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Telugu Titans
Patna Pirates
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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That's all from the Pro Kabaddi action for the night as we have witnessed two thrilling encounters that went down to the final raid of the match. Bengal Warriors and Patna Pirates emerged winners on the mat but Jaipur Pink Panthers and Telugu Titans fought well for their point.

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Full Time: Telugu Titans 30 - Patna Pirates 31

What an enthralling game of Kabaddi we have witnessed here! Patna Pirates were solid from the get-go and amassed a solid lead in the first twenty minutes of the match courtesy some strong defence on the mat.

However, Ankit Beniwal and Rakesh Gowda did well to keep the Telugu Titans' hopes alive and mounted a comeback and almost got the win for their team. Calmer head and experience prevailed for the Pirates as Sachin Tanwar clinched the win in the final raid of the match!

Top Scorers:
Telugu Titans - Ankit Beniwal (10 points)
Patna Pirates - Monu Goyat (7 points)
HE HAS DONE IT! Sachin Tanway, you beast! He goes in for the last raid of the match and forces an error from Sandeep Kandola at the left corner and jumps in joy as the Patna Pirates have clinched this one at the death here! That went down to the wire!

Telugu Titans 30 - 31 Patna Pirates
Ankit Beniwal has done the trick here! He goes in against two defenders and gets the touch on Shubham Shinde at the right corner but there is till time for one raid here! Can Patna pull it off?

Telugu Titans 30 - 30 Patna Pirates
BRILLIANCE from Ruturaj Koravi! He manages to stop Monu Goyat just before the midline with a sturdy back hold! What a crucial tackle point there!

Telugu Titans 29 - 30 Patna Pirates
Quickfire raid from Ankit Beniwal as he goes deep and tries the hand touch on Sachin but fails, however he escapes the hold from Sandeep and cuts the lead down to two.

Telugu Titans 28 - 30 Patna Pirates
Ankit Beniwal attempts a sliding toe touch at the left corner as Sunil rushes in with a dash. The raider is able to use his strength and gets past the midline. Great point from the youngster.

Telugu Titans 27 - 30 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar goes in cautiously at the left corner and escapes the attempted ankle hold from Sandeep Kandola with ease.

Telugu Titans 26 - 30 Patna Pirates
Rakesh Gowda goes in for the raid and delves very deep as Patna keep away from him but Neeraj Kumar gives in and Gowda escapes to secure the raid point and close the gap further

Telugu Titans 26 - 29 Patna Pirates
Late drama here as the Patna Pirates' coach Ram Mehar Singh has been yellow carded for arguing with the officials and will be out for 2 minutes.
Sachin Tanwar comes in for the do-or-die raid and another howler from Rohit Kumar as he mistimes his ankle hold allowing Tanwar to escape with ease, who claims a bonus as well but the referees do not award it there.

Telugu Titans 25 - 29 Patna Pirates
SUPER TACKLE for the Patna Pirates! Ankit Beniwal was up against three men and Monu Goyat manages to trip him just outside the baulk line and the supporting cast rushed in to secure the two tackle points!

Telugu Titans 25 - 28 Patna Pirates
Telugu Titans 25 - 26 Patna Pirates

Timeout taken here as the teams are just separated by one point here! Which team will hold their nerves and get the points tonight! Or are we in for a tie here! Stay tuned for the final few minutes of the match right here!
Do-or-die time for the Telugu Titans and it is Ankit Beniwal yet again, up against four defenders. He stands and waits for the mistake as Sajin puts in a mistimed tackle and Ankit rushes to the midline with ease.

Telugu Titans 25 - 26 Patna Pirates
Monu Goyat puts in a patient raid and calmly steals a bonus point at the left corner of the Telugu defence. Slow and steady there....

Telugu Titans 24 - 26 Patna Pirates
Error from Surinder Singh there as Monu Goyat easily evades the advance tackle and dives back towards the midline.

Telugu Titans 24 - 25 Patna Pirates
SUPER RAID!! Anki Beniwal has levelled it up for the Titans! After getting away from the clutches of Chiyaneh at the left corner, Beniwal brushes off the rushing dash and just manages to stay in and goes past the midline. Scores are level now! Game on.....

Telugu Titans 24 - 24 Patna Pirates
One point for both the sides! Sachin Tanwar goes in for a deep running hand touch but is dashed off the mat by Surinder Singh, the defender also gets thrown out! 

Telugu Titans 21 - 24 Patna Pirates
Timeout for both the sides. We have just under 10 minutes on the clock as the game is poised for an exciting end! Can the Pirates hold on to their slim lead or will the Titans snatch the win here? 

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Unfortunate there for Rakesh Gowda as momentum takes him off the mat as he went in for a running hand touch at the right corner.

Telugu Titans 20 - 23 Patna Pirates
Monu Goyat, raiding after a considerable time escapes the ankle hold attempt from Telugu skipper Rohit Kumar and jumps past the midline.

Telugu Titans 20 - 22 Patna Pirates
ALL-OUT for the TITANS! Two men up against Ankit Beniwal and he forces Neeraj out of bounds on the retreat and gets the easy touch on Chiyaneh. Four points for the Titans and the gap is closed down to one.

Telugu Titans 20 - 21 Patna Pirates
Selvamani comes in off the bench and gets a quick bonus point. Two men on the mat now for the Pirates!

Telugu Titans 16 - 21 Patna Pirates
Ankit Beniwal is in for the do-or-die raid again agains three Patna defenders. He does well moving around and baits Sunil for the hold but manages to backtrack and escape for the touch point.

Telugu Titans 16 - 20 Patna Pirates
Patna's turn for the do-or-die raid and Sachin Tanwar came in for the raid. He attempted a bonus but was not successful and is trapped at the right In position by Rakesh Gowda. Patna had asked to review the decision as Sachin Tanwar claimed a bonus point but the review goes in vain.

Telugu Titans 15 - 20 Patna Pirates
Do-or-die time for the Titans and Ankit Beniwal is in! He is tackled at the bonus line with a strong ankle hold by Neeraj Kumar. Super Tackle for the Pirates!

Telugu Titans 14 - 20 Patna Pirates
The youngster Guman Singh, who came in off the bench, is caught at the right corner with a well-executed double thigh hold from Ruturaj Koravi.

Telugu Titans 14 - 18 Patna Pirates
The second half action begins in Bengaluru....
Half Time
Telugu Titans 13 - 18 Patna Pirates

This has been an intensely contested first half with Patna inching ahead on account of their strong defensive showing. Prashanth Kumar Rai and Rakesh Gowda have done well in the raiding department for their teams with 5 points each. Each of the Patna defenders have secured atleast one tackle point so far in the match.

Can the Telugu Titans claw their way back in this encounter? Stay tuned right here at Sportskeeda as we bring all the live action right here!
Superb back hold there from Ruturaj Koravi as he traps Prashanth Kumar Rai at the right corner.

Telugu Titans 13 - 18 Patna Pirates
Monu Goyat steps into the lobby after going deep into the left corner as the Titans are slowly inching their way back into the match

Telugu Titans 12 - 18 Patna Pirates
Patna's Iranian import continues to impress as he gets the Rakesh Gowda off the mat with a stellar dash!

Telugu Titans 12 - 18 Patna Pirates
Trademark ankle hold from Sandeep Kandola!! Went in for the kill on Sachin Tanwar and the defence rushes in to keep the man down!

Telugu Titans 11 - 17 Patna Pirates
Sajin C executes a near-perfect double thigh hold as he gets the young man Ankit Beniwal near the baulk line.

Telugu Titans 10 - 17 Patna Pirates
Strong dash there from Ruturaj Koravi! Monu Goyat delved too deep into the left corner of the Titans' defence and gets dashed out and just misses the midline as he dove for it!

Telugu Titans 10 - 16 Patna Pirates
Finally a raid point for Rohit Kumar! He waited in front of the left corner and just as Neeraj Kumar came in for the dash, Kumar retreated to the midline successfully!

Telugu Titans 9 - 16 Patna Pirates
Quickfire raid from Sachin Tanwar as he gets the running hand touch on the Telugu defender. Steady rise for the Patna Pirates here!

Telugu Titans 8 - 16 Patna Pirates
Superb block executed by Sunil and the Patna defence as they get their man Ankit Beniwal at the baulk line.

Telugu Titans 8 - 15 Patna Pirates
Almost the grand escape from Monu Goyat! After going deep into the left corner with a kick, Monu attempted to escape the clutches of Surinder Singh but to no avail. 

Telugu Titans 8 - 14 Patna Pirates
Brilliant ankle hold from Iranian Chiyaneh as he grabs Rakesh Gowda with intent and the defence rushes in to submerge the youngster.

Telugu Titans 7 - 14 Patna Pirates
Patna skipper Prashanth Kumar Rai comes in after the all-out and gets his trademark right corner touch after attempting a bonus but gets the touch instead. Consistency from the captain!

Telugu Titans 7 - 13 Patna Pirates
Rakesh Gowda, the lone man runs around the defence for a while after taking the early bonus but is tackled down with a strong hold by the Iranian left corner Chiyaneh. ALL OUT for the Patna Pirates!

Telugu Titans 7 - 12 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar goes in for the raid against two defenders and manages to get the retreating Akash out with a slick running hand touch. Last man standing now for the Titans!

Telugu Titans 6 - 9 Patna Pirates
Another bonus point for Rakesh Gowda as he keeps the scoreboard ticking for the Telugu Titans.

Telugu Titans 6 - 8 Patna Pirates
Prashanth Kumar Rai comes in against three men and after a bit of movement at the right corner, manages to flee the dash from Adarsh and reaches the midline safely.

Telugu Titans 5 - 8 Patna Pirates
Rakesh Gowda comes in again and has managed to get the touch on Monu Goyat yet again....great form from the youngster as he keeps the Titans alive on the mat!

Telugu Titans 5 - 7 Patna Pirates
Monu Goyat comes in with the Super Tackle on for the Titans. He marches on the right corner Ruturaj Koravi, gets the touch deep and scrambles back to the midline!

Telugu Titans 4 - 7 Patna Pirates
Ankit Beniwal is tackled at the baulk line with a strong block from Neeraj Kumar as the defence gathers to support him. Three men on the mat now for the Titans

Telugu Titans 4 - 6 Patna Pirates
Do-or-die raid for the first time tonight and the veteran Prashanth Kumar Rai is in! And wow he has scored a Super Raid there! 
Lurking intently at the right corner, he waited for his moment and dove towards the midline taking three defenders with him. Superb start for the Patna skipper!

Telugu Titans 4 - 5 Patna Pirates
Ankit Beniwal comes in for his first raid of the night and with a swift move, manages to get the bonus point in front of the Left In. Smart raid there from the young man!

Telugu Titans 4 - 2 Patna Pirates
The young, lanky raider Rakesh Gowda continues his scoring spree and claims a touch on Neeraj Kumar, who swears no touch but the referees have ruled it for the Titans

Telugu Titans 3 - 2 Patna Pirates
Sachin Tanwar is in for the raid and is successful on his first outing with a silding toe touch at the left corner. Both teams trading quick blows here!

Telugu Titans 2 - 2 Patna Pirates
Rakesh Gowda up next, surveys the left corner and gets his man with a reverse kick and he gets the big fish, Monu Goyat!

Telugu Titans 2 - 1 Patna Pirates
Monu Goyat comes in for the Pirates' first raid and strikes with a bonus of his own!

Telugu Titans 1 - 1 Patna Pirates
Rohit Kumar starts off with an easy bonus at the left corner for the Titans to set the ball rolling.

Telugu Titans 1 - 0 Patna Pirates
Patna Pirates won the toss, they choose court and the Titans will begin the raiding in the match!
The players are warming up on the mat and we will have the toss in a few minutes.
We are all set for the start of the second match after a thrilling encounter between Bengal Warriors and Jaipur Pink Panthers that went all the way down to the last raid of the match!
Another match for the Telugu Titans without their talisman, Siddharth Desai. Ankit Beniwal stepped up in the last match but the Titans had to settle for a draw. Will he manage to do it again?
Starting 7s:

Telugu Titans -
Rohit Kumar, Surinder Singh, Prince, Rakesh Gowda, Ankit Beniwal, Ruturaj Koravi, Sandeep Kandola

Patna Pirates -  Monu Goyat, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Prashanth Kumar Rai, Sachin Tanwar, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
Here is all that you need to know about the second match of the night.

With the match set to begin in some time, here are some last minute tips for your Dream11 fantasy team.

Telugu Titans are in search of their first win of Pro Kabaddi League Season 8. They have lost two and drawn two matches so far in the league stage, and are placed down below in the 11th spot in the PKL standings with 8 points. Their most recent result was a closely contested draw with the Bengaluru Bulls.

On the other hand, Patna Pirates are an in-form side having won three out of their four matches so far.  They are placed fourth in the PKL standings with a tally of 16 points. They come into this clash on the back of dominant wins over Puneri Paltan and Bengal Warriors.
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Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Mon, 03/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs Patna Pirates
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