U.p. Yoddhas Vs Dabang Delhi K.c. 12 October 2022

U.P. Yoddhas
Dabang Delhi K.C.
DABANG DELHI K.C. won the match
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We had a fantastic game, tonight! Thanks for tuning into Sportskeeda's live coverage with me, Saikrishna MD, sigining off. Adios! 
FULL TIME! U. P. Yoddhas 42 - 44 Dabang Delhi K. C.

This was 'a comeback and a half' by the defending champions, Dabang Delhi K. C., from being outnumbered in the first half to scripting an incredible win is what makes them a furious side to watch out for. Surender Gill was undoubtedly the best raider on the mat, where he scored 21 raid points but failed to see his team cross the finish line. So far, Pardeep Narwal has been a touch and go. Will his form become a concern for the Yoddhas? Manjeet and Naveen Kumar's brilliant resilience displayed one of the top performances this season to wrap off the day's job. Well, it was a typical day at the office for Krishan Dhull's Dabang Delhi. The winning side remains unbeaten so far and stands on top of the table with 3 straight wins and 15 points.
39' Last raid of the match: Naveen Kumar plays smart and utilizes the clock to his advantage.

U. P. Yoddhas 42 - 44 Dabang Delhi K. C.
39' Pardeep Narwal in what seems like the last raid of the match, steps onto the lobby without a touch. This has given Dabang Delhi a 2-point cushion.
39' Naveen Kumar is playing smart with the clock. Smart move.
39' Surender Gill gets trapped under the clutches of Delhi's defence.
38' DO OR DIE! Manjeet brings success to the Dabangs. Guess what? He revives the Naveen Express in the process.

U. P. Yoddhas 42 - 42 Dabang Delhi K. C.
38' DO OR DIE! Surender Gill with a high flying move to secure a point.
36' The substitute Durgesh comes in with a clutch tackle, its all equal now.
35' Naveen Kumar is off the mat, a good defensive work by the Yoddhas. With under 5-minutes left, anything can happen here.
35' Well, well, the Dabangs have taken the lead now. This is a high octane clash of the highest order.

U. P. Yoddhas 40 - 38 Dabang Delhi K. C.
34' Vishal and Krishan Dhull's teamwork gets the most important tackle on Surender Gill.
33' Surender Gill is having a great match, gets yet another point and sends Vijay to the bench.
32' The scores are level now. Who can be the man who makes the difference?

U. P. Yoddhas 37 - 37 Dabang Delhi K. C.
31' ALL OUT! The Dabangs have inflicted yet another all-out. 
29' Dabang Delhi is making a strong case for comeback. The deficit is now reduced to just 2.

U. P. Yoddhas 35 - 33 Dabang Delhi K. C.
29' Naveen Express with an acrobatic menace and gets a massive touch point.
28' Surender Gill almost did what Manjeet inflicted at the half-time mark.
27' Ashu Malik comes in with a crucial 2-point raid and wipes out the cover defenders of the Yoddhas.

26' Pardeep Narwal is slowing getting his rhythm. He gets a point to send Manjeet to the bench. 
26' Manjeet gets a quick touch point.
25' ALL OUT! Dabang Delhi finally inflict an all out. Surender Gill manages to get just a bonus.

U. P. Yoddhas 33 - 26 Dabang Delhi K. C.
24' SUPER 10 ALERT! Naveen Kumar gets his third biggie of this season. 
23' Can Surender Gill put on the recue act again? Yes he does.
22' Naveen Kumar another quick point.
21' Surender Gill gets 3 points for the YODDHAS. 
20' Just 2 men on the mat for the Yoddhas thanks to that massive raid by Manjeet
HALF TIME! U. P. Yoddhas 24 - 19 Dabang Delhi K. C.

What eventually began a battle between two sides who were sailing with the same tide, quickly changed courses with Surender Gill's top-quality raid efforts, which was complimented by the Yoddhas' terrific defensive performance. They say, scenarios change in an instant and that's exactly what happened at the stroke of half-time. Manjeet, with an inspirational raid, fetching 4 crucial points, has given a breather to the defending champs, Dabang Delhi.
19' SUPER RAID! Manjeet with a momentum shifting move, it's 4 massive raid points to finish off the first 20 minutes.

U. P. Yoddhas 24 - 19 Dabang Delhi K. C.
19' Review: Dabang Delhi sense a big SUPER RAID and hence have challenged the decision. 
19' SUPER 10 ALERT! Surender Gill completes his feat with a bonus point.

U. P. Yoddhas 24 - 15 Dabang Delhi K. C.
18' DO OR DIE! Naveen Kumar gets a bonus plus a touch point. Showing some sign of resurrections, now the defending champs.
17' Two empty raids, 2 more minutes remain in this half.
15' Sumit fails to grab Manjeet, walks away with a point.
15' ALL OUT! Now, it's official. 3 points to the Yoddhas.

U. P. Yoddhas 21 - 11 Dabang Delhi K. C.
13' WOW! That's surprising, and the all-out has been overturned. Naveen was awarded a bonus plus a touch point.
13' Coach Krishan Hooda of Delhi gives some words of motivation to his players. Can we see a difference in their approach now?
13' ALL OUT! Naveen Express gets a bonus but, the strong line of Yoddhas defence catches him clean.

U. P. Yoddhas 20 - 9 Dabang Delhi K. C.
12' Surender Gill is cleaning house, gets another point.
12' The Dabangs have been reduced to just two men on the mat.
11' PARDEEP 'RECORD BREAKER' NARWAL, gets his mojo and brings 2 points to his side.
10' Surender gets Manjeet who stood as a makeshift corner.

U. P. Yoddhas 13 - 7 Dabang Delhi K. C.
10' Surender Gills gets a smart toe touch here, and looks like he's on a different game altogether.
9' Naveen gets another bonus point to his side's advantage.
9' Pardeep Narwal tries the Dubki, but fails. 
8' Naveen Kumar gets his first point of the match and its a bonus.
7' ALL OUT! Pardeep gets an easy point and inflicts the first all-out of the match.

U. P. Yoddhas 11 - 4 Dabang Delhi K. C.
5' DO OR DIE! Manjeet perishes, a perfect defensive showdown by the Yoddhas.

U. P. Yoddhas 6 - 2 Dabang Delhi K. C.
4' DO OR DIE! Surender Gill makes it so easy and clean, Vishal with the same error twice, concedes.
2' It's all going even-steven in the first few minutes of the game. Both the teams are playing for pride and glory.

2' Krishan Dhull gets a perfect ankle-hold on the big fish Pardeep Narwal.
2' Manjeet levels it for the Dabangs, gets his first touch point of the night.
1' Surender Gill gets the first point of the match. He gets a touch point to start the things off for the Yoddhas.
1' Naveen Kumar starts with an empty raid.
TOSS UPDATE: The Yoddhas have won the toss, and the Dabangs will raid first.
Are you ready for the big battle between two of the biggest names in PKL, it's Pardeep 'The Record Breaker' Narwal versus Naveen 'Express' Kumar? Sit back and relax, it's time for some Le Panga!
Here are the squads

U. P. Yoddhas: Pardeep Narwal, Nitin Tomar, Nitesh Kumar, Sumit, Ashu Singh, Surender Gill, Shubham Kumar

Dabang Delhi K. C.: Ravi Kumar, Sandeep Kumar Dhull, Vishal, Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Krishan
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. It might be raining in Garden City, but there’s no stop to the highly intense Kabaddi action. The defending champions, Dabang Delhi K.C., will go up against the mighty U. P. Yoddhas.

The Dabangs who sit on top of the table have had a fantastic start to their campaign with two comprehensive wins, while the Yoddhas stand in fifth place with a win and a loss to start their campaign.

All right, it’s about go time and let’s see who will take those important points to strengthen their position on the table in these early days of the season. This game surely promises to be a high-octane encounter. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Sit back, relax and enjoy the live coverage! Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams!
Shree Kanteerava Indoor Stadium, Bengaluru
Match Start Time
Wed, 12/Oct/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddhas vs Dabang Delhi K.C.
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