Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Tamil Thalaivas vs Dabang Delhi K.C.- PKL 9 Live Updates and Commentary

Tamil Thalaivas
Dabang Delhi K.C.
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Well, that's all we have for you from Super Sunday! Join us back tomorrow for two more action-packed games! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! 
FULL TIME! Tamil Thalaivas 49-39 Dabang Delhi K.C.

Whew! What have we witnessed there? The Thalaivas have absolutely blown away the Dabang Delhi K.C., who slump to their fourth consecutive loss in the tournament. It was a dominant showing right from the get-go when Narender and the defense's heroics ensured that the Thalaivas inflicted the all out multiple times in the first half itself! Dabang Delhi attempted a comeback in the second half but it was to no avail as in the end, they lost by quite a hefty margin. They will be looking forward to making a comeback whereas we are witnessing a totally different Thalaivas under the helm of Ashan Kumar. They will be looking to keeping a winning streak going now!
40' Just at the stroke of the buzzer, Narender picks up a bonus point in front of Amit Hooda in the right corner. 
40' ALL OUT! Mohit steps out of bounds and with just one player on the mat, it is easy pickings for Ashu Malik, who drags himself to the mid-line despite Narender's feeble attempt at an ankle hold.

Tamil Thalaivas 48-39 Dabang Delhi K.C.
40' Narender yet again delays the all-out as he gets a touch on Amit Hooda. 
39' Ashu Malik sends back the left corner and the Thalaivas are reduced to one man once again.

Tamil Thalaivas 47-35 Dabang Delhi K.C.
39' Narender gets a hand touch on Vishal to delay the all-out. 
39' Another quick raid by Ashu Malik and the Thalaivas are down to one man. 
39' A bonus point is picked up by Narender. 

Tamil Thalaivas 45-34 Dabang Delhi K.C.
39' Sahil Gulia gets tagged by Ashu Malik in what is a quick raid. 
38' Do-or-die raid for the Thalaivas and Narender strikes as he uses the lobby to escape Vishal's block. 
38' Sagar attempts a double ankle hold on Ashu Malik, who drags himself to the mid-line. Sagar is livid he did not receive any support. Thalaivas down to two men now. 
37' Visvanath V steps out of bounds as his foot goes past the end-line while defending in the left corner and has to make his way back to the mid-line. 
35' A side-kick from Narender fetches him a point and Amit Hooda departs to the bench.

Tamil Thalaivas 43-30 Dabang Delhi K.C.
35' Mohit attempts an ankle hold on Ashu Malik, who escapes and drags himself towards the mid-line. 
33' SUPER RAID! Ashu Malik has pulled off a terrific raid here! Escaped the ankle hold, used the lobby and evaded the cover defenders to cross the mid-line in the end. Mohit, Sahil Gulia and M Abishek are the culprits there but the Thalaivas have reviewed it as they believe it was just two defenders who made contact and not three. 

The TV umpire rules in favour of Delhi and the review is unsuccessful! What more, he has decided that it is not Mohit but Himanshu instead who had the touch and the three offenders are sent to the bench.

Tamil Thalaivas 42-29 Dabang Delhi K.C.
33' Narender leaps over the double thigh hold attempted by Vishal in the left corner and subsequently tumbles over to the mid-line. 
32' Ajinkya Pawar picks up pace and gets in a running hand touch on Vijay in the left corner.

Tamil Thalaivas 41-26 Dabang Delhi K.C.
32' ALL OUT! The duo of Arpit and Himanshu are unable to stop Manjeet as the raider escapes the ankle hold and proceeds to cross the mid-line while the other defender attempts to pull him back in. 
31' A powerful ankle hold by Amit Hooda and Narender writhes his foot free. However, the second line of defense runs around and tackles his just inches within the mid-line. 
30' Ashish Narwal picks up a point as he picks up speed and gets in a running hand touch on the Thalaivas skipper, Sagar.

Tamil Thalaivas 40-21 Dabang Delhi K.C.
29' Sahil Gulia puts in an ankle hold and M Abishek runs around for support. But it is too advance a tackle and the raider comfortably crosses the mid-line with his outstretched hand.

Tamil Thalaivas 39-20 Dabang Delhi K.C.
29' Do-or-die raid for the Tamil Thalaivas and Narender strikes, sending back Vishal with a swift running hand touch. 
28' Ashish picks up a running hand touch on Mohit and sends back the cover defender. 
27' Manjeet is tackled as Mohit and M Abishek ran around with a dash. M Abishek had run around with a dash there and ended up going out of bounds, resulting in one point being awarded to each side. 
26' Ashu Malik picks up a bonus point in front of Sagar in the right corner and as soon as he does that, the covers run around with an almighty dash which sends him spiralling out of bounds. Narender had put in an ankle hold as well from the right-in position and is awarded the tackle point. 
26' Narender snaps up a bonus point in front of the right corner defender. 
26' Ajinkya Pawar attempts a surprise double ankle hold on Ashu Malik from the right-in position but the raider is alert enough to leap over him and comfortably return to the mid-line. 
25' Ashish Narwal is tackled as M Abishek puts in a terrific diving double ankle hold and the rest of the defense runs around to pin down the raider.

Tamil Thalaivas 35-15 Dabang Delhi K.C.
24' Do-or-die raid for the Thalaivas and Ajinkya Pawar has been sent in for it. He perishes as he ends up venturing too deep in the right side of the defense, allowing the left corner to run around with a chain and surround him. 
21' Ashu Malik picks up a bonus point in front of the left side of the defense.

Tamil Thalaivas 34-13 Dabang Delhi K.C.
21' OH DEAR! Naveen pulls off mid-raid and waits for the time to run down before going back into his half and collapsing. Seems to have hurt his back there which has given him problems time and again. Limps off the field. 
21' Ajinkya Pawar kicks off proceedings in the second half as he puts in a dubki through the chain of Vijay Kumar and Manjeet and makes his way back to the mid-line. 
HALF TIME! Dabang Delhi K.C. 11-32 Tamil Thalaivas

No, you are not reading it wrong. That is the score at half-time courtesy of a terrific performance by the Tamil Thalaivas. Dabang Delhi K.C. have been completely blown away and have found to have no answers whatsoever to whatever has been thrown at them by the Thalaivas. Narender has notched up 12 points in the first half itself and will be looking forward to doubling it in the second unless the Thalaivas decide to slow the game down. Himanshu has supported him well while the defense has done their part in keeping Naveen Kumar & Co. quiet. Delhi desperately in need of some magical performance here if they want to have an attempt at any sort of a comeback here. 
We are facing some technical issues. We will resume our coverage from the second half. Stay tuned for that! 

Tamil Thalaivas:

Starters: Narender, M Abishek, Mohit, Himanshu, Ajinkya Pawar, Sagar (c), Sahil Gulia. 
Substitutes: Thanushan Lazmamohan, Arpit Sarah, Aashish, Himanshu Narwal, Sachin, Himanshu Singh, Visvanath V. 

Dabang Delhi K.C.:

Starters: Naveen Kumar (c), Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Anil Kumar, Ashu Malik, Krishan, Vijay Kumar. 
Substitutes: Ashish Narwal, Sandeep Dhull, Reza Katoulinezhad, Amit Hooda, Manjeet, Dipal, Tejas Patil. 
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 where Super Sunday will cap off with the Tamil Thalaivas locking horns with the Dabang Delhi K.C. at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune. 

Tamil Thalaivas have had quite a poor campaign so far. In the absence of Pawan Sehrawat, they simply failed to get going. However, with the change of head coach, they have come out as an inspired side which has played an aggressive brand of kabaddi. Ashan Kumar has done his part in bringing out the best out of the resources at his disposal. They brought down a strong Pink Panthers side in their previous game and will be looking forward to getting a winning streak going. They are still not out of the tournament and still have a chance of qualifying, although they will need plenty of wins from here on. 

The Dabang Delhi K.C., on the other hand, have had quite a fantastic campaign so far. Naveen Kumar & Co. seemed simply unstoppable at a point but they will have concerns coming into this game as they have lost three games on the trot, a fact that has displaced them from the numero uno spot in the league table. They have had their fair share of concerns in the last game, especially in the defense and they will be looking to desperately correct that coming into this contest. It will take quite an effort for them to end their losing streak. 

Promises to be a cracker of a contest and it will be interesting to see which side emerges on top! Sit back, relax and enjoy as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through all that unfolds over the course of this contest!
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
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Sun, 30/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Tamil Thalaivas vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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