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U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
U Mumba
Jaipur Pink Panthers
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Summary - U Mumba failed to recreate their opening match magic and were totally on the backfoot against the much aggressive Jaipur Pink Panthers. Jaipur did not fail in their raids as well as the tackles, leading the U Mumbas to make mistakes in every other minute.
Deepak Niwas Hooda gets a Super 10 for the 25th time in his PKL career! Amit Hooda gets a High 5!
40' Lee comes in for the final raid and the match ends with Jaipur winning the opening match 42-23
40' Fazel tries to push out Deepak Niwas Hooda and fails yet another time. 
39' Abhishek Singh in and takes a bonus point!
38' Dong Geon Lee is tackled by Jaipur to inflict yet another all-out. High 5 for Amit Hooda.

Jaipur lead 40-20
38' Two points for Sachin Narwal as he gets Fazel Atrachali and Sandeep Narwal in one raid!
38' Athul comes in swiftly and get Deepak Niwas Hooda out. He is tackled in his next raid with a strong hold from Vishal Lather
37' Abhishek Singh is tackled by Jaipur, given them an extra Super Tackle point

36' Harendra Singh goes for Deepak Hooda's ankles but the Jaipur captain moves out of the hold
36' Time-out called by Jaipur after an empty raid by Abhishek Singh. 
36' Deepak is unsuccessfully tackled by Fazel. Score difference is now 10.
35 Time-out taken! U Mumba are trying to get back in the game!
35' Dong Geon Lee rushes to the Jaipur side as the tea is busy discussing, Narwal tries to throw him with the shoulders, fails. 
34' Deepak Hooda makes an empty raid. Abhishek Singh follows the same line
32' Abhishek Singh get a touch point but goes out of the line. U Mumba reviews. Gets one point and Vishal Lathers is sent to the bench.
32' Deepak Narwal get tackled by Athul. 
31' Three back to back empty raids from both the teams and scores are Jaipur 28, U Mumba 16
29' Do-or-die Raid. Abhishek Singh does the thing for Mumba and sends back Amit Hooda on the bench. In the very next raid, he is sent on bench by Deepak Hooda

28' Ajinkya Pawar makes an attempt to get Sandeep narwal out, fails, back out. 

27' Abhishek Singh makes an empty raid after a successful raid in the minute before, takes U Mumba to 14 against Jaipur's 26 points
24' Deepak Narwal gets a touch to Surinder Singh to take the scores 25-14 in favour of Jaipur
24' Dong Geon Lee tries a toe touch to Deepak Hooda but fails and goes back with an empty raids
23' Deepak Niwas Hooda makes an empty raid 
22' Athul is brought on the ground by the Pink Panthers. They lead 24-11
21' Dong Geon Lee manages to get a bonus point to start the second half
Can the Pink Panthers hold on to their lead and claim a massive win or will U Mumba strike a comeback?

Stay tuned for an exciting second half!
HT: Jaipur Pink Panthers lead 22 - 9 over U Mumba. 

This has been a sensational start for the Pink Panthers as they have already inflicted two all-outs on their opponents and have banked on consistent errors from the U Mumba defense unit. Nitin Rawal and Deepak Narwal have been the stars for the Pink Panthers with 5 and 4 points respectively, while Amit Hooda and Vishal have combined to pick five points from the defense front. 
20' ALL-OUT on U Mumba! Abhishek Singh gets the bonus but is dashed out by a collective attempt from the Jaipur defenders. 
19' Deepak Narwal reduces U Mumba to just the last man on the mat with a firm hand touch. 
18' Two points for Nitin Rawal! Gets a firm touch on Fazel, who looks for an ankle hold but misses, Surender's dash is also in vain as Rawal gets away with two points. 
17' Super Tackle for U Mumba! Deepak Narwal looks to get a touch on Fazel, Surender runs in from the right side and dashes the raider out with a strong attempt. 
16' Vishal is yet again in focus as he lifts Dong Geon Lee and throws him off the court with a solo attempt.
15' Sandeep Narwal this time goes in with an expensive back hold as Rawal was going back to his own half, that's almost like gifting away a point. 
15' Poor start post the break from Jaipur as Amit Hooda's weak ankle hold gives away an easy point to Dong Geon Lee. 
Time-out called for. 

Jaipur are comfortable cruising away in this contest and U Mumba have failed to arrive in this game, currently facing a 10-point deficit with a little over five minutes to go in the first half. 
14' Rohit Baliyan is yet again shunned off the court by a combination from Vishal and Amit Hooda. 
13' Nitin Rawal claims a hand touch on Harender Kumar as he steps into the lobbies with confidence. 
12' Sandeep Narwal strikes with a raid! Runs across the court and gets Sunil Siddhgavali with a burst of speed. 
10' Poor error from Fazel Atrachali as he looks for an advanced tackle but looks to pull out, Deepak Hooda gets an easy touch on his opposite number. 
9' Amit Hooda's ankle hold pins Rohit Baliyan down on the Do or Die raid. 
9' The U Mumba defense strikes as Fazel Atrachali traps Nitin Rawal with a firm back hold.
8' ALL-OUT on U Mumba! Deepak Narwal comes in for the raid, goes deep into the left corner and touches Chang Ko, gets away from Surender's attempted block and crosses the mid-line. 
7' Dong Geon Lee has been thrown out of the court by a dash from Vishal. 
Substitution for U Mumba. 

Young Chang Ko comes in for Abhishek Singh.
6' Nitin Rawal brings his pace to the picture as he gets a firm running hand touch on Fazel Atrachali. 
5' Top effort from Amit Hooda in the right corner as he waits for Rohit Baliyan to attempt a bonus, snaps on the raider's ankles and brings him down. Bonus point awarded to Rohit. 
4' Dong Geon Lee gets the big fish Deepak Hooda with a hand touch. Positive start for the Korean. 
3' Deepak Narwal collects his first point as he gets away from Sandeep Narwal's thigh hold. 
2' Two empty raids, one from each team follow the sizzling start. 
U Mumba have called for a review. Sandeep believes that its only two points there. 

Review successful! Good call from the corner defender as Deepak is only handed two points.
1' Deepak starts with a SUPER RAID! What a start for Jaipur! Three points are given to Deepak as he slips away from Harender's ankle hold and also gets through the dash from Surender and Fazel Atrachali. 
Jaipur Pink Panthers will raid first. 

Deepak Hooda will start off things for his side. 
Deepak Niwas Hooda v Fazel Atrachali will be a key feature to watch out for as both the captains will be looking to lead from the front.

Fazel and his corner defender partner Sandeep Narwal had a fantastic outing against Telugu Titans with four points each and will be key, alongside Abhishek Singh, who picked up the first Super 10 of the season. 
Starting 7s - 

U Mumba: 
Fazel Atrachali (c), Rohit Baliyan, Abhishek Singh, Sandeep Narwal, Surender Singh, Dong Geon Lee, Harendra Singh. 

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Niwas Hooda (c), Vishal, Sunil Siddhgavali, Deepak Narwal, Nitin Rawal, Sandeep Dhull, Amit Hooda. 
U Mumba are coming into this contest on the back of a 31-25 win against the hosts Telugu Titans and will be keen on finishing the Hyderabad leg with a win. 

Jaipur, on the other hand will be hoping to start their PKL 7 campaign on a positive note and give their arch-rivals a run for their money. 
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Action continues on Day 3 of the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League as U Mumba will take on the Jaipur Pink Panthers in the first game today at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad. 
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U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers
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