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U.P. Yoddha
Haryana Steelers
HARYANA STEELERS won the match
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Shrikant Jadhav's Super 10 went in vain as Haryana Steelers beat UP Yoddha by just one point. Cover defenders Mohit and Jaideep shone for Haryana with 5 tackle points each. 
FULL TIME: Haryana Steelers 36 - 35 UP Yoddha
40' HARYANA WIN!! Vinay scores a smart bonus in the buzzer raid and wins it for Haryana

Haryana Steelers 36 - 35 UP Yoddha
40' SUPER RAID! Jadhav scores a bonus and gets a touch on two defenders

Haryana Steelers 35 - 35 UP Yoddha
39' Do-or-die raid for Haryana, Vinay gets a hand touch on Ashu

Haryana Steelers 35 - 32 UP Yoddha
39' Jadhav gets a running hand touch on Nada

Haryana Steelers 34 - 32 UP Yoddha
38' Taghi gets tackled this time thanks to an ankle hold from Nada

Haryana Steelers 34 - 31 UP Yoddha
37' Pardeep's dubki has been failed by Jaideep and Mohit, Haryana's lead grows to 2

Haryana Steelers 33 - 31 UP Yoddha
36' Pardeep fails a gutsy tackle from Rohit and pushes him over the midline to return safe. Last man standing Ashish scores a bonus for Haryana but UP tackle him down and it is an ALL OUT!

Haryana Steelers 32 - 31 UP Yoddha
35' Jadhav scores a touch point and the lead is down to 3 now, can UP deny Haryana a win?

Haryana Steelers 30 - 27 UP Yoddha
33' Taghi's diving thigh hold helps UP stop Vikash in their half!

Haryana Steelers 30 - 26 UP Yoddha
32' Jadhav fails an ankle hold from Ankit and the lead is down to 5 again

Haryana Steelers 30 - 25 UP Yoddha
31' Vikash fails a back hold from Nitesh and returns easily to his half

Haryana Steelers 30 - 24 UP Yoddha
30' SUPER RAID!! Taghi saves the all out with a miraculous super raid. He gets a touch on Nada, Mohit and Jaideep along with a bonus point!

Haryana Steelers 29 - 24 UP Yoddha
29' Vikas fails a block attempt from Shubham and scores a touch point

Haryana Steelers 29 - 20 UP Yoddha
28' Do-or-die raid for UP, Pardeep fails against a defense of six and UP are down to 2 men now

Haryana Steelers 28 - 20 UP Yoddha
27' Do-or-die raid for Haryana, the defense pushes out Vikash but a defender follow him out of the court! SUPER TACKLE - 2 points to UP, 1 to Haryana

Haryana Steelers 27 - 20 UP Yoddha
26' What a tackle from Haryana! This time they have stopped Jadhav in their half, the lead grows to 8.

Haryana Steelers 26 - 18 UP Yoddha
25' Both teams score raid points consistently in the last 3 minutes. Vikas hits a kick on Pardeep and Rohit's jump were the highlights of the last 3 minutes

Haryana Steelers 25 - 18 UP Yoddha
22' Vikas shines again in a 1 vs. 2 situation and reduces UP to 1 man. In the next raid, Haryana gift the raider a bonus and then Mohit hunts him down in style! ALL OUT!!

Haryana Steelers 22 - 17 UP Yoddha
21' Vikas starts the 2nd half with a touch point, the Haryana Steelers score a tackle point, but Sahil scored a bonus for UP.

Haryana Steelers 16 - 15 UP Yoddha
HALF TIME: Haryana Steelers 15 - 14 UP Yoddha
20' Mohit and Jaideep unite forces to stop Jadhav in their half/

Haryana Steelers 15 - 14 UP Yoddha
19' Pardeep gets tackled this time thanks to the combination of Mohit and Nada

Haryana Steelers 14 - 14 UP Yoddha
18' Shubham and Ashu's duo is in some form tonight. They dash out Kandola!

Haryana Steelers 13 - 14 UP Yoddha
17' Vikash gets a touch point for Haryan, Pardeep scores a bonus in a do-or-die raid

Haryana Steelers 13 - 13 UP Yoddha
15' Pardeep fails an advanced tackle from Ravi and scores a touch point

Haryana Steelers 12 - 12 UP Yoddha
14' Jadhav scores a bonus and also gets a touch point for UP. Do-or-die raid for Haryana, Vinay gets a running hand touch,

Haryana Steelers 12 - 11 UP Yoddha
13' Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha, Ankit fails to escape from a double ankle hold from Jaideep and Ravi

Haryana Steelers 11 - 9 UP Yoddha
11' Do-or-die raid for Haryana, Vinay gets a touch on Sumit

Haryana Steelers 10 - 9 UP Yoddha
10' SUPER TACKLE! Mohit pulls off a super tackle on Pardeep this time with a lower body tackle

Haryana Steelers 9 - 9 UP Yoddha
9' A perfect double thigh hold from Shubham stops Vikash there and there itself! WHAT A TACKLE!

Haryana Steelers 7 - 9 UP Yoddha
8' SUPER TACKLE! Nada steals the show with an excellent double thigh hold on Pardeep

Haryana Steelers 7 - 8 UP Yoddha
8' Do-or-die raid for Haryana, Rohit tries a bonus and gets it but Ashu, Sumit and Shubham dash him out

Haryana Steelers 5 - 8 UP Yoddha
7' Pardeep gets a hand touch on Ravi and scores his 3rd raid point

Haryana Steelers 4 - 7 UP Yoddha
6' Pardeep continues his form with a hand touch on Jaideep

Haryana Steelers 4 - 6 UP Yoddha
6' Mohit opens his account with a great tackle on Ankit

Haryana Steelers 4 - 5 UP Yoddha
5' Sumit's ankle hold helps UP stop Kandola in their hafl

Haryana Steelers 3 - 5 UP Yoddha
4' Shubham shines in UP's defense as he tackles down Vinay and scores his 2nd point of the match

Haryana Steelers 3 - 4 UP Yoddha
3' Jadhav scores a bonus but gets tackled thanks to a block from Jaideep

Haryana Steelers 3 - 3 UP Yoddha
3' Vinay opens his account with a touch on Nitesh

Haryana Steelers 2 - 2 UP Yoddha
1' Rohit has been dashed out in his first raid, a defender also followed him outside the court.

Haryana Steelers 1 - 2 UP Yoddha
1' Pardeep kicks off the proceedings with a dubki! He scores an easy touch point.

Haryana Steelers 0 - 1 UP Yoddha

UP Yoddha: 
Mohammad Taghi, Sahil, Gaurav Kumar, Gurdeep, Aman Hooda

Haryana Steelers: Ashish, Mohammad Mahali, Akshay, Meetu Mhahender, Ankit

UP Yoddha:
Ankit, Pardeep Narwal, Shrikant Jadhav, Ashu Singh, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, Shubham Kumar

Haryana Steeers: Vikash Kandola, Vinay, Ravi Kumar, Surender Nada, Rohit Gulia, Jaideep Kuldeep, Mohit
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Sun, 23/Jan/2022 19:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddha vs Haryana Steelers
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