U.p. Yoddha Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 08 January 2022

U.P. Yoddha
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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Right then, that is all that we have you from this Pro Kabaddi League contest! Switch tabs and catch all the live action from the second game of the day as 'The Sultan' Fazel Atrachali's U Mumba take on his apprentice Surinder Singh's Telugu Titans! Until next time then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off! Stay home and stay safe!

U.P. Yoddha 33-37 Dabang Delhi K.C.

U.P. Yoddha have squandered a lead as the Dabang Delhi K.C. extend their unbeaten lead! It is all courtesy of The Naveen Express, who after having a quiet first half, staged a grand comeback in the second. Came back with a vengeance and finished with 18 points from the contest, after he had only three to his name at the end of the first half. The defence was choppy in the second half as well but Naveen's sheer brilliance has carried the Delhi outfit over the line! It is yet another loss for UP Yoddha and they will go back to the drawing board. However, Pardeep's return to form will certainly be something they will be happy with. 
40' Do-or-die raid for the Dabang Delhi outfit and Naveen Kumar runs the clock down before attempting anything. Escapes the double thigh hold attempt from the cover defender and makes his way back to his half. 
40' That should be the game as Surinder Gill goes for a running hand touch on the right in but fails to get one and goes into the lobby. 
40' Surinder Gill sends back Joginder Narwal as a weak ankle hold attempt cannot bring him down.

U.P. Yoddha 33-35 Dabang Delhi K.C.
39' Manjeet Chhillar goes for the block. Pardeep tries to run around him but the left corner chain pins him down.

U.P. Yoddha 32-35 Dabang Delhi K.C.
39' Ashu Singh runs around and executes a powerful block on Naveen Kumar. Support from the rest of the defence tackles him. 
38' Pardeep Narwal quickly runs and picks up a bonus point.

U.P. Yoddha 31-34 Dabang Delhi K.C.
38' Shubham from the left corner is sent back to the bench once again as a kick this time finds Shubham's hands. 
37' Sandeep Narwal runs around for a block. However, Surinder Gill powers himself towards the mid-line along with Narwal. 
36' Naveen Kumar penetrates the defence. Goes deep, takes a touch on the left corner defender, turns in a flash and runs back to his half.

U.P. Yoddha 29-32 Dabang Delhi K.C.
36' A brain fade moment for Manjeet as he is tempted. A hand touch by Gill on him and the veteran is sent packing. 
35' A powerful dash from Manjeet Chhillar from the left corner and the raider is sent spiralling out of the mat. He brings up 350 career tackle points as well!

U.P. Yoddha 28-31 Dabang Delhi K.C.
34' A ferocious tackle as the left cover defender executes a powerful block. However, Ashu has been adjudged out and has been given a green card for holding Naveen's neck.

U.P. Yoddha 28-30 Dabang Delhi K.C.
34' A sliding toe-touch from Surender Gill and Joginder Narwal has to make his way back to the mat. 
33' A running bonus point from Naveen as he picks up a point in the gap between the right-in and the cover. 
32' Vijay picks up a bonus point and as soon as he does that, the cover defenders come around and dash him out. 
32' Pardeep Narwal turns and escapes Manjeet's block to reduce the difference to one point.

U.P. Yoddha 26-27 Dabang Delhi K.C.
31' Naveen Kumar entices the left corner into going for a weak ankle hold attempt. Naveen comfortably escapes. 
31' ALL OUT! A double thigh hold on Surinder Gill takes him by surprise. Manjeet Chhillar strikes and has inflicted the all out.

U.P. Yoddha 25-26 Dabang Delhi K.C.
30' Naveen Kumar picks up a point on the left corner defender, reducing them to a point. 
30' Joginder Narwal goes for a double ankle hold this time and Surinder Gill uses his height to good advantage to cross the mid-line along with a bonus point. 
29' Vijay attempts a double ankle hold unsuccessfully and the raider comfortably goes back to the mid-line along with a bonus point as well.

U.P. Yoddha 22-22 Dabang Delhi K.C.
28' Nitesh comes in for a double thigh hold in a bid to execute a Super Tackle. Naveen Kumar escapes and gets a point on the supporting defender as well. 
26' Naveen Kumar gets a kick on the left corner defender and comfortably gets back to the mid-line.

U.P. Yoddha 20-19 Dabang Delhi K.C.
26' Jeeva Kumar goes for a double thigh hold on the subbed-in Ankit, who is alert. Turns, falls and crosses the mid-line with his hand. 
25' Sumit from the left corner runs around for a dash as Naveen Kumar gets a touch point on the left corner. Naveen shoves him into the lobby and crosses the mid-line. 

However, UP Yoddha review! They challenge that Naveen had stepped into the lobby without a touch and is self-out. 

The review is unsuccessful and UP lose their review!
24' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha now and Gill has been tackled as he runs straight into the double thigh hold of Sandeep Narwal.

U.P. Yoddha 19-16 Dabang Delhi K.C.
23' Do-or-die raid for the Dabang Delhi K.C. and the Naveen Express is tackled! Surinder Gill surprises him with a diving double thigh hold and support from the rest of the defence pins him down. 
21' Pardeep Narwal is taken by surprise as a double thigh hold from Naveen Kumar from left-in completely immobilises him.

U.P. Yoddha 18-15 Dabang Delhi K.C.
21' Naveen Kumar picks up a bonus point in front of the right-in defender. 

U.P. Yoddha 18-13 Dabang Delhi K.C.

It would not be wrong to say that the defence prowess of both sides has been on display in this half. However, it is the UP Yoddha who have performed better and the scoreline rightly suggests that. Shades of the old Pardeep Narwal were seen again as he has scored 7 points thus far. Every member of the UP Yoddha side has chipped in with points and has put them in the lead. 

The same cannot be said for the Dabang Delhi K.C. They have had an under-par game and have reeled under the pressure. With Naveen Kumar being tackled constantly, Vijay has been forced to do the bulk of the scoring in the raiding department. He has picked up 6 points so far and will be hoping to contribute with more for a winning cause. Too many unnecessary errors from the Delhi defence and they will need to correct that if they are to make a comeback in this match. 
20' The left corner defender is enticed into the block and Vijay touches him, turns and makes his way back to his half. 
20' Vijay picks up a bonus point in the gap between the right-in and the covers. 
19' Jeeva Kumar goes for an advance dash and Surender Gill crosses the mid-line with his outstretched hand before being dashed out.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 11-18 U.P. Yoddha
19' Naveen Kumar is sent back to the bench once again as three defenders combine and dash him out!
18' Do-or-die raid for UP and Pardeep narwal comes in for it. Tries to use the dubki but it is too easy for Manjeet and his chain to pin him down. 
16' The cover defenders combine and tackle Naveen! A chain tackle from Shubham and Ashu successfully tackles Naveen Kumar as he is blocked.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 10-16 U.P. Yoddha
16' Vijay picks up a bonus point and reduces the difference to 5 points. 
15' With just one defender, it is easy pickings for the raider. Delhi are ALL OUT!

Dabang Delhi K.C. 9-15 U.P. Yoddha
15' The defence grants Naveen the bonus point and a double ankle hold on Naveen Kumar along with support immobilises him. 
14' It is Sandeep Narwal who goes in for an advance dash. Looks to pull out at the last moment but Pardeep gets a point. 
13' Naveen Kumar picks up a bonus point as the defence hangs back and allows him to take one.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 8-10 U.P. Yoddha
13' Jeeva Kumar runs around for an unnecessary dash. Pardeep runs around him and gets a touch on him as well. 
13' Vijay jumps over the left corner's block attempt and makes his way back to the mid-line. 
12' Do-or-die raid for the UP Yoddha and Pardeep Narwal gets a running hand touch on Joginder Narwal in the dying moments of the raid. 
11' Do-or-die raid for Delhi and it is Ashu Malik comes in for it. Attempts to jump over Nitesh's double ankle hold attempt but fails to escape. 
10' Manjeet Chhillar goes for a double thigh hold and allows Shrikant Jadhav to escape with ease. A weak tackle that. 

Dabang Delhi K.C. 6-7 U.P. Yoddha
9' SUPER TACKLE! Shubham from the rest corner goes for a thigh hold and it is Nitesh who runs around in no time to hamper Naveen's momentum away from the mid-line. 
8' An ankle hold from Sandeep Narwal and support from the rest of the defence sends Surender Gill back to the bench!

Dabang Delhi K.C. 6-4 U.P. Yoddha
7' Sumit from the left corner makes an error as he goes for an ankle hold. Ashu Malik was alert and jumped towards the mat. What more? It revives the Naveen Express!
6' Do-or-die raid for the UP Yoddha and it is Pardeep who comes in for it. Jumps over Joginder Narwal's thigh hold but assistance from the rest of the defence completes the tackle.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 4-4 U.P. Yoddha
5' Vijay gets a touch point on the right-in defender and revives Sandeep Narwal.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 3-4 U.P. Yoddha
4' The cover defenders' chain comes around and pins Naveen Kumar down on the mat.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 2-4 U.P. Yoddha
3' Another point from Pardeep Narwal and he sends back Manjeet Chhillar once again. 
3' Pardeep Narwal gets a touch point on Sandeep Narwal as the latter makes an error by not retreating in time.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 2-2 U.P. Yoddha
2' Vijay picks up a bonus point in front of the right corner defender. 
1' Naveen Kumar gets going with a kick on the left corner defender to level the scores.

Dabang Delhi K.C. 1-1 U.P. Yoddha
1' Pardeep Narwal starts off with a running hand touch on Manjeet Chhillar. 

Dabang Delhi K.C. have won the toss and chosen court. UP to raid first. 

U.P. Yoddha -
Pardeep Narwal, Ashu Singh, Shubham Kumar, Shrikant Jadhav, Surender Gill, Nitesh Kumar (c), Sumit.
Substitutes: Mohammad Taghi, Ankit, Aashish Nagar, Gurdeep, Sahil. 

Dabang Delhi K.C. - Naveen Kumar, Jeeva Kumar, Manjeet Chhillar, Vijay, Ashu Malik, Sandeep Narwal, Joginder Narwal (c). 
Substitutes: Krishan, Neeraj Narwal, Vikash D, Emad Sedaghatnia, Deepak.
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Right then, it is the Naveen Express back in action again as the Dabang Delhi K.C. lock horns with U.P. Yoddha. Both sides have had quite contrasting campaigns so far this season and it is the latter who will be desperate to turn it around with a win against a formidable Delhi side. However, it will be easier said than done for the Yoddha outfit as they will be going up against Naveen Kumar, who has been absolutely unstoppable this season. 

All eyes will be on Pardeep Narwal as the 'Record Breaker' will attempt to put a halt to the Dabang Delhi K.C's rampant unbeaten run. It will be upto the defenders to figure out and execute a plan to stop Naveen in this contest. On the other hand, the experienced Delhi defence will look to be at the top of their game in a bid to pick up another win and reclaim the top position in the points table. Lots to play for and it promises to be a cracker of a contest!
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the Pro Kabaddi League 2021. 'Record Breaker' Pardeep Narwal and the Naveen Express will be seen in action to kick-off a 'Triple Panga' Saturday as the U.P. Yoddha take on the Dabang Delhi K.C. at the Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru. So sit back, relax and grab your popcorn as we are in for an absolute treat! Taking you through this contest will be me, Maanas Upadhyay. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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U.P. Yoddha vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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