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Right then, that is all that we have for you from this Pro Kabaddi League contest. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of 'Triple Panga' Saturday as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Until tomorrow then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu. Stay home, stay safe! 

U Mumba 32-32 Bengal Warriors

Yet another tie in the season and it is the fourth for U Mumba! They will certainly be pleased with it considering the fact that they were trailing for the majority of the contest. Abhishek Singh the star from U Mumba as the raider picked up 13 raid points. V Ajith Kumar, on his return from injury, supported Abhishek with 5 points. Rahul Sethapal's 7-point contribution in the first half will not go unnoticed. 

As for the Warriors, all 17 points in the raiding department were scored by Maninder Singh. Oh how good has he been tonight and his absence in the last few minutes of the contest has resulted in the Warriors having to settle for a tie. Tackled just four times over the course of the encounter and that just goes to show how unstoppable he has been tonight. The Warriors defence was good but leaked points in the end. An evenly-fought contest but the Warriors will rue the opportunity to garner 5 points from this contest. 
40' The Warriors raider puts in an empty raider and settles for a tie. 
40' Abhishek Singh rushes in for a raid and tempts Nabibakhsh into going for the ankle hold. Scores level and there are four seconds on the clock! 
40' Abhishek Singh jumps over the cover defender and makes his way back to his half.

U Mumba 31-32 Bengal Warriors
40' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Maninder Singh comes in for it. The right corner chain comes around with a solid dash and lifted Maninder off his feet. 
39' A quick raid from Abhishek Singh as he gets a running hand touch on Amit Nirwal.

U Mumba 29-32 Bengal Warriors
39' A powerful ankle hold from Nabibakhsh but Ajith Kumar escapes it. However, a strong block from Abozar Mighani completes the tackle. 
38' Abhishek Singh entices Ran Singh into going for an ankle hold. Just fingertips on it from Ran Singh and he has to make his way back to the bench.

U Mumba 28-31 Bengal Warriors
37' 2 points to each side as Rahul Sethpal steps out of bounds before the tackle is initiated. Maninder Singh steps into the lobby without a touch which gives U Mumba a super tackle since there were three defenders on the mat. Fazel follows Maninder in the lobby as he goes for the dash and has to go back as well.

U Mumba 27-31 Bengal Warriors
36' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and the substitute raider comes in for it! Ran Singh goes for a back hold and assistance from the rest of the defence tackles him. However, the defender has stepped out of bounds before the tackle.

Bengal Warriors review! Ran Singh has indeed stepped into the lobby before the tackle and Bengal lose their review!

U Mumba 25-29 Bengal Warriors
34' Maninder Singh turns and escapes the Rinku's attempted double thigh hold. 5-point lead for the Warriors now. 
33' Mohsen tries a jump over Abozar Mighani but a strong ankle hold combined with support from the rest of the defence completes the tackle.

U Mumba 24-28 Bengal Warriors
32' Abhishek Singh runs straight into the double thigh hold of Amit Nirwal. 
31' Fazel Atrachali finally comes to the party as he runs around and puts in a powerful block on the raider in a do-or-die raid.

U Mumba 24-26 Bengal Warriors
31' A running hand touch on the right cover defender and Abhishek Singh fetches himself a point. 
29' Ajith Kumar shows his back to Abozar Mighani and that is all the Iranian needs to pounce on him.

U Mumba 22-26 Bengal Warriors
28' The right corner chain comes around and it is far too easy for Maninder Singh to plough his way through the defenders and cross the mid-line.

U Mumba 22-25 Bengal Warriors
27' A running hand touch on Ran Singh and Ajith Kumar adds another to his tally. 
27' Maninder Singh unsettles the defence and picks up a bonus point under Fazel Atrachali's nose.

U Mumba 21-23 Bengal Warriors
25' A running hand touch from Abhishek Singh on the right cover defender and Ajith Kumar is revived.

U Mumba 21-22 Bengal Warriors
25' Maninder Singh comes in for a do-or-die raid and banks on the bonus point. He is confident about it and is granted it as well. 
24' Abhishek Singh escapes the advance ankle hold attempt from Nabibakhsh and crosses the mid-line.

U Mumba 20-21 Bengal Warriors
23' A double thigh hold from Abozar Mighani and Ajith Kumar is completely immobilised.

U Mumba 19-21 Bengal Warriors
22' Rinku runs around for a block but Maninder Singh bulldozes his way towards the mid-line. 
22' An advance block from Amit Nirwal but Ajith Kumar pushes him aside and tumbles towards the mid-line.

U Mumba 19-19 Bengal Warriors
21' Ajith Kumar starts off the second half with a bonus point right under the right corner's nose. 

U Mumba 17-19 Bengal Warriors

Maninder Singh you beauty! He has raided his heart out and made sure that the Warriors are on top going into the second half. 11 points to his name already and he has been simply unstoppable tonight. All eleven of the Warriors' raid points have been picked up by Maninder Singh and he will look to continue his rich vein of form in the second half. 

Credit to U Mumba though. They were reduced to just two men early in the game and still managed to avoid the all-out as many as three times. Abhishek Singh has picked up 6 points while Ajith Kumar will look to contribute more in the second half. Rahul Sethpal's brilliant 7 points, which included 3 tackle and 4 raid points have kept U Mumba in the game. A slender lead and the game is interestingly poised. Who will emerge on top? Stick around to find out!
20' Abhishek Singh is tackled as he runs straight into the cover defender's double thigh hold, which completely immobilises him. 
20' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Maninder Singh is tackled as the cover chain comes around and is pulled back just centimetres away from the mid-line. 
19' A bonus point by Abhishek Singh in front of the left-in defender.

Bengal Warriors 18-16 U Mumba
18' ALL OUT! A back hold from Ran Singh on Rahul Sethpal finally inflicts the all out on U Mumba.

Bengal Warriors 18-15 U Mumba
18' Maninder Singh corners the defenders and a weak ankle hold from Harendra Kumar allows him to escape. 
17' Only Rahul Sethpal left on the mat and he is granted the bonus. Ran Singh tackles him with an ankle hold but he had stepped out of bounds before initiating the tackle. 
16' Maninder Singh gets a touch point on Mohsen. 
15' Rahul Sethpal picks up a bonus point as the defence hangs back and allows him to. A swift toe-touch on Ran Singh revives Mohsen. 
15' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Maninder Singh strikes as Fazel's ankle hold is not effecting in stopping Maninder. 
13' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and Abhishek Singh is substituted in for it. A double thigh ankle hold from Abozar combined with support from the rest of the defence tackles him.

Bengal Warriors 12-10 U Mumba
11' SUPER TACKLE! Nabibakhsh runs straight into the double thigh hold of Rahul Sethpal and support from Fazel completes the tackle!

Bengal Warriors 11-10 U Mumba
11' Abhishek Singh picks up a bonus point and another failed attempt from Darshan J allows Singh to drag himself towards the mid-line. 
10' Maninder Singh escapes the dash from Rinku and crosses the mid-line to reduce U Mumba to one man.

Bengal Warriors 11-6 U Mumba
10' Ajith Kumar is tackled as a double thigh hold in the left side of the defence tackles him. 
9' SUPER RAID! Oh Maninder! Fazel goes for a double thigh hold but Maninder escapes. As many as three defenders come around for assist but Maninder finds a gap and crosses the mid-line. 
8' Darshan goes for the block but Abhishek Singh runs around him and reaches the mid-line comfortably.

Bengal Warriors 5-6 U Mumba
7' Maninder suddenly turns and picks up pace to get a hand touch on Fazel. 
7' Another running hand touch from Ajith Kumar on Akash Pikalmunde and U Mumba are up to seven players on the mat again.

Bengal Warriors 4-5 U Mumba
6' Maninder Singh picks up a bonus point in front of Fazel Atrachali. 
6' Nabibakhsh goes for an ankle hold on Abhishek Singh, who drags himself towards the mid-line. Comfortable point for Abhishek
5' Rinku goes for a thigh hold on Maninder, who is alert enough to shove him aside and levels the score.

Bengal Warriors 3-3 U Mumba
4' A powerful diving thigh hold from Amit Nirwal immobilises Ajith Kumar and Abozar Mighani is quick to support.

Bengal Warriors 2-3 U Mumba
4' A running hand touch from Ajith Kumar on Akash Pikalmunde and the raider has to make his way back to the bench. 
3' Do-or-die raid for the Warriors and Maninder Singh comes in for it. Goes far too deep and picks up a bonus in the centre as both corners come around with chains and pounce upon him.

Bengal Warriors 1-2 U Mumba
1' Abhishek Singh unsettles the defence and picks up a bonus point between the right-in and the covers. Rolls his way back to his half. 

Bengal Warriors 0-1 U Mumba

U Mumba have won the toss and chosen court. Bengal to raid first. 

U Mumba:
Abhishek Singh, Ashish Sangwan, Harendra Kumar, V Ajith Kumar, Mohsen Magshoudlou, Rinku, Fazel Atrachali (c).
Substitutes: Ajinkya Kapre, Sunil Siddhgavali, Rahul Sethpal, Prince, Shivam.

Bengal Warriors: Maninder Singh (c), Amit Nirwal, Darshan J, Akash Pikalmunde, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Abozar Mighani, Ran Singh. 
Substitutes: Rohit Banne, Sachin Vittala, Manoj Gowda, Rohit, Ravindra Kumavat. 
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Right then, U Mumba had started off the tournament well and it seemed as if the season 2 champions could go on to win another title but the injury to V Ajith Kumar has completely derailed their campaign and lowered their morale. In their previous two fixtures, they have received a 20-point and a 19-point thrashing at the hands of the Pirates and Pune respectively. Coming into this contest, they will hope that Abhishek Singh can step up and replicate his heroics from the curtain-raiser where he had snared 19 points against the Bulls. The raiding department has been the main issue for U Mumba over the past two games and one can certainly expect them to have gone back to the drawing board and made the necessary corrections. Once in the top three, U Mumba have slipped down to the sixth position and will be desperate for a win here.

The Bengal Warriors, on the other hand, find themselves placed ninth with 22 points. A win here will see them displace U Mumba from the top six and level their points with the Thalaivas. The Warriors put in a solid performance against the Tamil outfit as they secured a 9-point win after two losses on the trot. Maninder Singh and Mohammad Nabibakhsh will have to do the bulk of the scoring again if the Warriors are to secure a win here. The defence will have an opportunity to showcase their prowess against a low-on-confidence U Mumba raiding contingent. 
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League, 2022. The fifty-seventh match of the tournament will pit season 2 champions U Mumba up against the defending champions Bengal Warriors at the Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the coverage as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through all that unfolds over the course of this contest! 
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