Telugu Titans Vs Haryana Steelers 25 October 2022

Telugu Titans
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
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FT: Telugu Titans 24-43 Haryana Steelers

The Steelers end their losing streak as they steamrolled the Titans to get a massive win. Meetu and Manjeet wreaked havoc to the Titans' defense throughout the match, while in contrast, the Titans' raiders struggled to make an impact in the match

Vinay was stretched off due to an injury and his replacement Siddharth Desai got five raid points, which is the highest by the Titans' raider eventually. The Titans didn't recover from an early setback after the Steelers inflicted the first all-out in the first half. 

Meetu and Manjeet were all over the Titans' defense in the second half and the former goes on to even register his super 10. 
40' SUPER RAID! Meetu looks unstoppable. He escapes from an ankle hold and thigh hold to make his way back to the mid-line
Last minute of the match
39' Another defensive error from the Titans allows Meetu to run away with an easy point
ALL OUT! Mohsen has been tackled by the Titans' defense. It's a third all-out being inflicted by the Steelers

Haryana Steelers 38-21 Telugu Titans
38' Manjeet tries his luck this time as the Titans are reduced to two again. He escapes from an ankle hold from Mohsen to leave just one man on the mat for the Titans

Haryana Steelers 35-21 Telugu Titans
SUPER TACKLE! Mohsen and Nitin Deswal pins Meetu down

Haryana Steelers 33-21 Telugu Titans
35' Meetu, who's been kept quiet in the second half by the Titans' defense, escapes from the chain and makes his way back to the mid-line. It's a two-point raid for the Steelers

Haryana Steelers 32-12 Telugu Titans
34' Desai escapes from the ankle hold from the right corner defender to get a point for the Titans

Haryana Steelers 30-19 Telugu Titans
33' Meetu has been tackled and Desai gets a bonus point in the next do-or-die raid
A flurry of empty raids from both teams and here comes the do-or-die raid for the Steelers
30' Manjeet uses his height to perfection and gets another running hand touch. Mohsen is the player who has to go to the bench

Haryana Steelers 29-16 Telugu Titans
29' Manjeet with a running hand touch on the cover defender. But the review has been taken by the Titans' defense and it turns out to be unsuccessful
28' Adarsh steps in and takes a two-point raid. Still, the deficit is 10 points for the Titans

Haryana Steelers 26-16 Telugu Titans
Prapanjan has been tackled her. Here comes a do-or-die raid for the Titans
Haryana Steelers are slowing down the pace of the game and here comes the do-or-die raid again
25' Meetu has been dashed out of bounds by Vishal Bharadwaj before Mohit tackles Mohsen with a splendid thigh hold to pin him down. Both teams fail to take a point in the do-or-die raid

Haryana Steelers 26-13 Telugu Titans
22' Manjeet has been tackled but is there a jersey pulling? No, the point has been awarded to the Titans

Haryana Steelers 24-12 Telugu Titans
Will the Titans' defense stop Meetu and Manjeet in the second half?
HT: Telugu Titans 11-24 Haryana Steelers

It's been a dominating performance from the Steelers. Manjeet Chillar has his work cut out to uplift the energy of the players as they look down and out at the moment. 

The Titans' defense have been really struggling as they have only three tackle points so far, while the raiders' impact too hasn't been up to the mark. Losing Vinay due to a nasty injury turned out to be a big blow for the Titans, so a comeback from this position seems to be very slim. But anyhow, let's see what happens in the second half shortly
Final minute in the first half
17' ALL OUT! Meetu you beauty! This time he escapes from the duo of Vishal and Vijay to make his way back to the mid-line

Telugu Titans 10-22 Haryana Steelers
SUPER TACKLE! Meetu leaps and escapes from the ankle hold by Vijay Kumar but Vishal Bharadwaj dashes him from fingertips away from touching the midline. The Steelers are so close to inflicting a second all-out
Here comes the do-or-die raid for the Titans but Mohsen has been tackled brilliantly by the Haryana defense
The Titans are reduced to three now
12' The Haryana defense is on a roll at the moment. This time Monu Goyat was inches away from a super raid but eventually the defence pulls him back and sends him back to the bench

Telugu Titans 7-15 Haryana Steelers
11' NEARLY! Adarsh was inches away from touching the mid-line as he escapes from the ankle hold but the block from Jaideep was too strong
Looks like Vinay has been carried off on a stretcher. Hope there is nothing serious
10' Vishal Bharadwaj tackles Prapanjan with a block but he was still making his way back to the mid-line. The support came at the right time as the defense pulled the raider back in time

Telugu Titans 7-12 Haryana Steelers
9' Bahubali Siddharth Desai is in now but he's been tackled by Mohit with a brilliant ankle hold before the support came in at the right time. Haryana Steelers inflict their first all-out

Telugu Titans 6-12 Haryana Steelers
8' Meethu Sharma gets a toe touch on Monu Goyat before the Titans' defence sends Adarsh to the bench. The Titans are reduced to two now

Telugu Titans 5-8 Haryana Steelers
6' There was a physical battle going on between Manjeet and Titans' right corner defender but he eventually win the battle. The umpires are having a discussion and awards two points to the Steelers

Telugu Titans 4-6 Haryana Steelers
The raiders from both teams are running away with easy points early on. It's all square again
4' Manjeet with a running hand touch on Vinay before entering into the lobby

Telugu Titans 3-4 Haryana Steelers
2' Vinay with a perfect kick on the right corner defender as they take an initial lead. But it's all square now as Manjeet takes a bonus point 

Telugu Titans 2-2 Haryana Steelers
1' Monu Goyat tries a running hand touch but the cover defender tries for an ankle hold but the raid makes his way back to the mid-line
Telugu Titans will raid first and here comes Monu Goyat
Toss: Haryana Steelers win the toss and choose to defend
Who will end their losing streak today? We are set for some intense action of Kabaddi over the course of next hour or so.
Telugu Titans (Starting Seven): Vijay Kumar, Monu Goyat, Adarsh T, Vishal Bhardwaj, Nitin, Vinay , Mohit

Bench: Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari, Siddharth Sirish Desai, Prince D, Ramakrishna Palla, K Hanumanthu, Ankit, Mohit Pahal

Haryana Steelers: Manjeet, Amirhossein Bastami, Nitin Rawal, Meetu Mhahender, Jaideep Kuldeep, Mohit, K. Prapanjan

Bench: Ankit, Harsh, Sunny, Joginder Singh Narwal, Rakesh Narwal, Vinay, Sushil
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Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Telugu Titans vs Haryana Steelers
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