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Telugu Titans vs U Mumba - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
Telugu Titans
U Mumba
U MUMBA won the match
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The 2nd match of the day between Patna Pirates and Bengaluru Bulls is all set to begin in a few minutes.

Both the teams are out in the middle and you can follow the live coverage of the 2nd game here -
Both the teams got off to a good start but U Mumba captured the momentum early and inflicted an all-out in the 12th minute. The defense of the Mumbai-based franchise helped them consolidate their lead while their young raider, Abhishek Singh scored a Super 10 to seal the deal. Rajnish and Desai tried their best to save the day for Telugu Titans however, they never got the lead back. 
Rajnish was the top-scorer for Telugu Titans with 8 points whereas Abhishek Singh emerged as the best player of the match with 10 points. 
Siddharth Desai was ineffective in the first half but he got 5 raid points for the Titans in the final 10 minutes. 
U Mumba WIN! A fantastic display from the defense and Abhishek Singh's Super 10 help the Mumbai-based franchise register their first points on the table. Telugu Titans lost the match by 6 points which means even they will get 1 point from this match. 
40' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba! Rohit Baliyan gets one point and seals the deal for his team. 
40' Desai scores another point. The deficit down to 5 now. 
39' Siddharth Desai gets another touch point. Telugu Titans need 6 points in the last 80 seconds. 
U Mumba have a 7 pointer lead. With just 1 minutes and 24 seconds left on the clock, U Mumba should look to kill time here. 
38' Siddharth Desai takes a touch point! Surender Singh tries to tackle him but gets no support. 
38' Telugu Titans complete a super tackle! Arjun Deshwal tried his best but could not cross the line. 
38' Rakesh Gowda gets a touch point, sends Fazel on the bench!
Siddharth Desai was expected to shine for the Titans today but, U Mumba's Abhishek Singh has emerged as the best raider of the match. 
37' Abhishek sneaks through the chain of Abozar and C. Arun. The youngster becomes the first raider to record a Super 10 in PKL 2019. 
37' Sandeep Narwal sends Rajnish back with a wrestling-type move. 
Rajnish and Abhishek have scored 8 points each today. 
Another team timeout! U Mumba have a 7 pointer lead. With just 4 minutes left, Telugu Titans need to inflict an all-out quickly to get back into the contest. 
36' Fazel Atrachali adds one more tackle point to his name. Farhad proved to be helpless against his Iranian compatriot. 
35' Fazel Atrachali executes a wonderful ankle hold and sends Siddharth Desai back on the bench. 
34' Vishal Bharadwaj pins Athul MS with a diving thigh hold. The lead is down to 6 now. 
34' First touch point of the day for Siddharth! U Mumba's lead reduced to 7 
A timeout has been taken. Telugu Titans are trailing by 8 points. If Siddharth Desai gets his mojo back, then the Titans can register their first win of the season.
33' Siddharth gets a bonus point! It took him 33 minutes to score his first point for Telugu Titans
32' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba! Abhishek surrenders to Abozar Mighani. 
31' Sandeep Narwal takes Desai down with a beastly back hold. Siddharth is yet to score his first raid point today! 
30' Siddharth Desai has come back on the court.
30' Do-or-die raid for Titans and the raider, Rajnish gets a bonus point.
29' Do-or-die raid! Finally a tackle point for Telugu Titans. Abozar Mighani initiates the tackle and C. Arun gives good support to take Titans' score to 14.
27' Siddharth Desai has been substituted!
27' ALL OUT! 2nd all-out of the day, both inflicted by U Mumba. Rajnish gets a bonus but a team tackle ensures that he does not get a touch point.
26' Telugu Titans on the verge of another all-out
26' Mighani gives away an easy point to Abhishek with a weak tackle attempt.
25' Rajnish gets a bonus point.
25' C. Arun tries to send Abhishek Singh out with a terrific dash but the raider makes use of lobby and crosses the mid-line. 1 point for U Mumba.
24' REVIEW SUCCESSFUL for U Mumba! Athul MS is back on the court
24' The umpires feel that only 6 U Mumba players should be on the mat however, Fazel feels there should be 7. 
24' Fazel Atrachali has asked for a review. 
24' An official timeout has been taken.
24' A calculation error has forced the match officials to hold a meeting. Athul MS still on the bench
24' Athul MS has been sent to the bench. Atrachali trying to clarify the matter with the officials. 
24' SUCCESSFUL REVIEW for Telugu Titans! Bonus point awarded to Rajnish
23' Do-or-die raid! Rajnish tries to take the bonus, but the umpires reject his plea. Telugu Titans have asked for a review.
22' Unnecessary advanced tackle from Telugu Titans! Abhishek takes one point.
21' Rohit Baliyan takes out Rakesh Gowda in a 1 vs 5 situation!
The 2nd half is about to get underway.
Top Scorers of the First Half - 
Abhishek Singh - 5
Rajnish - 4
Rohit Baliyan - 2
20' Last raid of the first half. Rohit Baliyan plays it safe. U Mumba have a 7 pointer lead heading into the 2nd half. Siddharth Desai proved ineffective against Fazel Atrachali and co. On the other hand, U Mumba's raiders did a good job in the 1st 20 minutes.
19' Athul MS has to go out this time, mighty tackle from the Telugu Titans defense
19' Telugu Titans make a smart substitution, the raider takes a touch point 
18' Sandeep Narwal with a beastly block! Farhad was helpless against that outrageous move.
17' Vishal Bharadwaj messes up. Tries an advance tackle on Harendra but, the raider escapes
17' Do-or-die raid! Siddharth Desai does not try to score a touch point! He is OUT once again.
16' Athul MS gets a touch point, Rajnish standing at right in has to go out.
15' Sandeep Narwal tries to outsmart Rajnish by executing a pursuit but Vishal Bharadwaj takes him out with a brilliant block.
14' Abozer strikes! First tackle point of the day for the Iranian. 
13' Siddharth Desai taken out by U Mumba defense once again!
12' ALL OUT! U Mumba inflict the first all-out of the season. Fantastic two-point raid from Abhishek cleans up Telugu Titans
12' Another bonus point for Telugu Titans
12' Krushna Madane has come in as a substitution for Telugu Titans
11' Bonus point for Telugu Titans but Sandeep Narwal's pursuit denies them a substitution.
10' Rohit Baliyan takes out 2 of the 4 defenders, Vishal Bharadwaj commits an error in the defense, Titans on the brink of an all-out.
9' U Mumba takes out Siddharth Desai with a fantastic group tackle
8' Abhishek Singh takes out Farhad by making good use of lobby
6' Telugu Titans defense gets the better of Athul MS, Farhad breaks his momentum with a perfect thigh hold
6' Farhad Milaghardan gets rid of Fazel as the Iranian raider jumps under the tackle from the left corner.
5' Abhishek Singh strikes on the Do or Die raid as he gets away from young Aakash's ankle hold. 
4' Fazel strikes again! Rajnish goes a little too deep into the left corner, Fazel pounces on the ankles of Rajnish. 
3' First point of the night for Atrachali! The U Mumba skipper lets go of the chain, wraps his arms around Desai and brings the raider down in a hurry. 
2' Point awarded to the Titans as C Arun dashes Rohit Baliyan out of the court in a flash.
1' Athul MS picks his first point for U Mumba through a bonus point at the right corner.
1' Rajnish picks up the first point of the competition courtesy of a bonus point.
The two teams are on the mat and we are only a few minutes away from the all-important toss!
While Duet Jennings will definitely be a special attraction, it is unlikely that Telugu Titans will use his services much.
Two fans from California are present at the Gachibowli Stadium, Hyderabad. It seems like they are out there to support Duet Jennings, the first ever USA based player to be bought by a PKL franchise.
So, two surprises here! South Korean raider Dong Geon Lee has not been picked by U Mumba whereas Telugu Titans have not included Suraj Desai in the team.
U Mumba Starting 7 - Rohit Baliyan, Surender Singh, Harendra Kumar, Athul MS, Abhishek Singh, Sandeep Narwal and Fazel Atrachali
Telugu Titans Starting 7 - Siddharth Desai, Rajnish, Aakash Arsul, C. Arun, Farhad Milghardan, Abozer Mighani and Vishal Bharadwaj 
Telugu Titans have strong defenders at the corner positions but their cover defenders are a bit inexperienced hence, U Mumba may look to target the covers of Titans.
Head to Head record in PKL - 
Matches - 10
Telugu Titans - 4
U Mumba - 4
Tied - 2
Season two champions, U Mumba had strengthened their defense in the auction by recruiting Sandeep Narwal in the squad. 
Siddharth Desai, the most expensive player of this year's auction will make his much awaited debut for Telugu Titans tonight. He will be up against his former team, U Mumba, who do not have a strong raiding attack.
Good evening Kabaddi fans! Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the 1st match of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League season 7 between U Mumba and Telugu Titans. 
Jaipur Pink Panthers, U Mumba, Patna Pirates, Bengaluru Bulls. Only four franchises have claimed the silverware across six editions of the Pro Kabaddi League and as we gear up for yet another exciting edition of the league, the glorious city of Hyderabad is set to host the opening fixture of Pro Kabaddi 2019, with the hosts Telugu Titans set to square off against U Mumba. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Sat, 20/Jul/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
Telugu Titans vs U Mumba
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
Pro Kabaddi 2019