Pro Kabaddi League 2022 LIVE Score, U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers: PKL Live Updates & Commentary

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Right then, a cracker of a contest to begin with but we have another couple coming your way! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the night as the Sultan's Puneri Paltan taken on Mighty Maninder's Bengal Warriors! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, bidding you adieu! 
FULL TIME! U Mumba 32-31 Haryana Steelers

Whew! A rush of adrenaline and an absolute edge-of-the-seat thriller to kick-off Friday night's proceedings! However, it should not have been as close as it turned out to be in the end. In both the halves, it was U Mumba who took a massive lead by inflicting an all-out initially but squandered it on both occasions as the Steelers came roaring back into the contest. Poor game management from the young side but their aggressive approach is bound to have this drawback. The Steelers assumed lead for the first time in the match towards the last five minutes of the game but U Mumba managed to reclaim the lead, albeit a slender one, which they managed to hold onto in the end. A terrific display by Surinder Singh, finishing with six tackle points, while Guman Singh fell short of a Super 10 by just a solitary point. Harendra Kumar had three points to his name as well and his form will certainly help U Mumba in their coming matches. As for the Steelers, there was no raider to take the onus upon himself in a game where Manjeet just failed to get going completely. They will certainly be looking to correct that going into their next game as they have now faced a hat-trick of defeats. As for U Mumba, this win takes them to the fourth position in the points table. 
40' 31 seconds are left on the clock as Guman Singh comes in to raid. He plays out all thirty seconds of his raid and went for a kick as well in the end to negate the extra one second that the Steelers could have had to start a raid. Ensures that there will be no raid and he is TIMED OUT! However, it won't matter - U Mumba have gotten a much needed win under their belt by a narrow 1 point! 
40' OH FANTASTIC! What a tackle by U Mumba! Harendra Kumar and Surinder Singh run around for a block! Prapanjan's hand was  almost ON THE MID-LINE but could not cross it. Sheer aggression from the covers and Prapanjan is brought down just millimetres behind the mid-line! Oh wow! That's the match there surely!

Haryana Steelers 30-32 U Mumba
39' Prapanjan comes in for a do-or-die raid and once again he strikes by sending back the left-in defender, Ashish.

Haryana Steelers 30-31 U Mumba
39' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and Guman Singh goes in for it. He ventures in deep early in the raid and gets in a touch on Bastami. 
37' Sushil shows his back to Rinku Sharma and that is a grave error. The U Mumba vice-captain runs around and puts in one of the best back-holds and pulls Sushil in. 
37' Guman Singh picks up a bonus point in front of the left corner defender.

Haryana Steelers 29-29 U Mumba
36' A burst of speed from K Prapanjan and he gets in a running hand touch on Jai Bhagwan's thigh. 
36' Jaideep runs around for an advance dash but Guman turns and makes his way towards the mid-line. 
35' Manjeet picks up a bonus point and as soon as he does that, Ashish puts in a terrific ankle hold and the rest of the defense pounces on him straightaway!

Haryana Steelers 28-27 U Mumba
Ashish has been substituted in for Ankush. Much needed for them. 8 raids and none of them successful for Ankush. 
34' ALL OUT! Ekrami is given the bonus point but as soon as he does that, he is dashed out of bounds by Jaideep single-handedly.

Haryana Steelers 27-26 U Mumba
32' Do-or-die raid for the Haryana Steelers in a do-or-die situation and Mohit puts in an ankle hold on Sushil. There was a little jersey pull there from Rinku Sharma but the super tackle has been awarded. 

Haryana Steelers review! The umpire deems the jersey pull had a substantial effect on the tackle and the point is awarded to the Steelers. 
32' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and Jai Bhagwan comes in for it. In the final ten seconds and he fails to get any point! Bastami puts in a back hold as the covers run around and pin him down. 
30' Surinder Singh attempts a double ankle hold but the raider is alert enough as he jumps and escapes to the mid-line. Steelers making a strong comeback into the contest now!

Haryana Steelers 22-25 U Mumba
30' Ankush is brought down as he is tentative in his approach and is slow on the mat.

Haryana Steelers 21-25 U Mumba
29' Sushil picks up a point as Harendra Kumar attempts an unnecessary block. 
28' WOW! What a display of sheer strength! Guman Singh is just centimetres away from the mid-line while Bastami executes a back-hold which he converts into an ankle hold and single-handedly pulls back Guman. 
27' ALL OUT! Amirhoseein Bastami is granted a bonus point and Surinder Singh runs around for a block. Bastami escapes but the second line of defense is ready to pounce upon him.

Haryana Steelers 17-25 U Mumba
26' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and Guman Singh strikes! Leaps over Jaideep, who was attempting a double ankle hold and gets another point on Nitin Rawal as well! 
25' Surinder Singh runs around with a chain alongside Harendra Kumar and pin down Meetu, who was attempting a dubki. 
24' Surinder Singh in the left corner puts in a diving double ankle hold and it is Vinay who has to make his way back to the bench. 
23' Jai Bhagwan ventures deep and Nitin Rawal puts in a solid block. The rest of the defense pounces on the raider instantly!

Haryana Steelers 16-18 U Mumba
22' Harendra Kumar flings himself at Manjeet's feet and the raider is flummoxed. He is immobilised straightaway! 
HALF TIME! Haryana Steelers 15-17 U Mumba

U Mumba have squandered quite a lead here! They inflicted the all-out early in the contest and were looking all set for another but have just failed to wipe out the Steelers, allowing them to inflict Super Tackle upon Super Tackle which has reduced the lead down to just a couple of points going into the second half of the contest. Harendra Kumar in the left cover is looking much better today while the left corner continues to be a weak spot for them. The third raider in Ankush has failed to pick up a single point and U Mumba will perhaps look to bring in the Iranian Heidarali Ekrami in the second half. As for the Steelers, it is the corners once again failing to pick up a single point whereas Manjeet has been brought down consistently. However, they have momentum on their side going into he second half. Promises to be an absolute edge-of-the-seat thriller! Which side will emerge on top? Stick around to find out!
20' Mohit steps out of bounds by himself and a free point is awarded to the Steelers. 
19' SUPER TACKLE! A double ankle hold by Manjeet and Guman Singh fails to make his way back to the mid-line as the other two defenders pile upon him. 
19' Manjeet picks up a bonus point in front of the left corner defender. 
18' Guman Singh gets the better of Mohit Nandal with a roundhouse kick. Steelers down to three men once again. 
17' Do-or-die raid for the Steelers and Vinay perishes as Surinder Singh puts in a hefty double ankle hold to bring him down.

U Mumba 17-11 Haryana Steelers
16' Ankush is tackled as he ventures deep in the right side of the defense and is sent packing by a powerful dash by Mohit Nandal. 
15' SUPER TACKLE! Jai Bhagwan attempts a touch on the right-in defender and as soon as does that, Nitin Rawal leaps at his feet and a double ankle hold brings down Jai Bhagwan. 
14' Vinay gets in a bonus point in front of the left corner defender as the defense play it safe.

U Mumba 15-8 Haryana Steelers
13' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba and it is Jai Bhagwan who comes in for it. He runs around and raids on both sides. Just three seconds left on the clock and it is Rakesh in the left-in who just loses focus. Jai Bhagwan gets in a comfortable touch. 
12' As soon as Meetu Sharma tries a bonus point, Mohit puts in a terrific ankle hold and there was no escaping that. 
11' Ankush is awarded a toe-touch but the Steelers reviewed it! There was clear daylight between the raider's and the defender's shoe and that was quite a poor decision. Review successful! No touch point. 
12' Manjeet is tackled once again in his second raid as he runs straight into the double thigh hold of Rinku.

U Mumba 13-7 Haryana Steelers
11' Jaideep attempts a wrestling move tackle on Jai Bhagwan, who was very close to the mid-line and comfortably crossed the mid-line. 
10' Surinder Singh puts in a double ankle hold but there is absolutely no support, which allows him to drag himself towards the mid-line. 
9' Jaideep runs around with a mighty dash as Guman Singh, who was attempting a bonus point, and is dashed out of bounds. 
8' A sliding toe-touch and Meetu gets the better of Mohit in the left corner, who was caught a touch inattentive. 
8' Rakesh Narwal is sent out of bounds as Harendra Kumar runs around with Surinder Singh and the pair get the better of him. 
7' ALL OUT! Mohit Nandal steps out of bounds and there is only one defender left, who puts in an ankle hold but Jai Bhagwan drags himself towards the mid-line.

U Mumba 10-4 Haryana Steelers
6' Do-or-die raid for the Steelers and it is a fantastic, monumental tackle from Surinder Singh just centimetres within the mid-line. Oh wow! That is some serious show of strength! 
5' SUPER TACKLE! The left corner, Joginder Narwal, steps out of bounds and the right corner, Mohit Nandal, runs around and sends Guman Singh spiralling out of bounds. Two points to the Steelers, one to U Mumba. 
4' Guman Singh ventures deep in a defense of four and entices Nitin Rawal into attempting an ankle hold. Guman had already turned his body towards the mid-line and had momentum going there. Another defender bites the dust. 
3' Manjeet tries to make his way around the right cover chain, which had come around for a block but the second line of defense is prepared to pin him down.

U Mumba 3-2 Haryana Steelers
2' A back-kick from Guman Singh and it finds an advancing Amirhossein Bastami in the left corner. 
2' Meetu picks up another bonus right under the nose of the left-in defender. The defense will have to play a higher line now. 
1' Meetu is granted a bonus point as the left side of the defense is a tad tentative in their approach. U Mumba must be wary of awarding too many bonus points.

U Mumba 1-1 Haryana Steelers
1' Jaideep attempts a dash on Guman Singh, who uses his height to tumble and make his way to the mid-line with ease. 
Toss Update:

Haryana Steelers have won the toss and chosen court. U Mumba to raid first!

U Mumba:

Starters: Guman Singh, Surinder Singh (c), Harendra Kumar, Ankush, Jai Bhagwan, Rinku, Mohit.
Substitutes: Heidarali Ekrami, Rupesh, Rahul Sethpal, Satywan, Ashish, Kiran Magar, Shivam. 

Haryana Steelers:

Starters: Manjeet, Mohit Nandal, Jaideep Dahiya, Meetu Sharma, Nitin Rawal, Amirhossein Bastami, Joginder Narwal (c).
Substitutes: Harsh, Rakesh Narwal, Ankit, Sunny Sehrawat, K Prapanjan, Vinay, Sushil. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 which will witness Season 2 champions U Mumba take on the Haryana Steelers at the Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru. 

U Mumba have had quite a decent run in the tournament given that not many gave them too much of a chance ahead of the tournament. They have played four games and have managed to win a couple. Their last game against the Puneri Paltan was one which went right down the wire and despite a valiant effort from the Mumboys, they came up short in the Maharashtrian Derby. Nonetheless, they will be looking forward to picking themselves up again and putting up a show. An area of concern has been the left cover and Harendra Kumar might just get replaced ahead of this fixture for a youngster. 

The Haryana Steelers, on the other hand, find themselves in a similar situation as their opponents for tonight. They have two wins and two losses from their four games as well and hold the edge over U Mumba in the points table courtesy of a superior Points Difference. The Steelers too lost a close encounter against Dabang Delhi K.C. in their last game and perhaps their over-reliance on Manjeet and the raiding department is causing them a little trouble. Their covers have been decent but the corners need to pick up the slack. 

It promises to be an exciting clash and expect both sides to come out all guns blazing! Strap yourselves in and grab your popcorn, we are in for quite a ride! Taking you through this contest will be me, Maanas Upadhyay. Sit back, relax and enjoy the coverage! 
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
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Fri, 21/Oct/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
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