil Thalaivas 9 - 13 Puneri Paltan
Aslam Inamdar is back on and scores on his first raid as he escapes the block attempt from the left cover Mohit and dives past the midline. 
SUPER TACKLE! Manjeet comes in against two men and moves around towards both the corners but gets trapped with a double thigh hold b Sombir Gulia!
Mohit Goyat goes in and gets the quick bonus point here and keeps the scoreboard on equal terms!

Tamil Thalaivas 9 - 9 Puneri Paltan 
Himanshu has executed the jump escape here as he gets away from Vishal Bhardwaj and Rahul Chaudhary on his way to the midline!
Rahul Chaudhary, off the bench for the do-or-die raid gets the hand touch on Mohit catching the cover on the quick turn!
Surjeet Singh goes for a rare raid and has managed to score two points here! He gets the running kick on Abhinesh Nadarajan and holds off the dash from Nitin Tomar to score the two raid points! Captain's knock here!
Nitin Tomar, in for the do-or-die raid gets the bonus plus one point raid as he escapes the ankle hold attempt from Himanshu at the right In position.
Manjeet goes in for the do-or-die raid against three defenders, and is caught by the dash from Vishal Bhardwaj and the other defenders rushed in quickly to keep Manjeet away from the midline. SUPER TACKLE!

Tamil Thalaivas 5 - 5 Puneri Paltan
Aslam Inamdar gets caught unaware by Mohit as the covers rushed in to block the raider and he had nowhere to go! Three men on the mat now for the Paltan!
Mohit Goyat goes for the raid and is unable to contain himself and goes in the lobby, he has to go to the bench!
Himanshu does brilliantly as he braves the dash attempt from Sanket Sawant and manages to get his hands past the midline while being inside the lobby.
Do-or-die time now for Pune as Aslam Inamdar is in. He attempts a quick bonus and is successful with his effort and goes back confidently.
Do-or-die early on for Tamil Thalaivas and Himanshu is in for them and gets away successfully with a quick kick on Sombir Gulia at the right corner.
Aslam Inamdar begins proceedings for the Puneri Paltan with a swift running hand touch and caught Mohit on the turn.
First raid of the match for Manjeet and he is trapped at the left corner with an ankle hold by Vishal Bhardwaj after getting a bonus point.
Can Tamil Thalaivas salvage some pride here and ruin the party for Puneri Paltan? It will be interesting to see how the young Paltan turn up against the Thalaivas in a crunch clash? Stay tuned!
We are just moments away from the start of the third match as the second match of the night between Bengaluru Bulls and Patna Pirates has just concluded! League leaders Patna Pirates clinched the tie 36 - 34 after a strong all-round performance!
Puneri Paltan are currently placed at the 8th position in the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings with 55 points from 19 matches and have an opportunity to rise to the playoffs position with a win over their opponents.

Tamil Thalaivas are down in the 10th position and are almost mathematically out of the playoffs contention with just 47 points from 19 matches so far in the season.
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Starting 7:

Puneri Paltan - Nitin Tomar (c), Sanket Sawant, Abinesh Nadarajan, Mohit Goyat, Aslam Inamdar, Sombir Gulia, Vishal Bhardwaj

Tamil Thalaivas - Surjeet Singh (c), Sahil Gulia, Sagar Rathee, Mohit Jhakar, Sahil Malik, Himanshu, Manjeet
Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the third match of the night as Puneri Paltan take on Tamil Thalaivas in a crucial encounter at the Sheraton Grand in Whitefield, Bengaluru in Karnataka. 

Puneri Paltan have been one of the most in-form sides lately in the league with three wins out of their last five matches whereas Tamil Thalaivas are in a poor slump. They have lost four matches in a row and are almost out of playoffs contention at this moment of the season.
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Tue, 15/Feb/2022 21:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas
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