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U.P. Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors - Match Result

Pro Kabaddi 2019
U.P. Yoddha
Bengal Warriors
U.P. YODDHA won the match
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Nitesh Kumar's impressive performance in the defence and Shrikant Jadhav's great raiding performance ensures that U.P. Yoddha defeat the Bengal Warriors and avenge their 31-point defeat of the first round. 
40' U.P. Yoddha extend their lead in the final raid as Jadhav gets the better of Rinku. 
40' Sukesh gets one more touch point but it is unlikely that he can win this one for Bengal
40' Sukesh Hegde gets a bonus point

39' Surender Gill takes out Jeeva from the Bengal Warriors defence.
38' Nabibakhsh gets a touch on Ashu Singh
38' Sumit's mighty block ensures that his team gets a tackle point
38' Do-or-die raid for U.P. Yoddha, Jadhav gets a touch on Baldev.
38' Mohammad Nabibakhsh with a fantastic raid! The lead is down to 1 
37' This time the defence gets the better of Maninder, U.P. Yoddha have built a 3-point lead
36' Surender Gill pulls off a successful raid, U.P. Yoddha's lead grows to 2
SUBSTITUTION - Surender Gill in, Sachin Kumar out
35' Prapanjan has been floored by the U.P. Yoddha defence! 
34' Do-or-die raid for U.P. Yoddha, Baldev Singh completes his HIGH 5  by tackling Rishank Devadiga
SUBSTITUTION - Rishank Devadiga in, Surender Gill out
33' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, U.P.'s defence gets the better of Maninder!
Mayur Shivtarkar Gets A Green Card
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL!  No jersey pull, 1 point to Bengal
U.P. Yoddha feel there was a jersey pull. 
32' Bengal's defence successfully tackles Jadhav to level the scores. 
31' Unnecessary error from Sachin, Nabibakhsh gets a touch point in his pursuit
31' Jadhav gets a bonus point
U.P. Yoddha have challenged the referee's decision
31' Maninder gets a bonus point
30' Do-or-die raid for the Yoddhas, Gill goes to raid but fails! Excellent tackle from Mohammad
30' Nabibakhsh gets a bonus point
29' Prapanjan gets a bonus point
28' Now, Jadhav gets a touch on Mayur. Fantastic stuff from the U.P. Yoddha raider
28' Maninder revives Prapanjan by touching Sumit in his raid
27' Jeeva commits a mistake, Shrikant Jadhav gets a touch point
26' Prapanjan has to go to the bench after Surender successfully tackles him
MILESTONE ALERT - Shrikant Jadhav Registers 300 Raid Points In PKL.
SUBSTITUTION - Mayur Shivtarkar in, Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat out
SUBSTITUTION - Jeeva Kumar in, Sukesh Hegde out
25' ALL OUT! Jadhav completes the formalities by touching Baldev, 3 points to U.P. Yoddha
24' The defence of U.P. Yoddha tackles Maninder
24' Jadhav gets the better of 2 of the remaining 4 Bengal Warriors defenders, Bengal reduced to 2 men
23' Prapanjan takes out Amit from U.P. Yoddha's defence
23' Do-or-die raid for the Yoddhas, Surender takes the responsibility but fails! The 2 defenders, Baldev and Rinku super tackle him in a 1 vs 2 situation. 
22' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Ravindra goes to raid and gets tackled by the defence!
SUBSTITUTION - Sachin Kumar in, Rishank Devadiga out
SUBSTITUTION - Ravindra Ramesh Kumawat in, Jeeva Kumar out
1. Nitesh Kumar - 5 Pts
2. Rinku Narwal - 3 Pts
3. K. Prapanjan - 2 Pts
20' Do-or-die raid for U.P. Yoddha, Sumit goes to raid in a 1 vs 3 situation and the defence super tackles him! 2 points to Bengal
SUBSTITUTION - Sukesh Hegde in, Mayur Shivtarkar out
REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL! 1 point to U.P. Yoddha
Bengal has taken a review. They feel the raider had stepped in the lobby without any touch hence, all other defenders who followed him are out
18' U.P.'s defence tackles Mohammad once again! Scores are level once again.
17' SUPER TACKLE! Rinku Narwal and co. dash Gill out of the court in a 1 vs 3 situation
17' Maninder blindsided by Sumit! The rest of the defence ensures Sumit's effort does not go in vain.
16' U.P. Yoddha's defence gets the better of Prapanjan to level the scores!
SUBSTITUTION - Amit in, Ankush out
15' Do-or-die raid for the Yoddhas, young Ankush goes to raid and takes out 2 defenders! He has saved his team from an all out
SUBSTITUTION - Ankush in, Amit out
14' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Nabibakhsh takes out the danger-man Nitesh
12' Surender Gill has been dashed out by Jeeva Kumar. 1 point to Bengal 
12' HIGH 5 for Nitesh Kumar! Unbelievable stuff from U.P.'s skipper, he has super tackled Nabibakhsh in a 1 vs 3 situation. 
10' Do-or-die raid for the Yoddhas, Rishank has been slayed! Baldev opens his account with a fantastic tackle
9' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, SUPER TACKLE! Maninder has been super tackled in a 1 vs 3 situation, 2 points to Bengal
8' Do-or-die raid for U.P. Yoddha, Shrikant goes to raid and Rinku Narwal and co. hunt him down!
7' K. Prapanjan pulls off a 2-point raid! Amit and Ashu are the 2 defenders who have to go out
5' Shrikant Jadhav takes his first raid point, Jeeva has to go to the bench
4' Do-or-die raid for Bengal, Maninder goes to raid and fails! Nitesh Kumar opens his account
4' Rishank Devadiga has been tackled by Mayur, the entire defence supports him in this tackle
3' Do-or-die raid for U.P. Yoddha, Surender Gill tries to get a bonus and returns to his half but, the officials rule him out!
1' Maninder picks the first point of the night, Ashu is his victim.
The match will start at 7-30 PM IST
Rishank Devadiga, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill, Ashu Singh, Nitesh Kumar, Amit, Sumit
BENGAL WARRIORS - K. Prapanjan, Mayur Shivtarkar, Jeeva Kumar, Baldev Singh, Rinku Narwal, Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Maninder Singh
Mohammad Nabibakhsh's Super 10 had helped Bengal thrash the Yoddhas in their first meeting this season, will history repeat itself tonight? Only time will tell.

Both the teams have a versatile raiding attack along with strong corner defenders hence, this promises to be a mouth-watering encounter
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of night number of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League 2019's Bengaluru leg. The home team failed to please its fans last night but they will look to register their first home win when they battle the Tamil Thalaivas tonight. But before that, we have a game between U.P. Yoddha and Bengal Warriors.
Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sun, 01/Sep/2019 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddha vs Bengal Warriors
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2019
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