U.p. Yoddhas Vs Gujarat Giants 21 November 2022

U.P. Yoddhas
Gujarat Giants
U.P. YODDHAS won the match
Lineups & Stats
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FULL TIME! UP Yoddhas 35 - 31 Gujarat Giants

With a loss in the reverse leg, the Yoddhas exacted their vengeance on the Gujarat Giants. Pardeep Narwal got good support from Rohit Tomar, who scored five points in the raid and also in defense, and it was a complete team effort that gave the UP Yoddhas the win this evening. Parteek Dahiya and Chandran Ranjit's efforts to pull back this contest from a 10-point deficit at the halfway mark went in vain. In the end, the Yoddhas played a decisive brand of Kabaddi, and that's why they take away five points from this match, and since the defeat margin is less than seven points, the Giants will get a point out of this.
39' Parteek Dahiya has been completely outplayed, and Gurdeep enforced that fiesty hold to end this match.

UP 35 - 31 Gujarat
39' Rohit Tomar gets a point from Baldev, who came in to tackle him. With one final raid remaining, this is going down to the wire.
39' Parteek goes deep inside with just three men on court for the Yoddhas, and Jaideep tried an ankle hold, but it wasn't enough to take him down.
39' DO OR DIE! Rohit Tomar tried for a bonus point, but gets a touch off the Giants defender who came in with a dash.

UP 32 - 30 Gujarat
39' Chandran Ranjit has followed up his previous raid's back kick with a quick touch point on Nitesh Kumar.

UP 31 - 30 Gujarat
38' Chandran Ranjit tries a back kick, and he lands it right on Ashu to return with a point.
37' Parteek Dahiya has been trapped from a fierce challenge of Rohit Tomar and the Yoddhas have get a SUPER TACKLE!

UP 31 - 28 Gujarat
37' Rohit Tomar attempts a bonus point and gets it right.
36' Parteek Dahiya returns back with a touch point off Sumit who was caught off-guard. 
34' Pardeep Narwal gets trapped to solid hold from Sandeep Kandola. 
33' DO OR DIE! Sonu went out of court along with Gurdeep and it's a point-each for both sides.

UP 28 - 26 Gujarat
32' DO OR DIE! Arkram Shaikh is the latest victim of Pardeep Narwal's fabulous running hand touch.

UP 27 - 25 Gujarat
31' Parteek Dahiya has been caught off by a formidable chain of the Yoddhas and Rohit Tomar has earned them a SUPER TACKLE!

UP 26 - 25 Gujarat
30' Right before the time-out, Parteek Dahiya has pulled off a multi-point raid. Sumit and Nitesh Kumar are off to the bench.

UP 24 - 25 Gujarat
29' Anil, who was running away, comes back to get a touch on Chandran, but he gets caught in the clutches of the Gujarat captain with an ankle hold.
28' DO OR DIE! Sonu gets tackled down by a thigh hold turned into an ankle hold from Sumit.

UP 24 - 22 Gujarat
27' Pardeep Narwal gets very less to get react, Arkam Shaikh blocks him and he's got nowhere to esacpe.
26' Mahipal has been caught off-guard from an incredible back hold block from Baldev.

UP 23 - 21 Gujarat
24' Jaideep and Ashu Singh catch Parteek Dahiya on a hold, but that wasn't enough to take him down. With those two points the Giants have inflicted an ALL OUT.
23' Rohit Tomar gets a touch on Rinku in the most unusual way possible, as it was a touch from his leg on Rinku's hand, which he barely noticed. And he gets a bonus in the process.
23' Parteek Dahiya gets a touch on Sumit, the Yoddhas have been reduced to just a man on the mat.
21' Sonu gets back with two touch points off Gurdeep and Nitesh Kumar. An important phase of the match for Ram Mehar's Gujarat Giants.
HALF TIME! UP 20 - 10 Gujarat

The Yoddhas have been impressive this evening. Pardeep Narwal has been the star of the show so far, and in the process, he also penned down a little history of his own by becoming the first ever player to record 1500 raid points in the PKL. Can the Giants of Gujarat stage a comeback, or will the UP Yoddhas continue their dominant run? Let's find out. The second half is coming right up!
19' DO OR DIE! Chandran Ranjit gets absolutely caught by a fiery hold from Nitesh Kumar to end this first half.

UP 20 - 10 Gujarat
19' DO OR DIE! Anil gets outnumbered, and Rinku came in with an almighty block while his teammates assisted him in this move.

UP 19 - 10 Gujarat
18' Chandran Ranjit stretches and he's got a perfect tap-in on Gurdeep.

UP 19 - 9 Gujarat
17' Chandran Ranjit attempts a bonus and gets it right.
16' Anil Kumar puts in a running hand touch and that's given him the scalp of Parteek Dahiya, only man who was bringing points for the Giants.
15' Parteek Dahiya has got a hand touch on Sumit.

UP 18 - 7 Gujarat
14' Pardeep Narwal gets back with a couple of touch points off Sourav Gulia and Rinku Narwal, and escapes through a dubki.
13' Parteek Dahiya gets a touch on Ashu Singh and it's a crucial point for the Giants.

UP 16 - 6 Gujarat
13' DO OR DIE! Anil Kumar attempted a kick multiple times, but it wasn't successful, and finally Rinku puts in a clutch ankle hold to tackle him down.

The umpire say it's a point each claiming Arkam Shaikh stepped out, but the Giants ask for a review. And the review is successful.

UP 16 - 5 Gujarat
11' DO OR DIE! Chandran Ranjit goes back without a point and concedes a point.

UP 15 - 4 Gujarat
8' History has been made! Pardeep Narwal becomes the first player to complete 1500 raid points in the PKL. The milestone man acknowledges the crowd by waving his hands. What a player!
6' With just two men on the mat for the Giants, Pardeep Narwal ventures deep, Sourav Gulia catches him in an ankle hold, and Rinku comes to assist to block the raider, but that wasn't enough to contain the man in form. The Yoddhas have inflicted an ALL OUT!

UP 9 - 1 Gujarat
5' Mahendra Rajput bags the first point for Gujarat this evening, and it's a bonus.
4' DO OR DIE! Rakesh Sangroya gets throw off the court from a fierce dash of Ashu Singh.

UP 5 - 0 Gujarat
4' DO OR DIE! Pardeep Narwal stretches and gets a touch on Shankar Gadai.

UP 4 - 0 Gujarat
2' Parteek Dahiya gets absolutely surrounded by the defence of Yoddhas, Gurdeep puts in a solid hold to complete the tackle.

UP 3 - 0 Gujarat
2' Mahipal gets a point off Arkam Shaikh who tried to block him.
2' Sumit has caught Chandran Ranjit with a double thigh hold.

UP 1 - 0 Gujarat
TOSS UPDATE: Gujarat Giants will have the first raid.
Here are the squads

U.P. Yoddhas

Starters: Ashu Singh, Gurdeep, Sumit, Nitesh Kumar, Anil Kumar, Mahipal, Pardeep Narwal

Bench: James Kamweti, Rohit tomar, Abozar Mohajermighani, Nitin Tomar, Nitin Panwar, shubham kumar, Jaideep

Gujarat Giants

Starters: Chandran Ranjit, Parteek Dhaiya, Arkam Shaikh, Rakesh HS, Shankar Gadai, Rinku Narwal, Sourav Gulia

Bench: Sonu, Sandeep Kandola, Sawin, Kapil, Baldev Singh, Mahendra Ganesh Rajput, Dong Geon Lee
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Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda’s coverage of the PKL season 9. Monday blues—what’s that? We have got a feisty double header of PKL action today. UP Yoddhas are set to face Gujarat Giants in the second match of the evening. The last time these teams played, it was a high-scoring thriller, and the Giants prevailed with a 51-45 win.

Pardeep Narwal, Ashu Singh, and Surender Gill will once again be the players in the spotlight for the Yoddhas, while the Giants will hope for Rakesh Sangroya, Chandran Ranjit, and Parteek Dahiya to pull off something spectacular. Can’t wait to get this match started. Taking you through all the live action will be me, Saikrishna MD. Get some snacks, find your spot to chill, and enjoy the coverage.

Stay tuned for the Toss Update and Teams! See you in a bit with more updates.
Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad
Match Start Time
Mon, 21/Nov/2022 20:30:00 Asia/Kolkata
U.P. Yoddhas vs Gujarat Giants
Pro Kabaddi League Round 2022
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