U Mumba Vs Telugu Titans 20 February 2024

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Telugu Titans
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U Mumba 45 - 45 Telugu Titans

U Mumba's 13-match winless extends to 14
as they donate a win to the Telugu Titans in the last minute with arguably the worst defensive effort in the history of PKL.

Three self-outs, two for stepping behind the end-line, and one for stepping into the lobby, allowed Pawan Sehrawat to walk away with a 4-point raid from nothing, and a 7-point lead for U Mumba evaporated to nothing in the matter of 60 seconds.

It does seem like a fair result, however, as both teams were equally good on the night, while also making a similar amount of errors. U Mumba's defense had a pretty good game up until that last raid, with Gokulakannan impressing with a High 5, with Sombir and Guman Singh also chipping in. Zafardanesh got back to form with a Super 10 in the raiding department.

For the Titans, it was another solid outing for Pawan Sehrawat, who crossed 200 raid points for the season with his Super 10 tonight. In defense, Ankit Jaglan in the left corner had a good game, and so did Ajit Pawar.

In the end, U Mumba finish 10th, doing so without a win for the last 14 matches of the season, while the Titans expectedly finish at rock bottom. 

These dead rubbers have turned out to be really entertaining games of kabaddi, and this match is sure to stay in the minds of fans for a long time to come. We only have one more day to go in the group-stage of PKL 10, and it promises to be filled with plenty of enthralling kabaddi action. Until then, this is Shreyas signing off. Good Night!
2nd Half, 40'
U Mumba 45 - 45 Telugu Titans

It's a Tie!
Zafardanesh can't score a point on his raid, and Pawan is quick to rush back to the other end and complete a simple all-out

A wry smile from Zafardanesh says it all as U Mumba find new ways to not win matches and end this season with the most remarkable of ties, and I still can't believe what I'm seeing here!
A little over 30 seconds left and Zafardanesh is the last man standing for U Mumba with only 3 points separating the two teams.
2nd Half, 40'
U Mumba 45 - 42 Telugu Titans

Do-or-die raid for Visvanath and he does well to kill time before he's tackled by the left cover Ajit Pawar, and you'd think that was that, but no!

Pawan Sehrawat, you miracle man! It's a 1v5 situation for Pawan, and guess what, he comes away with a 4-point raid, of which three are self-outs!! U Mumba shoot themselves in the foot in unimaginable fashion.
2nd Half, 39'
U Mumba 45 - 37 Telugu Titans

Gokulakannan gets his High 5 to cap off what has been a really solid effort. Once again, he gets Pawan Sehrawat, this time with a really ambitious advanced ankle hold that fets the necessary support.

Robin Chaudhary gets a useful bonus point, before following it up with a neat kick on Sombir in the left corner in the next raid.
2nd Half, 37'
U Mumba 44 - 35 Telugu Titans

What on earth happened there? Robin Chaudhary is dashed out by Gokulakannan, albeit scrappily, and for reasons unknown, Ankit also goes back to the bench.

U Mumba have a do-or-die raid against a 3-man Titans defense and the substitute Heiderali Ekrami does brilliantly to wipe out the entire side, getting a Super Raid to complete the all-out and give U Mumba a 9-point lead.
2nd Half, 36'
U Mumba 38 - 35 Telugu Titans

With both Zafardanesh and Guman on the bench, Visvanath has to step up and he does, getting the right corner Shankar Gadai on this occasion. Pawan Sehrawat is done in yet again by Gokulakannan who has timed his tackles really well today.
2nd Half, 34'
U Mumba 36 - 35 Telugu Titans

Ajit Pawar dashes Guman Singh off court yet again, but after some deliberation, the referees award a point each. Pawan Sehrawat gets away from an ambitious thigh hold from Shivansh, who has had a poor evening, and with that he gets to 200 raid points for the season.

At the other end, Amirmohammad Zafardanesh does brilliantly to escape after going in pretty deep into the Titans half, getting both their corners in the process, and with that, he gets to his Super 10.

Pawan continues to score points at will, and this time he targets and successfully gets Zafardanesh.
2nd Half, 32'
U Mumba 33 - 32 Telugu Titans

No Super Tackle heroics this time for U Mumba as Pawan Sehrawat plays it smart during a 1v2 situation, waiting and waiting, and not going in too deep, forcing the error from Shivansh to get away with a point.

Jai Bhagwan the substitute is given the bonus, but Sanjeevi initiates the tackle which receives emphatic support from the defense as the Titans get another all-out.

Pawan Sehrawat then races across court to get the running hand touch on the right corner.
2nd Half, 30'
U Mumba 32 - 27 Telugu Titans

Ohh, that's a crucial raid from Shankar Gadai who just about keeps his side in the game and avoids the all-out. Amirmohammad goes in with the ankle hold and Gokulakannan runs in to support, but Gadai is a tall raider, and he uses his height and the lobby to get away well.

The Titans have 4 defenders on the mat after that, and they play on the do-or-die raid, during which Visvanath runs right into Ankit, who doesn't miss, putting in another well-timed ankle hold. Only one point away from a High 5 after that tackle for Ankit.

Pawan Sehrawat then follows up, escaping from Sombir's mistimed challenge before Guman Singh brought down by Shankar Gadai in the Titans' right corner.

The whistle blows for the timeout, and just like that, the Titans convert a potential all-out into a comeback, and they're right back in this! U Mumba down to two now and stare into an all-out themselves.
2nd Half, 28'
U Mumba 32 - 22 Telugu Titans

Robin Chaudhary does well to escape from Zafardanesh's challenge to pull one back for the Titans, but he's tackled on the next raid by the in-form Sombir.

Zafardanesh then goes into the do-or-die raid in a 1v4 situation, but the Titans' defense makes it way too easy for him with an advanced tackle, and he makes the most of that. The Titans are down to three, and wait! Make that two as Guman Singh surprises Sanjeevi with an ankle hold as U Mumba close in on another all-out.
The Titans made three substitutions just after the all-out, FYI, with Shankar Gadai and Omkar More among those coming on.
2nd Half, 25'
U Mumba 29 - 21 Telugu Titans

Quick bonus point from Guman Singh extends U Mumba's lead before Robin Chaudhary gets away from an ill-advised advanced tackle from Sombir.

Visvanath V goes in to raid, using his speed and the lobby to good effect, just about escaping from Ankit's challenge and the substitute Omkar More's dash. Pawan Sehrawat is then tackled by Gokulakannan, who gets his 3rd tackle point for the night.
2nd Half, 23'
U Mumba 25 - 20 Telugu Titans

Amirmohammad Zafardanesh is in really good form here, and it shows! Ankit is eager to get his High 5, but Zafar saw that diving ankle hold coming from a mile, easily escaping from it, as the Titans get reduced to three.

Zafardanesh picks up two more on the next raid, and once again, he teases the left corner into diving into a tackle, this time tagging his countryman Hamid Nader along the way.

Sanjeevi S is the last man standing for the Titans, and his tame raid ends with Bittu's rock-solid knee hold as U Mumba complete the all-out and start the 2nd half in fine fashion.
U Mumba 19 - 19 Telugu Titans

A balanced and really engaging half of Kabaddi ends with the two teams going in level at the break. Pawan Sehrawat initially found it a bit tough to get going, but once he got the running hand touch on his opposite number, he really got going, even pulling out the Hi-Jump at one point. He's a point away from a Super 10.

For U Mumba, the two Super Tackles have kept them in this match along with some impressive raiding from Amirmohammad Zafardanesh and Guman Singh.

U Mumba could do better in the raiding department, and the same can be said about the Titans' defense. This 2nd half could be a really intriguing affair, so don't go anywhere!
1st Half, 20'
U Mumba 19 - 19 Telugu Titans

Ohh Amirmohammad Zafardanesh, you absolute beauty! This is what we were so used to seeing in the first half of the season, and he puts in one of the best raids of the season to get away with two points. The challenge comes in from the left side, but he executes a 360-turn to get past both of them with ease.

However, he's also confident he has the bonus and U Mumba review, but the replays don't look convincing, and yes, U Mumba lose their review as well.

A couple of empty raids follow before the whistle blows for half-time. Nothing to separate the two teams at the break, and we could be in for a real thriller if this continues.
1st Half, 19'
U Mumba 17 - 19 Telugu Titans

Ooh, interesting raid this! Pawan Sehrawat is brought down by a neat tackle by Gokulakannan who overruns his dash, but converts it into a neat hold, with Zafardanesh and Visvanath providing crucial support. However, Sombir steps out of bounds and rejoins the struggle.

The point is awarded to U Mumba, but the Titans review claiming he was self-out. But the review is unsuccessful as he stepped out only after contact was made on Pawan.
1st Half, 18'
U Mumba 16 - 19 Telugu Titans

Pawan Sehrawat throws a mighty kick flush on Bittu's head to pick up a point, instantly raising an apologetic hand to the U Mumba right corner. Ankit then comes around with a chain tackle that stops Guman Singh right in his tracks. 

Pawan then picks up another raid point, once again nailing the running hand touch on Shivansh Thakur.
1st Half, 16'
U Mumba 16 - 16 Telugu Titans

The U Mumba defense is in really good form today, and Gokulakannan joins in with a solid dash to send Robin Chaudhary back to the bench. However, Sanjeevi S returns the favor with a diving knee hold that just about gets the better of Visvanath V.

Zafardanesh looks to be back in his groove as he breezes past the Titans' defense once again, this time getting Milad Jabbari.
1st Half, 14'
U Mumba 14 - 14 Telugu Titans

Amirmohammad Zafardanesh delivers on a defensive front, surprising Pawan Sehrawat with an ankle hold from the left-in position. He follows it up with a lightning-quick raid to catch Hamid Nader napping, scoring his first raid point of the night.
1st Half, 12'
U Mumba 12 - 13 Telugu Titans

Amirmohammad Zafardanesh tries to surprise the Titans' defense by rushing into a do-or-die raid, but all he does is run straight into the grip of the waiting Ankit in the left corner who is precise and clinical with his ankle hold.

Back to three once again, the U Mumba defense face Pawan Sehrawat once more, but this time, he comes in clutch, and is too good for Sombir and Visvanath on this occasion.

Guman Singh is the last man standing for U Mumba, and Ajit Pawar's block-dash is too good for him, and it's the Titans who strike first with the all-out.
1st Half, 10'
U Mumba 11 - 7 Telugu Titans

Only 3 on the mat for U Mumba, but one of them is Guman Singh, who gets an easy bonus point under the nose of Hamid Nader. He then unexpectedly contributes in defense to bring down a baffled Robin Chaudhary as U Mumba execute another Super Tackle. He timed his challenge perfectly, it has to be said.

And right after that tackle, the whistle blows for the timeout, and despite once going down to two men, U Mumba take a neat 4-point lead.
1st Half, 8'
U Mumba 8 - 7 Telugu Titans

Ohh, the Hi-Flyer lives up to his name with a wonderful jump to escape from the right chain tackle in a 1v4 situation! He's flying high towards the end of the season is Pawan.

Well, commentator's curse definitely as the in-form Sombir puts in a brilliant dash in a 1v2 situation to help his side avoid the all-out while adding to his tally. That's a Super Tackle for the left corner who FYI, scored 8 tackle points in the reverse fixture.
1st Half, 6'
U Mumba 5 - 5 Telugu Titans

Ankit Jaglan pounces with a solid ankle hold to bring Zafardanesh down, but up next, it's a do-or-die raid for Pawan Sehrawat.

The Titans' captain spends plenty of time on the raid, but emerges with a touch on his opposite number Shivansh.
1st Half, 4'
U Mumba 5 - 3 Telugu Titans

Robin Chaudhary scores a raid point, tagging Gokulakannan on the run, but he's tackled in the very next raid by Sombir, with him being way too slow on the turn, allowing the defense plenty of time to surround him.

Guman Singh gets Hamid Nader once again with an easy extension of his left arm. He goes 3/3 with a neat escape in a 1v4 situation, getting away well from Sanjeevi's challenge. Ohh no wait, he's adjudged to have gone out of bounds along with the defender, so a point each is awarded.
1st Half, 2'
U Mumba 2 - 1 Telugu Titans

Pawan Sehrawat enters this game in stellar form after a 17-point outing against Jaipur, and that confidence shows as he scores a bonus point in the very first raid.

Guman Singh opens his account immediately, inviting the error from Hamid Nader in the Titans' right corner. In the very next raider, the debutant Ram Adghale makes the perfect first impression, putting in a really well-timed dash to send Pawan flying.
Toss Update: U Mumba win the toss and choose court. The Titans to raid first.
It's going to be hard to predict a winner between these two out-of-form sides. Here's what our in-house experts predict:
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Team News

Here are the starting lineups of both the teams:

U Mumba: Shivansh Thakur (C), Guman Singh, Gokulakannan M, Amirmohammad Zafardanesh, Bittu Banwala, Sombir, and Ram Adghale.

Telugu Titans: Pawan Sehrawat (C), Ajit Pawar, Ankit, Milad Jabbari, Sanjeevi S, Hamid Nader, and Robin Chaudhary.

U Mumba once again rings in the changes, making three alterations to the lineup that started against the Steelers on Saturday. Right cover defender Shivansh Thakur takes the captain's armband, replacing Mahender, with Amirmohammad Zafardanesh and Ram Adghale also getting starts at Alireza and Rohit Yadav's expense.

The Titans also make three changes, with Sanjeevi S, Robin Chaudhary, and Hamid Nader all earning recalls to the starting 7, with Parvesh Bhainswal and Prafull Zaware among those missing out.

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of PKL 10. On the penultimate day of the group-stage of this season, we have two teams desperate to end this competition with a win, something which has been a rare occurrence for both of them. It's U Mumba and the Telugu Titans who face off in this single-header at the Tau Devilal Indoor Stadium in Panchkula. 

U Mumba started this season well, and it was all looking pretty good for them till the opening day of their home leg, where they beat the Bengaluru Bulls. Since then, it has been a rapid downfall for the season 2 champions as they've gone 13 matches without a win, and will have to settle for a 10th-place finish this season.

Meanwhile, the Telugu Titans' season has had zero momentum right from the onset, and despite having flashes of brilliance and that odd dominant passage of play, they have been the whipping boys for the rest of the sides, registering only two wins in 21 matches. Pawan Sehrawat and Co. will want to give their loyal supporters something to cheer for in their final match.

Teams playing for pride have actually put up some stellar performances in this Haryana leg of PKL 10, and with both these teams desperate to end their campaign on a win, expect a high-octane and tense encounter.
Tau Devilal indoor stadium, Panchkula
Match Start Time
Tue, 20/Feb/2024 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs Telugu Titans
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2023
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