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That's it from me, Vinay Chhabria! Hope you enjoyed Sportskeeda's coverage of the 2nd match of Pro Kabaddi 2021.Switch tabs to follow all the commentary from Match 3, Bengal Warriors vs UP Yoddha right here.
Okay then, the 2nd match of Pro Kabaddi 2021 is in the history books. All eyes will now be on the final match of the night. Pardeep Narwal will make his PKL debut for UP Yoddha against the defending champions Bengal Warriors. 
Manjeet scored 12 points and was the best player of the match. Siddharth Desai scored 11 points as well, while Sandeep Kandola registered a High 5 in the defense. 
At one moment, it seemed like the Tamil Thalaivas would win the match, but Siddharth Desai's super raid brought the Telugu Titans back. Manjeet failed to score a raid point when it mattered the most and the successful tackle from the Titans in the buzzer raid gave fans the 1st draw of the season. 
It's the fourth time that we have seen a tied encounter between Telugu Titans and Tamil Thalaivas. What a game we have had here!! Manjeet, Prapanjan, Surjeet, Sandeep Kandola, Siddharth Desai and Mohit were the stars of the match. A total of 80 points were scored but there was nothing to separate the 2 teams.
Telugu Titans 40 - 40 Tamil Thalaivas [FULL TIME]
40' It's the buzzer raid and it's a do-or-die raid. What a climax!! Manjeet goes in to raid against 5 defenders. Bonus is not available. Manjeet huffs and puffs but gets tackled!! It's a TIE!
39' Tamil Thalaivas have taken a 1-point lead. Manjeet first scored a touch point and now the defenders have tackled Desai down!

Telugu Titans 39 - 40 Tamil Thalaivas [39']
39' ALL OUT! 3 points for the Telugu Titans, and they are back in the lead. What a comeback!!!

Telugu Titans 39 - 38 Tamil Thalaivas [39']
39' Prapanjan has been dashed out. The Titans are back in form!!!!
38' Siddharth Desai ends his streak of failures with a SUPER RAID!!! What a moment in the match!! Desai scored 3 raid points in 1 raid. 
38' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas. Magnificent ankle hold from Ruturaj! Can the Titans script a comeback?
38' Do-or-die raid for Telugu Titans, and Adarsh T scores a bonus + touch point! The lead is down to 7 now.

Telugu Titans 31 - 38 Tamil Thalaivas [38']
36' Super tackle opportunity for Telugu Titans, but the Thalaivas are focusing on killing time at the moment.

Telugu Titans 29 - 38 Tamil Thalaivas [36']
35' TIMEOUT - Telugu Titans are trailing by 9 points. They will look to reduce the lead by 2 points at least because if they lose by 7 or less points, they will earn 1 point in the points table. Otherwise, they will return with 0 points from the contest. 
35' Touch point for Tamil Thalaivas! Surinder Singh has to go back to the bench!

Telugu Titans 29 - 38 Tamil Thalaivas [35']
35' Tamil Thalaivas strike again! The lead is of 8 points now. Great tackle from the defense.

Telugu Titans 29 - 37 Tamil Thalaivas [35']
34' REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! 1 tackle point for Surjeet.

Telugu Titans 29 - 36 Tamil Thalaivas [34']
34' Surjeet is the defender involved here. The question is whether Rakesh crossed the midline before being dashed out of the court or not. 
33' OFFICIAL TIMEOUT - Tamil Thalaivas ask for a review
33' Rakesh Gowda scored a touch point for the Titans.

Telugu Titans 30 - 35 Tamil Thalaivas [33']
33' Bonus point for Tamil Thalaivas. 
33' Sahil tackles Siddharth again. The Titans skipper has failed again and again in the last 20 minutes. 
32' HIGH 5! What a return for Sandeep Kandola! His ankle hold helps the Titans score one point. 
31' ALL OUT! Last man standing Rakesh Gowda gets tackled. 3 points for the Tamil Thalaivas, and their lead has grown to 5 now.

Telugu Titans 28 - 33 Tamil Thalaivas [31']

Telugu Titans are only 2 points behind, but they are on the verge of an all out. The biggest problem for the Titans has been the amount of time that their captain Desai has spent on the bench tonight.

Telugu Titans 28 - 30 Tamil Thalaivas [31']
31' Manjeet gets a touch again. He takes out C Arun to complete his first SUPER 10 of the season. 
31' Bonus point for Titans. 
30' REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! Manjeet is safe, 1 point to Tamil Thalaivas.

Telugu Titans 27 - 29 Tamil Thalaivas [30']
30' Telugu Titans have asked for a review as the referees ruled Manjeet safe thinking that there was a jersey pull. 
29' SUPER TACKLE!! Manjeet gets super tackled again, but the referees are having a discussion here. 
28' Do-or-die raid for Telugu Titans, and the raider gets away with a bonus point. 
27' Do-or-die raid for Tamil Thalaivas. A failed ankle hold from Ruturaj helps Prapanjan score a raid point.

Telugu Titans 26 - 28 Tamil Thalaivas [27']
26' Tamil Thalaivas' defense strikes again, the Titans are down to 4. 
25' SANDEEP KANDOLA!!! What an ankle hold from the baby-faced assassin. He tackles down Manjeet! Just a point from his High 5!
25' REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Bonus + 1 point for Telugu Titans - What a moment in the match!

Telugu Titans 25 - 26 Tamil Thalaivas [25']
25' There's a lot of confusion in the middle right now. The TV Umpire is taking his time before making the final decision. 
24' The referees are having a discussion. The Titans have asked for a review. Alright, it seems the raider Siddharth is safe, and the Titans are demanding a bonus point!
24' Siddharth fails again!!! Tamil Thalaivas have sent him back to the bench and the Titans are down to 3 men again. 
23' SUPER TACKLE!!! First of the match! Telugu Titans have revived Siddharth! A fantastic double ankle hold from the veteran C Arun helps Titans score 2 points. 

Telugu Titans 23 - 25 Tamil Thalaivas [23']
22' Rajnish gets tackled down by the Tamil defense. Telugu Titans are nearing another all out. 
21' Manjeet scores the first point of the second half. Tamil Thalaivas have extended their lead to 3 points now. 
Okay then! The players are back in the middle. It's time for the second half of the match. 
HALF TIME: Telugu Titans 21 - 23 Tamil Thalaivas

The raiders from both teams ruled the first half. Siddharth Desai, Rajneesh, Manjeet and Prapanjan scored a lot of points, but in the final phase of the first half, the Tamil Thalaivas defenders performed exceptionally well.

Telugu Titans seem to be missing Rohit Kumar because nobody could revive Desai when he got tackled down and the team got all out. It will be interesting to see if the Titans can get their lead back in the 2nd half. 
20' Yet another successful tackle from the Thalaivas. They end the 1st half with a 2 point lead!

Telugu Titans 21 - 23 Tamil Thalaivas [HALF-TIME]
20' Manjeet inches close to his Super 10 with a bonus point
20' Tamil Thalaivas continue their fine form in the defense. Siddharth gets tackled again. Sahil strikes for the Thalaivas!
19' Telugu Titans are back in the lead. The defense tackles Prapanjan successfully!
19' Tamil Thalaivas execute another successful tackle, and the Titans are ALL OUT!!

Telugu Titans 20 - 20 Tamil Thalaivas [19']
18' Manjeet gets a touch point. Titans are down to 1 man now. 
17' Bonus point for Telugu Titans. They have touched the 20-point mark. 
17' Manjeet escapes in style. It's a SUPER RAID!!!!!! What a moment in the match. The Thalaivas are just 3 points behind now!

Telugu Titans 19 - 16 Tamil Thalaivas [17']
16' Rajnish just got revived and he has been tackled down again! The Tamil Thalaivas defense is in some form tonight. 
16' Do or die raid for Tamil Thalaivas. K Prapanjan attempted a jump but gets tackled down. 
15' Ankit Beniwal gets a touch point. Surinder is back on the court for the Titans. 
14' Tamil Thalaivas' defenders strike again! They dash Siddharth out of the court, what a tackle from Mohit! That dash reminded fans about former U Mumba star Vishal Mane.

13' Tamil Thalaivas tackle down Rajnish! Sagar gets the tackle point for initiating that tackle!
13' Manjeet gets a touch point for the Thalaivas. Both teams in double digits now

Telugu Titans 17 - 10 Tamil Thalaivas [13']

12' Rajnish continues his excellent form. He takes out two defenders with a swift escape! The Titans are on fire here!
12' K Prapanjan comes up with a 2 point raid! Bonus and a touch point.
11' A failed ankle hold attempt from Tamil Thalaivas! Siddharth Desai adds 1 more raid point to his tally. 
11' Manjeet gets a bonus point for Tamil Thalaivas. 
11' Siddharth Desai gets a bonus point for the Titans
10' Telugu Titans have been fantastic so far. They have a 8-point lead already, but we still have 30 minutes left in the contest, meaning Tamil Thalaivas can script a comeback!

Telugu Titans 14 - 6 Tamil Thalaivas [10']
9' Siddharth Desai gets a touch on Sagar! The Titans are cruising here! 
8' ALL OUT! Tamil Thalaivas get the bonus, but a team tackle from Telugu Titans ensures that they score the first all out of the match!

Telugu Titans 12 - 5 Tamil Thalaivas [8']
7' Siddharth Desai gets a touch on Mohit. Tamil Thalaivas are down to 1 man now!
7' Sandeep Kandola executes a perfect ankle hold to tackle down Bhavani Rajput!
6' Prapanjan gets tackled down. It is Ruturaj the hero again for Telugu Titans! It's a 3-point lead for the Titans now. 
5' Telugu Titans are now 6-4 ahead in the match as Rajnish gets a touch on Sagar!

Telugu Titans 6 - 4 Tamil Thalaivas [5']
5' What a display of strength from Ruturaj! He gives Telugu Titans their first tackle point of the night! 
4' Rajnish with a fantastic kick there! Telugu Titans level the score and Desai is back on the mat. 
4' Bhavani Rajput scores a touch point as Tamil Thalaivas gain a 1-point lead in the southern derby. 
3' Tamil Thalaivas score the first tackle point of the night, but Siddharth managed to take a bonus point. 
2' Siddharth Desai gets the better of Surjeet Singh! What a start for Bahubali!
2' Tamil Thalaivas score a bonus.
1' Rajnish opens Telugu Titans' account with a bonus point
1' K Prapanjan kicks off the proceedings for Tamil Thalaivas with a touch point. 
So the big news is that Telugu Titans captain Rohit Kumar is not present in the starting 7. Vice-captain Siddharth Desai will lead the side in Rohit's absence. 
Starting 7s for today's Telugu Titans vs Tamil Thalaivas clash - 

Telugu Titans: Siddharth Desai (C), C Arun, Surinder Singh, Rajnish, Ankit Beniwal, Sandeep Kandola, Ruturaj Koravi.

Tamil Thalaivas: Surjeet (C), Manjeet, K Prapanjan, Mohit, Bhavani Rajput, Sahil Singh, Sagar. 
Both teams are out in the middle and it's time for the all-important toss. 
Alright, it's time for match number 2 of Pro Kabaddi 2021. After a fantastic game between U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls, all eyes are on the battle between Siddharth Desai and Surjeet now. It's time for Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu Titans!!
Some big names present in both squads, have a look at how the two teams can stack up for tonight's big clash! 🔥
For the first southern derby of Pro Kabaddi 2021, we've made your job of picking a good Dream11 team a lot easier! Take a look! 👆
Both squads look solid on paper. It will be exciting to see which team comes out on top in the second match of PKL 2021. 
Ahead of PKL 2021, both franchises released a majority of their PKL 2019 stars. Telugu Titans signed their season two's superstar Sandeep Kandola and former two-time Pro Kabaddi League winner Rohit Kumar at the auction. On the other side, Tamil Thalaivas added the trio of Surjeet, Manjeet and Prapanjan. 
In the previous season, Tamil Thalaivas had several experienced players in the squad, including the likes of Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chhillar, Rahul Chaudhari, Mohit Chhillar and Shabeer Bappu. Still, the Chennai-based franchise failed to perform well. They took the wooden spoon home in PKL 2019 after registering only four victories in 22 matches. 
Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans have not achieved much success in the Pro Kabaddi League. The Titans have been a part of the league since its inception but they have finished in the Top 4 only twice. Despite being home to some big names like Rahul Chaudhari, Deepak Niwas Hooda, Rakesh Kumar, Sandeep Narwal and Meraj Sheykh, the Titans have never made it to a single PKL final. On the other side, the Tamil Thalaivas have finished last in all three seasons they have played so far. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2021 Match 2 between Tamil Thalaivas and Telugu Titans.
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