U.p. Yoddha Vs Tamil Thalaivas 04 January 2022

U.P. Yoddha
Tamil Thalaivas
TAMIL THALAIVAS won the match
Lineups & Stats
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A High 5 from Sagar and a good performance from the rest of the players helped the Tamil Thalaivas beat Nitesh Kumar's UP Yoddha. Surender Gill fought like a lone warrior for UP, scoring a Super 10. However, the other players could not impress much as UP lost by six points. 
FULL TIME: UP Yoddha 33 - 39 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Gill fails an ankle hold from Manjeet and a dash from Surjeet. Another 2-pointer raid! In the buzzer raid, Pawar gets a bonus before surrendering himself to UP. 

UP Yoddha 33 - 39 Tamil Thalaivas
40' Do-or-die raid for Chennai, Pawar gets a bonus and fails a block attempt on his way to the midline!

UP Yoddha 30 - 38 Tamil Thalaivas
39' SUPER RAID! Pardeep pulls of a super raid out of nowhere. He gets a bonus, fails an ankle hold from Sagar and a dash attempt from Sahil!

UP Yoddha 30 - 36 Tamil Thalaivas
39' Surjeet and Co. tackle down Gill. Only 1 team can win from here

UP Yoddha 27 - 36 Tamil Thalaivas
38' Manjeet scores a bonus

UP Yoddha 27 - 35 Tamil Thalaivas
38' UP's Sahil fails an advanced tackle attempt from Chennai's Sahil! UP win the battle of SAHILs

UP Yoddha 27 - 34 Tamil Thalaivas
36' ALL OUT! Manjeet completes the formalities as Ashu pushes him in his half

UP Yoddha 26 - 34 Tamil Thalaivas
36' Taghi gets a bonus but Chennai defenders pounce on him! UP down to 1 man now.

UP Yoddha 26 - 31 Tamil Thalaivas
34' Pawan goes against 3 defenders in a do-or-die raid and he is safe as Nitesh stepped out of bounds!

UP Yoddha 25 - 30 Tamil Thalaivas
33' Chennai tackle down Gill, UP are down to 3 men!

UP Yoddha 25 - 29 Tamil Thalaivas
32' Do-or-die raid for Chennai, Pawar gets a running hand touch on Sumit! Gill gets a bonus in UP's do-or-die raid

UP Yoddha 25 - 28 Tamil Thalaivas
30' Sahil and Manjeet's chain fails a dubki attempt from Pardeep!

UP Yoddha 24 - 27 Tamil Thalaivas
30' Manjeet gets a touch on Ankit, Chennai have a 2 point lead again!

UP Yoddha 24 - 26 Tamil Thalaivas
30' Gill completes his Super 10 with a bonus

UP Yoddha 24 - 25 Tamil Thalaivas
29' Pawar scores a bonus again

UP Yoddha 23 - 25 Tamil Thalaivas
29' Gill gets a running hand touch on Himanshu!

UP Yoddha 23 - 24 Tamil Thalaivas
28' Substitute Athul gets a bonus before UP stop him in his half! ALL OUT!

UP Yoddha 22 - 24 Tamil Thalaivas
27' Pawar tries an ankle hold on Gill but fails! Chennai down to 1 man!

UP Yoddha 19 - 23 Tamil Thalaivas
26' Pawar scores a bonus

UP Yoddha 18 - 23 Tamil Thalaivas
26' Do-or-die raid for UP, Surender jumps over the defender Sagar and gets 1 touch point!

UP Yoddha 18 - 22 Tamil Thalaivas
24' Prapanjan has been tackled for the 2nd time this half! Great comeback from UP

UP Yoddha 17 - 22 Tamil Thalaivas
23' Gill gets a get touch on Sahil again and he also got a touch on Surjeet!

UP Yoddha 16 - 22 Tamil Thalaivas
23' That's another SUPER TACKLE! UP's defenders are looking in better form now, they have revived Gill

UP Yoddha 14 - 22 Tamil Thalaivas
22' And Pardeep is back on the bench again as Chennai tackle him down and fail his dubki

UP Yoddha 12 - 22 Tamil Thalaivas
21' SUPER TACKLE! UP start the 2nd half with a bang! They tackle down Prapanjan and revive Pardeep

UP Yoddha 12 - 21 Tamil Thalaivas
HALF TIME: Tamil Thalaivas 21 - 10 UP Yoddha
20' Manjeet goes in to raid against 3, Nitesh loses his balance and lands behind the backline. SELF OUT!

Tamil Thalaivas 21 - 10 UP Yoddha
19' Rajput fails a dash attempt from Sumit and returns successful in a do-or-die raid. Surjeet gets a point in the defense by flooring the raider with a block!

Tamil Thalaivas 20 - 10 UP Yoddha
17' This time Chennai have tackled down Gill!! Magnificent performance from the defense

Tamil Thalaivas 18 - 10 UP Yoddha
17' Pardeep fails against a defense of 4! The Record Breaker has not been at his best this year. Manjeet earns the tackle point for initiating that tackle with a dive on his ankles

Tamil Thalaivas 17 - 10 UP Yoddha
17' Rajput scores a bonus for Chennai

Tamil Thalaivas 16 - 10 UP Yoddha
16' Pardeep gets a swift running hand touch on Mohit in a do-or-die raid for UP

Tamil Thalaivas 15 - 10 UP Yoddha
15' UP tackle down Prapanjan but not before the tall raider scored a bonus

Tamil Thalaivas 15 - 9 UP Yoddha
14' Gill gets a toe touch on Sahil! This is the 2nd time he has got the better of Chennai's left corner!

Tamil Thalaivas 14 - 8 UP Yoddha
13' Prapanjan fails a dive attempt from Sumit and continues his fine form!

Tamil Thalaivas 14 - 7 UP Yoddha
12' Pardeep completes 1200 raid points with a touch on Surjeet!

Tamil Thalaivas 13 - 7 UP Yoddha
12' Manjeet gets a running hand touch on Nitesh who has seemed off color tonight so far

Tamil Thalaivas 13 - 6 UP Yoddha
10' Last man standing Ankit gets a bonus but Chennai tackle him down and complete an all out!

Tamil Thalaivas 12 - 6 UP Yoddha
10' UP Yoddha are down 1 man now. Prapanjan got super tackled but defender Gurdeep stepped behind the backline before executing the tackle

Tamil Thalaivas 9 - 5 UP Yoddha
9' Gill scores a bonus for UP

Tamil Thalaivas 8 - 5 UP Yoddha
9' Ashu tries an advanced tackle on Manjeet in a 1 vs. 3 situation and fails!

Tamil Thalaivas 8 - 4 UP Yoddha
8' Do-or-die raid for Chennai, Rajput gets both Nitesh and Sumit in the same raid! What a raid from the youngster!

Tamil Thalaivas 7 - 4 UP Yoddha
7' Pardeep has been tackled again! This time Mohit leads the charge with a block

Tamil Thalaivas 5 - 4 UP Yoddha
6' Shubham tries to dash out Prapanjan but the raider easily crosses the midline

Tamil Thalaivas 4 - 4 UP Yoddha
5' Gill executes a fine toe touch on left corner Sahil and gives the lead to UP

Tamil Thalaivas 3 - 4 UP Yoddha
5' Manjeet has been tackled down this time, a top-class team tackle from UP!

Tamil Thalaivas 3 - 3 UP Yoddha
5' Pardeep executes a fine jump over Surjeet, but that block attempt broke his momentum and the other defenders pounced on him at the right time as Chennai tackle down Pardeep!

Tamil Thalaivas 3 - 2 UP Yoddha
4' Do-or-die raid for Chennai, Prapanjan gets a bonus!

Tamil Thalaivas 2 - 2 UP Yoddha
4' Gill scores a bonus

Tamil Thalaivas 1 - 2 UP Yoddha
2' Pardeep gets off the mark with a running hand touch on Mohit

Tamil Thalaivas 1 - 1 UP Yoddha
1' Manjeet opens his account by failing an advanced tackle attempt from Nitesh

Tamil Thalaivas 1 - 0 UP Yoddha
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the PKL 8 match between Tamil Thalaivas and UP Yoddha. It's the battle between Pardeep Narwal and Surjeet Singh. Fans should expect a nail-biting encounter between these two franchises. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
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Tue, 04/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddha vs Tamil Thalaivas
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