Telugu Titans Vs Gujarat Giants 29 October 2022

Telugu Titans
Gujarat Giants
GUJARAT GIANTS won the match
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And that was it for this match. Thanks for tuning into this coverage with me, Saikrishna MD. Don't go anywhere, a high-octane clash between U Mumba and Bengal Warriors is underway. Make sure to tune into it. Until then, ciao!
FULL TIME! Telugu Titans 19 - 30 Gujarat Giants

Telugu Titans, who had a respectable lead at the break, have taken a serious setback in the second half with an 11-point shortfall over their opponents. The Giants came to party in the second twenty, a collective performance on a day that wasn't going as per Ram Mehar Singh's tactics, but ended up yielding them the much needed result. And as for the Titans, they don't seem to have that positive element with them. They look fragile and not worthy enough to pose any sort of threat from their attack front. It's the defence of Gujarat Giants that deserves praise tonight. Sourav Gulia struck a high 5, while Rinku Narwal scalped 4 tackle points, which eventually put a dent on Telugu Titans' hope of getting points from raid. Parteek Dahiya showed a lot of promise, especially when Rakesh wasn't on top of his game. He did the hard yards for the Giants. In the end, the men in orange will be happy with this result and will take home those five points and look to improve in their upcoming matches.
39' DO OR DIE! Monu Goyat isn't quick and fiery like he used to be before, succumbing to an ankle hold from Rinku Narwal.

Telugu Titans 19 - 30 Gujarat Giants
39' DO OR DIE! Rakesh clears the obstacle of two-men defence of the Titans and inflicts an ALL OUT. And this surely could be game over for the men in yellow.

Telugu Titans 19 - 29 Gujarat Giants
37' DO OR DIE! This Giants defence ain't letting Siddharth Desai run away with a point. A top quality ankle hold from Sourav Gulia gets the scalp of the Bahubali.

Telugu Titans 18 - 25 Gujarat Giants
36' SUPER TACKLE! Rakesh lands hard on his elbow after a double thigh hold from Ankit.

Telugu Titans 18 - 24 Gujarat Giants
36' Both teams have exchanged a couple of empty raids here.

Telugu Titans 16 - 24 Gujarat Giants
35' With 2 men remaining on the court for the Titans, they are looking to make a play for the do or die raid here.
34' Abhishek Singh, who was subbed in moments before, gets perished to a challenge from Rinku Narwal, who manages to land a strong defensive tackle.
34' DO OR DIE! Rakesh accelerates forces the Titans to panic and comes back with a running hand touch on Surjeet.

Telugu Titans 16 - 22 Gujarat Giants
33' Monu Goyat tried for a bonus but, wasn't sure and so tried again and failed. A fantastic defensive dash from Sourav Gulia sends him back to the bench.
32' DO OR DIE! Parteek tries a kick to begin with but, he didn't get anything there. He tries to jump over Ankit who catches him and puts a solid toe hold.

Telugu Titans 16 - 21 Gujarat Giants
31' Rakesh HS teases and plays with the clock and returns back with an empty raid.
Don't go anywhere another exciting match is coming up after this, stay tuned!
30' With 10 minutes remaining, this match could go either way. It will all come down to who handles the pressure better.
30' DO OR DIE! A strong dash comes in from Shankar Gadai and Adarsh T falls prey.

Telugu Titans 15 - 21 Gujarat Giants
28' Both teams are playing for do-or-die raids here, exchanging empty raids. 
27' DO OR DIE! Siddharth Desai's struggle continues, he's got nowhere to go and Rinku completes a fabulous ankle hold.

Telugu Titans 14 - 20 Gujarat Giants
26' Parteek Dahiya! What a star he's turning out to be, a couple of touch points to the youngster. Sends back Vijay Kumar and Monu Goyat to the bench.
25' ALL OUT! The Giants are running away with the upward momentum and they have inflicted an all out. Parvesh Bhainswal had no answer to the challenge of Rinku Narwal.

Telugu Titans 12 - 17 Gujarat Giants
24' Rakesh jumps and gets back with a point on Vijay Kumar who failed to tackle him, and the Giants are cleaning houses.

Telugu Titans 12 - 14 Gujarat Giants
23' A point has been handed over to the Giants as Vishal Bharadwaj had stepped out. This could've been a massive super tackle opportunity here.
22' A few exchange of empty raids here. 
20' Sourav Gulia puts in perfect double ankle hold on Monu Goyat and is trapped by a Giant defence.
20' Parteek swears that he's a touch on Surjeet Singh, but the latter thinks otherwise. The verdict is; he has got him.

Telugu Titans 12 - 10 Gujarat Giants
HALF TIME! Telugu Titans 12 - 9 Gujarat Giants

As it stands, the Titans are surprising everyone with their promising performance in the first half. Keeping Rakesh HS silent is something that has contributed to their 3-point lead. A special mention to Vijay Kumar, who has been lethal on defensive duty. The Giants will hope to change the dynamics of the match very quickly in the second half. The super interesting second twenty gets underway!
19' DO OR DIE! Vijay Kumar has been terrific in this half, gets another scalp in form of  Purna Singh who had to get a point here to survive.

Telugu Titans 12 - 9 Gujarat Giants
18' DO OR DIE! Shankar Gadai waited and waited to make the right move on Adarsh T who had an eye to get a point here. A solid double ankle-hold by the Giants' defender.

Telugu Titans 11 - 9 Gujarat Giants
17' Both teams have exchanged an empty raid each.
16' DO OR DIE! Rakesh rushes and an almighty dash comes in from Ankit to push him off the court.

Telugu Titans 11 - 8 Gujarat Giants
14' Parteek tries to jump over but, Ankit grabs him up and it's a SUPER TACKLE! Much needed couple of points for the Titans.

Telugu Titans 9 - 8 Gujarat Giants
12' Rakesh HS with a pacey move of his own and gets a touch on the veteran, Surjeet Singh.

11' DO OR DIE! Abhishek Singh enforces an error from the defence of the Titans and walks back with a touch point from a pacey running hand touch.

Telugu Titans 6 - 6 Gujarat Giants
10' Parteek Dahiya gives the Giants a lead over Telugu Titans for the first time in this match.

Telugu Titans 5 - 6 Gujarat Giants
9' Nitin puts in a dash on Parteek Dahiya, who had already taken a bonus, but that defensive move was too late. The raider walks away with a couple of points. The scores are equal now.
7' DO OR DIE! Rakesh the man in form gets trapped from a solid defensive move. A tackle of finest order from Vijay Kumar and Rakesh had nowhere to go.

Telugu Titans 5 - 2 Gujarat Giants
6' DO OR DIE! Abhishek Singh succumbs to a tag-team effort of Sourav Gulia who put fancied a dash and Rakesh who came with the strong block.

Telugu Titans 4 - 2 Gujarat Giants
5' DO OR DIE! Rakesh HS tries for the bonus and gets it right, takes his time and heads back with the first point on board for the men in orange.

Telugu Titans 4 - 1 Gujarat Giants
4' Shankar Gadai gifts a point to Monu Goyat. The Giants are looking fragile at this stage.
2' Telugu Titans are on a roll! Prashant Rai gets blocked by Vijay Kumar and the whole defence comes to his assist.

Telugu Titans 3 - 0 Gujarat Giants
2' Adarsh T bags the first touch point off Arkam Shaikh and it was a furious hand touch on the all-rounder.
1' Monu Goyat tries for that bonus point and yes, he is successful with that.

Telugu Titans 1 - 0 Gujarat Giants
TOSS UPDATE: Gujarat Giants have won the toss and they have chosen the court. First raid from Telugu Titans coming right up!
DANG! What did we witness in the first match of this evening? Just WOW. The Bengaluru Bulls and Bharat have pulled off a belter. Hope this match too lives up to all expectations.
Here are the squads:

Telugu Titans:

Starting 7: Abhishek Singh, Vijay Kumar, Monu Goyat, Adarsh T, Vishal Bhardwaj, Nitin, Mohit

Subs: PO Surjeet Singh, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Siddharth Sirish Desai, Parvesh Bhainswal, K Hanumanthu, Ankit, Mohit Pahal

Gujarat Giants:

Starting 7: Parteek Dhaiya, Arkam Shaikh, Sourav Gulia, Rakesh HS, Shankar Gadai, Rinku Narwal, Prashanth Kumar Rai

Subs: Purna Singh, Sonu, Sandeep Kandola, Vijin Thangadurai, Dong Geon Lee, Baldev Singh, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput
Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. The Telugu Titans who sit at the bottom of the table will be going up against Gujarat Giants who are currently placed ninth on the points table. Both teams did not have the best finishes to their matches in the Bengaluru leg of the tournament. Coming on the bank of losses from previous encounters, these two would be ideally looking for an opportunity to get off to a winning start at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Pune.

The Titans have absolute star power in their ranks, but they haven’t been able to pose a threat to the opposition numbers yet, and coach Manjeet Chillar will be optimistic about players like Siddharth Desai, Monu Goyat, Vishal Bharadwaj, and Parvesh Bhainswal coming to the party. For the Giants, Rakesh Sangroya has been in prime form, winning points at frequent intervals, and a bit of resilience from the defence tonight could be the factor that could separate these two sides.

This could be an interesting match-up. Let’s find out who can bring their A-game tonight and take home those points. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill and enjoy the coverage.
Shree Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex,Balewadi, Pune
Match Start Time
Sat, 29/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs Gujarat Giants
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