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Puneri Paltan
U.P. Yoddhas
PUNERI PALTAN won the match
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Okay then, that's it from the live coverage of the Puneri Paltan vs UP Yoddhas match. The final league stage match of the season between Haryana Steelers and Bengaluru Bulls will start shortly. You can follow the live score here. This is Vinay Chhabria signing off!
Puneri Paltan have become the new tabletoppers of PKL 10. They will play in semifinal 1 now and face the winner of Dabang Delhi KC vs Patna Pirates eliminator. Jaipur Pink Panthers finish 2nd and will play semifinal 2 against winner of Gujarat Giants vs Haryana Steelers eliminator. 
UP Yoddhas had a big, big lead at half time, but Jasveer Singh's men could not hold on it. They end their season on a losing note. The Yoddhas lose to Paltan by 2 points. 
FULL TIME: UP Yoddhas 38 - 40 Puneri Paltan
40' Mohammadreza Shadloui seals the deal with an incredible clutch block on Mahipal!!

UP Yoddhas 38 - 40 Puneri Paltan
40' Puneri Paltan gain the lead with a successful tackle on Gagan Gowda!!

UP Yoddhas 38 - 39 Puneri Paltan
39' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan, Aslam Inamdar scores a bonus and then beats a defender of his way to Pune's half!

UP Yoddhas 38 - 38 Puneri Paltan
38' Gagan Gowda breaks the chain of Gaurav Khatri and Pankaj Mohite to escape to his half!!

UP Yoddhas 38 - 36 Puneri Paltan
36' Hitesh stuns Aditya Shinde with an excellent tackle attempt. Scores are level now.

UP Yoddhas 36 - 36 Puneri Paltan
35' Aditya Shinde and Gagan Gowda score 1 touch point each in their respective raids!

UP Yoddhas 35 - 36 Puneri Paltan
34' ALL OUT!! Last man standing Sumit gets tackled by Abinesh Nadarajan. He didn't take the bonus as well. Pune have the lead now!

UP Yoddhas 34 - 35 Puneri Paltan
34' Aslam Inamdar tempts Nitin Panwar and gets an easy touch point! UP down to 1 man.

UP Yoddhas 34 - 32 Puneri Paltan
33' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddhas, Aditya Shinde's ankle hold helps Pune tackle down Anil Kumar!

UP Yoddhas 34 - 31 Puneri Paltan
33' SUPER TACKLE!! Aslam Inamdar goes for a pursuit but Anil Kumar's double ankle hold helps UP Yoddhas tackle him in a defense of 2!

UP Yoddhas 34 - 30 Puneri Paltan
32' Aslam Inamdar gets a touch on Hitesh. The score difference is down to 2 now!!

UP Yoddhas 32 - 30 Puneri Paltan
30' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan, Ashu Malik tries for an advanced tackle, but Pankaj Mohite escapes. In UP's do-or-die raid, Shadloui tackles Gulveer!

UP Yoddhas 32 - 29 Puneri Paltan
28' Puneri Paltan dash Mahipal out of the field of play after he scores a bonus!

UP Yoddhas 32 - 27 Puneri Paltan
27' Yoddhas roar back with a successful tackle of Pankaj Mohite!

UP Yoddhas 31 - 26 Puneri Paltan
26' Aslam Inamdar opens his account with a touch point, and in the next raid, Puneri Paltan hunt down Gagan Gowda!

UP Yoddhas 30 - 26 Puneri Paltan
25' ALL OUT!! Substitute Anil Kumar scores a bonus but gets floored by Pune's defense!

UP Yoddhas 30 - 24 Puneri Paltan
25' Pankaj Mohite reduces UP Yoddhas to 1 man by getting a touch on 2 defenders and escaping to his half!

UP Yoddhas 29 - 21 Puneri Paltan
24' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddhas, Gulveer Singh surrenders to Shadloui's ankle hold!

UP Yoddhas 29 - 19 Puneri Paltan
23' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan, Pankaj Mohite stuns Ashu Singh with a kick!

UP Yoddhas 29 - 18 Puneri Paltan
21' Aditya Shinde starts the 2nd half with a bonus. In the next raid, Mahipal earns a bonus but gets hunt down by a chain tackle.

UP Yoddhas 29 - 17 Puneri Paltan
HALF TIME: UP Yoddhas 28 - 15 Puneri Paltan
20' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddhas, Mahipal scores a bonus.

UP Yoddhas 28 - 15 Puneri Paltan
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL: UP Yoddhas took a review and the TV Umpire reversed the initial decision as Aslam Inamdar had been dashed out successfully. 1 point to UP Yoddhas

UP Yoddhas 27 - 15 Puneri Paltan
20' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan, substitute Aslam Inamdar strikes straightaway with a kick and then beating a dash attempt!

UP Yoddhas 26 - 17 Puneri Paltan

Aslam Inamdar, Aditya Shinde and Sanket Sawant IN

Ishwar, Aakash Shinde and Vahid OUT
18' Finally, the Puneri Paltan defense tackles down Gagan Gowda. The entire team attacks him and stops him in their half!

UP Yoddhas 26 - 15 Puneri Paltan
17' Hitesh commits an error, gifts an easy point to Pankaj Mohite.

UP Yoddhas 26 - 14 Puneri Paltan
17' Mahipal sends Vahid to the bench with an easy touch.

UP Yoddhas 26 - 13 Puneri Paltan
16' A combined team tackle helps the Yoddhas stop Aakash Shinde in their half

UP Yoddhas 25 - 13 Puneri Paltan
15' ALL OUT!! Gagan Gowda wipes out the Puneri Paltan defense with an incredible raid!! He takes advantage of his height to cross the midline - 5 points to Yoddhas.

UP Yoddhas 24 - 13 Puneri Paltan
15' SUPER RAID!! Pankaj Mohite scores a bonus and then beats 2 defenders to cross the midline!

UP Yoddhas 19 - 13 Puneri Paltan
14' Gagan Gowda gets a toe touch on Wahid. Pune down to 1 man now.

UP Yoddhas 19 - 10 Puneri Paltan
14' Pankaj Mohite scores a bonus point.

UP Yoddhas 18 - 10 Puneri Paltan
13' Mahipal executes a fine kick on Ishwar. Pune down to 2 men!

UP Yoddhas 18 - 9 Puneri Paltan
13' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan, Aakash Shinde has been floored by the UP Yoddhas defense!

UP Yoddhas 17 - 9 Puneri Paltan
12' Mahipal gets off the mark with an easy hand touch on Mohammadreza Shadloui!

UP Yoddhas 16 - 9 Puneri Paltan
12' Gagan Gowda is on fire tonight!! He gets the better of Gaurav Khatri this time!

UP Yoddhas 15 - 9 Puneri Paltan
12' Pankaj Mohite gets a hand touch, this time his victim is Hitesh!

UP Yoddhas 14 - 9 Puneri Paltan
11' Gagan Gowda beats one ankle hold and one dash attempt from Pune to inch closer to his Super 10

UP Yoddhas 14 - 8 Puneri Paltan
10' Pankaj Mohite gets a hand touch on Ashu Singh once again! Easy point.

UP Yoddhas 12 - 8 Puneri Paltan
9' ALL OUT!! Ishwar gets a bonus but the UP Yoddhas tackle him down.

UP Yoddhas 12 - 7 Puneri Paltan
8' Gagan Gowda gets the better of Shadloui again!! A solo tackle attempt from the Iranian gifts the UP raider his 6th point of the night.

UP Yoddhas 9 - 6 Puneri Paltan
7' Aditya Shinde scores a bonus for Puneri Paltan.

UP Yoddhas 8 - 6 Puneri Paltan
6' Gulveer Singh executes a fine dubki to beat 2 defenders on his way to the midline!

UP Yoddhas 8 - 5 Puneri Paltan
5' SUPER TACKLE!!! Gaurav Khatri's perfect ankle hold keeps Mahipal in Pune's half. One defender stepped out of bounds as well. In the next raid, Pankaj Mohite gets a touch on Ashu Singh.

UP Yoddhas 6 - 5 Puneri Paltan
4' SUPER RAID!! Gagan Gowda gets a hand touch on Shadloui and escapes a chain tackle attempt to earn 3 points! Akash Shinde scores a bonus for Pune.

UP Yoddhas 5 - 2 Puneri Paltan
3' Do-or-die raid for Puneri Paltan, Aditya Shinde beats a dash attempt and opens Pune's account.

UP Yoddhas 2 - 1 Puneri Paltan
2' Gagan Gowda beats another ankle hold attempt from Pune's defense to score his 2nd point.

UP Yoddhas 2 - 0 Puneri Paltan
1' Gagan Gowda opens his account by escaping an ankle hold from Mohammadreza Shadloui

UP Yoddhas 1 - 0 Puneri Paltan
TOSS: Puneri Paltan won the toss, UP Yoddhas to raid first. 
Puneri Paltan captain Aslam Inamdar is not present in the starting seven. It looks like he may come in as a Super Sub in the match. Meanwhile, Pardeep Narwal continues to be absent from the UP Yoddhas team. 

Puneri Paltan: 
Badal Singh, Hardeep , Aslam Inamdar, Ahmed Enamdar, Sanket Sawant, Ishwar , Nitin R

UP Yoddhas: Vijay Malik, Kiran Laxman, Nitin Panwar, Samuel Wafula, Helvic Wanjala, Shivam Chaudhary, Anil Kumar

Puneri Paltan:
Akash Shinde, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, Aditya Shinde, Pankaj Mohite, Abinesh Nadarajan, Gaurav Khatri, Vahid RezaEimehr.

UP Yoddhas: Gulveer Singh, Gagana Gowda, Hitesh , Mahipal, Sumit, Harendra Kumar, Ashu Singh.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the final day of PKL 10 league stage. In the first match of the evening, the second-placed Puneri Paltan will take on the 11th-placed UP Yoddhas. Pune have a chance to finish 1st in the points table by winning tonight. The Yoddhas have nothing to lose. They will aim to finish their season on a high by defeating the high-flying Puneri Paltan.
Tau Devilal indoor stadium, Panchkula
Match Start Time
Wed, 21/Feb/2024 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Puneri Paltan vs U.P. Yoddhas
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