Pro Kabaddi 2021 Highlights, Match 41: U Mumba ride on Abhishek Singh's brilliance to pick up 48-38 win

U Mumba
Telugu Titans
U MUMBA won the match
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Right then, that is all that we have you from this Pro Kabaddi League contest! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the third game of the day as Manpreet Singh's Gujarat Giants take on 3-time winners Patna Pirates! Until next time then, this is me, Vinay Chhabria, signing off! Stay home and stay safe!
It was a one-sided match from the first to the last minute. U Mumba dominated Telugu Titans from the first half itself and ended with 10-point win. Abhishek Singh, Rinku HC and Fazel Atrachali were the stars of U Mumba's win! Muhammed Shiyas was the lone bright spot for the Telugu Titans. He came in as a substitute and recorded his maiden High 5. 
FULL TIME: U Mumba 48 - 38 Telugu Titans
40' Abhishek Singh gets the better of Surinder Singh again!

U Mumba 48 - 38 Telugu Titans
40' Harender Kumar goes for an advanced tackle on Ankit Beniwal but the raider escapes!

U Mumba 47 - 38 Telugu Titans
40' Abhishek Singh gets a running hand touch as he continues his fine form!

U Mumba 47 - 37 Telugu Titans
40' Galla Raju has been dashed out in just 5 seconds! What a dash that was!

U Mumba 46 - 37 Telugu Titans
40' Ruturaj Koravi hunts down Prathap S with a top-quality block!

U Mumba 45 - 37 Telugu Titans
40' Fazel Atrachali tries an advanced tackle on Galla Raju but fails!

U Mumba 45 - 36 Telugu Titans
40' Abhishek Singh gets a running hand touch on Surinder Singh!

U Mumba 45 - 35 Telugu Titans
39' Substitute Pratap S gets tackled down by Muhammed Shiyas! With this tackle, Shiyas has completed his High 5! Galla Raju scores a bonus in the next raid.

U Mumba 44 - 35 Telugu Titans
39' Fazel Atrachali inches closer to his High 5 with a top-class back hold on Ankit Beniwal!

U Mumba 44 - 33 Telugu Titans
39' SUPER 10! Abhishek Singh completes his Super 10 with a perfect dubki under Ruturaj Koravi's block attempt!

U Mumba 43 - 33 Telugu Titans
38' Rinku goes for a double high hold on Galla Raju and he is successful!

U Mumba 42 - 33 Telugu Titans
37' ALL OUT! Ankit Beniwal wipes out the remaining part of the U Mumba defense! 2+2 - 4 points to Telugu Titans!

U Mumba 41 - 33 Telugu Titans
36' Telugu Titans inch closer to the 30-point mark with a successful tackle on Mohsen Maghodlou!

U Mumba 41 - 29 Telugu Titans
35' Rinku HC attempted a solo dash on Ankit Beniwal, but the raider gets the better of him!

U Mumba 41 - 28 Telugu Titans
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - 1 point to Telugu Titans. 
REVIEW - U Mumba have challenged the decision. 
34' Advanced tackle from the Telugu Titans, this time it is successful because the support came in at the right time! V. Ajith Kumar has been tackled down, and it looks like he has picked up an injury.

U Mumba 41 - 27 Telugu Titans
33' Rinku HC scores his 6th tackle point of the night with a stunning double thigh hold on Ankit Beniwal!

U Mumba 41 - 26 Telugu Titans
33' Galla Raju pulls off a 2-pointer raid! Muhammed Shiyas hunts down Ajinkya Kapre with a magnificent dive on his ankles!

U Mumba 40 - 26 Telugu Titans
32' Substitute Ajinkya Kapre opens his account by failing an advanced tackle from Surinder Singh!

U Mumba 40 - 23 Telugu Titans
32' Adarsh T has been dashed out by the U Mumba defense, but the raider got a bonus again!

U Mumba 39 - 23 Telugu Titans
32' Ruturaj Koravi hunts down V. Ajith Kumar with a fine back hold!

U Mumba 38 - 22 Telugu Titans
31' Rinku HC tackles down Ankit Beniwal with a dive on his ankles but the raider got a bonus!

 U Mumba 38 - 21 Telugu Titans
30' ALL OUT! Prince fails this time! He scored a bonus but Rinku HC tackles him down!

U Mumba 37 - 20 Telugu Titans
29' Surinder Singh tried a dash on V. Ajith Kumar but fails miserably!

U Mumba 34 - 19 Telugu Titans
28' Do-or-die raid for Telugu Titans, Prince sends Fazel Atrachali to the bench with a fine kick!

U Mumba 33 - 19 Telugu Titans
27' Muhammed Shiyas gifts a touch point to Abhishek Singh by attempting a dive near the baulk line!

U Mumba 33 - 18 Telugu Titans
26' Abhishek Singh attempted a kick on the left corner. Ruturaj Koravi came from the right corner to dash him, but the U Mumba raider escapes!

U Mumba 32 - 18 Telugu Titans
25' SUPER TACKLE! Do-or-die raid for U Mumba, V. Ajith Kumar gets tackled down by the duo of Muhammed Shiyas and Ruturaj Koravi!

U Mumba 31 - 18 Telugu Titans
25' Do-or-die raid for Telugu Titans, substitute Ankit Beniwal attempts a bonus, but Fazel Atrachalia completes a hat-trick of successful ankle holds in this match! Ankit has scored a bonus.

U Mumba 31 - 16 Telugu Titans
22' SUPER TACKLE! Ruturaj Koravi hunts down Abhishek Singh with a dive on his ankles!

U Mumba 30 - 15 Telugu Titans
21' Adarsh T gets blocked by Harender Kumar! The support came in at the right time, Telugu Titans down to 2 men.

U Mumba 30 - 13 Telugu Titans
21' Abhishek Singh fails an advanced tackle attempt from Galla Raju! What a start for U Mumba in the 2nd half!

U Mumba 29 - 13 Telugu Titans
HALF TIME: Telugu Titans 13 - 28 U Mumba
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL - 2 points to U Mumba. 
REVIEW - Telugu Titans have challenged the decision. 
20' Abhishek Singh fails an advanced tackle attempt from Rakesh Gowda! Easy point. He got a touch on another defender as well - 2 points to U Mumba.

Telugu Titans 13 - 28 U Mumba
20' Galla Raju scores a touch point this time! Can the Telugu Titans make a comeback?

Telugu Titans 13 - 26 U Mumba
19' Rakesh Gowda scores a raid point, V. Ajith Kumar makes up for it with a touch on Surinder Singh!

Telugu Titans 12 - 26 U Mumba
19' V. Ajith Kumar scores another touch point! He has been in some form tonight

Telugu Titans 11 - 25 U Mumba
18' Fazel Atrachali went for an advanced tackle on Rakesh Gowda, changed his mind at the last moment, but the raider got a touch on him and returned to his half safely

Telugu Titans 11 - 24 U Mumba
18' Harender Kumar strikes for U Mumba this time! He initiates a tackle on Ankit Beniwal and the defense hunts him down!

Telugu Titans 10 - 24 U Mumba
17' V. Ajith Kumar scores a bonus point for U Mumba

Telugu Titans 10 - 23 U Mumba
17' Rakesh Gowda fails an advanced tackle attempt from the duo of Rinku HC and Mohsen Maghsodlou! 2 points for Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans 10 - 22 U Mumba
15' ALL OUT! Rakesh Gowda scores a bonus but the U Mumba defense tackles him down easily!

Telugu Titans 8 - 22 U Mumba
15' Another brilliant raid from V. Ajith Kumar! He gets 1 touch point and Rakesh Gowda is the last man standing.

Telugu Titans 7 - 19 U Mumba
14' V. Ajith Kumar continues his fine form, with a running hand touch on Adarsh T and then failing a dash attempt from Ruturaj Koravi

Telugu Titans 7 - 18 U Mumba
14' Do-or-die raid for U Mumba, Abhishek Singh goes in to raid. He steps out of bounds without any struggle. A Telugu Titans defender also stepped behind the backline!

Telugu Titans 7 - 16 U Mumba
13' Galla Raju returns to the bench! Ashish Kumar initiated the tackle with a dive on his thighs, Fazel Atrachali and Co. supported him at the right time! What a tackle!

Telugu Titans 6 - 15 U Mumba
12' This time Fazel Atrachali and Co. tackle down Ankit Beniwal! Ashish Kumar initiated the tackle with a block and the support came in at the right time from the others

Telugu Titans 6 - 14 U Mumba
11' Fazel Atrachali executes a successful tackle on Rakesh Gowda! His ankle hold helps U Mumba score another point in the defense

Telugu Titans 6 - 13 U Mumba
10' Telugu Titans' defense shines! V. Ajith Kumar jumped above Prince D, but the duo of Ruturaj Koravi and Adarsh T floored the raider!

Telugu Titans 6 - 12 U Mumba
9' ALL OUT! Galla Raju scored a bonus, but the defense hunt him down! U Mumba score the first all out of the match.

Telugu Titans 5 - 12 U Mumba
9' OH MY GOD! U Mumba outsmart the Telugu Titans once again! Abhishek Singh gets an easy touch on Surinder Singh this time!

Telugu Titans 4 - 9 U Mumba
8' Substitute Galla Raju scores a bonus for Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans 4 - 8 U Mumba
8' U Mumba stun Telugu Titans defense! It seemed like left raider V Ajith Kumar was going in to raid, but right raider Abhishek Singh went in and scored 2 touch points! He executed a fine dubki under Ruturaj Koravi and then fails a back hold from Rakesh Gowda!

Telugu Titans 3 - 8 U Mumba
7' Rakesh Gowda scores a bonus for Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans 3 - 6 U Mumba
6' Abhishek Singh opens his account by failing a dive attempt from Adarsh T

Telugu Titans 2 - 6 U Mumba
5' Prince D gets tackled this time! Rinku HC dives on his thighs, Fazel Atrachali and Ashish Kumar came to support at the right time! Great start for U Mumba

Telugu Titans 2 - 5 U Mumba
4' Mohsen Maghsodlou scores his 2nd bonus point

Telugu Titans 2 - 4 U Mumba
3' V Ajith Kumar opens his account with a bonus point

Telugu Titans 2 - 3 U Mumba
3' Rajnish attempts a bonus under Fazel Atrachali. The Sultan strikes! He hunts Rajnish down with a perfect ankle hold

Telugu Titans 2 - 2 U Mumba
2' Mohsen Maghsodlou scores a bonus for U Mumba

Telugu Titans 2 - 1 U Mumba
2' Rakesh Gowda scores a bonus for Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans 2 - 0 U Mumba
1' WHAT A TACKLE!! Rajnish shines in the defense with a brilliant back hold on Abhishek Singh!!

Telugu Titans 1 - 0 U Mumba
Fazel Atrachali wins the toss and invites the Telugu Titans to raid first. 
Surinder Singh is leading Telugu Titans against his former team U Mumba. 

U Mumba:
Sunil Siddhgavali, Ajinkya Kapre, Rahul Sethpl, Shivam Anil, Prathap S

Telugu Titans: Galla Raju, Hyunsu Park, Akash Choudhary, C. Arun, Muhammed Shihas
BIG, BIG News coming in!! No Rohit Kumar for the Telugu Titans tonight!

U Mumba: 
Abhishek Singh, V. Ajith Kumar, Harendra Kumar, Fazel Atrachali, Rinku Hc, Ashish Kumar, Mohsen Maghsoudloujafari

Telugu Titans: Ankit Beniwal, Rajnish, Rakesh Gowda, Adarsh T, Prince D, Ruturaj Shivaji Koravi, Surender Singh
Telugu Titans have been winless in PKL 8 so far. As mentioned ahead, they are 12th on the standings with only 10 points to their name. Here are 3 strategic changes the franchise needs to make to record their 1st win tonight. 
We are still 15 minutes away from the first raid of the match. Here are some Dream11 tips for the U Mumba vs Telugu Titans match. 
Telugu Titans captain Rohit Kumar's form has worried many fans, but here's the reason why the PKL 6 winning captain has been off color this year so far. 
U Mumba are currently 5th on the points table with two victories, one defeat and three ties in their first six matches. On the other side, the Telugu Titans are last with only 10 points to their name from their first six matches. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the match between U Mumba and Telugu Titans. It is the 41st match of PKL 8, and it promises to be a cracker of a contest. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sat, 08/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Telugu Titans
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