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U Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
U Mumba
Bengaluru Bulls
BENGALURU BULLS won the match
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Pawan has been named as the perfect raider of the match, while Mahender Singh is the defender of the match
Arjun Deshwal picked up 6 points for Mumbai to be their top player, followed by Abhishek Singh with 5 points. 
Match Summary - The game started off with neck to neck scoring from both the teams. However, the raiders from both the teams gave away easy points after being stepped out of the mat multiple times. With U Mumba taking a slow lead, Bengaluru Bulls made a comeback in the last five minutes to inflict an all-out and win the game.
Pawan Kumar has come out as the star player for the Bulls as he picked up 11 raid points
Bengaluru Bulls defeat U Mumba 30-26
40' Successful raid by Fazel. Sends out Ashish Sangwan
40' Pawan get a point off Sandeep Narwal as the Bulls lead 30-25
40' One more amazing tackle by Mahender Singh on Arjun Deshwal and the lead is increased
39' U Mumba are all-out after unsuccessful raid by Rohit Baliyan
39' Official Timeout called by Bengaluru Bulls
38' Error from Young Chang Ko and a poor tackle from Fazel to Pawan gives two points to the Bulls. They lead 25-24
37' Rohit Baliyan gets Mahender Singh in a do or die raid
He picks up one point and the scores are level at 23 each
37' Pawan comes in for a raid. And Super Tackle chance for U Mumba
Official Timeout is called
Empty raid by Rohit Baliyan
36' Pawan picks up two raid points, sending out Sandeep Narwal, Arjun Deshwal. They are behind by just one point
36' Empty Raid by Rohit Baliyan
36' Rohit Kumar picks his first points of the match as he sends Surinder Singh on the bench
35' Do or Die raid for U Mumba. Arjun Deshwal sends out Saurabh Nadal
34' Back to back empty raids by Rohit Baliyan, Ashish Sangwan, Sandeep Narwal and Sangwan again
34' Unsuccessful Do or Die raid for Bengaluru Bulls. He steps off the mat. 
Bengaluru Bulls have inched closer to U Mumba. The scores are 21-19 in favour of Mumbai
33' Official Timeout 
33' Abhishek Singh tackled by Ashish Sangwan in a Do or Die raid.
31' Mohit Serawat picks up 2 points. Sends back the duo of Fazel Atrachali, Surinder Singh
30' Arjun increases the lead after sending out Mahender Singh
29' Pawan Kumar tackled by Rajaguru. U Mumba have a comfortable lead of 21-16
28' Sandeep Narwal quickly comes in Bengaluru side. But it's an empty raid
Empty raids by Abhishek and then Pawan gets a bonus point
27' Rohit Kumar tackled by Surinder Kumar in his 1200th raid
26' Abhishek picks raid point in form of Ashish Sangwan
26' Empty raid by Arjun Deshwal and Pawan Sehrawat
25' Pawan sends out Sandeep Narwal. Gets one raid point
24' Abhishek Singh gets Ajay out and inflicts all out on Bengaluru Bulls. Mumba lead 16-13
Review successful. Pawan goes to the bench.
U Mumba reviews the decision
23' Pawan Sehrawat makes a successful raid. Rajguru is sent out.
22' U Mumba's Abhishek Singh sends out Saurabh Nandal in a do or die raid
21' Two back to back empty raids for each team
Pawan Sehrawat - 3 Points
Arjun Deshwal - 3 Points
Half Time
Bengaluru Bulls lead the match 13-11
19' Empty raid by Sandeep Narwal
19' Pawan come back on the mat and makes an empty raid
18' Arjun gets tackled by Saurabh Nandal. Super Tackle for Bengaluru. They lead 13-11
18' Substitution - Bengaluru Bulls
Mohit Sehrawat in. Ashish Sangwan out
17' Arjun Deshwal send out Amit Sheoran, Mahender Singh to get to points for U Mumba
And he is tackled by Mahender Singh
16' Rohit Baliyan comes in to raid. Super Tackle chance for the Bulls.
15' Sumit Singh comes in to raid for Bengaluru. Tackled by Fazel
14' Arjun picks a point. And Rohit Kumar is sent on Bench.
Substitution - U Mumba

Arjun Deshwal in. Young Chang Ko out.
13' Rajguru comes in to raid. Goes back empty-handed.
13' Empty raids by Fazel and Rohit Kumar
12' Pawan gets tackled by Rajaguru Subramanian. U Mumba gets Super Tackle points.
11' Abhishek Singh picks one raid and one bonus point. Ashish Sangwan out.
11' Pawan picks up yet another point after an unsuccessful tackle from Sandeep Narwal. 
10' Empty Raid by Abhishek, again
9' Pawan comes in for another raid. Super Tackle chance for U Mumba. But Harendra Kumar is set out by Sehrawat.
9' Empty raid by Abhishek Singh
8' Pawan gets an empty raid. However, Surinder steps out of the match awarding Bengaluru yet another easy point
7' Rohit Baliyan is tackled by Amit Sheoran. Bengaluru take the lead
7' Pawan Kumar sends out Fazel with an amazing flying touch. Scores level
Bengaluru Bulls and U Mumba get one point each as U Mumba raider steps out of the playing area after one touch. U Mumba lead 3-2
6' Arjun Deshwal picks up two points for U Mumba, courtesy a poor tackle. Bengaluru Bulls review. Review successful. 
4' An empty raid for Sumit Singh 
4' Arjun makes an empty raid for the home team
3' Rohit Kumar comes in for a raid and official timeout is taken. Seems like a technical issue.
2' Pawan Sehrawat loses his balance and walks into the lobby. First points for Mumbai
1' Abhishek Singh walks into the lobby in the first raid for U Mumba. Bengaluru gets the first point.
1' Rohit Kumar starts the proceedings for Bengaluru Bulls. Empty raid.
Starting 7 
U Mumba - Arjun Deshwal, Surinder Singh, Harendra Kumar, Rohit Baliyan, Abhishek Singh, Sandeep Narwal and Fazel Atrachali
Bengaluru Bulls - Rohit Kumar, Ashish Sangwan, Mahender Singh, Pawan Sehrawat, Sumit Singh, Saurabh Nandal, Amit Sheoran
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U Mumba vs Bengaluru Bulls
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