Pro Kabaddi 2022 LIVE Score, Telugu Titans vs Patna Pirates: PKL 9 Live Updates and Commentary, Pro Kabaddi Match 95

Telugu Titans
Patna Pirates
PATNA PIRATES won the match
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Telugu Titans 35-36 Patna Pirates

The Pirates win by one point. Who would have thought it would have been that close? The Pirates were in firm control of the game in the second half and wasted a little time while inflicting the second All Out. Sidharth Desai did pick up some raid points upfront on his way to complete 600 raid points in PKL history but lacked support from his defenders and secondary raiders. Sachin was the star of the match as his 14 raid points turned out to be the difference. The Pirates leapfrog over Dabang Delhi and occupy the sixth position in the points table as of this writing. Very little to separate the teams in the mid-table and this win will help the Pirates a lot as the league approaches the business end. 
40' ALL OUT! Patna Pirates win by one point. It is a Do or Die raid from Sachin and he winds down the remaining 9 seconds on the clock. He tries for a bonus but gets trapped.

Telugu Titans 35-36 Patna Pirates 
40' Sidharth Desai with a running hand touch but it is too little too late. The Bahubali crawls past the challenge of Monu and extends his hand past the mid-line.

Telugu Titans 32-36 Patna Pirates 
39' A vicious back kick from Adarsh on Manish. We are into the final minute of the game.

Telugu Titans 30-36 Patna Pirates 
39' Review unsuccessful! Neeraj sits down on the mat but a part of his body goes past the mat.

Telugu Titans 29-35 Patna Pirates 
39' Patna Pirates challenge for a self Out. The umpire says Neeraj is out but they don't think so. 
39' Rohit Gulia with a toe touch on Sidharth Desai. That is interesting!

Telugu Titans 28-35 Patna Pirates 
38' Sidharth was deep in the covers and Sunil comes forward to take him down. But, he takes too much time and gets a point.

Telugu Titans 28-34 Patna Pirates 
37' Rohit Gulia winds down the clock by taking all of the 30 seconds. Sidharth shrugs off an ankle hold attempt and Shadloui's attempted back hold.

Telugu Titans 27-34 Patna Pirates 
36' SUPER TACKLE! Vishal does well to hold Sachin and receives support from Parvesh. Siddharth comes away with a bonus.

Telugu Titans 25-34 Patna Pirates
35' Sachin is satisfied with a Self Out in the Do or Die raid. Telugu Titans down to two men now!

Telugu Titans 22-34 Patna Pirates 
34' Adarsh T tries to kick his way into the Patna Pirates defense but gets swallowed by everyone around him.

Telugu Titans 22-33 Patna Pirates
31' Monu with a double thigh hold on Abhishek Singh. Do or die raid from Rohit and he gets Ankit with a kick on his chest deep in the right corner!

Telugu Titans 22-32 Patna Pirates
30' WHAT A TEAM TACKLE! Four players combine to flatten Siddharth as the umpire signals a strategic timeout.

Telugu Titans 22-30 Patna Pirates 
30' Sidharth with a back kick on Neeraj Kumar. Patna are down to four men now.

Telugu Titans 22-29 Patna Pirates 
28' Sidharth Desai shrugs off Shadloui's attempted ankle hold. Parvesh with a brilliant dash on the other side of the mat.

Telugu Titans 21-29 Patna Pirates
27' A surrender raid from Sachin on Ankit and the Titans are All Out again.

Telugu Titans 19-29 Patna Pirates 
27' Mohsen sprints straight into Monu and then gets tackled. Telugu Titans are down to one man!

Telugu Titans 19-26 Patna Pirates
26' Telugu Titans are down to two men! Sachin crawls through Vishal Bharadwaj's ankle hold to go past the mid-line.

Telugu Titans 19-25 Patna Pirates 
25' Monu drags Vinay back and pulls him down. Vinay fails in his Do or Die raid.

Patna Pirates 24-19 Telugu Titans 
24' Patna Pirates still maintain their lead although it is down to just four points now.

Patna Pirates 23-19 Telugu Titans 
Patna Pirates 22-17 Telugu Titans

It has been a see-saw battle so far. The Pirates started the game on the ascendancy but Abhishek Singh's two point raid turned the game in its head and the Titans didn't break a sweat and inflicted the first All Out of the game. The Titans' overdependency on Sidharth Desai was exploited nicely by the Pirates as they struck on both sides of the mat to inflict an All Out of their own. Since then, the Pirates have had the upper hand in the game and head into the break with a five point lead. 
20' HALF TIME! Abhishek Singh runs into Monu and pays the price. The referee blows the half-time whistle and that will be all.

Patna Pirates 22-17 Telugu Titans 
20' Parvesh Bhainswal tries to be greedy by going for a solo tackle but Rohit Gulia slaps him and goes past the mid-line.

Patna Pirates 21-17 Telugu Titans 
20' Shadloui advances for a thigh hold but Sidharth shrugs him off and walks past the mid-line.

Patna Pirates 20-17 Telugu Titans 
19' Sachin is finally tackled! A lunging thigh hold from Mohsen and he celebrates with a thigh five.

Patna Pirates 20-16 Telugu Titans 
18' Sidharth tries for the bonus but the moment he gets, it all the seven defenders encircle him and take him down.

Patna Pirates 18-15 Telugu Titans 
17' ALL OUT! Sunil with an ankle hold on Parvesh Bhainswal. The latter almost crawls past the mid line but the second and third line of defense prevent him from doing so.

Patna Pirates 16-14 Telugu Titans 
16' Abhishek Singh gets a bonus. Surjeet is brought in for a Super Tackle but he fails to evade a running hand touch.

Patna Pirates 13-13 Telugu Titans 
15' Sachin steps there for the Do or die raid and he strikes! He shrugs off an ankle hold and gets another touch on his way back. The Titans are down to only two men.

Patna Pirates 12-12 Telugu Titans 
14' Sidharth attempts a kick on Shadloui's face and then steps in the lobby. Did he get a touch or did Shadloui evade that? Looks very tough based on the replay. Review unsuccessful!

Patna Pirates 10-12 Telugu Titans 
14' Sidharth extends his body and gets his hand past the mid-line. However, the umpire says raider out. Telugu Titans review! They are asking four points. 
12' Sachin gets a Mohsen Maghsoudlou after noticing that he doesn't turn back in the covers.

Patna Pirates 9-12 Telugu Titans
11' Sachin with a running hand touch over Prince D in the Do or Die raid. That will revive Shadloui!

Patna Pirates 8-12 Telugu Titans 
10' Sidharth Desai charges in the Do or Die raid and kicks Shadloui in his face. Sweet chin music!

Patna Pirates 7-12 Telugu Titans
9' ALL OUT! Sidharth completes his 600th raid point in PKL history with a running hand touch on Monu. Vishal Bharadwaj with a thigh hold on the last man Rohit Gulia to inflict the All Out.

Patna Pirates 7-11 Telugu Titans 
8' Sidharth Desai escapes from the clutches of an ankle hold from Sunil. Patna are down to two men now.

Patna Pirates 5-7 Telugu Titans
6' Do or Die and Sachin dies! Vishal Bharadwaj makes a run from the blindside and Sachin has nowhere to go. Sidharth pressurizes Shadloui and gets a point off him. Suddenly, Telugu find themselves in the lead now.

Patna Pirates 5-6 Telugu Titans
5' Abhishek Singh steps into the opposition half in the Do or Die raid and he strikes! While tracking back, he pushes Sajin C and Neeraj Kumar before extending his hand past the mid-line. That will revive Sidharth Desai.

Patna Pirates 5-4 Telugu Titans 
4' Sachin touches the chest of Mohsen and then runs back past the mid-line. Telugu Titans down to three men.

Patna Pirates 5-2 Telugu Titans 
3' Sachin with an extended hand touch on Prince D. Telugu bag a bonus but they are down to only four men.

Telugu Titans 2-4 Patna Pirates. 
2' Sachin with a running hand touch and bags a bonus as well. Patna with an early two point lead.

Telugu Titans 1-3 Patna Pirates
1' Sidharth Desai starts off with a bonus on the left corner but Shadloui grabs him with an ankle to take him down.

Telugu Titans 1-1 Patna Pirates 
Patna Pirates win the toss and they choose court. 
Telugu Titans: Abhishek Singh, Prince D, Parvesh Bhainswal, Mohsen Maghsoudlou, Sidharth Desai, Ankit, Vishal Bharadwaj

Patna Pirates
: Sachin, Neeraj Kumar, Sajin C, Monu, Rohit Gulia, Sunil, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh
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Patna Pirates enter the match on the back of a three point defeat against Dabang Delhi. Mohammadreza Shadloui etched his name in the history books that night when he bagged 16 tackle points in a single game. However, his side's loss encapsulates the raiding department's weakness. Moreover, he himself notched two raid points in the fag end of the contest and may get a bigger role to play while surging forward tonight. 

Telugu Titans recently ended their 12 match winless streak by beating U Mumba by a margin of six points. Siddharth Desai and Abhishek Singh shared 14 points between themselves upfront while Parvesh Bhainswal and Vishal Bharadwaj combined to pick up seven tackle points. All seven members of the team will have to be on their toes to buiild on the momentum. 

Don't go anywhere as live action starts in 20 minutes from now. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
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Tue, 22/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs Patna Pirates
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