Puneri Paltan Vs Telugu Titans 26 November 2022

Puneri Paltan
Telugu Titans
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
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FULL TIME! Puneri Paltan 38 - 25 Telugu Titans

The table-toppers continue their dream run and further strengthen their position on the points table. It was yet another defeat for the Telugu Titans, who tried to get the better of their opponents, but it wasn't enough. Aslam Inamdar, Pankaj Mohite, and Akash Shinde dominated on the attack front, while Fazel Atrachali and Sanket Sawant held the Paltans' defence. For the Titans, Adarsh put on a good all-around show along with solid defensive performances from Parvesh Bhainswal and Ankit, yet they lacked the attacking intent in them this evening. In the end, Puneri Paltan completes a double over the Telugu Titans in PKL season 9.
39' The two-man defence of Titans has pulled off yet another Super Tackle, as Vijay Kumar and Prince managed to hold Akash Shinde at bay after a furious struggle.

Puneri 38 - 25 Telugu
39' Akash Shinde manages to get a touch on Parvesh Bhainswal and returns back.
39' DO OR DIE! Adarsh T gets caught by Sanket Sawant's top-class hold and he's off to the bench.

Puneri 37 - 23 Telugu
38' It's yet another SUPER TACKLE from the Titans defence and this time Aslam Inamdar gets trapped by Parvesh Bhainswal.

Puneri 36 - 23 Telugu
37' That was intense! Despite the great struggle, the defenders didn't let go off Pankaj Mohite who wanted to flee. A Super Tackle of the highest order from Adarsh, again.
37' DO OR DIE! Abhishek Singh has been completely outnumbered and he falls prey to a challenge from Fazel Atrachali.

Puneri 36 - 19 Telugu
36' An incredible dash from Adarsh has awarded a SUPER TACKLE to the Titans by pushing Akash Shinde off the court.

Puneri 35 - 19 Telugu
35' Akash Shinde has pulled off a SUPER RAID! Walks back with three points with ease, such an attacking move.

Puneri 35 - 17 Telugu
34' Adarsh T gets back with a quick touch point off Sanket Sawant.
33' Aslam Inamdar claims a touch point on Prince D through a running hand touch, but the on-field umpires think otherwise. The Paltans have asked for a review. And the on-field decision stays, it's a SUPER TACKLE for the Titans.

Puneri 32 - 16 Telugu
33' DO OR DIE! Pankaj Mohite gets a touch on Parvesh Bhainswal and survives.

Puneri 32 - 14 Telugu
32' DO OR DIE! Pankaj Mohite and Gaurav Khatri's chain tackles down Abhishek Singh with a terrific hold.

Puneri 31 - 14 Telugu
30'  Aslam Inamdar lands a touch on Vishal Bharadwaj.

Puneri 30 - 14 Telugu
29' Adarsh has been caught by Fazel Atrachali's brilliance in defence. 
29' Aslam Inamdar looks for a bonus, attempts and gets it right.

Puneri 28 - 14 Telugu
28' Adarsh returns with a touch on Sombir.
28' Abhishek Singh puts a fantastic hold on Akash Shinde to get his first tackle point of the night.
27' Mohsen has found a touch on Pankaj Mohite, who has to go to the bench now.
26' The Paltans have inflicted yet another ALL OUT here with this massive SUPER RAID from Pankaj Mohite.

Puneri 27 - 11 Telugu
24' DO OR DIE! Abhishek has fallen prey here to a solid double thigh hold from Sanket Sawant.
24' Akash Shinde tries a kick on Mohsen and he gets that right.
23' Ankit has stepped out of the court and there goes to point towards the men in orange.
22' Pankaj Mohite was almost on his way back, but an unnecessary attempt from Prince D has conceded the Paltan a point here. 
22' Fazel Atrachali makes a rare error, and Adarsh T capitalises and scalps a touch point.
20' Prince and Mohsen had almost had Aslam Inamdar in their clutches, but the pacey raider manages to escape and inflicts an ALL OUT on the Telugu Titans.

Puneri 18 - 10 Telugu
HALF TIME! Puneri 14 - 10 Telugu

Both teams have been going toe-to-toe up until the first twenty. The defenders of both Puneri Paltan and Telugu Titans have shone and provided a challenging first half. Lots more action awaits from this encounter in the second twenty minutes of play.
18' DO OR DIE! Adarsh T perishes to well timed block from Fazel Atrachali.

Puneri 14 - 10 Telugu
17' Pankaj Mohite gets a touch point off Ankit.
16' Despite a solid ankle hold by Parvesh Bhainswal on Akash Shinde, the point goes in favour of the Paltans since the defender has stepped onto the lobby before there was a contact from the raider. The Titans lose their review.
16' DO OR DIE! Adarsh T puts in quick raid and returns back with a touch on Aslam Inamdar.

Puneri 11 - 10 Telugu
15' WOW! That was lethal double thigh hold on Pankaj Mohite from Ankit, when the raider put that jump the latter had him on his clutches. It's a  Super Tackle move without a doubt.

Puneri 11 - 9 Telugu
13' Aslam Inamdar gets back with a quick touch point on Vishal Bharadwaj.
13' DO OR DIE! Abhishek Singh gets timed out and perishes. Smart play by the Paltan for not giving an advantage to the raider in crunch situation.

Puneri 10 - 7 Telugu
12' Pankaj Mohite steps onto the lobby without a touch and gets self out.
10' Mohsen gets a touch on his compatriot, Fazel Atrchali and gets back with a crucial touch point.

 Puneri 9 - 6 Telugu
9' Pankaj Mohite gets a touch on Parvesh Bhainswal. 
8' The mighty power of Parvesh Bhainswal comes to full use! Oh man, that was nasty, the both the raider and defender dashed on their heads. Nervy moments. A Super tackle nonetheless for the titans.
5' Finally! Abhishek Singh's trademark running hand touch comes into effect as he gets the all-important touch on Abhinesh.

Puneri 5 - 2 Telugu
4' Pankaj Mohite has absolutely confused Prince D with his top-quality dubki and he walks back with a touch point.
4' Sanket Sawant has just shown his strengthen and manages to push Adarsh off the court.

Puneri 4 - 1 Telugu
3' Aslam Inamdar lands a perfect toe touch on Ankit and returns back with a point.
2' Adarsh T draws the first point of the evening for the Titans, it's a running kick that scalps the point in the form of Pankaj Mohite.

Puneri 2 - 1 Telugu
2' Aslam Inamdar attempts a bonus and gets it right.
2' Abhishek Singh has been dealt with a dash from Abhinesh Nadarajan.

Puneri 1 - 0 Telugu
1' A couple of empty raids to begin this match.
TOSS: Titans will have the first raid.
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Here are the squads:

Puneri Paltan

Starters: Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Fazel Atrachali, Akash Shinde, Aslam Inamdar, Pankaj Mohite, Sombir

Bench: Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Alankar Patil, Gaurav Khatri, Rakesh Ram, Aditya Shinde, Govind Gurjar, Badal Singh

Telugu Titans

Starters: Abhishek Singh, Prince D, Ankit, Vishal Bhardwaj, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Adarsh T, Parvesh Bhainswal

Bench: Vijay Kumar, Hamid Nader, Vinay , K Hanumanthu, Muhammed shihas, Mohit , PO Surjeet Singh
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. The second match of Super Saturday is set to feature a clash between the top-placed team, Puneri Paltan, and the bottom-ranked team, Telugu Titans, in Hyderabad’s Gachibowli Indoor Stadium. It will be an uphill task for the Titans to get something from this contest, but they came pretty close to clinching the game when they last faced Paltan early on in the season.

Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, and Fazel Atrachali will be the Paltans in focus when they face the Titans, led by Siddharth Desai, Vishal Bharadwaj, and Parvesh Bhainswal. This should be a cracker of a contest.

Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill, and enjoy the coverage.

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Sat, 26/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs Telugu Titans
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
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