Telugu Titans Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 15 October 2022

Telugu Titans
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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And that's all for this second match of the evening. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Don't go anywhere, the third match is coming right up! Until then, adios!
FULL TIME! Telugu Titans 26 - 46  Dabang Delhi K.C.

Boy, oh, boy! This Dabang Delhi team is the side to beat. They are in such tremendous form and no one seems to have a solution to stop them. The Telugu Titans had a complete off-day. Nothing went really in their favour. It was as if they had given it up very early in this match. Naveen Kumar was his usual self, scoring another Super 10 this season, and he was helped by some strong performances from Manjeet, Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Ashu Malik, Ashish Narwal, and Krishan Dhull, who also scored for the winning team. Despite ending up on the losing side, the Titans saw a silver lining in the form of Vinay Virender, who scored 9 raid points and a tackle point in what seemed like a night to forget for the men in yellow. The Dabangs' winning streak continues; they now have four consecutive victories this season and are firmly atop the PKL 9 table.
39' Last raid of the match, youngster Tejas Patil returns empty handed.

Telugu Titans 26 - 46  Dabang Delhi K.C.
39' Vinay Virender gets a bonus point.
39' Naveen Kumar sends Siddharth Desai back to the bench.
39' Vishal gifts Siddharth Desai a point.
38' DO OR DIE! Tejas Patil gets the toe touch. The Titans have let this gone.

Telugu Titans 23 - 45  Dabang Delhi K.C.
36' Naveen Kumar puts in an empty raid.
35' Ashish Narwal gets tackled down by Ankit.
35' With five minutes to go, the Dabangs are clearly running away with this contest.

Telugu Titans 21 - 43  Dabang Delhi K.C.
35' Vinay sends the top defender, Krishan to the bench.
33' DO OR DIE! Ashish Narwal returns with two-points.
33' Two-point raid by Siddharth Desai. It could've been 3, he did get a bonus in his favour, but the ref didn't see that.
32' The Titans defence is fragile and they don't seem to have an answer for this attack.
32' A simple bonus as been allowed for the Dabangs.
31' A point each here for Dabang Delhi and Telugu Titans.
30' Nothing's going as per Telugu Titans' gameplay.
29' Naveen Kumar registers an emphatic SUPER 10! He has been absolutely brilliant tonight.

Telugu Titans 17 - 37  Dabang Delhi K.C.
29' Vinay rolls over gets a crucial touch point.
27' Vinay puts a tough tackle on Manjeet.
Telugu Titans 16 - 35  Dabang Delhi K.C.
27' Vishal Bhardwaj steps out of the mat, gets self out.
26' It's a 20-point cushion for the defending champions.
26' Siddharth Desai gets trapped by the wall of the Dabangs.
25' Siddharth Desai returns with a bonus point.
24' Delhi gives away a sloppy point.
23' ALL-OUT! The Dabangs are running away.

Telugu Titans 12 - 32 Dabang Delhi K.C.
23' DO OR DIE! It's a SUPER RAID by Manjeet, he capitalises on the Telugu Tirans' errors.
22' DO OR DIE! The Iranian picks up a bonus and a touch point. 
22' A couple of empty raids to start the second half.
HALF TIME! Telugu Titans 10 - 24 Dabang Delhi K.C.

At the halfway point, the defending champions look so dominant and are crusading away. It will require a monumental comeback from the Titans to stop this fierce attack from the Dabangs. 

Naveen Kumar has been the star of this first half so far, and one can expect him to go for more. An intriguing second is coming right away! Stay tuned.
19' Naveen Kumar puts in an empty raid to finish the first half.
19' Surjeet Singh gets an impressive touch point on Vinay.
16' A bonus point for Naveen Kumar.
15' Siddharth Desai returns with an empty raid.
15' Vijay Kumar concedes a point to Naveen Kumar. 
14' Vinay Virender puts in a fighting effort to get a point.
13' Monu Goyat and Surjeet's teamwork tackles down Manjeet. 
13' A back kick from Monu Goyat and gets a crucial point.
13' Naveen Kumar gets a bonus point.

Telugu Titans 6 - 17 Dabang Delhi K.C.
12' Manjeet gets a quick running hand touch on Vijay Kumar. The lead keeps getting bigger for the Dabangs.
11' Back to back empty raids here.
10' Review successful: Monu Goyat gets 2 important points off that raid. 
9' Manjeet gets the big fish of this Titans side, Siddharth Desai.

Telugu Titans 3 - 15 Dabang Delhi K.C.
8' The Bahubali gets his first point of the night. He gets a touch on Vijay Kumar.
7' Manjeet sends Vishal Bharadwaj back to the bench. A solid point here.
7' Monu Goyat gets himself tackled by Vijay Kumar.
6' It has been a one-way traffic so far from the Shree Kanteerava Stadium.
6' ALL OUT! Adarsh T succumbs to the mighty defence of the Dabangs.

Telugu Titans 2 - 11 Dabang Delhi K.C.
5' Parvesh Bhainswal fails to tackle down Naveen Kumar, concedes a point.
5' Adarsh T is the last man standing, comes in as a sub and gets an important touch point.

Telugu Titans 1 - 7 Dabang Delhi K.C.
3' A terrific dash by Vishal on Vinay. The Dabangs are cleaning houses.
3' Naveen Kumar completes a quick running hand touch. 
2' Empty raid by Vinay Virender.
2' CHOO...CHOOO! The Naveen Express is here. He gets his first point of the match.
2' Monu Goyat gets tackled down by Krishan Dhull.
1' Bonus point for Manjeet to start with.
1' Krishan Dhull puts a clutch ankle-hold on Siddharth Desai. The Dabangs draw first blood.
TOSS UPDATE: Telugu Titans have won the toss and they will defend. Dabang Delhi to open the proceedings.
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Here are the squads

Telugu Titans: PO Surjeet Singh, Vishal Bhardwaj, Parvesh Bhainswal, Monu Goyat, Vijay Kumar, Siddharth Sirish Desai, Vinay Virender

Dabang Delhi K.C.: Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Vijay , Krishan
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. We have had a promising start to tonight’s matches. The defending champions, Dabang Delhi K.C., are set to take on the ninth-placed Telugu Titans in their next match. Both teams are coming into this evening’s fixture with a positive mindset after wins from their previous matches, respectively. There’s a great bunch of talent on both these sides which can this game all the more exciting.

The Naveen Express has already started its voyage and will look to dominate even more this season. Accompanying Naveen Kumar are a bunch of youngsters in Krishan Dhull, Manjeet and Ashu Malik who are in good form. The Titans have built a great team for PKL 9, and they will need a collective team effort to put some breaks on Krishan Hooda’s Dabang Delhi.

All right, it’s about go time and let’s see how this match turns out, it should be a cracker. Let us also know, who you're rooting for? Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Sit tight, get yourselves from snacks and enjoy the live coverage! 

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams!
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sat, 15/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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