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Telugu Titans vs Gujarat Fortunegiants - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
Telugu Titans
Gujarat Fortunegiants
That's all from the first match of the night as the Gujarat Fortunegiants sneak in a close win over the home side Telugu Titans.

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Gujarat Fortunegiants Beat Telugu Titans (29-27)
40' Rahul Chaudhari uses up the entirety of his raid time and the time runs out in the match. Gujarat get the point and the win.
39' Parvesh Bhainswal traps Rakshith with a strong tackle as the Gujarat Fortunegiants take the lead in the final minute of the match.
39' Sachin Tanwar comes in and scores a quick touch on Mohsen Maghsoudlou as the scores stand level with just over a minute to play.
38' Krushna Madane traps Sachin with the ankle hold but the raider is able to get back to the midline.
38' Rakshith scores a running hand touch on Sachin Vittala at the right corner.
37' Prapanajn executes a timely Dubki to get two points and gets his Super 10 on the night. The deficit down to just one point now.
36' Do-or-die raid for Gujarat as Sachin Tanwar comes in. He gets blocked by the defence at the left lobby as the Titans take a 3-point lead.
35' Do-or-die raid for Rahul Chaudhari. He escapes the double thigh hold attempt by Ruturaj Koravi and jumps towards the midline.
33' Krushna Madane comes in for Vishal Bhardwaj (Titans)
Sachin Vittala comes in for Hadi Oshtorak (Fortunegiants)
33' All-out for Telugu Titans!!
Sachin comes in as the last man for Gujarat Fortunegiants. He gets the easy bonus point but is quickly dashed out of bounds with a strong combined effort from the defence.
32' Sachin raids successfully to keep the Gujarat side ahead on the scoreboard.
31' Rakshith comes in for the do-or-die raid and does well to get two touch points to cut the lead down to one point.
30' Rakshith comes in for Nilesh Salunke
29' Ajay Kumar loses his balance and steps into the lobby during his raid.
28' Rahul Chaudhari enters the lobby without a hand touch and gets Ruturaj Koravi out who stepped into the lobby for the dash.
27' Prapanjan gets brought down by the diving ankle hold by Farhad Milaghardan as the defence rushed in just ahead of the midline.
26' Parvesh Bhainswal traps Mohssen Maghsoudlou on the left corner as the dash comes in from Ruturaj Koravi.
25' Do-or-die raid for Sachin Tanwar and he gets two touch point on the left corner of the Titans defence, escaping the ankle hold.
Hadi Oshtorak comes in for Sachin
23' Rahul Chaudhari gets a hand touch on Sunil Kumar in the do-or-die raid attempt.
23' Do-or-die raid for K Prapanjan and he claims a bonus point but is not given the point.
21' Nilesh Salunke escapes the body hold attempt by Ruturaj Koravi and falls backwards towards the midline.
Half Time: Telugu Titans 12 - 17 Gujarat Fortunegiants
20' Nilesh Salunke gets the kick on Ajay Kumar in the final raid of the first half.
20' Ajay Kumar scores the surrender raid as they get the all-out in the dying seconds of the first half.
20' Farhad Milaghardan comes in again for the raid and gets the easy bonus point.
19' Prapanjan scores again in a similar fashion as the last time as he jumps away from the tackle attempt by Anil Kumar.
19' Farhad Milaghardan comes in as the last man for Telugu Titans and scores a running kick on Ruturaj Koravi on the right corner.
18' Prapanjan jumps over the diving ankle hold by Vishal Bhardwaj and scores an easy point. Telugu Titans review the call claiming Prapanjan stepped out of bounds. 

The TV Umpire rules in favour of Prapanjan. The Titans lose their review.
17' Mohsen Maghsoudlou goes for the do-or-die raid but gets floored with the ankle hold by Ruturaj Koravi and Sachin Vittala jumped in to assist.
16' Prapanjan scores two points as he escapes the ankle hold by Nilesh Salunke as he manages another touch from Abozar Mighani on the right corner.
15' Rahul Chaudhari, in for the do-or-die raid gets trapped into the double thigh hold by Parvesh Bhainswal at the left corner.
14' Prapanjan strikes again with a bonus point on the right corner in front of Abozar Mighani.
13' Prapanjan goes low to get the running hand touch on Anil Kumar with a touch on the shin.
12' Sachin Tanwar tries to extend his hand past the midline but gets trapped by the ankle hold of Vishal Bhardwaj and the Iranian covers come in to keep his hands away.
11' Do-or-die raid for Rahul Chaudhari. He does brilliantly to brave the dash by the cover defenders after getting the bonus on the right corner. Super Raid for the poster boy!!
11' Prapanjan tags Abozar Mighani in the cover position of the Telugu defence. 
9' Sachin forces an error from Anil Kumar who puts in the advance tackle past the baulk line as the raider wriggled away from the ankle hold.
8' Nilesh Salunke scores the running hand touch on Sunil Kumar in the cover position and celebrates in style.
7' K Prapanjan scores in the do-or-die raid as he gets away from the ankle hold by Abozar Mighani on the right corner.
6' Rahul Chaudhari scores his first touch point as he tags Ruturaj Koravi on the right corner.
5' Ajay Kumar attempts a bonus at the left corner but the refs do not award it.

Gujarat call for a review of the decision. The TV Umpire rules it as no bonus and Gujarat lose their review for the match.
4' Sachin delves too deep into the right corner of the Titans and gets brought down by Mohsen Maghosudlou and Anil Kumar rushed in with the dash.
3' Nilesh Salunke scores the bonus in the do-or-die raid but Sachin Vittala halts him with the ankle hold.
2' Sachin Tanwar puts in a quick raid as he escapes the ankle hold by Rahul Chaudhari at the centre of the defence.
1' First tackle point for the Titans as Ajay Kumar is trapped by Rahul Chaudhari with the ankle hold as the defence comes in to support quickly.
1' Sachin Tanwar starts off proceedings with the running hand touch on Farhad Milaghardan on the right cover position.
Telugu Titans win the toss & select the Choice of court
Starting Lineups:

Telugu Titans - Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Nilesh Salunke, Rahul Chaudhari, Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan, Abozar Mohajermighani, Vishal Bhardwaj, Anil Kumar

Gujarat Fortunegiants - Ajay Kumar, K. Prapanjan, Sachin, Sunil Kumar, Parvesh Bhainswal, Sachin Vittala, Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi
Welcome to the live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2018 as the Vizag leg kicks off with Telugu Titans taking on the Gujarat Fortunegiants in the first match of the night.
Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Vizag
Match Start Time
Fri, 07/Dec/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs Gujarat Fortunegiants
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