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Full Time: U Mumba 37 - Bengal Warriors 27

Stellar win for U Mumba, banking on their defensive strengths as skipper Fazel Atracheli lead from the front and almost singlehandedly kept Maninder Singh in check. Rinku supported him well from the other corner and grabbed a High 5 of his own. Ajith Kumar V (9 points) and Abhishek Singh (8 points) did well on the raiding front as they kept the pressure up on the Bengal Warriors' defence.

Bengal Warriors lacked the bite on another night when Maninder Singh was not at his A-game. He only managed 6 points on the night but was tackled a mammoth eight times during the match. Mohd. Esmael Nabibaksh supported him with 6 points of his own and Manoj Gowda had one Super Raid but the raiding unit was poor overall on the night. 

With that dominant win, U Mumba have leapfrogged a number of teams to clinch the sixth spot on the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings now with 53 points from 18 matches. They can rise further on the table with a game in hand over their opponents. On the other hand, the path to the playoffs becomes tougher for the Warriors as they are stranded in the 11th spot after 20 matches, chances very bleak for them.
Shivam goes in for the raid and escapes the clutches of Rohit who put in an advance tackle on the raider but mistimed it.
Abhishek Singh, up against two defenders stays a long time in front of the left corner Ran Singh and goes for the running hand touch on Amit but steps out of bounds and there is a Super Tackle for Bengal Warriors now.
Ajith Kumar, in against three men forces the error from Abozar Mighani and escapes the double thigh hold attempt and rushes past the midline.
Maninder Singh is trapped by Fazel Atracheli with an ankle hold and the raider is dragged back from the midline but Maninder claims he had crossed the midline. However, the umpires have ruled against him, not his night tonight for sure!
Another tackle point for U Mumba as Fazel Atracheli catches Manoj Gowda with his double thigh hold tackle just a second before the raider tried to jump over him.

U Mumba 34 - 24 Bengal Warriors
Rinku traps Nabibaksh with a thigh hold as Fazel rushed in to assist his fellow corner just before the midline. With that tackle, Rinku joins his captain in scoring a High 5 on the night!
Do-or-die raid for U Mumba! Quickly Ran Singh pounces on the legs and traps the raider at the baulk line, no escape now for Abhishek Singh. Great tackle from the veteran corner defender.
Harendra Kumar mistimes his dash attempt on Nabibaksh who rolls past the tackle on to the midline. Maninder Singh is revived after a long time on the bench!
Interesting Statline: Maninder Singh has been forced to stay off the mat for a combined 19 minutes tonight by the U Mumba defence. Huge positive for the Mumbaikars. Key reason for the scoreline.
Another error from Rahul and it is Nabibaksh, again who escapes the feeble ankle hold attempt and rushes to the midline.
Ajith Kumar goes up against four defenders and gets the touch deep into the left corner on Rohit, who denied the touch but the umpires had given the decision.
Nabibaksh forces an error from Rahul Sethpal who broke the chain and went for the sole advance tackle but mistimed his attempt allowing the Iranian all-rounder to escape easily.
The TV Umpire has ruled in favour of Abhishek Singh who adds another touch point to his tally and the lead has now grown to 11 points on the board...

U Mumba 31 - 20 Bengal Warriors
Abhishek Singh uses the lobby claiming a touch on the right corner Manoj Gowda who is adamant there is no touch, the umpires take a look at it and have ruled it in favour of the Mumbai side. Will Bengal take a review here? Yes they have gone for it....
Fazel Atracheli bear-hugs Maninder Singh at the middle of the court as the raider was surprised there and is tackled for the seventh time on the night, a rare feat this season!
Ajith Kumar adds another raid point to his tally as he dodges the oncoming dash from Amit, who mistimed his tackle attempt and ended up conceding an easy point.
Final ten minutes to play as Warriors trail by 8 points here, can they mount a comeback here or will Fazel & co prevail here?
Maninder Singh goes deep into the centre of the U Mumba defence and adds a bonus point to his tally.

U Mumba 28 - 20 Bengal Warriors
Abhishek Singh, in for the do-or-die raid steps in front of the left corner and makes a swift run to the right corner and gets the touch and uses the lobby. Successful attempt for the U Mumba raider.
The review is ruled in favour of the Warriors as Maninder Singh gets the touch point.
Maninder Singh is up for the raid and claims a touch point on Rahul Setphal who denies and U Mumba have gone for the TV review now. We await the umpire decision.....
Manoj Gowda forces an error from Harendra Kumar who mistimed his thigh hold attempt and Gowda dives back easily to the midline.
High 5 for Fazel Atracheli! Thigh hold on Esmael Nabibaksh as he was caught unaware by his countryman there! Fazel is green carded for his aggressive play there by the umpires!

Abhishek Singh gets a quick bonus point and extends the lead for U Mumba even further to 9 points

U Mumba 26 - 17 Bengal Warriors
Maninder Singh is trapped yet again by Fazel and this time, it is the back hold from the Mumbai skipper. The raider did his best to attempt and reach the midline but the defence was quick on their feet to hold him back and secure the tackle point.
Abhishek Singh goes in for the surrender raid against Ran Singh and gets the easy touch and inflicts the all-out on the Bengal Warriors. The lead is extended to seven points now.

U Mumba 24 - 17 Bengal Warriors
Sukesh Hegde comes off the bench and tries the bonus at the right corner but Rinku is up for the challenge and traps the veteran with an ankle hold and the defence rushes quickly to trap the raider! All out on the horizon for the Warriors!
Struggle but no glory there for Nabibaksh! He almost escaped the clutches of Fazel from the left corner and almost got to the midline but the U Mumba defence was there to keep him away!

U Mumba 20 - 17 Bengal Warriors
Another ankle hold by Fazel as he traps Manoj Gowda at the left corner as the covers rushed in no time to hold him down.
Abhishek Singh comes for the first raid of the second match and the advance tackle is foiled by the raider who escapes and moves easily to the midline.
Half Time: U Mumba 16 - Bengal Warriors 17

A game of the defences tonight as the sides have not allowed the raiders to have a smooth ride so far in the match. Bengal Warriors' Manoj Gowda proved to be a crucial gamechanger with a three-point Super Raid that tilted the balance in the Warriors' favour. U Mumba seemed to have kept Maninder Singh in check so far except for a two-point raid. 

It will be interesting to see how the two sides fare in the second half of the match, will we see Maninder Singh's revival after a poor start? Can Abhishek Singh rise to the occasion or will the teams have to rely on their defence to pull them through? Stay tuned for all the live updates!
Solid ankle hold from Fazel Atracheli as he traps Maninder Singh at the baulk line with a well-timed tackle.
Two points for Maninder Singh as he escapes the chain tackle attempt from Rahul Sethpal in the covers of the U Mumba defence. Definitely a good boost for the confidence of the Bengal captain!
Fantastic raid from Ajith Kumar as he catches Amit with a toe touch as the defender failed to get back in time.
Nabibaksh goes in for a raid and score a bonus at the left corner of the U Mumba defence and puts Bengal Warriors into a slim lead.

U Mumba 14 - 15 Bengal Warriors
ALL OUT! Maninder Singh goes up against two defenders and hustles hard to escape the clutches of the two defenders and gets the first all out of the night!
Third bonus point in a row for U Mumba as Ajith Kumar adds another one to his tally, this time at the right corner of the Bengal defence.
Nabibaksh, up against three men forces an error from Fazel who mistimes his block attempt allowing his countryman to escape the tackle attempt.
Ajith Kumar adds another bonus point to his tally as he goes deep into the centre of the Bengal defence.
Ajith Kumar gets a bonus point at the right corner of the Bengal Warriors' defence. Three men on the mat for U Mumba at the moment.
Ajith Kumar forces an error from Ran Singh and escapes the advance tackle jumping over the rushing Ran Singh from left corner,
Esmael Nabibaksh, up against three men moves around a lot and goes for the running hand touch and catches Shivam at the left corner position. 

U Mumba 9 - 9 Bengal Warriors
Abhishek Singh gets tackled with a well-executed chain tackle from Abozar Mighani and Manoj Gowda at the right corner as the Dubki attempt was foiled with ease.
SUPER TACKLE! No luck for Maninder Singh tonight so far! He is up against three men and after going deep into the left corner is dashed out of bounds as Rinku catches him unaware with his dash.
SUPER RAID! Manoj Gowda goes into raid at the left corner of the U Mumba defence and manages to escape with three scalps as he sneaked past the rushing defenders. After escaping from the clutches of Fazel, he managed to escape the oncoming dash and got his legs past the midline.
Abhishek Singh adds another point as he anticipates the block attempt from Vishal Mane well and turns in time and drags himself along with Mane to the midline.
Ajith Kumar V is caught at the right corner by Abozar Mighani who manages to hold both his ankles as Ajith is unable to push his way to the midline.
Do-or-die raid for Maninder Singh as he is back on the mat but his stay is a short one as Fazel Atracheli rushes with the block and subdues the might raider with brute strength. Back to the bench for Maninder Singh! 
Shivam goes in for the raid against five men after a couple of empty raids. He is trapped at right cover by Amit, who catches the thigh and Shivam is trapped in place here.
Abhishek Singh goes against four defenders of the Warriors and does well to move around but is dashed out of bounds by Ran Singh, as the gap is cut down to two on the board.

U Mumba 4 - 2 Bengal Warriors
Nabibaksh comes to raid for the first time and shuffles around on the mat before Shivam goes for the jugular and traps him with the double thigh hold, there was no way for the Iranian to escape. Do-or-die time for Mumbai next up!
Maninder sent back to the bench as Rahul Sethpal catches the right leg of the raider and there is no escape for the Bengal captain here!

U Mumba 3 - 1 Bengal Warriors 
Tackled! Amit does well to trap Abhishek Singh in his tracks, who is caught unaware at the covers and Maninder Singh is revived now!
Abhishek Singh scores the first raid point for U Mumba with his trademark running hand touch on Vishal Mane who failed to retreat in time.
Maninder is trapped in the first raid of the match as Rinku latches on to the ankles of the raider and the Mumbai defence is on him within seconds, key point to get things going here!
Just a few moments for the Pro Kabaddi 2022 action to unleash on the mat as the players have arrived and are all set to kickstart the proceedings in Bengaluru. Stay tuned right here for all the live score updates!
A win for U Mumba will take them into the top 6, the playoffs zone and the same stands true for the Bengal Warriors as well. It will be interesting to see how the U Mumba defence deals with the might of Maninder Singh, the talisman of the Bengal Warriors. 
As we wait for the start of the match, check out our match preview!
Starting 7:

U Mumba - Fazel Atracheli (c), Harendra Kumar, Shivam, Rahul Sethpal, Rinku, Abhishek Singh, Ajith Kumar V

Bengal Warriors - Maninder Singh, Amit, Abozar Mighani, Manoj Gowda, Mohd Esmael Nabibakhsh, Ran Singh, Vishal Mane
Good evening folks! We have some exciting Kabaddi action coming your way as U Mumba take on familiar foes Bengal Warriors at the Sheraton Grand hotel located in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

U Mumba and Bengal Warriors, both come into this clash on the back of poor form and are currently in the bottom half of the Pro Kabaddi 2022 standings. U Mumba are placed 8th in the standings with 48 points from 17 matches, and have lost two of their last five matches. On the other hand, Bengal Warriors come into this clash on the back of a winless streak of five matches.
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sat, 12/Feb/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Bengal Warriors
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