Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Puneri Paltan vs U Mumba: PKL 9 Live Updates and Commentary, Pro Kabaddi Match 22

Puneri Paltan
U Mumba
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
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That will be all from your host Abhishek as we bid adieu for the first game of tonight's Super Sunday! Don't go anywhere as the action unfolds between UP Yoddhas and Bengaluru Bulls in the second match. 
Puneri Paltan 30-28 U Mumba

Puneri Paltan bag their first win of the season as the Iranian duo of Fazel Atrachali and Mohammad Nabibakhsh steal the limelight. The Paltans avoided a couple of All Outs courtesy of some Super Tackles and the same was replicated by U Mumba as the match stayed even steven till the last ten minutes of the game with the scoreline reading 20-20. 

However, a timeout broke the concentration of U Mumba defense as Rinku inflicted a self Out while Aslam Inamdar tagged the last man Surinder Singh to inflict the first and only All Out for Puneri Paltan. The four-point lead quickly became a seven-point one courtesy of Sombir and Sanket Sawant's ankle holds coupled by Aslam Insamdar's flying hand touches.

U Mumba tried to rally back in the game patiently, but Jai Bhagwan and Guman Singh's raids were not enough as the Paltans maintained their two-point advantage right till the end. 
40' FULL TIME! Actually, Mumbai don't have much time left. Mohit Goyat winds down the clock as the referee blows his full time whistle.

U Mumba 28-30 Puneri Paltan
40' Guman Singh gets a touch on Aslam. U Mumba are still in the game.

U Mumba 28-30 Puneri Paltan
39' 63 seconds left. Sombir with an ankle hold on Jai Bhagwan. Nabibakhsh supports from the covers. Did one man step out? No review from either team. The referees are consulting amongst themselves. Ohh, Nabibakhsh and Sombir both stepped out. It is now a three-point game.

U Mumba 27-30 Puneri Paltan
39' Review unsuccessful! The right foot is well inside the lobby as Aslam dives just in time. 82 seconds left. 

U Mumba 25-29 Puneri Paltan
39' 104 seconds left and Aslam tries for a couple of back kick but fails. Surender from left cover tries to dash Aslam on his way back but the latter gets his hand past the mid-line. Puneri take a review for the sake of it.

U Mumba 25-29 Puneri Paltan
39' That is a proper jersey pull! Sanket Sawant loses grip of Jai Bhagwan in the frontal block and the rest of the defender only follows after the jersey pull. Review successful!

U Mumba 25-28 Puneri Paltan
39' U Mumba review for jersey pulling! Jai Bhagwan tries to get his dangling hand past the mid-line but fails.

U Mumba 24-29 Puneri Paltan
39' Aslam heads back with just two seconds to go. Pune have made their intentions clear.

U Mumba 24-28 Puneri Paltan
37' Fazel Atrachali with a quick dash to take out Guman Singh. Hang on! One point each as Fazel went out of bounds. Puneri have no more review left. 

U Mumba 24-28 Puneri Paltan
37' Mohit Goyat enters the opposition half in the Do-or-Die raid. 10 seconds remain and he enters the right corner deep and Mohit lunges with an ankle hold.

U Mumba 23-27 Puneri Paltan
36' The left foot cuts the black line but was the right foot in the air? The replays confirm the back leg was in the air. Review unsuccessful!

U Mumba 22-27 Puneri Paltan
36' Jai Bhagwan gets a bonus and takes out a defender as well. Puneri review for no bonus.

U Mumba 22-27 Puneri Paltan
35' Five minutes to go as a couple of empty raids take place.

U Mumba 20-27 Puneri Paltan
34' Puneri are running away with the game. U Mumba rightly take a time out. Sombir grabs the ankle of Heiderali.

U Mumba 20-27 Puneri Paltan
34' Mohit with a flying hand touch on Rinku.

U Mumba 20-26 Puneri Paltan
33' Sanket Sawant with an advanced block on Guman Singh. Nabibakhsh takes care of the dangling hand.

U Mumba 20-25 Puneri Paltan
32' ALL OUT! A self Out by Harender. Surender the lone man can't do anything. Aslam bags the All Out!

U Mumba 20-24 Puneri Paltan
31' Bonus plus one point. Debutant Heidarali Ekrami with a back kick on Gaurav Khatri. That's some way to start your PKL career!

U Mumba 20-20 Puneri Paltan
30' Aslam Inamdar gets a flying hand touch. U Mumba down to one man.

U Mumba 18-20 Puneri Paltan
29' Nabibakhsh initiates a double thigh hold on Guman's Do-or-Die raid.

U Mumba 18-19 Puneri Paltan
28' SUPER TACKLE! Mohit Goyat brings both the defenders to one side but Rahul Sethpal and Mohit combine well to take him down.

U Mumba 18-18 Puneri Paltan
27' Bonus from U Mumba. Guman Singh cuts the black line.

U Mumba 16-18 Puneri Paltan
26' Very sloppy from Harender as he tries for an ankle hold on Mohit Goyat when his back was turn against him.

U Mumba 15-18 Puneri Paltan
25' Rahul Sethpal the substitute with a hand touch on Rakesh Ram.

U Mumba 15-17 Puneri Paltan
24' Aslam corners all the players to one side and gets flying hand touch in the end.

U Mumba 14-17 Puneri Paltan
24' Jai Bhagwan cuts the back line to win a bonus.

U Mumba 14-16 Puneri Paltan
23' Aslam Inamdar pulls off an ankle hold in the Do-or-Die raid on Ashish.

U Mumba 13-16 Puneri Paltan
22' A vicious back kick by Aslam.

U Mumba 13-15 Puneri Paltan
21' An empty raid from both the sides to start the second half.

U Mumba 13-14 Puneri Paltan
It has been a cat and mouse chase between Puneri Paltan and U Mumba as both teams had leads in different time but failed to capitalize on the momentum. Puneri Paltan, in particular, were down to three men on a couple of occasions but Fazel and Nabibakhsh did well to combine for a Super Tackle. Only one point separates the two sides as both sets of defenders have responded to the challenge well. 
20' HALF-TIME! Time to change the court as a couple of empty raids from both the sides follow.

Puneri Paltan 14-13 U Mumba
19' Ashish gets a hand touch on Rakesh Ram near the baulk-line.

Puneri Paltan 14-13 U Mumba
19' Mohit Goyat with a flying hand touch on Surender Singh.

Puneri Paltan 14-12 U Mumba
18' 'Sultan' Fazel Atrachali pounces on Guman Singh with a double thigh hold on the Do-or-Die raid and the rest of the defenders support him.

Puneri Paltan 13-12 U Mumba
17' Akash Shinde tries for a bonus but gets Rinku instead. He will take that!

Puneri Paltan 12-12 U Mumba
16' Ashish with an advanced double ankle hold. He gets support from Rinku and Harendra as Nabibakhsh is tackled. Puneri are down to three men.

Puneri Paltan 11-12 U Mumba 
15' Rinku with an ankle hold on Aslam as he gets trapped on one knee.

Puneri Paltan 11-11 U Mumba
14' Fazel Atrachali with a thigh hold on Guman Singh. The other defenders pile bodies further.

Puneri Paltan 11-10 U Mumba
13' Time runs out for Mohit Goyat in Do-or-Die raid. He goes deep and tries to get his dangling hand but is unable to escape from Rinku's ankle hold.

Puneri Paltan 10-10 U Mumba
12' Nabibakhsh initiates the tackle from left and other three defenders bring down Jai Bhagwan.

Puneri Paltan 10-9 U Mumba
11' SUPER TACKLE! Ashish does get his dangling hand past the mid-line but other foot was outside the lobby.

Puneri Paltan 9-9 U Mumba
10' U Mumba brings a touchpoint through Guman Singh. Puneri are down to ten men.

Puneri Paltan 7-9 U Mumba
10' Do-or-Die raid from Pune with five defenders on the other side. Aslam runs out of time. The defenders are patient enough to not make an advanced tackle.

Puneri Paltan 7-8 U Mumba
8' Jai Bhagwan gets bonus plus the ankle hold of Gaurav Khatri.

Puneri Paltan 7-7 U Mumba
7' Mohit Goyat escapes from the clutches of Surender and takes out Kiran as well who tried to dash him.

Puneri Paltan 7-5 U Mumba
6' 'Sultan' Fazel Atrachali pounces on Ashish with both his hands. He fails to get his dangling hand past the mid-line as the other defenders take him down.

Puneri Paltan 5-5 U Mumba
6' Aslam cuts the black line in front of Rinku.

Puneri Paltan 4-4 U Mumba
5' Sanket Sawant tries to dash Guman Singh but the latter tracks back in time. There was a bonus as well but the referee doesn't agree with that.

Puneri Paltan 3-4 U Mumba
4' Aslam Inamdar gets a hand touch on Harendra Kumar.

Puneri Paltan 3-3 U Mumba
4' Ashish gets dashed out by Gaurav Khatri.

Puneri Paltan 2-3 U Mumba
3' U Mumba plays a high line defense. Rinku pounces on Nabibakhsh and the second and third line of defense pile their bodies.

Puneri Paltan 1-3 U Mumba
2' Guman Singh escapes from an ankle hold and shrugs off a dashed attempt to return with two points.

Puneri Paltan 1-2 U Mumba
1' Aslam Inamdar sneaks past the bonus line to break the deadlock.

Puneri Paltan 1-0 U Mumba
U Mumba win the toss and they choose side. 
Surender Singh and Fazel Atrachali are expected to be the key players for their respective sides. In case you haven't guessed yet, it is expected to be a tackle heavy match. 
U Mumba players arrive to the mat. They are followed by Puneri Paltan as they march to their anthems. 
Puneri Paltan (Starting 7): Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Sanket Sawant, Mohit Goyat, Aslam Inamdar, Rakesh Ram, Gaurav Khatri, Fazel Atrachali

Puneri Paltan (Bench): Sombir, Jadhav Balasaheb Shahaji, Pankaj Mohite, Govind Gurjar, Akash Shinde, Aditya Shinde, Badal Singh

U Mumba (Starting 7): Guman Singh, Ashish, Harendra Kumar, Rinku Hc, Jai Bhagwan, Kiran Laxman, Surender Singh

U Mumba (Bench): Satywan, Ankush, Shivam Anil, Rahul Sethpl, Rupesh, Heidarali Ekrami, Mohit
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live commentary of PKL Match No 22 Puneri Paltan vs U Mumba in today's first of our two Super Sunday encounters. This is your host Abhishek and I will be your eyes and ears for the contest. The match will start from 07:30 PM IST. 

The Paltans languish in the 11th spot in this twelve-team league with not a single victory to their name. They started their campaign with a 34-34 draw against Patna Pirates as Mohit Goyat and Aslam Inamdar combined to score 15 raid points for the side. 

Against Bengaluru Bulls, Puneri Paltan put a commendable show in the second half but that was not enough as they fell short by two points in the end to lose the match 39-41. They were no match against Gujarat Giants in their previous encounter as they got thrashed by a 47-37 margin. 

U Mumba began PKL 2022 on a losing note as they succumbed to a 41-27 defeat to defending champions Dabang Delhi. However, they bounced back strongly to beat UP Yoddha 30-23 by picking up 14 tackle points. 

It was the raiders who stole the limelight in their next match against Tamil Thalaivas as Guman Singh and Ashish completed their 'Super 10' to beat the opposition 39-32. 

The action continues at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru between the two fierce Maharashtra sides. Who will come out on top, Mumbai or Pune?
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Sun, 16/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs U Mumba
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