Pro Kabaddi 2022 Highlights, Match 61: Bengal Warriors ride on Ran Singh's brilliance tor pick up 28-27 win

Telugu Titans
Bengal Warriors
BENGAL WARRIORS won the match
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Right then, that is all that we have for you from this Pro Kabaddi League contest! Do join us tomorrow for Gujarat Giants vs. U Mumba and Dabang Delhi KC vs. Patna Pirates. Until next time then, this is me, Vinay Chhabria, signing off! Stay home and stay safe!
Telugu Titans continue to remain winless as they failed to pull off a victory despite leading against Bengal Warriors for a majority of the time in the match. The Titans fans will be disappointed with their team's tactics in the final minutes as Bengal used a fine strategic move to beat Titans by 1 point. 
FULL TIME: Bengal Warriors 28 - 27 Telugu Titans
40' Sandeep tackles down Nabibakhsh in the buzzer raid, but it is too late as Nabibakhsh wasted full 30 seconds as Titans lose again!

Bengal Warriors 28 - 27 Telugu Titans
40' Rajnish scores a bonus for Titans

Bengal Warriors 28 - 26 Telugu Titans
39' Maninder scores a bonus for Bengal

Bengal Warriors 28 - 25 Telugu Titans
38' ALL OUT! Rajnish scores a bonus, but Ran Singh's dive helps Bengal tackle him down!

Bengal Warriors 27 - 25 Telugu Titans
38' C Arun tries a dive on Maninder's ankles but the Bengal captain escapes with ease, Titans are down to 1 man.

Bengal Warriors 24 - 24 Telugu Titans
37' Do-or-die raid for Titans, Rajnish scores a bonus.

Bengal Warriors 23 - 24 Telugu Titans
36' Surinder tries a block on Maninder, but the raider escapes easily and sends Surinder to the bench for the 5th time tonight!

Bengal Warriors 23 - 23 Telugu Titans
35' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Maninder fails an advanced tackle from Titans and gets a touch on Ruturaj!

Bengal Warriors 22 - 23 Telugu Titans
33' Do-or-die raid for Titans, Adarsh gets tackled against a defense of 5, but the umpires have pointed out that Abozar stepped out of bounds! The raider has also been ruled out. 

Bengal Warriors 21 - 23 Telugu Titans
31' Maninder gets a touch point in a do-or-die raid and the lead is down to 2 points now!

Bengal Warriors 20 - 22 Telugu Titans
30' Do-or-die raid for Titans, Adarsh fails a tackle attempt from Nabibakhsh!

Bengal Warriors 19 - 22 Telugu Titans
29' Maninder reduces the lead with a fantastic 2-pointer raid!

Bengal Warriors 19 - 21 Telugu Titans
REVIEW SUCCESSFUL - Telugu Titans challenged the decision and it was found that raider stepped out of bounds and Amit also followed him. So, Titans gets 1 point

Bengal Warriors 17 - 21 Telugu Titans
27' SUPER TACKLE! Bengal's 3 defenders hunt down Rajnish and earn 2 crucial points!

Bengal Warriors 17 - 20 Telugu Titans
25' Telugu Titans have performed brilliantly in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half and added 7 points to their kitty. Bengal have managed only 1 point so far thanks to Sukesh Hegde's successful raid!

Bengal Warriors 15 - 20 Telugu Titans
HALF TIME: Bengal Warriors 14 - 13 Telugu Titans
20' Maninder gets a running hand touch on Surinder for the 3rd time in this match!

Bengal Warriors 14 - 13 Telugu Titans
19' Amit's gutsy tackle helps the Warriors stop Ankit in their half!

Bengal Warriors 13 - 13 Telugu Titans
19' Titans' defense continues its excellent form with a tackle on Nabibakhsh!

Bengal Warriors 12 - 13 Telugu Titans
17' Nabibakhsh opens his account with a touch on Akash! Do-or-die raid for Titans, Rajnish gets tacked by the Warriors!

Bengal Warriors 12 - 12 Telugu Titans
16' Sukesh first scores a bonus in one raid. In the next raid, the Titans hunt him down!

Bengal Warriors 10 - 12 Telugu Titans
14' Do-or-die raid for Titans, Ankit gets the better of Abozar!

Bengal Warriors 9 - 11 Telugu Titans
14' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Akash's ankle hold helps Titans tackle Maninder! Akash is in some form tonight!

Bengal Warriors 9 - 10 Telugu Titans
12' Abozar's dive on Rajnish's ankles leaves the raider helpless!

Bengal Warriors 9 - 9 Telugu Titans
11' Akash's ankle hold helps the Titans hunt down Nabibakhsh! Great tackle from the youngster!

Bengal Warriors 8 - 9 Telugu Titans
10' Ran Singh's ankle hold helps Warriors tackle down Ankit but the raider scored a bonus!

Bengal Warriors 8 - 8 Telugu Titans
10' Sandeep wins the battle of captains with an excellent ankle hold on Maninder!

Bengal Warriors 7 - 7 Telugu Titans
9' Ran Singh's ankle hold helps Bengal hunt down Rajnish!

Bengal Warriors 7 - 6 Telugu Titans
9' Prince tries to dash out Sukesh but fails to pull off a successful tackle.

Bengal Warriors 6 - 6 Telugu Titans
8' Rajnish gets a bonus and fails a tackle attempt from Bengal's defense. Sukesh scores a raid point as well!

Bengal Warriors 5 - 6 Telugu Titans
7' Rajnish gets a touch on Maninder with a running kick!

Bengal Warriors 4 - 4 Telugu Titans
6' Maninder gets a touch on Surinder again!

Bengal Warriors 4 - 3 Telugu Titans
6' Rajnish scores a bonus for Titans

Bengal Warriors 3 - 3 Telugu Titans
5' Prince D tries to block Sukesh but the raider manages to cross the mid-line!

Bengal Warriors 3 - 2 Telugu Titans
4' Do-or-die raid for Titans, Amit tries an advanced tackle on Ankit but the raider escapes!

Bengal Warriors 2 - 2 Telugu Titans
4' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Akash's dive helps Titans hunt down Maninder!

Bengal Warriors 2 - 1 Telugu Titans
2' Ran Singh hunts down Rajnish to open his account!

Bengal Warriors 2 - 0 Telugu Titans
1' Maninder Singh kicks off the proceedings with a touch point on Surinder Singh!

Bengal Warriors 1 - 0 Telugu Titans
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On the other side, the Telugu Titans are last in the points table with 11 points from 9 matches. The Titans have registered seven losses and two draws in their nine outings so far. 
Defending champions Bengal Warriors have been inconsistent this season. They have played 10 matches, recording four wins, five defeats and a tie. The Warriors hold the eighth position in the points table right now. 
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