Tamil Thalaivas Vs Bengal Warriors 21 November 2022

Tamil Thalaivas
Bengal Warriors
TAMIL THALAIVAS won the match
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FT: Tamil Thalaivas 35-30 Bengal Warriors

What a crackerjack of a contest this has turned out to be in the dying moments. Bengal Warriors fought their way back after trailing by eight points in the first half but they never figured out a way to inflict an all-out throughout the contest

Maninder picked up crucial raid points as he led the fight in the second half but Narender too was striking at the other end as both raiders continued to exchange blows. It looked like Bengal were on the verge of inflicting an all-out after Maninder's super raid in the 33rd minute but Narender revived two players instantly with a multi-point raid to save the Thalaivas from trouble.

It went neck and neck in the final five minutes too. Shrikant Jadhav picked up two quick raid points to reduce the deficit to just one point but Maninder can't produce his heroics when it mattered the most. Sagar ran across to tackle him and to make matters worse for the Warriors, it turned out to be a super tackle
40' The last raid of the match turns out to be a do-or-die raid for the Thalaivas. Ajinkya Pawar takes it but the Thalaivas already have a three-point lead. He still takes out two players before making his way to the mid-line. The Thalaivas win the thriller
40' SUPER TACKLE! SAGAR YOU BEAUTY! RK is going wild in the commentary box. Maninder goes deep to attack the left corner defender but Sagar takes a risk to run across before putting in a strong dash to send the raider out of bounds. Maninder still tried to escape but Ajinkya Pawar and the other player takes care of his upper body to pin him down
Shrikant Jadhav picks up two raid points to reduce the deficit to just one at the moment

Tamil Thalaivas 31-30 Bengal Warriors
It's just a two-point lead for the Thalaivas. Final two minutes to go
DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE THALAIVAS. Narender uses the lobby to escape from Balaji's dash. The umpires are having a discussion and two points have been awarded in favour of the Thalaivas. The Warriors take a review now claiming the raider is out. The review turns out to be unsuccessful but the third umpire confirms it's just a solitary point for the Thalaivas
Two specialised raiders and defenders are on the mat for the Thalaivas
37' The Thalaivas' defense can't deal with Maninder's sheer power at the moment. Mohit and Abhishek tried to dash him out bounds but he uses the lobby to make his way to the mid-line. The Thalaivas take a review. Verdict coming up and the review turns out to be unsuccessful. It's just a two-point lead for the Thalaivas now

Tamil Thalaivas 30-28 Bengal Warriors
36' A loose ankle hold from Garge as he gifts Narender a point
Narender and Maninder have rattled through the defense and picked up raid points with ease. What will happen in the final five minutes?
Both teams are just trading blows. It's a three-point lead for the Thalaivas 
34' Narender gets a super 10 by taking out two Bengal players in the do-or-die raid

Tamil Thalaivas 29-25 Bengal Warriors
33' SUPER RAID! It's Maninder again as his brute power helped him to take out three specialised defenders from the Thalaivas
Narender gets a bonus plus he escapes from Balaji's tentative ankle hold. The Thalaivas strike instantly after the time-out
It's been an excellent passage of play for the Warriors but they are still waiting to inflict an all-out. They reduce the eight-point deficit to four now, and we are in for a cracking final 10 minutes of play
Maninder takes a do-or-die raid at the other end and Thalaivas' defense are happy to gift him a bonus point. The lead is just four points now
30' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE THALAIVAS! Vaibhav Garge attempts a thigh hold but Pawar easily escapes and makes his way to the mid-line

Tamil Thalaivas 25-21 Bengal Warriors
The Warriors are on the front foot in the last five minutes, picking up six points to Thalaivas' two
28' Maninder takes a bonus before using the lobby to wrestle past Abhishek's dash

Tamil Thalaivas 24-20 Bengal Warriors
Narender takes the do-or-die raid at the other end. He gets a multi-point raid. Bengal Warriors defense took a risk to dash him out of bounds but looks like he made his way back to the mid-line. The umpire after a long discussion awards the point to the Warriors. The Thalaivas take a review and the verdict is coming up. It's one-point each confirms the third umpire
25' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE WARRIORS! Sahil Gulia allows Hooda to go deep in the right corner before running around to dash him out of bounds

Tamil Thalaivas 23-16 Bengal Warriors
Both Tamil Thalaivas' raiders are off the mat. Will the Warriors capitalise on it?
24' Narender has been tackled at the other end. He leaped from Surender Nada's ankle hold but lost his balance after landing as Shinde runs around to tackle him
Mohit wins his battle with Maninder as he puts in a strong upper block to pin the raider down
DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE THALAIVAS! Here comes Himanshu and he's been tackled by Shubam Shinde and Deepak Hooda
The second half gets underway. Here comes Ajinkya Pawar and he's happy to return empty handed
HT: Tamil Thalaivas 21-13 Bengal Warriors

Tamil Thalaivas' defense stepped up in the first half as they tackle Maninder thrice, while Narender Hoshiyar wreaked havoc to the Bengal defense, picking up seven points in the first half. Tamil Thalaivas had a chance to inflict an all-out in the 10th minute but Manoj Gowda saved the warriors, but he couldn't do the same at the second time of asking

It's an eight-point lead for the Thalaivas but will they keep the momentum in the second half? The Warriors put up an excellent fight against the Thalaivas last time around in the second half to level the tie from nowhere. Looks like they have to replicate the same in the final 20 minutes
20' THALAIVAS ARE ON FIRE! Narender gets a bonus point easily, but at the other end, Sagar with a tight upper block to tackle Manoj Gowda
19' It's an excellent combination tackle from Abhishek and Sagar to pin Maninder again
17' ALL OUT! Manoj can't save the Warriors from an all-out this time as Ajinkya Pawar pounces onto his ankle to tackle him single-handedly

Bengal Warriors 11-18 Tamil Thalaivas
Ajinkya Pawar gets a touch point and the Warriors are down to one
16' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE WARRIORS. Here comes Maninder. But he's pinned down easily, thanks to a brilliant chain from Sagar and Ajinkya Pawar

Bengal Warriors 10-13 Tamil Thalaivas
Ajinkya Pawar takes out Balaji to reduce the Warriors to three again
13' Narender has been super tackled! This could be a big moment in the game. Manoj Gowda takes a bonus plus touch point in the previous raid, and now, he plays a vital role to super tackle the in-form Narender
11' The Warriors are down to two. Will the Thalaivas inflict an all-out? Here comes the do-or-die raid. Narender takes out Shubam Shinde again

Bengal Warriors 5-11 Tamil Thalaivas
10' DO-OR-DIE RAID FOR THE WARRIORS! Here comes Deepak Hooda! He takes his time but Mohit runs around to block him before the support came at the right time

Bengal Warriors 5-10 Tamil Thalaivas
8' Ajinkya gets a running hand touch on the left corner to reduce the Warriors to three now

Bengal Warriors 5-9 Tamil Thalaivas
7' Maninder has been tackled for the first time in the match as Abhishek runs around to dash him out of bounds

Bengal Warriors 5-8 Tamil Thalaivas
6' Narender attempts a dubki and inches away from taking cleaning the Warriors out but a last-second tackle from Balaji proved vital for the Warriors
4' We are still waiting for the first tackle point and here comes the one from Thalaivas. It was a superb chain tackle from Himanshu and Sahil Gulia to pin Shrikant Jadhav down

Bengal Warriors 3-6 Tamil Thalaivas
Looks like Narender is in the mood to wreak havoc to the defenders
Shubam Shinde tries to block Narender but the raider easily makes his way to the mid-line
2' A mistake comes from Sahil Gulia as Maninder gets his second raid point. But Narender gets a big fish Maninder at the other end with a toe touch to take a lead

Bengal Warriors 2-3 Tamil Thalaivas
Right then! Here comes Maninder and he's been tackled. But the referee says the raider is safe as the defender goes out of bounds
Toss: Tamil Thalaivas win the toss and the Warriors will raid first

Tamil Thalaivas (Starters): M. Abishek, Sagar, Narender , Himanshu Virender singh, Sahil Singh, Mohit-II, Ajinkya Ashok Pawar

Substitutes: Himanshu IX, Arpit Saroha, Visvanath V, Ashish-II, Sachin, Thanushan Laxmamohan, Sahil Surender

Bengal Warriors (Starters): Maninder Singh, Surender Nada, Vaibhav Garje, Shubham Shinde, Balaji D, Shrikant Jadhav, Deepak Niwas Hooda

Substitutes: Sakthivel R, Aslam Thambi, Akash Pikalmunde, Parveen, Amit Sheoran, Manoj Gowda, Ashish Kumar
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Hello and welcome to the LIVE coverage of the PKL 2022 match between Tamil Thalaivas and Bengal Warriors at the Gachibowli indoor stadium in Hyderabad

Since helping the Warriors to steal a tie from nowhere against the Thalaivas last time, Maninder went on to record a super 10 in the last six matches, scoring 95 raid points. Tamil Thalaivas' defense tend to make mistakes at crunch moments this season, so Maninder will be aware of their defensive errors and would look to expose them

On the other hand, Bengal Warriors might look strong on paper but beating the resurgent Tamil Thalaivas won't be easy for them. If Bengal have Maninder to do the damage for them, the Thalaivas have Narender Hoshiyar, who has single-handedly helped the team to win most matches. The defense from both teams have their task cut out tonight against these two mighty raiders
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
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Mon, 21/Nov/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengal Warriors
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