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U.P. Yoddha
Telugu Titans
U.P. YODDHA won the match
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Full Time:
UP Yoddha 39 - 33 Telugu Titans

A stronger half from Telugu Titans but lack of experience in crucial moments cost them the match as UP Yoddha continued to avoid the all-out courtesy their strong raiding trio of Pardeep Narwal (10 points), Surinder Gill (7 points) and Shrikant Jadhav (7 points). Nitesh Kumar from the defence also picked up seven tackle points, including two Super Tackles in the match.

For the Titans, Rajnish and Ankit Beniwal contributed with nine points each but in the end, they fall short just going away with one point on the night. The Titans' search for the first win of the season continues as they have lost seven and won just two matches so far. On the other hand, UP Yoddha rise to fourth spot in the standings for now with 28 points from 10 matches.

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Pardeep Narwal comes in against seven defenders and gets the easy bonus point and completes his Super 10 in the final raid of the match! UP Yoddha have won the match here and rise into the top six spots of the Pro Kabaddi standings!
Pardeep Narwal goes in as the last man for the third time here and gets the quick touch on Rohit Kumar and rolls past the midline as UP almost have the match in the bag here!
Ankit Beniwal escapes the defender here and again, we have Pardeep Narwal as the last man on the mat for the UP Yoddha.
Pardeep Narwal goes up against the Telugu Titans defence but Prince goes in for the hasty tackle allowing the raider to escape as UP continue to evade the all-out here!
Adarsh T, comes off the bench and pulls off a stunner here as he goes in against three men of the UP defence and escapes the traps there! UP are down to one man again but that one man is Pardeep Narwal!
Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha as Surinder Gill comes in but is trapped at the baulk line by Rakesh Gowda who came out of nowhere! Two men on the mat again for UP Yoddha. Rohit Kumar goes in for the raid and is trapped by Nitesh Kumar and Gurdeep as the raider tried to struggle but is not able to escape there!

UP Yoddha 34 - Telugu Titans 28
Two men in the UP Yoddha defence, Jadhav and Surinder Gill, up against Ankit Beniwal and Jadhav goes in for the dive from the left corner position and traps Ankit Beniwal as Gill provides the support.

UP Yoddha 32 - Telugu Titans 27
Shrikant Jadhav, the last man standing for the UP Yoddha is in for the raid. He gets the early bonus and tries the touch and gets it as he escapes the late dash attempt and manages to fall towards the midline. He claims two touches but the umpires only award the bonus plus one touch point. More importanly, he has kept the UP Yoddha side alive on the mat.

UP Yoddha 30 - Telugu Titans 27
Two men on the mat for UP Yoddha and Ankit Beniwal goes in for the raid now! He forces Sumit deep and catches him with a mid-high kick on the arm and closes the gap down to just one point.
Ankit Beniwal goes in for the Titans' do-or-die raid and tries a leg kick attempt at the left corner but manages to get two points here as he escapes the incoming tackle attempt from the right corner - cover combination!

UP Yoddha 28 - Telugu Titans 26
Do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha as Pardeep Narwal comes in. He goes in for the deep running hand touch at the left corner but Ankit Beniwal comes in behind him and catches him.
Surinder Gill is up against two defenders - Prince and Sandeep Kandola. He is trapped with an arm hold by Prince and almost reaches the midline but Kandola just manages to reach in time and the two hold him at the baulk line. Gill continues to struggle to escape the clutches but the two defeners hold on for dear life to his ankles. Ultimately, the refs call the raid and it is a Super Tackle for the Telugu Titans!

UP Yoddha 27 - Telugu Titans 23
Rohit Kumar goes in again but this time, has no luck as the UP Yoddha defence trap him at the baulk line!
Surinder Gill goes in against three Titans' defenders and forces them deep as he gets the kick with great timing on Surender Singh.
Rohit Kumar scores his typical bonus point at the left corner of the UP Yoddha defence to keep the gap close on the board.
Surinder Gill comes in for the UP Yoddha and ventures deep into the Titans' defence and gets the running hand touch on the right corner Akash Choudhary.
Rakesh Gowda is up for the Titans and tries a couple of attempts with a reverse kick at the left corner but Nitesh Kumar comes in with a timely dash and forces the raider out of bounds. High 5 for the UP Yoddha skipper!
SUPER TACKLE! Nitesh Kumar traps Ankit Beniwal with a superb ankle hold after the raider went too deep at the right corner against three UP defenders.
Pardeep Narwal is trapped here! Strong double thigh hold from the cover as Pardeep has nowhere to go there!
Rajnish escapes the ankle hold from Sumit Sangwan and the following dash from the covers as well and scrambles past the midline. He wanted the bonus but the umpires do not award him. Two points on the board for the Titans!
Pardeep Narwal is back in again and escapes the advance back hold attempt from Akash from the right corner as Narwal rolls past the defender to reach the midline.
Pardeep Narwal comes in for UP Yoddha and subtly steals a bonus from the right corner of the Telugu Titans' defence and keeps the Yoddha in lead here.
The replays showed that Rajnish had indeed managed to get his hand properly over the midline before going out of bounds. The point stands for the Titans and UP lose their review.

UP Yoddha 19 - Telugu Titans 16
Rajnish goes in for the raid and is dashed out by the UP cover defenders but claims that he has crossed the midline in time and quickly asks for a review! The officials on the mat are discussing here!

They rule in favour of the raider but now have UP Yoddha have challenged the call!
Solid ankle hold from Sandeep Kandola as he traps the lanky Surinder Gill at the left corner as the support rushes in quickly to hold the raider down!
The second half begins!
Half Time:
UP Yoddha 19 - Telugu Titans 14

An interesting half of Kabaddi here as the both the teams have relied on their ability to score quick bonus points, especially the Telugu Titans. UP Yoddha are ahead courtesy of the all-out that they managed to inflict on the Telugu Titans'. Both the teams' raiders look in good touch whereas the Telugu Titans' defence has been somewhat inferior compared to their opponents.

It will be interesting to see how the Telugu Titans approach the second half of the match and potentially mount a comeback in the match. Will Pardeep be able to do well in the second half or will UP have to rely on their defence to pull throught! Stay tuned to find out more as the live action continues here at Sportskeeda!
Ankit Beniwal comes in for the last raid of the match as Sumit Sangwan initiates the ankle hold and is well supported by Ashu Singh from the cover position.

UP Yoddha 19 - 14 Telugu Titans 
Surinder Gill comes in for the raid and gets the quick bonus and in addition to that, manages to escape the feeble ankle hold attempt from Rohit Kumar at the left In position.
Sumit Sangwan with another ankle hold for the Yoddha as he traps Rajnish who attempted the bonus point at the left corner.
Shrikant Jadhav probes around a lot across the mat but is caught unaware with a tight back hold executed by Akash Choudhary who traps his man at the right corner.
Ankit Beniwal goes in for the Titans but is deterred with a strong chain tackle led by Ashu Singh who put in the timely tackle to stop the raider.

UP Yoddha 15 - Telugu Titans 13
Pardeep comes in again but shows a lack of speed here as he is easily trapped with a double thigh hold by Sandee Kandola who came in from the left corner position.
Surinder Gill is up next and escapes the ankle hold dive attempt from Akash at the right corner and also manages to get a bonus point in his attempt.

UP Yoddha 14 - Telugu Titans 12 
Rajnish keeps the bonus points coming in for the Telugu Titans as he grabs another one at the left corner of the UP defence.
Pardeep Narwal is the first to raid after the all-out but is caught at the baulk line with a stellar double ankle dive by Prince D.
Review unsuccessful here for the Telugu Titans! The official decision stands and the Titans are now down three on the board.

UP Yoddha 13 - 10 Telugu Titans
Rakesh Gowda comes in off the bench to raid as the last man, gets the bonus but is tackled by the UP defence to get the all-out! But the Titans have asked for a review here claiming Gowda had stepped out of bounds before the tackle by the defenders. Crucial moment here!
Surinder Gill is in for the raid and forces Prince out of bounds at the right corner as the Titans are now done to the final man on the mat.
Telugu Titans' last raider Ankit goes in against the Up defence but is caught at the baulk line and they are down to one man on the mat now
Surinder Gill is in now against four defenders and manages to escape the weak ankle hold attempt by Rohit Kumar at the right In position.
Shrikant Jadhav keeps UP Yoddha in the hunt as he gets the running hand touch on Sandeep Kandola, the left corner man of the UP Yoddha defense.
Raining bonus points for the Telugu Titans as Rajnish manages to steal another bonus here, this time at the left corner right in front of Sumit Sangwan.
Rajnish delivers again with a running bonus point as he keeps the Titans in lead.

UP Yoddha 6 - Telugu Titans 8
Pardeep Narwal manages to get a deep hand touch on Ankit Beniwal who was a the right corner position as Narwal calmly walks back to the midline after his touch.
Another bonus point here as Rajnish goes in and out quickly to keep the scoreboard ticking for the Titans.
Surinder Gill is up next for UP Yoddha and this time, Ankit Beniwal delivers with the tackle point at the right In position catching the lanky Gill with a strong ankle hold.

UP Yoddha 5 - Telugu Titans 6
Shrikant Jadhav is back in action and scores a delightful reverse kick at the right corner catching Akash Choudhary on the face.
Ankit Beniwal is in for the raid and manages to get the bonus point at the left corner of the UP defence.

Pardeep Narwal follows Ankit up with an easy bonus point. In the following raid, UP skipper Nitesh Kumar gets his first tackle point as he traps the Titans raider with a double thigh hold.

UP Yoddha 4 - Telugu Titans 4
Ankit Beniwal shows his class early on as he dodges the late dash attempt and manages to get the defender past the mid line and further goes in for another touch but is happy with one touch points.
Shrikant Jadhav comes in for the raid but is blocked with a strong block by Sandeep Kandola as Jadhav is slightly hurt in the after-effect of that tackle.
ANKLE HOLD! Sumit Sangwan with the force here as he clutches Rajnish at the left corner and does not allow him any space to move. 

Do-or-die time early on for Telugu Titans and Rajnish is in for the raid! He gets the bonus at the left corner and the dash comes in late from Ashu Singh as Rajnish is able to make it back in time. Bonus plus one point there!

UP Yoddha 1 - 2 Telugu Titans
Pardeep Narwal begins with a touch point as he draws the late tackle from the right corner Akash Choudhary, easily dodges it and reaches the midline.

UP Yoddha 1 - 0 Telugu Titans
UP Yoddha won the toss and Telugu Titans will raid first tonight!
Both the teams are out on the mat and we are all set to kick off the action!
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UP Yoddha vs Telugu Titans Starting 7:

UP Yoddha - Pardeep Narwal, Ashu Singh, Shubham Kumar, Shrikant Jadhav, Surinder Gill, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit Sangwan

Telugu Titans - Rajnish, Surinder Singh, Prince D, Rohit Kumar, Ankit Beniwal, Akash Choudhary, Sandeep Kandola
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Pro Kabaddi 2022 action as UP Yoddha are all set to take on Telugu Titans in Bengaluru. Both the sides presently lie in the lower half of the points table.

UP Yoddha come into this clash on the back of just one win in their last five matches and will hope to get into a good run of form with a victory over the Titans tonight. Pardeep Narwal has been a shadow of himself from the past seasons and will hope to kick his season into full gears. Surinder Gill and Shrikant Jadhav have contributed well alongside the lead raider to keep the UP Yoddha side in hope of a playoff position. The defense will aim to get its act together as the pairing of Nitesh Kumar and Sumit Sangwan will try to repeat their heroics from Pro Kabaddi Season 7.

Telugu Titans, on the other hand, have been severely hit by the absence of their lead raider Siddharth Desai owing to injury. Rohit Kumar is no longer the force on the mat as he was in the previous years. Ankit Beniwal and Rajnish have shown some glimpses of brilliance for the Titans but will need to be more consistent in their performances on the mat. 
Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Sat, 15/Jan/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddha vs Telugu Titans
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2021
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