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U Mumba vs U.P. Yoddha - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2018
U Mumba
U.P. Yoddha
U.P. YODDHA won the match
That's all from this intense clash! Switch tabs to follow all the live action from the second eliminator between Dabang Delhi K.C and Bengal Warriors here.

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With this win, U Mumba bow out of the competition and will await the winner of the second eliminator between Dabang Delhi K.C and Bengal Warriors to play the third eliminator.
FT: UP Yoddha win 34-29 over U Mumba.

UP Yoddha's fairtytale run in the final games of the league stage has continued into the eliminator as they have knocked out the favorites U Mumba. 

The Yoddha came into the game with some serious intent and blazed through the contest, led by Nitesh Kumar's 8 tackle points and Jeeva Kumar's High-5.
40' Desai gets away from Nitesh Kumar's ankle hold as he picks up his seventh raid point of the night.
40' Nitesh Kumar continues to fire as he dives on the ankles of Abhishek Singh to collect his eighth tackle point of the night.
39' U Mumba play on the baulk line but Prashant Rai does well to get slide under the tackle from Fazel Atrachali.
38' Fazel Atrachali runs in from the left corner as he gets support from Abhishek SIngh to bring down Shrikant Jadhav on the Do or Die raid.
38' Abhishek Singh comes on as a substitute and picks up a touch point on Narender apart from a bonus point.
Time-out in place. 

UP Yoddha enjoy a comfortable 7-point lead with just a little more than two minutes left on the clock.
38' Sachin Kumar picks up an important tackle point with an ankle hold on Rohit Baliyan.
37' Nitesh Kumar yet again dives on the ankles of Siddharth Desai as the lanky raider succumbs to the might of the tackle at the baulk line.
37' Rishank Devadiga is brought down by a combination tackle from Fazel Atrachali and Rohit Rana.
36' Nitesh Kumar brings down Abolfazl Maghsoudlou with a commanding double ankle hold on the right corner.
34' Super tackle for the Yoddha! Jeeva Kumar is the man in focus as the veteran defender brings out a double thigh hold as Desai is rooted on the mat. Kumar also brings up his High-5 with that tackle!
34' Rohit Baliyan produces a terrific ankle hold as Prashant Rai is felled by a strong ankle hold from Rohit Baliyan.
33' Shrikant Jadhav loses his footing as he gifts away an easy point to Siddharth Desai.
32' A quick running hand touch from Abolfazl sends Narender packing right after the break.
UP Yoddha lead 27-21 with a little over eight minutes left in the game.
31' Rishank Devadiga comes in for the Do or Die raid but is pinned down by a firm ankle hold from Fazel Atrachali.
30' Rohit Baliyan collects the bonus but is swarmed by the UP Yoddha defenders, led by a dash from Jeeva Kumar.
29' Abolfazl Maghsoudlou gets away from Nitesh Kumar's ankle hold to dive away towards the mid-line.
29' Nitesh and Rishank's chain tackle is in action yet again as Desai crumbles to the chain and is off to the benches.
28' What a raid from Shrikant Jadhav! The U Mumba cover duo yet again attempt the combination dash but Jadhav swivels on his back to get his feet across the line and collects two points on the Do or Die raid.
26' Desai yet again dives away from Narender's ankle hold to collect a single point.
26' Bonus point picked up by Shrikant Jadhav.
25' Darshan Kadian is brought down in a flash by an ankle hold from Narender, who gets support from Nitesh Kumar.
24' Abolfazl reaches deep into the left corner as he sweeps his hand to remove Rishank Devadiga from the mat. 
23' Rishank Devadiga strikes as he gets away from Rohit Rana's dash to tumble away with a point.

U Mumba lose their review as they claim that Rishank stepped into the lobbies without a touch. No luck there!
23' Rohit Rana runs in from the left cover as he dashes out the raider with a solo dash.
22' High-5 for Nitesh Kumar! The right corner brings down Kadian, who looked for a jump but in vain.
21' Rishank Devadiga picks up a bonus point under the watch of Abolfazl.
Substitution for U Mumba.

Abolfazl Maghsoudlou comes in.
Back live now as U Mumba will raid first in the second half!
HT: UP Yoddha lead 18-15 over U Mumba.

What a thrilling encounter we have had in the first eliminator! UP Yoddha have put on a stellar show to inflict an all-out early in the first half and then maintain their lead to pile pressure on the season two champions U Mumba. Nitesh Kumar, on the right corner has been the star with four tackle points while Jeeva Kumar has contributed vitally as well. 

Can U Mumba and Siddharth Desai regain some lost form or will the Yoddha reign supreme? Stay tuned for an exciting second half!
20' Darshan Kadian strikes on his Do or Die raid as he gets a kick on Sachin Kumar and then escapes an ankle hold from the left corner.
20' A couple of empty raids brings about the Do or Die raid as Cheralathan locks an ankle hold on Jadhav to bring the raider down.
18' Jeeva Kumar launcehs himself on to the thighs of Rohit Baliyan as the U Mumba raider is thrown down on the court.
18' Fazel Atrachali stamps his dominance as he wraps his arms around Shrikant Jadhav and gets support from Surender Singh.
17' Nitesh Kumar picks up his fourth tackle point of the night with an ankle hold on Desai.
16' Prashant Rai comes in for the Do or Die raid but is tackled by a strong block from Rohit Rana, who ushers the raider off the court.
15' Rohit Baliyan is snapped up by an ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar as he is also dashed off the court by Jeeva Kumar.
14' Jeeva Kumar yet again in the thick of things as Siddharth Desai is brought down by an ankle hold by the veteran cover defender.
13' Fazel Athrachali inflicts a massive ankle hold on Jadhav as the raider is enveloped by the U Mumba defenders in a flash.
12' Siddharth Desai picks up a comfortable bonus point on the left corner.
11' Darshan Kadian is brought down by Narender, who crouches low to produce a strong double thigh hold.
11' Rishank Devadiga picks up a bonus point under Fazel Atrachali's nose.
11' Siddharth Desai gets a reaching hand touch on Sachin Kumar in the left corner.
10' Wow! Fazel steps out of court during Prashant's raid but Cheralathan strikes with a strong double ankle hold.
Rohit Baliyan back on for Vinod Kumar.
9' All-out on U Mumba! Vinod Kumar comes on as a substitute and picks up a bonus but is pinned down by a firm ankle hold from Nitesh Kumar.
8' Shrikant Jadhav reduces U Mumba to one man as he wriggles away from Fazel Atrachali's ankle hold. 
8' Rohit Baliyan pinches yet another bonus point
8' Shrikant Jadhav's kick forces Darshan Kadian, who was in the right corner position out of bounds as U Mumba are down to two men on the mat. 
7' Nitesh Kumar and Rishank Devadiga combine to bring down Siddharth Desai with a formidable chain tackle.
6' Prashant Rai erases the cover duo of U Mumba as he gets away from Surender's diving ankle hold and gets an easy touch on Rana on his way back.
6' Rohit Baliyan picks up his second point with a big running kick on left cover Jeeva Kumar.
5' Rohit Baliyan picks up a bonus point in the right corner.
5' Prashant Rai attempts a back kick on the right-in but instead skips away from Cheralathan's ankle hold.
4' Nitesh Kumar strikes on the other end with a double thigh hold as Desai is rooted on the mat. 
3' Cheralathan puts in a short block inches from the midline as Fazel runs in to keep Devadiga on the mat.
3' Desai continues his good start by getting a firm kick on Narender in the right cover.
3' Shrikant Jadhav jumps in for the Do or Die raid and escapes from Surender's ankle hold to collect his first point of the night.
1' Desai picks up the first point of the night as he easily pushes away a dash from Narender.
Toss won by UP Yoddha and they opt to raid! A first for this season!
Right then! 

The equation is pretty simple and out there. Win or go home. 

Will it be the Yoddha or U Mumba? Stay tuned for the toss updates!
Starting sevens - 

UP Yoddha: Rishank Devadiga (C), Prashant Kumar Rai, Shrikant Jadhav, Jeeva Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Narender. 

U Mumba: Fazel Atrachali (C), Siddharth Desai, Rohit Baliyan, Darshan Kadian, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Surender Singh, Rohit Rana.
The Pro Kabaddi League 2018 action shifts to the business end of the tournament as U Mumba and UP Yoddha will face off in the first of the two eliminators at the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Kochi. 

The two teams squared off against each other in U Mumba's final league stage game and with the Fazel Athrachali-side falling short of the Yoddha, they will need to bring out their 'A game' in order to plot the downfall of the upbeat UP Yoddha side on the day. 

U Mumba already have a title under their name but with a new-look team compared to the second season, can they bring down the first-time qualifiers UP Yoddha? Stay tuned for all the live updates from this game, right here!
Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Kochi
Match Start Time
Sun, 30/Dec/2018 20:00:00 Asia/Kolkata
U Mumba vs U.P. Yoddha
Pro Kabaddi 2018