U Mumba Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 06 December 2022

U Mumba
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Right then, that brings and end to our coverage of this game and it will be curtains on U Mumba's and Patna Pirates' campaign as well. Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the night as the Giants take on the Titans! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! Goodbye!
FULL TIME! U Mumba 24-41 Dabang Delhi K.C.

The match was much closer than what the scorecard suggests and in the end, it is U Mumba and subsequently, Patna Pirates who bow out of the tournament. U Mumba made quite a decent comeback in the second half and had Delhi down to just a couple of men but some terrific defending followed by some equally good raiding ensured that the all out was inflicted on U Mumba instead in the following couple of minutes. A poor showing by U Mumba and they just did not turn up when it mattered the most. Delhi will speficially be happy with this win as not only do they complete a double-win over U Mumba this season, it also came in a game where Naveen Kumar did not score a plethora of points and it was the defense who played a massive part in them getting over the line in this contest. Delhi marching ahead towards a playoffs spot now!
40' Dipak pounces now as Ashish has to make his way back to the bench courtesy of a terrific double thigh hold. Ashish had picked up a bonus point before perishing. 
40' Harendra Kumar attempts a dash this time but it is Vijay Malik who uses the lobby to escape. 
39' ALL OUT! Rinku is tackled as Vishal and the covers run around and put in a powerful block to bring down the opposition skipper instantly.

U Mumba 23-39 Dabang Delhi K.C.
39' An unnecessary diving thigh hold attempted by Harendra Kumar and it is Naveen Kumar who escapes to the mid-line. U Mumba down to one man again!
39' A diving double thigh hold from Sandeep Dhull and it is Rahul Sethpal who is pinned down. 
39' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Ashu Malik does not need to put in a lot of effort as Mohit steps past the back-line. 
38' Guman Singh is pinned down now as Vijay Malik runs around with a dash this time around and sends him spiralling out of bounds. 
37' SUPER TACKLE! Back-to-back super tackles and that should be the game right there and then. Jai Bhagwan ventures deep and a diving ankle hold from Amit Hooda pins down the raider.

U Mumba 23-32 Dabang Delhi K.C.
36' SUPER TACKLE! Is that the game there? Ashish is brought down as Sandeep Dhull puts in a double thigh hold and Ashish is completely immobilised.

U Mumba 23-30 Dabang Delhi K.C.
35' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Vijay Malik comes in for it. He is granted the bonus point as the defense hangs back and allows him to pick up the bonus point. 
"Jaldbaazi nahi (don't hurry)" is the advice from Anil Chaprana to his defenders this time around. Only four points separating the two sides!
35' A side-kick from Jai Bhagwan and it is Krishan Dhull in the right corner who is sent back to the bench.

U Mumba 23-27 Dabang Delhi K.C.
34' Naveen Kumar snaps up a bonus point in front of the left corner. Well, well, well - the bonus has been revoked. 
33' Ashish wrestles with Vishal's attempted block and thrusts himself towards the mid-line.

U Mumba 22-27 Dabang Delhi K.C.
32' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi K.C. and Ashu Malik perishes as Harendra Kumar's diving double ankle hold brings down the raider. 
32' A quick running hand touch from Ashish and he sends back Dipak in the right cover. 
31' A double diving ankle hold from Dipak in the right corner and it is Guman Singh who is pinned down.

U Mumba 19-27 Dabang Delhi K.C.
"Try karo, try karo" is what U Mumba's coach, Anil Chaprana, had to say to his raiders. Will they be successful? Let's find out! 
30' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and Ashish perishes! He has an attempt at the bonus point and a double double thigh hold from Amit Hooda brings him down. However, Amit seems to have gone out of bounds before the tackle and is deemed out.

However, Delhi review! This time around, they believe that Hooda had not stopped out of bounds. Hooda's left foot had clearly gone into the lobby before the touch and the point will remain with Ashish. Review unsuccessful! Both sides have lost their review in successive raids!
U Mumba 19-26 Dabang Delhi K.C.
29' Do-or-die raid for Delhi once again and this time around, Ashu Malik strikes! Rahul Sethpal seems to have stepped out of bounds, past the end-line and has to depart. 

However, U Mumba review! They believe that Rahul had not stepped out of bounds. It is a poor review as his foot had clearly stepped past the end line. Review unsuccessful!
27' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and Pranay Rane perishes once again asSandeep Dhull from the left corner puts in a double thigh hold and the right side of the defense runs around in a flash for assistance.

U Mumba 18-25 Dabang Delhi K.C.
27' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Tejas Patil has been substituted in for it. However, he suffers the same fate as the others as Rinku puts in an ankle hold from which he cannot escapes. 
25' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and it is Ekrami who has to depart now as Dipak from the right corner puts in a diving double thigh hold to immobilise him.

U Mumba 17-24 Dabang Delhi K.C.
24' Do-or-die raid for Delhi once again and Naveen comes in for it. However, he perishes once again as he runs parallel to the baulk line and Rinku attempts an ankle hold. Rahul Sethpal from the left corner runs around and dashes him out of bounds!
23' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba this time and Amit Hooda strikes as Guman Singh is brought down with a diving double ankle hold.

U Mumba 16-23 Dabang Delhi K.C.
22' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Ashu Malik has been sent in for it. And he perishes! Pushes aside Rahul Sethpal but Guman Singh puns him down. 
21' A running hand touch from Guman Singh and it is Sandeep Dhull in the left corner who has to depart. 
HALF TIME! U Mumba 14-22 Dabang Delhi K.C. 

Whew! Delhi have almost completely blown away U Mumba with a spectacular showing in both the offence and the defense. They got off the blocks early and inflicted the all-out in under five minutes to put U Mumba on the back-foot. A sense of desperation in the manner in which U Mumba are going about their business and that was the cause of their downfall initially. They have committed far too many schoolboy errors and will need to come out as a revitalised and revamped side if they are to win this one. U Mumba have been dealing in just super tackles thus far while Delhi have put in a complete all-round show. Eight points separating the two sides - do not count U Mumba out of this just yet. Which side will emerge on top? Stick around to find out!
20' Guman Singh runs around and picks up a quick bonus point in front of the right corner defender.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 22-14 U Mumba
20' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and Naveen comes in for it. And it is a SUPER TACKLE! Runs parallel to the mid-line and Rahul Sethpal puts in a double thigh hold and Harendra Kumar runs around in a flash to pin him down. 
18' WHEW! THAT IS SENSATIONAL! Pranay tries to jump over Amit Hooda's advance thigh hold but Hooda is as powerful as ever and pulls him back single-handedly. 
18' SUPER TACKLE! Harendra Kumar goes in for an ankle hold following which Rahul puts in a powerful back hold and the duo pin down Naveen Kumar.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 21-11 U Mumba
17' A diving double ankle hold from Amit Hooda and Ekrami absolutely surrenders. U Mumba down to two men once again! 
17' Rinku runs around for a dash but Ashu wrestles with him, uses the lobby and escapes back to the mid-line. 
15' Heidarali Ekrami comes in for a do-or-die raid. He attempts a bonus and is granted that as well. Sandeep attempts an ankle hold but Ekrami drags himself back to the mid-line.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 19-9 U Mumba
15' Quick feet from Ashu Malik and he entices Mohit into going for the ankle hold. Ashu escapes and makes his way back to the mid-line. 
14' SUPER TACKLE! A diving double ankle hold from Rinku and the U Mumba captain gets the better of his opposition counterpart. 
13' Guman Singh is pinned down once again as he attempts to escape by putting in a dubki but Vishal gets the better of him once again.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 18-6 U Mumba
12' SUPER TACKLE! Naveen Kumar ventures too deep in the left corner and a powerful ankle hold from Mohit absolutely brings him down.
11' The right corner chain of Amit Hooda and Ashu run around and Pranay Rane runs spright into the chain and is pinned down. 
10' Naveen Kumar picks up speed and gets in a running hand touch on Harendra Kumar in the right-in.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 16-4 U Mumba
10' Ekrami is dashed out of bounds as Dipak runs around and sends him spiralling out of bounds. 
9' Do-or-die raid for Dabang Delhi K.C. and Ashu snaps up a bonus initially. Tries very hard to get a touch but is unsuccessful and returns with just a bonus. 
8' Sandeep in the left corner attempts a back hold but Pranay makes his way back to the mid-line with ease.
8' Oh dear, Mohit has been deemed to have stepped over the back-line but after some consultation, the point is revoked. 
7' Guman Singh is pinned down as Amit Hooda puts in a diving double ankle hold to bring down the big man.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 13-3 U Mumba
5' A powerful back hold on Vijay Malik as soon as he picks up a bonus point but turns out Rinki had stepped out of bounds and he has to make his way back to the bench instead. 
5' ALL OUT! Ashish is substituted in and is granted a bonus point but a diving double thigh hold from Vishal in the left corner completely immobilises him.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 10-3 U Mumba
5' Rinku and Pranay Rane run around for a dash but Naveen pushes Rinku aside and escapes to the mid-line while getting a touch on Pranay as well. 
4' Heidarali Ekrami turns, tumbles and attempts to escape to the mid-line but Vishal's block is as solid as ever. 
3' Naveen Kumar picks up speed and gets in a running hand touch on Rahul Sethpal and Mohit as well on his way back. 
3' Pranay Rane turns quicks and gets in a sliding toe-touch on Dipak in the cover. 
2' Vishal runs around with speed and pins down Guman Singh, who was attempting the dubki there.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 2-1 U Mumba
2' Vijay Malik ploughs through Harendra Kumar's unnecessary block and Vijay pushes him over the mid-line. However, Harendra pushes him over the mid-line and is awarded a green card. 
1' Guman Singh kicks off the scoring for U Mumba with a bonus point in front of the the right corner defender. 
Toss Update:

U Mumba have won the toss and chosen court. Delhi to raid first!

U Mumba:

Starters: Guman Singh, Rahul Sethpal, Harendra Kumar, Heidarali Ekrami, Pranay Rane, Rinku (c), Mohit. 
Substitutes: Shivansh Thakur, Rupesh, Satywan, Ashish, Kiran Laxman Magar, Shivam, Jai Bhagwan. 

Dabang Delhi KC:

Starters: Naveen Kumar (c), Dipak, Vishal, Ashu Malik, Vijay Malik, Amit Hooda, Sandeep Dhull. 
Substitutes: Anil Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Reza Katoulinezhad, Manjeet, Krishan, Tejas Patil. 
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022. We are nearing to the end of the league stages and tonight is a match that will go a long, long way in deciding which side will possess a better chance of making it to the playoffs as Season 2 champions U Mumba lock horns with defending champions Dabang Delhi K.C. 

It has been a topsy-turvy tournament for both sides so far, with U Mumba losing steam after showing a lot of promise initially while Delhi suffering a massive losing streak mid-season. However, all past will be forgotten as the two teams take the mat at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in a bid to keep their qualification hopes alive. A win here will be absolutely essential to keep the qualification hopes alive. The Haryana Steelers, Gujarat Giants, Patna Pirates and Bengal Warriors might be supporting U Mumba in this contest as it betters their chances at qualification. 

As for U Mumba, they have been pretty impressive but have just failed on to hold to a lead in perhaps every single game that they have been a part of. As a result, they have squandered away games they absolutely should have emerged on top in more often than not. However, if there's one thing we know about this side, it is that they'll come out all guns blazing when their backs are against the wall. U Mumba will be hoping their regular skipper, Surinder Singh, is back in action while the team does not gift away unnecessary points to the opposition. 

Dabang Delhi K.C. have had a rollercoaster ride this season, winning a few on the trot, losing a few continuously and then proceeding to get a mixture of the three possible results. They will rely upon their raiding to do the job for them against a solid U Mumba defense. Naveen Kumar, Vijay Malik and Ashu would like to do the bulk of the scoring. Their corners are a cause of concern and they will be hoping that not too many points are leaked from that area of the mat. 

Right then, we are in for an absolute cracker of a contest at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium at Hyderabad! What lies in store? Which team will strengthen their qualification chances? All shall be answered and more in due course of time as I, Maanas Upadhyay, take you through what promise to be an enthralling forty minutes of Kabaddi action! Sit back and relax (or be on the edge of your seat if you're one of the Mumboys or Dabangs) and wait with bated breath as this encounter unfurls. 
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
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Tue, 06/Dec/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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